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There needs to be a goodbye.
Inside my head at least.
There is only an endless sea of ideas that are having their feast
And I feel like drowning in it.

It is funny, because I just now am learning to swim,
At the tender age of 28.
And it was looking like I might actually be able to activate
The truth within me.

Couple months ago I have found the sense
To escape the lies.
Before that of course I was only looking for truth inside your eyes.
All I found was

A man incapable and a woman unable.

She was, well, not me.
Some twisted, cornered,
Broken version of me that I never could have imagined the honor
Of even dreaming.

She was looking for healing
In every pair of eyes,
but hers.
In every gush of wind to bring the release and the lightness
For the spirit in her soul.

And her soul, oh her soul cried.
Tired, trying to be heard,
Her soul tried every trick in the book of the earth.
And she heard.

Finally, angels praised, she awoke.
Her soul was revealing the truth she has always known.
It is dark, 11 p.m. on a Tuesday night and as always,
She is alone.
did you feel it with me on this?
i’ll be waiting, the usual place
no rhyme, no reason
just a glimpse of that face,
seething anger takes a lil toll
a bit of dancing to soothe that soul

at this karaoke bar
loneliness longs company

conversations with an empty martini glass
brings bittersweet memories of good times past,
i wish you best in that search for green
here, things will be the same
just a lil less sheen

© 2021
dedicated to all those who.are lonely
lua Jul 21
no one really understands
but i get it
i dont understand either
why this ghost in my body
why this ghost in my body writhes
and tosses
and turns
and makes me sob and weep
shrill and high
yet silently, unobserved
i dont really get it either
why this ghost in my body falls in love with everyone it meets
and makes me green with envy
and a chilling blue of loneliness
that makes it hard to see anything
other than red
and rose
no one really understands
but thats okay
i dont understand either.
blackbiird Jul 20
Her ashes were scattered
Among the debris of her past.
She became an illusion
Of her darkest fears.
Unable to break free
From the voices
That held her captive
She watched her soul
Slip into the realm
Of nonexistence.
Too often we stay stuck living in the past, fixating our thoughts on what happen ed to us when we were younger. If left there too long, we die.
Rama Krsna Jul 19
this oriental rose
textured with occidental precision
desperately seeks perfection
in all things worldly

nature’s true signature
wreaks havoc instead:
in the rocks of the grand canyon
in a mole on a cheek
in the dried but fallen leaves of autumn
even in the scribbling of our children

embrace wabi-sabi
where wafting moments of melancholy
transform to sheer joy
in the subtle realization
that coexistence with incompleteness
the proven path to release one
from the chaining bonds of perfection

© 2021
dedicated to all the perfectionists out there
Nala Alfira Jul 17
you didn’t notice that i’m fading
you have your family
i don’t have mine
you were
for you who are alone in this pandemic, we're in this together
Natalie Jul 15
I ask you please to fuse my flesh
Let me be some other thing
Let my voice fade on the wind, I'll
Forget what it means to sing

Structures crack and atoms melt
I beg you to relinquish me
Stress will drag me to the ground
This cruel responsibility

Don't dare to cry, I cannot scream
Please let my words be hollow
I'll lock away my simplest dreams
For fear someone may follow

Burn up all the evidence
Please dissipate now on the breeze
Hide this body out of sight
Sink every thought beneath the seas
Leave nothing but a silent eye
Martin Boško Jul 12
"Hello, my love," her voice sang
"Tell me everything, how've you been?"
She smiles and room brightens up
I'm staring and staring, cannot stop
Her emerald eyes are full of glee
While she looks and looks and looks at me
We close the distance, full of bliss
Exchange a passionate prolonged kiss
We hug and hold the other tight
And whisper whispers through the night
"I can't believe that you are mine"
A small tear glistens in my eye
And so we stand there, in warm embrace
Whilst romantic music softly plays

A perfect ending to every night
A beautiful vision by my future sight
Dianali Jul 9
I am lonely
But no one needs to know.
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