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Evie G Aug 2
Is it better to remain alone
And never know at all,
Than to reach such soaring heights
And fall.

The afterimage of a bright sun burns my eyelids,
A fire within is now a fire without,
I scrub to get the smell of smoke off my skin.
My words infused with a foreign smell,
Forever changed by a place forever lost.

Is it better to remain alone
And never feel the flame,
And never have to leave one day
To only be a name.
Putting all my bad vibes into this poem haha
Born from silence
a primordial motif
in my chest,
dragged heartbeats
into slow burning noise.
I’d like to give you
This sound wave
dragging my heart
without pause,
ever growing
unless contained in your hands
Words' Worth Jul 25
One rock that bounces off the river
Another rock that drowns and scars the bed
What distinguishes the two is fate's solitaire

One day I will skip like a stone
But today I lie sunken at the bottom
Amidst the many mermaids in the photic zone

Stifled by the pressure of the water
Fettered by the weight of failure and anxiety
Overhead a storm rages, unsettling the ocean

I will outlive this habitat that will die slowly
I will see the ecosystem turn into a corpse
Anemone, scampi, and sharks; no trace of it all

I hope to skip like a stone, but, at what cost
A short poem on loneliness. Every time when we take a leap, we feel that we might make it. But sometimes fate has other plans. When your leap of faith doesn't work out, you fall into comfort zone. But slowly that gets taken away. It is like the rug is snatched from under you. You slip into a limbo of endless self-doubt and again, loneliness. But loneliness becomes your ally.
Tran Thuy Anh Feb 2021
as it were
i  b r  e    a      k
full of wasted grace
making the dry dust
that remains
my instrument
writing all the wrongs
new lyrics
for an old song
time lost
to an arcane rhythm
m      a  d
from the absurdity
of this life
that I suffer
in verse

through crescendo

and endless

Shanijua Jul 9
I made a promise to God that I would not react this way.
I promised Him that I would be strong and maintain a straight face..
Did He know that I was lying?
Could He tell that underneath my sincere apology that I would rather give up than to keep trying?
I wasn't sincere.
I still had the emptiness clawing at my head- screaming at me, pleading to my heart that I wanted to be dead.
But, that is not what I said.
I promised God that, in the end, I would remember what He taught me.
I would put Him first because He would never leave...
I knew that I was lying.
Did He?
I would rather give up than to force myself to keep trying.
Jason Adriel Jul 8
When the day is over
and night takes its place;
Would you wish you weren't sober
if you still remember her face?

I've quit drinking, I would say.
You'd smile and congratulate me.
Is it really worth the price I pay?
The ability to access lost memories...

Now I can see how lonely the moon is
As I recall of the first time we kissed
Is it just as sweet for you as it is to me?

When the day is over
and night takes its place;
Is anything even worth anything?
At the end of the day, you gotta live it alone...
That sinking feeling of coming home to an empty room...
Marya123 Jul 2
I'm not in the Olympics, or the WWE
Yet I fight my demons with each breath, daily
Sometimes I lose, I'm knocked out, I'm outdone
Sometimes I win, I can pretend life is fun
I wonder if I can ever tap out and leave,
If there's so much more that I can hope to achieve
Is it courage I'm seeking, or how to let go?
If there's an end to this, I guess I'll finally know.
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