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Aurora 3h
You allow someone to get inside the hidden room in your soul
Then all you can do is watching him changing the furniture
and painting the walls with the color you hate.
Everyone will try to change it the way they like
Everyone will make you regret letting them in.
Well, I guess it's
just one of those nights
when I don't care if my batteries die
and I don’t switch on  
tatianah 11h
It keeps hitting me like waves.
Sometimes i forget all about it then out of nowhere it all just starts crashing back. Two years amounted to nothing in the long run.
I was patient and understanding but i guess the little things got away from me too…
She seems happier.
It's what's better for her i can't stop that. She stopped loving me i should be fine.
I don't know why it still hurts so much.
I just want to get over her.
She was my everything now she's somebody that i used to know.
I want to stop feeling i want to hurt someplace other than emotionally.
I've really been holding myself back from punching the wall.
Two years.
How can you stop loving someone just like that?
Everything going through my head.
It's all telling me it's my fault.
I hate seeing her.
I hate not being with her.
I hate this. All of it.
I just want to stop feeling.
Amanda 1d
Even when I seem
to be surrounded by souls,
I still feel alone.
Seeking shelter:
From the cold of loneliness,
From the rain of tears,
From the heat of temper,
From the frost of fear.

When you find that shelter -
Make it home.
When I was young,
Forty-five inches, about forty-five pounds.
All I wanted was a bond, one with-
You at least.
Jeering was all I received. The bond
A bond I wanted with you. Caught were you
Between love with her. Want she saw.
Want she withdrew. She held back what I wanted
Bonds with you.

You'd think I grew out of it;
Pent up emotions.
You know? Some nights,
Some days-
They suffocate me. How painful to-
Live on such breathlessness.
Refreshing you say? I think not!
To watch all the love,
Attention and delicate care you should have been the
One to get. To watch it wave like a tattered flag.
Right before your face. Refreshing I deem,
Not! But a crime to both-
Live and die.

To **** with bonds I say.
To **** with a bond,
Consisting of both-
You and I.
Love, should you choose it,
Grants a slight choice.

Give up your self to keep it,
Or raise, in contest, your voice.

To choose, one must patient sit,
Chosen, at love's court of joys.

But in favor of truths, let's admit,
Some will never be love's choice.
I'm in a relationship with loneliness,
She embraces me
When need be.
These hands reach for warmth
in these dreary months of bitter cold.
Some of us don’t want companionship,
we just someone warm to lie next to
until the thaw.
Two hearts torn apart by
the wedge of reason.
We could no longer deny
the fire-and-gasoline effect
on our flammable souls
as we were cursed by the pride
of our maturing minds.
No longer blinded by infatuation.
Desperation would rather be blind.
(That doesn't make it right)
You believed the older folk
and who was I to pilfer?
Perhaps, I believed them, too.
Sure, your soul still rages -
Afflicted by -isms.
My ego says that I can save you.
Survival says to mind my own.  
Depression says your better off
and holds me accountable
for your being alone.
For Alaina
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