D A N I 5d

Dared and took a chance to hoping you'll remain.
Anxious and broken with the same cycle all over again.
Numbness settled deep in our very souls.
Never alone but the loneliness always follows.
Years with you would finally take away the longing and pain.

Next time would be better.
JAC 1d

A laugh bounces through the street below
Followed by that laugh's friends
A happy neighbourhood
Even this far into the evening
The sun was visiting elsewhere
Leaving a dull blue-grey
Spread over the sky.
A loop of those favourite songs we all had
Stumbles from second-hand speakers
You don't really hear them
Or rather, you don't hear them like you did
When you loved them.
This remedy-less loneliness
Is temporary
But you wouldn't know it to see it
It pulls you nowhere
And drags you into bed
It makes effort difficult
And overfills your head
With nothing it should be full of.

my apartment is empty
except for me and my fat cat
he is good company
but I wish he could talk
I like to wonder what he would say
             got any whiskey?
where's the nearest pool hall?
I haven't seen my woman in
8 years
            and I'm lonely.

Me too, I would say,
lets smoke and drink all night
                            lets conquer
                            these blues.

Why does my chest feel so empty?
Maybe I miss you, maybe I don't.
A mix of complicated feelings.
For now, my heart is seared with chains.

D A N I 2d

Distance of 6,670 miles,
Coversations that make time flies.

Fleeting moments; endless butterflies,
Where does the fault lies?

Petty and stupid fights,
Words that felt like lies.

Alone during long nights,
Again, tears beneath my eyes.

Never want to leave and say good bye.
Alyssa 3d

I scroll through many pictures, from many friends
But they aren't friends.
They are simple just faces with a name set in front of them
with no soul, just a technological aura.
You don't know where their lives have gone,
what deep dark roads their minds have decided to take.
But what you do know is the way they do their hair, or their makeup.
You know a generalized assumption of who or what they are.
Soul's no longer seem to have meaning,
not like they once did.
Children will completely develop by the age 13,
With fake eyelashes and acrylic nails,
but when I was thirteen the only thing on my nails was the stains
from the mud in which I used to once play in.
Poverty ridden streets are just as ridden with $2,000 dollar cameras to capture the pain in someones life,
yet no change is given.
One day greediness and selfishness will be awarded
when the neediness is outshined
and selflessness is seen to be crazy.
We live in a TV,
and the streets are the circuits.
The government is running us,
worse than a circus.

This was random and it;s kinda shitty,
Tayma Hamad Apr 7

You hold me close
and help me bloom
I kiss your lips
I leave the room

You call me once
You yell out twice
I never come
I'm paralyzed

I wish you well
I wish for you
I wish to know
what you're going through

I rise in pain
I fall in love
I look away
I look above

I feel the night
I fear the day
I fear your smile
What do I say?

You hold me close
but I'm far away
I kiss your lips
Why can't I stay?

A glance,
A smile,
A hint of attar.
A word.
A touch.
My heart thumps.
A sidereal excursion
And I cannot wait until tomorrow.

the walls whisper loneliness
the bed begs for closeness
every night
you were here with me
every night
i kissed you sweetly
but slowly
you were disappearing
i kept trying to make myself known
that i was here still
but i can't make a ghost see me
unless they want to on their own
i close and lock the door
i whisper,
"please come home"
but we don't live here anymore
it's me, again
always finding myself at this familiar end
pangs of nostalgia and
your ghost
won't even haunt me
won't even say hello

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