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You need to stop swimming.

that drag on your foot
is only going to get stronger
when your arms tire
and you can move no longer
the current will take you

and you will learn
that the lifeguard
was only a cardboard cutout
glistening in the sun
a false beacon
with a love that grows soggy
with each passing wave

and with a groggy slur
you swallow mouthfuls of salty water
filling lungs
you will learn
too much of anything
will see you drown.
I should just avoid the water altogether, but I think I'm addicted to getting carried away. When I look down at the hands wrapped around me, holding me up, red hair billowing in the wind, it's finally clear that I'm the one carrying myself away.
Bad Vibes Sep 2
Do you ever feel so overwhelmed that every nerve in your body tightens? Just so angry and anxious that you want to shake the dirt off of every fiber of your being. Crank up the volume in the car till your eardrums vibrate and only hear one constant, extremely loud noise. Clutch the steering wheel, speeding down the highway, eyes darting to the metal side rail, battling the urge to slam into it and flip your car.

How do I fix this? How do I avoid feeling this way from the beginning? It's the smallest things that set this off and it's absolutely suffocating - like a building on your chest, gasping for air. I think being reckless and overloading the senses helps. Sure it can really hurt you, but in that moment, nothing is okay. I just want it all to shut up - all the thoughts running through my head, all the emotions bubbling up. I just want peace. If that means shaking loose all the parts of my brain and filling that adrenaline by speeding down the highway - then so be it.

Empire Aug 20
Tired of feeling exhausted
All the **** time.

Done feeling numb, empty
Every heartbeat void.

Well, it's legal... accessible...
It tastes pleasant...
It'll do the trick...
The kind of acceptable addiction
No need to hide
Flaunt it a bit
See if they care
Play it up
Show them

But don't forget to enjoy it, dear.
Feel your pulse in your wrists
s                                u     r                    g    i              n    g
c-c-c-c-ccount the dosage
80 mg..... 120 mg.... 300 mg..... 400 mg............

Where's that laugh been all this time?
Full of... joy....?
That smile cannot possibly be your own....
It's so....... pure.

And again here I am
Crashing from the high
Mild headache
Numbness returning
Depression invading

And you.
My neurotic shadow.
You creep back into my mind.
I hear the whispers of your familiar voice.
It makes me want to chase a different high.
One that'll leave a mark.
Not my most eloquent work... perhaps that captures the concept better... I don't know...
Lilly F Aug 6
the ones who stain your satin exterior,
with their salty tears
the ones who leave scuff marks, driving into your pastel mind,
with the words on their fake letters
the ones who resurface upon your eyes of a setting sun,
with their convenient after break-up rebound texts
the ones who **** the healing flowers growing on your earthly arms,
with their problems being unloaded onto you recklessly.
I'd rather be alone forever,
than put up with dumb boys.

most can relate.
Panoply Aug 5
they want me to be happy
or else i’ll spoil the mood
so I pour the drink right over
kiss the boy, who’s honestly pretty rude
spin a bottle, bruised lips on hers
“come with us,” they murmur
as they beg me to get ink
so after downing a drink i
rides the bus with windows open
letting the poison air in
past watercolour rain
on buildings with blood stains
the sky looks so numb
and “let us have a little fun”
stumble on the sidewalk
i like the way you talk
tattoos, we’ll regret
“light a cigarette”
you’ll choke
but not to death
and we’re living life
always on the edge
Elijah Lee Jul 2
A mother
Two sons
A reckless drive

Deadly injuries
Tried staying alive
Faces of tears
As he disappears

Leaving them broken
Along with hopeless
Everyday the notice
That their son was motionless
BeLoved Jun 24
Loving you was like driving with a blindfold on.
I was reckless.
I wanted you to be my lighthouse
But little did I know your lights were out
They have been for some time now,
Maybe if I try hard enough she'll shine that neon light that first caught my sight
Maybe if I put her demons over mine maybe then she will shine.
Maybe then she'd be mine.
But over time you
You drained my energy
And stole my shine.
You had me looking at my reflection wandering if it were mine.
Cast me away
Into the fading light
Just a lost soul
In a vibrant lie
Take me down
To my resting place
Away from reality
Wearing a mask everyday can be exhausting.
Michael H May 30
every so often
one comes
and doesn’t go
frothing like fire
as cream from the slums
where the stars shine higher
with every step lower
into the cave
of reckless ambivalence
So we will save:
With our sense
The actions
As they fly higher
Spreading our wings
With daft desire

So come with me
Walk fast

Because we will not stop
in vain
or for liars
or thieves

Or for
those that
Do not
generate life

Thank You
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Peter Garrett May 27
Can it be the way it was?
Back when we were reckless kids
And I’d steal away my mom’s car
To pick you up at our school
And we’d drive all day long
It may sound a bit cliche, but we were happy and didn't know
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