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Zay 49m
We've got the
Eyes of innocence;
Face of angels;
Personality of a dreamer
and a mind darker than a demon's
They say warning comes before
Destruction but I walk with Destruction.
Destruction comforts every fiber of my
being, ******* me into the black whole
of repressed memories but
I cannot escape these haunting premonitions.
prince 1d
Do i dare speak of him?
The fie which corrupted the soil of our Inverness?
T'was a dream conjured deep in my heart, darkened.
One might say, it was thy hand that grasped the dagger
Yet thy refuse to perceive it so.

Refrain me from the sweetness of Hope's spiteful tongue
Let not it take my naked frailities, my valour.
T'was not my vaulting ambition which o'erleaps itself and falls on th'other.
Though his eyes spoke of his intent, he could not bear the ****** dagger himself.
I pity his fragility, his virtues clear yet no more a man than i.
Too full is he of the milk of human kindness. I hath unsex myself, to therefore bear the fruit of Cawdor.
Unsex me i say? Strip me of this pity. Hie thee, sightless substances enter my home and make me fell, the golden round is merely a breath away.

The Sun shall not see me as it wakes, soon I will no longer be heat-oppressed.
Macbeth does ****** sleep, and so shall i.

Hurry, sweet equivocator.
The guilt spilt stains my skin, as does thine.
I had liv'd a blessed time, yet now there's nothing serious in mortality.
The hell-fire spits at my feet, yet never reaches my heart.
Oh, torture it is, hell-gates open not.
Must i stand by, licked by the flames of Beelzebub yet never truly entering?
Oh woe is me.

My mouth is bitter, the taste of my near'st of life cold.
I see no need to wail, alas the time has come for the devil to cast me.
Please't be readily and alight.
God plead for this to be my final night.
A cry for help is a cause for alarm.
Self harm carves tales in pale arms.
Scars form like lines scored in old boards
and tree bark, graffiti of hearts broke in the park.
tattoos use ink. A penknife will ooze blood into sinks.

Introspection is a writhing vivisection.
cutting deep, fists clench and twist
bending ribs with wrenching wrists.
Rending bars apart the cradle that cribs the heart

that drums a beat like bells that rung your death knell
from the first to last breath your lungs have expelled.
A tongue to tell and eyes to see, a mind to be,
a heart to feel.
Vivid Vivisection,
It hurts to heal.
You can relax, I don't cut myself it's just a poem.
This is the world we live in
Where chaos mimics a negative nature
And dreams lie in the silence
Nightmares come alive at night
And people become criminals
In order to embrace the violence

There is no escape
There is no hesitation

This is where we make choices
Even if it takes that choice
For us to learn our lesson
However, beneath this stigma
There is hope
There is a history, surveillance
Of our overcoming and persistence

It's things like this that make our world
So beautiful, yet so fragile
This world is nothing more than a grain of sand
In a beach full of stars
So before it's too late, we need to break free
Of our outer demons
And embrace our inner angels
For today, we are alive
In a world gone awry.
This is the first version of my poem, "A World Gone Awry," that I wrote on the way to work one morning. I ended up writing a second version of it, and I may possibly write a third in the future. At the time I wrote it, I wasn't sure what to think, but as time went on, it grew on me, and I recently performed this version of the poem at a Coffee House, this year. It was an awesome moment, and I'm glad I had the chance to share this poem with my friends, and others. I'm just as glad to have the chance now to share this piece with you all. I hope you enjoy, and find something to like in it. Thank you for reading! ^^
Amy 1d
‘What’s the worst sin you’ve committed?’
He coaxes
Entranced, she falls into the trap of his tricks
And words tumble and run from her lips
Falling right into his hands
he grins a wicked smile full of evil promises
She obeys like a good girl
Because the dark is alluring, and tempting
And is somehow familiar to the darkest depths of her soul.
For everyone has a dark side owned by the devil.
Whispers of the devil
can drive you to sin as
everyone is capable of evil.
He's hiding out there,
Set to pounce,
He eats your sweet dreams,
Every ounce,
His cloak of nightmares,
Creeping in,
When you feel dodgy,
It begins,
The paranoia,
Endless tears,
The constant sleeping,
Silly fears,
A fresh assessment,
Doctors room,
A new prescription,
Numbing doom,
Your death averted,
This time round,
But with the devil,
You'll be found........

(C) [email protected] 2019
The battle with depression is a very real one, the ongoing to and fro of the processes.
Siyana 1d
It's like I'm lost in a world where anything can change...
I'm scared of myself, and I've forgotten my own face.
Confusion when I look into a mirror,
I can't seem to remember who I used to be,
Is there anyone who actually knows me?

I'm out of my mind...
Is that okay?
Will you stick by?
Or take advantage of me?
I'm out of my mind
will you stay?
even if it means
I'll run you down a drain..
Anon 2d
Every night,
Tears fill my eyes.
I don’t want to fight
And I can’t continue these lies!

My mind goes numb
And the damage is done.
I lift the gun
Then I see the sun.
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