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I put a black veil around Jesus' face as i began making love with the reaper's scythe,
drank a bottle full of asp venom just to feel like i've got enough faith to scare away death
But There went my life down the road torn in halfs.
The little bird watched as His mother ate the magic berries
seen the bright in her beak, the shine in her wings and her frost colored feathers.
A force through her frame, Wild and beautifully un-tame.
“Mother may I have some berries?” Said the little bird
the mother turned alarmed, as If the little bird was harmed and hastened to say
“You may never eat the berries, not from this tree. These are for the big birds like Your dad and me”
The little bird heard and understood “This is for big birds like you”

The mother gathered up the berries and holding them in mouth the two began to fly.
The mother's wings spanned spaciously, taking in strong current, revolving in a torrent of play with her son.
These moments occurred from day to day with inconsistent frequency.  
Treasures of the sky folk.
As the son flew higher than ever before the mother begun to shout  
“Down son, down son. Not so close to the yellow ball Or you will fall”
Seeing the worries in the mothers face the son begun to descend
The son had heard and understood, they continued on in a lesser mood.

The son knew that today they seek father, high in his metal tower.
Locked behind bars.
They descended upon the tower and lay to rest on the ledge by its side.
The Son went to speak but was interrupted
The look at Father, he was a washed out grey, wore out wings and feathers.
“Do you have the berries” He said
The mother bird nodded and opened her beak placing it on his
The son knew this was a love kiss.
The wild force raced through his father but it didn’t seem like enough
the mother and father begun to slumber.
The son was resting warm in the light.

When the son awakened his parents were still asleep,
he noticed the un-natural arch of their feet? the stink of rotting meat!
the light had gone from the two.
The son was frantic and searched around looking for the magic berries
finding two he gave his parents one each and closed their mouths waiting for the light
but neither made a move.
A third berry he found and ate it himself.
He begun to fly, thoughtless, joyful, overwhelmed with love.
do you understand ?
you were the moon
your flaws can be easily seen
yet you shine so brightly
in the darkest times,
i stare and stare
it can't be helped
i was awed by your beauty,
i liked a girl but i knew i had no chance, i still think of her as i wrote this one ( :
Been feeling kind of lonely.
As these days go by.
Been trapped in my feelings.
Heart's locked behind my mind.
Can you see the shadows?
Carressing my skin.
I see the fire rising.
And the clouds rolling in.

I'm just a ****.
But honestly thats just fine.
I lost myself.
Somewhere along the line.
I tried to go back.
To right my wrongs.
I tried to go back.
But the pains too strong.

Why do I have to endure it?
Why do I have to burden it?
The devil's got my strings.
Why won't this pain just go?
My life is not my own...
The devil's got my strings.
One of the darkest things I've probably ever written. I hope you all enjoy it! (: im experimenting different kinds of things! Please let me know your thoughts
Darkness is plotting
Slyly lurking in a lackluster room
Paralyzed by fear

A tree branching its limbs
Clinging to the light like
Lingering liars who lose
Luminous truths

That breach our boundaries beyond boarders

Electricity fires through their veins
Epidermal inferno
But they are frozen
Still... life-less

Unforgiving truths that stab
Through the hearts of its audience
A fair show
Culminated by thieves
Nobody is safe, not even you!
Happy Valentine's
the drapes have caught fire
the lovers have died
your friends are all liars

the moths eat your clothes
the spiders spin webs
the children put ropes
round your very neck

your heart's broken up
into small jagged pieces
two angry pit bulls
are off of their leashes!

oh, sweet valentine,
how will we fare?
where will we go?
when *** isn't there?

Happy Valentine's Day
Everything hurts
the nightstand's a pallbearer
the dresser's a curse
the apples are browning
the skies have gone black
and monsters are creeping
at your very back!

the wind whispers boo
and the sun doesn't shine
the birds are all dead
and the hamsters all cry

Oh Dear Valentine!

Where will we go?
Where to be being,
When the moon's made of snow?

I bet we only talk about the negative side of things
The fights, the fears, the broken parts.
Those negative feelings.
I bet you take one look at me and wonder why it hurts
For a broken-hearted, angry girl
Do you wonder what it's worth

I know the questions in your mind; why'd it have to come to this?
If only we loved each other right
Maybe I'd still kiss your lips
And you ponder on these feelings, chasing what has left you lost
Tainted by your clouded mind
How could 'One day' take so long

To you it feels so wrong
But you wait for what you love
Christine 19h
In the darkness your trapped
What is your choice?
Will to fight sapped
Despair taking your voice

Alone through your own making
Lost in the pitch black
Past decisions heartbreaking
Are you too far to turn back?

It's never too late
To take your life back
Depression won't checkmate
Time to go attack

Hate and despair take leave
The battle begins today
Your loss we will not grieve
Love and joy to convey

Let go of your bitter
Allow forgiveness enter
Life will be aglitter
Once rid of the dissenter

Reclaim your light
Rejoice newfound power
Your future so bright
Now is your hour
There is always a way out of the dark places in your mind.
otiz 21h
I listen, I hear
but not here do I listen
There, that place
Her moment
Her space
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