Elliot 2h
Hold me down
Pull me
Grab my hair
Rip it out and throw me to the ground
Fists held in stasis
Connect with soft faces
I remember it passing me by in silence
Like an old black and white movie
Flashes of stills
Each a captured moment
That’s what sound sounds like to silence
Loud red der loud der louder.
The sound of stillness speaking up. Speeding up.
Black and white becomes colour and I’m left with a taste of red on my lips red dripping on your hands red the passion you have to hurt red like a leaf red under a magnifying glass red staring at a specimen red see red sea red she’s red me red peace of red red der redder redderederederederederederederredred dred.
Loudereder loudredred
Loud. Red. Dred.
I've always liked the dark found solace in it
Found peace and took away the guilt
It made me who I am, gave me an unspeakable gift that I'm not allowed to share

It gave me a place to understand my own darkness and a way out
It lead me to him, when I'm in that place I let him out

He takes over, its easy being him, unfeeling worried about nothing and not being a nice guy I guess that's the common between us
I may represent the light but we both came from the dark

I'm going to let him take over for a while I think I need it today, my phone is burning from the heat my blood is producing from my heart beating 420 beats per second

My world nearly ended today and now its upside down

So I'm going to hang back and let him in to stop the pain for while because this heart that does not belong to me is pumping blood like a gasleak and waiting for the spark to blow

He can protect me from that I just have to sit in the corner put on my mask and let him take control

It's hard being me but I'm only one half of my true self, a half that seems to ruin everything

Sometimes I think it would be better to let this side of me go, burn it off the interior of my mind

But who knows I find solace in the dark
Where the light is just an illusion for the foolish
I need to cool off before my heart bursts from inner flames
It’s a strange doo-wop that we dance to
around a heart-shaped pool of blood.
Crimson footprints reflect on disco balls,
moving along to this bloody waltz.

round and round and round and round
like nothing
I am weakness, I am power;
I am darkness filled with light;
Born of strength, and carved from sorrow...
[I reside in endless night]

In the silence I am haunted, shadows flicker through my mind.
I am falling, I am scattered; in the darkness I am blind...

To the depths in which I hide; to find solace I have tried.
Slowly fading, dissipating, I am lost here deep inside...

Though my heart is made of stone; though it shatters like the glass;
Though these burdens are my own, still I know this too shall pass...

In the dead of blackest nights, in the dark before the dawn;
I find strength and I find power, to this beacon I am drawn...

[amidst the calm within my storm, the abyss that is my soul;
I am frail, I am unbroken, I am shattered, I am whole]

For I am weakness, I am power; I am darkness filled with light.
Carved from strength and born of sorrow...
[in my world of endless night]

Though my strength, it comes and goes;
Though I'm glass encased in stone.
In these cuts where darkness shows;
That this monster is my own.

Though I'm lost and I am cracked;
Though the sorrow fills my soul.
In the dark where I am trapped;
I am broken, shattered, whole...
polyratic 10h
I have perfect ideas

lol, wrong shoe to fit.

My concepts are solid

as a dry wall bricks.

Yes, please bring us down

I aim to please your dead side.
What can you show?
Misplaced trust.
Bread crumbs,

I have desire
this life came quick

and you're the work no one missed
always were,

But not be.
i fought my battles

Fighting you mean

My point stands

On foundations of lies
I keep you from an Icarus demise.
Grounded is good.

Whats wrong with the sky?

Don't look too hard
you know thats for those
with a god in sight

That was a choice.

Cue, consequence.

Kill, conscience.

No. Confidence.
Its been really hard lately...
Up high above the trees,
Lie lands I cannot reach.
Though my soul drifts on the breeze,
My heart lies in between...

And here amongst the clouds,
I yearn for lands unseen.
At the edge atop the world,
I'm lost within a dream...
Whisper 10h
I see the world in terms of tools;
exit devices.
A mallet for tenderizing meat—
my broken mind would be such
a pretty color on silver.
My sweet blood would paint
those knives like Picasso, and
the parasites would crowd for
a drink.
If I swallow enough pills will
I cough up my last breath?
And it’s you.
It’s you, it’s you and it’s you.
Finger pointed at the ones I love.
Love is the worst tool.
It’s the shovel digging my grave,
and I fall in blindfolded.
Camryn 23h
Pain consumes me.
It thwarts all thoughts of me ever being happy.
The dark encloses me in a cage with tall iron bars.
And I sit curled up in a corner,
Head on my knees,
Silently crying.
But some days
The sun shines through the cracks of the boarded up ceiling.
I hold on to that light like a lifeline.
I cherish and treasure it,
Hold and caress it.
Murmur sweet nothings in its ear and try to convince it to stay.
Convince it to chase the darkness away.
But I always have to let it go.
And I go back to my corner,
Curled up with my head on my knees
Until the light comes out again.

