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She lived inside of her mind
where she perfected the skills of
witchcraft and creating potions
considering it was much
more extravagant

...Than living in the outside world

Battling the ordinary
feeling no emotion.

Do not judge what you
can not understand
committing sins and
becoming her demons
was not part of
what she had planned.

If you had
paid a
to the dark
of her
you would have
met the
who ****** away
her soul
performing satanic
It is no wonder why
she sat
in her
fighting with

She understood the
ways in which
she had broken
& why you might
had given up
each layer of
  s c a t t e r e d

She was selfish
and impulsive
for her own
desire to
she was sick
for dancing
at the expense
of others

Always wanting more.
She adorns her face with platinum
piercings, and her azure hair peeks
out of her indigo hoodie. Her
ragged, cinereous jeans reveal
scabbed and bruised knees, and
they’re tucked into jet black
biker boots strapped to her feet.

Without hesitation, she crosses the street.

Tires screech and car horns beep and drivers
scream obscenities that ornament the air
with scorn. Yet like a red belonging in folklore,
she slights their violent contempt.

She tipples from the burn of
self-destruction, and savors the
flavor of rebellion, a savor so
sweet it overwhelms her senses
and compels her to behave reckless.

And as I pass, I throw up my best fist
of anarchy. I wish I was free like this.

Though it takes a tinge of toughness
to stare into the nihilistic abyss,
it takes courage to have fun in it.

Aleksander Mielnikow
True story!

red [noun] - one who advocates the violent overthrow of an existing social or political order

tipples [verb] - to drink liquor especially by habit or to excess, OR, to drink (liquor) especially continuously in small amounts

burn [noun] - a channel of water that can vary in size from a stream to a river

azure - #007fff
indigo - #4b0082
cinereous - #98817b

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blackbiird Mar 25

You are wildly in love with me
because you made the stars and the
sun and the universe and everything in between.

You are wildly in love with me
because you cover my scars with grace
and you pivoted the mirror to
see all my blemishes yet still
chose to sing over me.

You are wildly in love with me because
you positioned the nails on the cross
to give me life.

Sumairu Feb 23
I want what I cannot have and do what I should not do.

But when I lay inside you all the rules are off the table, just like our clothes all over this room.

No need to rush you insisted, your husband won't be home for another hour or two.

I want what I cannot have and do what I should not do.

This was never my intention, and hindsight this should of never happened. But you wanted me and I craved you.

You are my boss and I follow your orders. But right now hands tied, you followed my rules. I'd never imagined we slip up and me feening for a taste of you.

I want what I cannot have and do what I should not do.

Before we were quite. Now, we are loud. Not one time did you care to think what your neighbors would think of you.

I want what I cannot have and do what I should not do.

I slipped up and got a taste of you.

(Addicted: A person who is hooked on a habit or substance.)

Knock, knock, knock "hello sweetie I'm home" now I'm perplexed as to what we should do...

I want what I cannot have and do what I should not do.

It was at that moment I knew we should of been through; two hours passed it was a quarter passed two, but your husband just stood there and told us to continue....
I want what I cannot have and do what I should not do... Why heart?
Syamil Faisal Feb 13
For my recklessness
I'm lying in a bed of regrets
Money is spent
Emotion is drained
And so time went.

Although I must acknowledge
The beauty of it
Its spontaneity
Driven by passion with levity
Led me to an unexpected love
A wonderful dream.

This is the spirit of youth
The unfazed jolt
Into the unknown
Though with rue
As a person I grew
With a purpose anew.
Philomena Feb 13
I know it's only a matter of time
Until I never see you again
But in that one moment I think I might a loved you
And as reckless as it is
I miss the way you gave me life
Despite what you were hoping to take
And i'm torn
As I wander through a house of memories
mano wa Feb 4
Pour me a drink
I want my ******* soul to sink
Deep enough to  float and chill
Maybe then i will take it easy

Maybe then i wiĺl fight no more
Maybe then it will all be smouth

Pour me another drink
I dont want my mind to overthink
About the future
Maybe i will **** things up
Wait , things are already ****** up
**** , how did they get ****** up ?

Pour me another drink ( a strong one this time )
I want to sit and overthink
About how did i **** things up ?
Was  i angry  ?
Was i reckless ?
**** no , i actually  was indifferent
So ******* indifferent .
Madison Jan 14
My heart is like one of those 4-year old kids you see with the leashed backpack on because they are so out of control. I always have to tug her closer to me, she does ****** **** that a kid would do, like try and touch hot stove tops. I have to warn her constantly, "get too close and you will get burned". She runs around, so free spirited, but doesn't watch her step. I again have to warn her constantly, "you will (trip and) fall if you are careless like that". She is very drawn to pretty things, wanting to touch anything that is appealing to the eye. I have to warn her, "just because something is beautiful on the inside doesn't mean it's just as pretty on the inside. Dig a little deeper, ***".

My heart has its moments, my heart can be careless, my heart can sometimes even be shallow. My brain has to tug on the leash constantly, reminding my heart to be more careful, more mindful, if you will. If I let my heart free, she would get hurt an unreasonable amount of times. Some people need leashes on their hearts, I guess.
so random. I don't know what to make of this poem.
Chrissy Jan 8
Lose me in the depth of your recklessness
Indulge me in the intensity you disseminate
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