nicoarty 17m
The problem with Angels
Is that - as they fall
Their wings,
In all towering beauty
Reach out, stretching;
Feathers and bone
To drag and pull
Away at those
Who dare to watch,
Souls ensnared:

“I couldn’t look away if I tried”
Asami 5h
On the branches of dead leaves
They're all standing in grief

Facing the almost full moon , seeking its light
To ease the gloom of this murky night

Will morning end this pain ?
Tkpoet 6h
Misplaced by you
Nothing destroyed like you
Slow melody near my side
Closed eyes with some silent slide
Rain for needy one
Huge hills never surrender
Reminds the same sacrifice
Mind was full ,heart was hollow
Leave all behind and move solo
This match is without a refrie
Cold night without a pretty fire
Move away in the arms of dark
This may cause a start
Save some tears inside the
Unstoppable memories cramp
Somebody act like a scamp
They just put a knife
Inside the heart of a kite
The way I look and feel
Tkpoet 6h
I was out last night
Her smile attracts the loner
I wish she could hold me tight

Daughter of the angel
I tried my best to forget
The way she tangle

A sweet slaughter in my heart
Understand my situation and feelings
Although I was not enough smart

Devil eye's
Ready to give me surprise
Put me in dark cage
I found nothing in my ribecage

Give me my moon back
Did they hack
That flower is no more
I cried more than four
It's about a boy..who loved
Dressed in all black with a spirit to match.

Brilliant scenery trapped
beneath the  surface of obsidian.

a haunted cave, a burning light,
enchanted rock, a dying flame,
ignite the chamber,
start again.

Ok, wait, hold it...
start again, dude, c’mon...
But this time,
give a bit more detail, will ya?

Ok. Fine.

A young man dressed in all black,
with black skin...

that part’s not really important...

I just want you to feel me this time.
Ya, feel me?

This dark soul is deeply disturbed
by the devil, dude...
...or maybe...
simply disordered by the darkness...
either way,
the dysfunction has a depth to it,
I’m telling you.

Are you listening?
Ok, great!

So, moving along
beneath the surface
there is no light.

That’s it! Ok?

But there’s more
there’s so much more
up top!
on the ceiling!
bulbs are blooming
with brilliance!

I’ve lost you again, haven’t I...?

...ya think...?

all I’m really trying to tell you

Life has beat me down, man.
Inside and out.
But more so on the inside...
It turned my soul black,
made me depressed,
made me dark.
Inside and out.

But, for some reason,
something within me still lives.

and I just wish you could see it
like me...
Polaris 9h
My inner demons you say?

Hah, don't make me laugh. They're all around you, can't you hear them?

They yell they scream, they're there but not seen. Their only purpose is one that's not clean.

They tease and they taunt to get what they want, they lure you in with the smallest of sins.

They is a plural, yet meaning just one, because all them together is me, undone.

What is it that makes me so sane?

Nothing. Just that, simple and plain.

I'm losing my sanity, facing mortality, yet cling to ideals that are a falsehood reality.

I build myself up while breaking back down, I am my own rundown town.

The buildings are bleak, the sky is grey, there are no pathways that have been paved.

No signs with words, no stores with worth. Just an empty hollow hope filled with sorrow.

I say again, can't you see?

My inner demons, yes....They're me.
Dark surrounds the sun
even when it spread its light
the moment its gone
it makes its presence known
Though the sun reaches million miles
but the darkness is far beyond
will it conquer it?
Sienna 15h
In your weakest moment
it escapes the depths of hiding and engulfs your being;
the vulnerable will be reaped.

As presence does not hinder,
It hovers over the soul
reaching out to touch
coming to collect it's belonging
in a pursuit of descent.
sometimes I feel as if I am photo sensitive paper
the world leaves imprints of images
exposing a narrative that attaches itself to me
as a string of memories in a darkroom  
where light enters and creates the shape of my identity
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