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Juhlhaus Mar 7
Before my doctor's visit Wednesday after work
I smoked two just to see whether I remembered
The taste of ash, mint and tobacco leaf
The stuff of life and death, the bitter and the sweet
Hurrying across the busy street
I looked up to see Mother Mary there
With dark eyes, olive skin, and wind-tossed hair
She seemed tired and a little sad
But her face was kind and she had God on the line
And ash on her brow, which reminded me of the day
I repented and gave the rest of the cigarettes away
Dominique Feb 25
Love, I hope the drugs that hold you
Keep you high as you had me
‘Cause I’m dealing with the freefall
If it lands me at your feet
Then I’ll wrap around your legs and
Stumble off my battered knees
Rip a bouquet from my lungs
And wipe my blood across your cheek
And when I’m done, I’ll whisper “please”

You unwind me
Don’t remind me of what I lost
Leave me alone
Shatter my bones if that’s the cost

I watched a sports car choke a rose
Found I longed to be the ash
And drowned it in a line of prose
Opened up a surface ****
But you found your way inside my mind
Left me blind to all of life
I vowed to leave you behind but
All my evergreen trees died
And I sat and bled and cried, “Please”

You unwind me
Don’t remind me of what I lost
Leave me alone
Shatter my bones if that’s the cost
unfinished for now~
Angelica Feb 19
I am ash and you are an ember
your glow seems to last forever
on my own, I used to spark and flutter
but those days are now over

you are an ember, I watch your smokey dance
i light up at the sight of you, firebrand
With nothing but this blood on my hands
you help ignite my passion, my chance
He was as bright as the sparks
dancing above the flames,
He burnt amidst the darkness,
Singeing those who were caught
In a trance,
He was mesmerising and magical,
Exciting and ephemeral.

I daren’t breathe, or,
I could ***** out his light.
S O P H I E Jan 27
with an accent of blood
a foreign tongue
vowels that sound of metal clashing
with fire flowing through her veins
armor for skin
feet that crush the earth beneath her
with electricity streaks through her hair
iron filled lungs
each breath invitingly toxic
with lips of silk
a voice cut from steel
thunder and war in her bones
with a grin made for battle
eyes speckled in ash
striding, powerful into the arms of death.
She Writes Jan 9
You lit me up, then put me out
Tried to pick up my broken pieces
Repair what you destroyed
Realizing too late, I’ve become ash
Never to be whole again
Eleni Jan 5
Several days ago,
I wandered through the ashy town-
Which once grew with wild flames
Before the eternal Frown.

The bistros and stores blacked-out
Signs hanging, muddy paths
Doors locked and smashed windows
No signs of life, haunting wraths.

The smell of burnt leather
And bones rattling against the wind.
Broken signposts leading nowhere
And corpses of animals, skinned.

What savagery and fright hit this old place?
As I look to a hole in the ground-
Rats and rotting bodies
and bullet shells all around.

Perhaps these lands will never be free of outlaws
Who **** in cold blood.
Then let them drown in their crimes
Amid the Great Flood.
I admire death,
Although he but a vessel to the nether;
He is the great divide
That humbles the egocentric
And gives peace to the fraught.
Yet he cannot grasp anything but ash
And still brings mortals to their knees
In plee for a life that he cannot grant
Rowan Jupiter Dec 2018
she would not let anything nor anyone defy her
so when the sun shone his oppressive gaze down on her
she stared back with just as much power
until her eyes turned to ash and her face, forever marred.
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