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We adorn our masks, of physical taste.
While our mental states, lay in waste.
We keep up face, and carry on.
So you do not see, how far we've gone.
We turn our eyes, on to you.
To stop you seeing, straight through.
We fear our minds, and what they do.
For time alone, is time to rue.
We are not all as we seem
Ally 4d
I sit here and think without a blink

you fill my memories old

my stale tears, stained to grey

the once beautiful now in decay

Our garden in ruins

our bright red roses

petals dry







We have stopped the rain

my emerald green weep

another day

a darker shade of grey
Ally 4d
I woke up this morning

with the sun in my view

birds singing a happy greeting

flowers smiling as I tickle their petals with drizzly drops

But my heart is heavy

my tears are flowing

another day

colorful accessories covering my grey memories of you

Driving, as I do every morning

coffee at the office and the usual

small talk

back in my space, alone behind a closed door to the world outside,

allowing my emotions to flow

onto this page

it is the only way

I would cope through this day, my tears frozen, for now
I wear upon my head the mad hat of the mad hatter
My burning eyes bleed brightly, silencing all the laughter
Corners gather all the shadows that my heart has shared,
And footsteps quickly walk away whimpering in fear
I say to them "don't be scared, I wasn't sent to hurt you"
But they can't hear me anymore they've been stuffed into a shoe
I hold my empty hand out looking for some comfort
But they all bat my hand away unwilling to even touch it
My blank face tells no stories, I hold them all inside
There they'll stay locked up tight, safe from this world's lies
Now my hat is sitting crooked and my hair is spilling out
Everyone who looks at me begins to point and shout
"I didn't steal this hat" I say "it was given as a gift"
But they can't hear my words at all as "they" don't even exist
Aseel 7d
It’s funny how the two letters E and X can change the whole story .
Is it all gone now ?
the pitter patter of droplets hitting the stairs
the scent of shampoo in freshly washed hair
the distant coo-wee of a small being

the mist blanketing the trees i wish you were seeing
Jason Adriel Oct 6
that night
the night we walked side by side
feels very far away
like a distant light
hand in hand
Vredeburg laid quiet

the street band

remembering it feels very lonely.
the rag from the third leg is out and the table is wonky
i forgot you took it out to wipe my blood off the marble
the white in-between the tiles is still very faintly brown
and you no longer walk on it without socks  
i’m sorry i tried to leave without warning

sprouting sensations depleting, i’m in the numbness
all-natural defeat in my glassy eyes
through the fog you might see a green of grey
my mutated self is in abstraction and in the form of
splotches of sliced
and scratchy skin stuck to the folds and furrows of our shredded bed
shredded from cries and shivers that soak it, my restless fingers tear it
remains torn like the tendons in what resembles a beating heart  
leaving you with no good sleep

bodies hurt and scar when they touch me
yours is now strangely having to be reacquainted

my breaths, laid out and cut on the chopping board
into slices they unravel and tangle
as they fall into the floorboards
slowly becoming lost and forgotten
i’m caving in
i’ve left you with creases
and without a shelter free from the smell of monstrous
misery that we choke on every morning

where is joy
it seems it’s taken my strength
my joints are weak and shaky
i can’t even stand, its very unnerving
how am i meant to carry all the noises
that weight twice as much
in moments like this
of irregular gravity
i’m sorry i tried to leave without warning
I would cry for help,
                                    but nobody cares.
The one who cares
                                   shares with me no affairs.

Like a naughty boy
                                  who's forbidden from any good,
I'm playing sullen
                                 without any mood.
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