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Feelings at the theater.

Take your life.
Take the soap.
Take the cigarettes.
Take regrets.
Take emotions.
Take the lotion.
Take the gun.
Take the pines.
Take the water.

Garrett Johnson.
All for nothing. Supposedly.
annh Aug 17
rain spattered
pavements teeming;
one thousand prismatic shades of meaning

graffiti-laden puddles splish, splosh, splash;
as midnight turns
to blue, and
dawn to

‘I walked up, and I walked down, and I walked straight into a delicately dying sky, and finally the sequence of observed and observant things brought me, at my usual eating time, to a street so distant from my usual eating place that I decided to try a restaurant which stood on the fringe of the town. Night had fallen without sound or ceremony when I came out again.’
- Vladimir Nabokov, The Vane Sisters
Jule Jul 28
Ash was there, filling each groove -
Making it impossible as a space to use.
I searched for a device to clear my vice,
But could only see ones with others lips on their device.
Come to find, this one is mine!
But as I turned to clear the ash once near,
My gaze caught me by surprise.
The ash was clear!
We could settle here,
But there was one point I felt insight.
I could’ve used a device from another -
To clear the ash once near.
But I searched and waited to find my own,
And my patience brought me here.
tree Jul 10
the sun
shines bright
warm hues explode from the center
but the beauty of the sun was so enticing
that the moon wanted to reach out
but as soon as she touched the blazing star
she was burnt

in the same way, i tried to reach out to you
but all you did was burn me
what did i do?
burn alive, in the hope that you would notice me
and you wept next to my ashes as if you cared
if only that was true
i was devoured by your fire ,, yet you didn't bat an eye until i was gone
L S O Jun 29
Every night I sit by a fire,
the only fire that keeps me warm:
red-hot coals,
perpetually burning,
not quite alive, but never really dying;
flaking white ash,
burned beyond recognition,
crumbling into nothing;
and gray smoke,
stinging my eyes, eating up my lungs,
as I breathe in the fumes
and lay beside the fire,
the fire of what was, and
what could have been,
and what never will be.
Anastasia Jun 28
i called him ash
as charcoal was a bit obvious
and i loved him
so of course
i had to keep it a secret
lila Jun 23
i look back at the girl i was
when it happened and
darling, you were so young
you didn’t deserve to be treated that way
or to have to grow up that fast
i wish i could’ve protected you and
told you that you were safe
and that you didn’t have to
destroy yourself
because you didn’t want to be in
the same body he touched

you thought you carried
your faults on your skin
so you tore it open

i was a body hollowed out
a skeleton with shattered bones
he ripped off my wings
and emptied me of all light
now all you’ll find
is black paint in careless streaks
across my weary heart
tired of beating

a ***** rotting thing
held a lighter to a match
not as smart as you might think
so i burned
and returned
to ash again

i remember this in little flashes
noises, smells, words
hit my brainstorm like lightning bolts
and take me right back to
a frightened little girl
blurred visuals projected
like a picture show i didn’t want to see
and i freeze

my senses swarmed in radio static
and nothing around me is real anymore
not that the broken memories
of buried innocence in an unmarked grave
felt any more concrete
i can hear my panicked
heartbeat thumping like thunder
in my chest while thoughts
run wild through my mind
reverberating around my brain
until they whirred enough
to release cacophonous screams

is it too much to ask to forget
these little incendiary flashes
because they burn me from the inside
and turn me back to ashes
but memories don’t work like that
they don’t dissipate or shrink
no matter how hard you try

secrets turn to cement in my lungs
and i’m drowning in them
suffocating, coughing, wheezing
every time i try to speak
i choke because it’s not over
unless he says it is

to be polite
i keep this twisted sickness inside of me
but i long to cut myself open
and rip the tangled mess
of trauma from my chest
throw it down where everyone can see
because i’m so tired
of keeping this in for so long

i’ve only ripped myself open
to know it was real
because i’m just a terrified child
but the world doesn’t stop
the natural progression of
a child with secrets
to an adult with depression

no one cares
when they see someone like me
hunched over her own bleeding guts
splattered on the sidewalk
apologizing to pedestrians
about her own carnage
because she didn’t mean it
as a call for attention

but god, i wish they did
if only the world would stop for a moment
so i can collect these thoughts
and piece them together in way
i can explain why
i’m bleeding out in front of you
and ask for you
to reach out your hand
and rescue me
from this unrighteous ruining
and help me rise from these ashes
Timmy Shanti Jun 14
Bridges burn and rivers dry,
Kingdoms turn to ashes.
We live on, not knowing why
Eons feel like flashes.

Trees grow old and stars collide,
Powers fall and crumble.
Some would kneel just to survive,
Blindly trudge and stumble…

Birds go mute and maps outdate,
Loses gold its lustre.
Crowds of fools besmirched with hate
Seek another Master.

Darkness now abides in there
Where oft hope sprang eternal.
Foul is the morning air
That much was sweet and vernal.

Sky falls down and ills abound,
Lights are now extinguished.
Gone for good, not to be found,
Freedom once relinquished.
Started way back in Nov'18 and only done now.
Inspired by shows like TWD, GoT and books like LOTR, to say nothing of,to be sure, personal experience.
Anastasia Jun 13
in the wind
floating gently
to their final destination
bloodred scarlet
already started
to wither
in the gentle

from an explosion
turn to flames
petals turn to ash.

in the wind
floating gently
to rest
a crimson
original was gonna be tissues. glad i changed it.
Zizile Tantsi Jun 10
Burn ash to the ground and take my soul with.
Burn ash to the ground, cause that’s the only way I’ll become one with nature.
Burn ash to the ground, cause my soul is restless, worrying about vanity and stature
How long have I been here I wonder, in this dim, four cornered prison of loneliness,
Made with concrete walls of empty promises, promises of happiness and completeness,
Promises that have turned to rubble, burned alongside my hope

Burn ash to the ground and take my dreams with.
As I witness my dreams rolling down a *****
Withering as they fade in the distance. Away from my eyes and away from my life.
I realise it was said before, but I just didn’t listen
They said I’ll be broken. I am now, so it was true
Forsaken, I cry out burn ash to the ground and take my life too.

For all has been said, all has been forgotten but the scars of yesterday are still marked on my skin.
The pain that living brought me still caresses my skin till this very day.
Burn ash to the ground for I am low and broken.
A soul begging to be mended, and made alive again
I watch as memories of a past life are collected, set alight by my pain,
I watch as they waste away in the palm of my hand turning to ash, as I try to keep them
My soul tearful as it listens to the world shouting Burn ash to the ground, for she doesn’t deserve happiness.
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