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Mose 5d
Greif is the shockwave that happens after an earthquake of profound loss.
The tragedy of our story is the ruins we are left to sweep the streets of.
Collecting the dust of our previous lives.
These are not the days that lay heavy on our hearts.
It’s the days when the whole city has rebuilt itself.
A city you remember but yet there is no trace left behind.
The street lay paved of memory lanes.
Yet every stone in your mind is still unturned.
Your story stuck on pause while the movie keeps playing.
Surrounded by a life that keeps moving forward without you.
Like a train passing the station, but you just don’t know how to get on.
The guilt that builds as immensely.
You want to feel as the world does.
Look as the city does.
Forget as the people do.
let's say atlas' body is full of birds
and when he is crushed to death
they will escape
free and resplendent
let's say i am atlas and
you are the face in the mirror
let's say atlas is screaming and
crying and begging
but you are silent and
your face is unmoving
atlas' mother gets that
worried look on her face
and the part of atlas that
still loves himself
is trying to get him to
just put it all down for a second
let's say atlas is smoking
a cigarette
let's say atlas' rib cage
is cracking under the pressure
and it's worth pointing out
that no one will notice
atlas is gone
until the world starts falling down
around his body
Today is heavy, my soul carrying my body.  
Yesterday we were walking chased by a black dog.
Everywhere he followed me and my body.
But when we tried to approach him, he ran as fast as a fox can.

We let him play this game for a while under a bright full moon in the sky.
Walking to the bridge, sitting under trees.
Staring at the sky, seeing the dog come and go.
Until we got fed up and left to let him sort it out.
He never came back anymore.

Today we had a meltdown, too much to carry to carry on.
So we let it flow and accepted that you can’t fully explain this world and people are suffering.
We’ve been lost all throughout this life and only gathered pieces to guide us through a journey that taught us that everything has a story.

And we gathered those with us as well.
So many, still so lost.
But nothing is wrong and nothing is right.
It all just is what it is at that moment or that lifetime.
This soul carrying this body today...
It’s always longing to see and be beyond this one.
Maja Sep 26
”look at the sky - it’s crying”

”what for?”

”well, why does anyone cry?”

”because there’s too much inside those clouds.
it’s too heavy for them to bear, so the raindrops have to fall.”
ce-walalang Sep 26
these are the things that fall,

an apple,
some leaves,
droplets of rain,
and then of tears.

almost all heavy objects,
(including) my sleepy eyes.
the sun at the close of day.
the stars on a dark sky.

the sky,

and my heart, for the only thing that didn’t (fall), your heart.
thank you gravity, thank you fall
UV Sep 15
Let me tell you how it felt
To let go of you,
Like lying back down
Onto the surface of a frozen lake,
Hugging a rock, feeling its weight.
The ground under me thawed
I melted into the water with the ice,
Slipping into the brazen cold
I still felt coddled, knowing
I won’t touch the ground anytime soon.
I was weightless,
The fluidity felt forgiving,
Yet the weight on my chest anchored me.
In the now, I was moving yet not of my accord
I was free, yet sinking
Deeper into the void beneath me
Lungs tight, not much light
I missed the floor that the rock had pinned me to.
Every second it took to feel it again,
I hoped for catharsis in our reunion.
The weight on my chest kissed me deeper,
My back met the ground,
Alas, I feel gravity again
Now I wait patiently, in quiet suffering
To stop living or to be saved

My emotional support fantasy (the thing I think about to relax or meditate or sleep) is where I'm hugging a rock the size of a soccer ball and sinking slowly into calm waters. I finally wrote about it. P.S. I'm taking a break from my boo
chang cosido Sep 12
My mother's been asking me
about where I've been.
But I'm a younger version of her
with my father's eyes
and a tongue of my own.

The sun painted my skin
the same color as the history
of skins before me.
The same stretch insecurities carved
too lightly; for now.

My name is from the people before me;
Am I supposed to carry their ghosts when they leave?
How heavy does a name weigh?
Especially when it sounds like expectations?
Bee Sep 7
there’s shadows dancing
beyond the dark
taunting from their graves

there’s shadows dancing
in the flower pots
twisting like the stems
of wilt in May

there’s shadows dancing
in the halls of the school
that left me too fragile
to remember the truth

there’s shadows dancing
in the eyes of my brother
of pain rooted in shame
pain i could have smothered

there’s shadows dancing
all along the horizon
as far as the eye can see
they know you were never trying
as they bellow over the breeze,

why couldn’t you help me?
Emma Torp Sep 4
Moans of ecstasy at your caress
Gaping sighs at you sliding your finger under my dress
Soaring across all the right places
And stimulating my pleasure at the right places
Making you wait until at least a year
Who know my pleasure
It’s only you who would hear
You made me wet that i true
But who can hear my pleasure
It was still only you
For your reading pleasure
Your words falter and shake,
“I didn’t mean it like that”.
But you did.
As if you think I’m not already aware;
As if you think I can’t feel that weight
Already bearing on my spine like stone.
As if I didn’t already question
About me.

You meant what you said,
It just wasn’t the right timing.
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