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i touch my soul and release the ON switch.

The darkness beckons like an aborted child full of possibilities never explored.
Potential never reached.
Heights never teached.
Things never speeched.
But life goes on thrashing like a rude animal, desperately devouring all in its path with no end in sight, and no table manners.
Trembling slowly, my hand reaches into the abyss for a drop of light to comfort my flickering life force. The only channel of hope that now rushes with the ferocity of a dying turtle, with no home to speak of.

TICK TOCK, click clack, the only sounds that remind me that reality never shuts off.
Where’s the remote?

It was never invented.

My shadows play dead to my consciousness, never there to teach me my concrete lessons.

So I scratch my bed stings, reminders of my past, itches of my present, and marks  in my future.

The fade to black is my only resolution.

The gavel sounds and I pinch myself, hoping it’s a dream, no it’s just a scheme, ultralight beam?

The ticks turn into Morse code. Translation?

Start over.
Emily 6d
I just want you to understand where I'm coming from.
I tell you time and time again that you have to change.
I'm willing to be your motivation,
but first you have to weigh in,
work on yourself,
be the best that you can be.
Your immaturity is hindering.
Please stop the life your leading.
Don't be another statistic.
A young black man,
so much potential left unkept.
I just want to see you thrive.
One day you'll look back and understand,
but right now you lack the capacity to comprehend.
JS Carie Nov 6
At spawn of first light
Darkness embarks into the recesses of hibernation
And so begins the blinding rise,
the inevitable blonde wreaths frustration,
forces a discharge so multiple and emanate,
the skyward black shrinks from panoptic reaches,
into a delinquent weakened rumor

When this daily task of ridding the black ends a victor
The climb continues upward in a high sky setting
Consequential over the mornings painstaking labors
Wiping from his brow,
in a waving motion
To release mists over global hydration
By welcoming this morning dew,
the earth is one more day new
and can take great relief in this rebirth
Assuring all parched famine will gain resolve
taking in their absolve
What Came to me after several bouts with patience
Was wave of relief, not by myself alone, it takes more than the love of ourselves, I had to feel a distant presence to be reawakened
Gods1son Nov 2
My perception of potentials...

The inside that
Emit greatness when
Not neglected but
Launched out carefully and
My understanding of potentials. Hope it's accurate.
Pyrhos Oct 30
Unbounded powers to shake up the world
An eternal passenger riding it's waves
Into the wild soon shall you be hurled
To find a harbor spirit of life craves

Fate's dangerous game of lost and found
Step into the world of paths unexplored
Let your soul sing and behold her sound
Courage and hope will lead you to shore

Climbing to the top is the greatest game
Meaning of top only bound by your dreams
Let spark of your life shine with brightest flame
Weave threads of the universe or burst through the seams
Pure Bliss Oct 29
As I look into her eyes
I see endless skies
I see the definition of infinity,

As I watch her energy
I see the possibilities
I see not the end but the beginning,

As I see her soul move with grace
I see her life moving at her pace
She has the definition of potential,

As I see her look into the mirror
I see in her eyes rejection and doubt

As she looks into the eyes of society
She sees a **** fat person who'd be better off dead,
But what she doesn't know is that she has the looks of a queen, the personality of a comedian, and the strength of a worrior,

Woman be not afraid to be your self and let your potential come out,
Woman be brave,
Woman open your eyes!
This is dedicated to the people who I call my closest friends. You guys have so much potential it's not even funny. Please widen your eyes and make light of the endless possibilities!
Jolan Lade Oct 20
I miss what we never had
I miss the potential love, and what we could have done with that
Inking dreadfully
Peace Oct 18
I am a butterfly
opening bitterly

to something
eerily comforting

intoxicating are you..

intrigued of your stance
& magnified is my love

I behold my fears
& place them
into your hands

taunted by your gracious

my stomach summersault
twisting & turning

my spirit soars high
higher than a human
ever made me climb

my knees buckle
from the pressure
of your heart

I am heated
& drunk off this cloud

hoping to let go
but daring myself
to never climb down

to the person I once was

before you claimed me,
as your special,
Mandarin Sep 20
Here I am
where I've been so many times before
                              nothing    is   wrong
                              yet everything is off
                              everything is wrong
My heartbeat is too fast for this to be
Why does this happen?
Why do my mind and my body disagree?
There should be no inner conflict such as this
Who would want this life
the life
of a broken

me.  I do.  I am broken.  I am strong.  I am proud.  I have potential,

                                                                                           and so do you.
Stay strong
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