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Becca 1h
I dove through a deep sea of myself
to find the crystal
I had been looking for all along
It seems as though,
every day, something else
decides to give way.

Like an old wooden
bridge, crippling over
top of a dark pit.
Life can break,
letting you fall into
that deep abyss.

The one wood
plank, meant to hold
you high, gives up
and lets you die.

Life is the bridge,
you are the plank.
I have fallen,
and have you to thank...
Those holding you up, are often the ones that let you fall
Prison break - My body got maps!
watered her crops - I am the tap!
messing with Foreigns - Feeling like Darp!
to **** with the rap - turn up the trap!
copy my style - you will be zapped!
Uzzi my wand - Always stay strapped!
roses are red like the wap

She look at my face and then know what's up!
she's looking for life in one night's cup
that's why she's always found in the club
cause baby real life *****
when your family dont got your back,
she used to put on a show but didn't hear the claps
and then she snapped
felt like her soul was kidnapped!
she came by my side with scars to hide,
all those lies in her eyes
"say i am not the perfect guy"
i let out my hyde and got her to cry,
next morning i was laying next to somebody who had committed suicide...

i know our kind loves the cyanide ride
cause everybody wishes for us to die
in ways that are not right
it's sad to think that we love each other
when we both can't stop our fights.
What's my identity? Am I a broken soul?
Or a rhomboidally diamond fabricated of coal.
Perhaps I'm no one, so you define me please,
Make me alive or curse me till I freeze.
Alice 1d
When I drifted away
on a star-kissed wind
in a velvet night
the moon watched me
with silver eyes
and whispered to me
the secrets
hidden in the dark
told to her
by forbidden lovers
hiding in
the mask of night
and when I asked her
she told me
that she would like
to see the light
just one last time.
I'd rather sit in a room with you
only allowed to look at you
no words
complete silence
for eternity
then have the choice
to go anywhere else
with my ability to speak
to everyone in that room
to able to be as loud as I choose
I would not choose any other place to be
only to be near you
and if I can only look at your
beautiful eyes
I'd choose that
This morning, I'm drowning into the lake of hope. So deep, so dark. I couldn't breathe, I died.
Emma 1d
the tears glaze her eyes
she thinks she sees you
feels you
at the bottom of a glass
the edge of a knife
and then silence -

To illume the earth,
The sun has to be burnt.
This instance is known,
So I too learnt.

That I shall be scorching,
When you would leave.
Infact, I would be hindered,
But bestow my wish to relieve.

Thinking how would be the eve?
When my eyes would have tears,
And no vigour in my sleeve.

Then a liquid which is ignobly famed,
Would be complice of mine.
Would console my heart in this way,
So I can weep and whine.
This poem depicts the presumption of the poet's mood at the time of departure of his beloved for forever.
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