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I’m not being able to escape this, in parts, either on the slip where the drifters weigh themselves against daily chores, or to the perch, where against the millions of suns striking into the cabinets where devoted criminal ****** *** offenders aid and abet their children:

flying kites, tossing bread crumbs to water fowl, playing tag, hide and go seek, or

Cooking food, drinking cold alcoholic beverage, and listening as a friend with a guitar sings about the child born in the mountains as a man, only to find the world as a legend.

Still there is no escape. There is only the peril of night stretching 99% of our brains across the tepid sky, only to wait for the light of those suns to fade, and then only have to worry about the dross and muck on every fingerprint of every man from this place or the next. These are fingerprints that ooze the familiar green devil whose face familiar ages our futures before they can even happen. Then we succumb to the bitterness of these years on the perch, the stoop, the step, wandering around the chollas in nothing but a pair of aquamarine boy’s briefs. This is not insanity. This is the product of insanity. This is not losing, this is the product of living under a government that has been taking what it could not afford, and who trades in what hurts rather than helps what ails rather than aids.

This is the ratcheting heard inside the bruised and frail hearts of many. The pain inside their backs and legs and arms and heads is real. It smells real. It sounds real. It feels real, but no one here has ever known what it is that is happening, therefore they do not understand the great costs being played with when these oozing poison-stricken fingertips start playing at the game of life, or they start playing at the game of their neighbor’s life. There is an outcome of sunset still yet to be seen, and that is the inescapability and uncertainty of millions of children being born today, tomorrow, and hereafter. The children tomorrow should not have to worry about washing someone’s fingerprints off of the skin they have yet to be born inside. Stretching across the dusty and quiet streets, if this Wild West is closing its wildness out and isn’t doing anything but wandering west, there isn’t a committee of sanity that will prevail. Especially as we choke through the gravely heavy metals meddling with the untold stories of tomorrow’s sons and daughters.
A rock sits on my heart
And your name is written on it.
God I used to write some depressing stuff xD
I keep saying,
"This would be so much
more bearable if..."
But maybe
it isn't supposed to be
more bearable.
Maybe I'll train
and find new ways
of bearing the load.
Maybe I'll feel
that much lighter and stronger
when the load is lifted.
empty and heavy
empty and heavy
empty and heavy
something stuck in my mind
silence hangs over my body
dragging words from my brain
they kick and scream and burn
I force them to reveal themselves
but they refuse to be seen
I want to spill my blood
in shades of ink and pain
stark shadows laid out on the ground
like victims of my worthlessness
memoona kazmi Jan 31
As the teeny tiny
droplets fall from
the window of heavens,
purifying every soul,
showering its blessing,
providing water to the,
thirsty cracked land,
wetting my cheeks,
oh how lucky are those clouds,
to throw away their burden,
to make it rain,
and oh how hard it is,
for me,
to keep all,
the blistering tears
inside my eyes………………
c Jan 28
Is weighing
So much heavier
Than I remember it
But I still
Only blame
Ryan Jan 24
It is raining again today
Everything is wet
Everything is heavy
Sun has vanished in the gray sky
Everything is murky
But no one else is bothered by it because
The monsoon resides in me.
Perhaps not all clouds have a silver lining.
Yuki Jan 18
What should I do
when my heart
feels so heavy?
I am not much of
a weight lifter,
I do not know
how to raise it
from the ashes
and bring it back to life.
Sumus System Jan 9
My eyes burn
My hands clench
My skin tears
My chest bursts
My pain screams
My rage grows

It stops

My eyes deaden
My hands release
My skin burning
My chest heavy
My pain hidden
My rage buried
Dissociation is something I deal with daily
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