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Fire and mortar
Dust to dust
The sky stained red
From ashes and rust
The flames reach new heights.
They lick the sky,
Burning new trenches.
I wish I could say why.
My body smells of ash
Because I one had this fire
That consumed me
And left nothing else
But ash
He’s ash now.
He played with ash back then.
He’s dirt.
He was dirt back then.
He snatched their slums
and their palaces
But now he can’t live in either.
He pumped out dirt
into the river back then.
He’s going back
to the river now.
PM Oct 8
From smiles and laughs to mounts of ashes.
My life seemed to have burned down slowly
and I didn't even see the flames as they came.
Swallowing and burning everything in its path,
and in its path, you were the one how stood alone.

But during those flames, you knew the end.
You came home like nothing was wrong
but it was that a lie when you came back.
Not because you were better or ready
but because it was time to say goodbye.
But how was I supposed to know the truth?
That the reason for your arrival was to die.
Even though you got sick slow at the beginning
In the end, it was as fast when you passed away.

Leaving me alone to pick up the pieces
but how can I blame you when you fought.
You fought to stay with us with all you had
but it was not enough and your fight was over.
You knew your time had come and you came back.
Back to where we were, our home to where you died.
Aparna Sep 8
skimming through thoughts
kindling fires
dancing flames
burning down to ashes
and then there's the smoke,
clouding up my head
Grey Sep 7
We sit by the pool,
staring at the bloodied sun,
and watch the ash fall.
This is a true story. The CA fires are no joke. I hope you’re all staying safe <3
Pockets Aug 28
Will the people I get ****** with
Put stones on my grave
When the masses decide to stone me
Will they laugh or turn away
When there’s roaches in the kitchen
And not in the ash try
Will they look for someone better
Or will they stick with me till it’s okay
Pockets Aug 28
I'm back to not sleeping again
I'm back to doing drugs without my friends
I'm back to nothing
An empty room
An empty bottle
A full head and ashtray
I wish I could close my eyes and go to bed
But I just can't
Chris Saitta Aug 11
Snow brings to earth the ash footsteps of Titans,
Winter in its giant vacancy of bygone strides,
The overthrown birth of frost mother and sky,
~The snow proselytizes all our warm tomorrows~
But the totality of loss lies like a starved lion,
Paws crossed, staring at the cold changeling-world,
As a young white-tailed Springbok ages into distance.
A Springbok is a white-tailed antelope found in Africa.
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