My head slowly fills up with water as the darkness consumes me.
And I struggle to keep the tide at bay.
To keep my head above water.
I desperately wish for the light to come back again.
Because without the light
I don’t think I have the strength
To keep myself from drowning
The evening sky is sea foam,
With the clouds a-flowing in.
The tide is turning nicely,
While the wind brings darkness in.

The earth keeps on a-spinning,
While the sky keeps it in shade.
How strange it is to see the sea,
From underneath the waves.

The bats are flying fishes,
The trees are coral reefs,
The fireflies are plankton,
All a-living down beneath.

But people have no purpose here,
Not in the ocean deep.
I know it’s time to travel back,
And wake up from my sleep.
The Monster

With evil in hand they travel the land,
Forever searching for the lonely man.
His name unknown, but his story has to be told,
And now he lives in the darkness all alone.

Beneath the moon, his only light,
He disappears every night.
Never to be seen in winters gloom.
He is never seen out, for he is trapped in his doom.
Ten locks keep him in place, to keep the bad times at bay.
There hides a Prince beside his grave.

Still they search the high places and low,
In every inn and in every home.
They had the judiciary hypnotized.
They could never be stopped and now he was in their sights.

What’s black and white and read all over?
The front page photo makes him look much older.
Life wore him down and now his eyes have sunken deep.
His council disbanded and worn out souls on his feet.
As his doom closed on in there came a knocking upon his door.
Still half asleep he casually opened the way to all the evil in the world.

With fearful steps and eyes of wonder,
He stepped into the light from the spell he was still under,
And there she was, the lady in white,
And all around her shone a luminous light.

She said “Come, hurry, we must leave this place!”
He did not understand but the look on her face,
Screamed out to him, “Love is in need!”
So with two winged-feet he dived right in.

She took his hand and they danced through the snowy trees,
Until he finally said “Wait!  Where are you taking me?”

Above the trees and beneath the clouds,
There came a wave of smoke and the local’s did shout.
The fire raged and burnt every page he had written.
He didn’t know why, but there was no other way for lovers bitten.

When people do not understand a new design,
They change and find rage and the lies darken their minds.
He always knew he was different, but he has a heart,
If only others could see it, maybe they could change who they are.
Evelyn could see the real being, not the horror movie monster.
Unfortunately she was the only one, which is why he ended up with her.

As the rain fell all around him, he raised his coat to protect.
He raised it over Evelyn’s head
And together they found what needed to be said.
As they stared deeply into each other’s eyes,
They spoke and they laughed and they smiled and cried, at long last.
This love was no longer a surprise.

They were to kiss and soon did they fall.
One day they would wed, but first the wall and the door.
As they approached the castle gates,
A pair of guards stood still and their captain did wait.
“Who are you and what do you want?”
“We must see the Queen, at once!  At once!”

“It’s far too late for your kind to be here.”
“But the Prince is in need!”
“What Prince?”
“This one here!”
“He ain’t no Prince, under that hood is a beast!
Franken What’s-his-name,
I thought he was deceased.”
“He is, he died a long time ago,
But he saved the Prince before he had to go,
And with this wax seal, which has never been broken,
We can pay your toll, so you must accept this token!”
The authenticity could not be denied,
The gates were flung open
And there stood the beautiful palace of lights.

A meeting occurred and voices were heard,
But only one person had the final word.
The Queen raised her being and her voice and all fell silent.
“The Prince has returned!”  She shouted to the backdrop of violins.

The music filled the room and the corridors.
A piano was played as loud as the sound of the endless calls.
Doors were opened, windows too for all to hear,
“The Prince is to be married after all these years!”

The heir to the throne stood next to his new wife.
Evelyn was crying tears of joy,
So The Prince wiped away the tears from her eyes,
And with a kiss the service was finished.
A Prince born anew; a Queendom not diminished,
But growing ever further with change each passing day.
The darkness disappeared slowly…
Evelyn was the only way.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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