She was beautiful as the snow
Danced through the clouds
And beautify the world
With her wise words

I was thrown in the dark
She found me in the night
I became myself again
She blows my mind

She taught me
How to love
But she did not know
How the love feels

Her chest was empty
I broke half of my heart
Put it in her chest
So that she can feel
What love really is

Her eyes start to spark
Our hearts begins to race
I want you in my arms
Because I love you my dear.
Let's go skate,

Wear all black,

Smoke cigarettes,

And day dream,

In the dead of night.

~S.C. Kelley
For the young ones
Clara O 16h
a glance of myself in the mirror at 4 am
just my reflected image and I
we share a look of perplexity
then we go our separate ways
continuing into the night
and eventually
witnessing the glaring dawn
it's merely a routine.
silence screams when i’m alone
telling me i’ll never be good enough for love
that i’m failing at everything i do
i cant escape these screams
of how i’m not enough
and everywhere i turn
these girls on the screen
let me know i will never measure up
voices in my head never giving me a break
i never have my silence
Aa Harvey 18h
Death in the sky

Crash and burn like falling fireflies;
From the skies come a sign to die, a lightning strike.
It scares the children up here in the plane, oh no!
But we know it can’t hurt us.  Or can it?  I don’t know.

It crashes against us and lights up our night;
It causes panic, it causes fright.
It causes the plane to shake, just turbulence they say;
But we don’t believe their stay calm warning, this is our judgment day.

The end of our world, we are falling through the sky;
I don’t want to die please; I want to learn to fly.
I want to live forever; it can’t be my time already.
I haven’t learned how to live life yet, I’m still not ready.

Ascend into Heaven, screaming in the wind;
It is your time to go stand with your King.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey 18h
Heavy Metal Sunshine.

My Heavy Metal Sun shines alight,
Up above me in the morning light.
Tequila sunrise, burns my eyes;
Another wonderful day to wake up in paradise.

My beautiful bride captures my heart,
As she shimmers in the Heavy Metal Sun’s rays.
Her beautiful mind shines as bright as the son;
In the darkness, the sun lights up her face.

Her dress of the night, so soft to the touch,
Gently blows with the breeze of the morning’s air.
She opens the curtains and welcomes the sun,
Then turns to me and smiles, as the light seeks everywhere!

The dark angel of the night, has clearly arisen,
An angel of the light, now released from her prison.
The sad woman has gone, to be replaced with a smile;
She floats out of the glass door, to go and swim for a while.

So I bring down some drinks,
To watch the water discover my love.
Then I lay in the sunshine
And thank you all for my Heavy Metal Sun.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey 18h
Fatal By Design

Humans are as fatal as a motorcar,

Born only to die in a head on collision with death.

It’s just waiting to happen; there is no escape.

Your future’s bleak; revel in it.

Fatal by design, born only to die.

Fatal by design, born only to die.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Luiz 1d
At dusk, Ravens cry
     disintegration shadows

          midnight promises
in this cave, there should be a light.
the dreams got sold to eternally rest.
arise and view the same old life.
the dark to dark.
the night to night.
the mourning to mourning
light is far too bright
for me to be in this cave . . .and out of sight . . .

despite the fright,
I still believe
that everything
is going to be alright . . .
writing about what i’m most afraid of
is just a living nightmare
but either way here i am with these words on your screen
about isolation
a fear of being cut off by you
cutting these cords that connect our hearts together when i am the one tearing them off
about a sickening emptiness inside of a full heart
each creature with lovely faces and gruesome smiles full of sharp teeth of truth
the dark corners of this endless dream
the heavy guilt that lays in my stomach
ripping my intestines apart
just some things im scared of
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