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Nylee 1h
After all this.
I was only meant to die.

not even a speck of dust,
in this entire universe,
I am an indistinct part of the dark night sky
The place where we sat
Saw our roots, grow into the grass ground
Saw our flowers, bloom under the burning sun
And i, could only see, what you wanted me to
My love was palpable, but your hands were frozen
My love was visible, but your eyes were blind
Numb to it, too much worried about yourself
You let him died, dehydrated, withered
How could i blame you, i loved you...
After the grief of mourning, came the anger
Against myself, due to my crying heart
He cried, not salted water, but saltpeter
Burning my entire chest
Leaving me empty inside, again
Each and every time, flowers still grow there
But as time passes, they fade away
This dark dead cavity covered of potassium nitrate
Makes me an angry and hollow human
Only searching for life to come back and bloom
To the roots we used to grow in another one
The nights
are growing darker
and the waves
are getting rougher
Surrounded by
darkness and disarray,
I make my haven
in this boat built for two.
This love is an ocean
beneath a sky of uncertainty-
it consumes us night after night.
But, together,
we take this voyage-
just me and you.
kaehaniya 20h
the people say good morning like they're used to me,
they wave when they see me in the hall.
but i know that as soon as they get close to me,
they'll wish that they never had at all.
look another poem y'all
I stand here between the hills...
And they welcome if waiting for me
I walk down the shady paths
Where every turn has a secret
The dogs bark and street lamps fluctuate.
The crescent moon shines like a diamond...
And the countless stars are like gems in my mother's necklace.
There is a mystery in this place...
And I am in love with it's darkness.
I dance with my darkness as I walk through the hills.
I'm forced to face
What I've become
My Joy rises
And sets with the Sun

When stuck all alone
Who's left to blame?
When pride is lost
Why feel the shame?

I command both sides
Of this internal war
Neither side surrenders
Only my blood will pour

What doesn't **** you
Makes You stronger
But what if you don't want
to live any longer?

I'm Buried Alive
A Deadman walking
If no one's around
Can they hear my talking?

Breathe new life
Into my being
That I drag around
Lost without meaning

A helpless feeling
I can't seem to shake.
Life is a Death Grip
I can't seem to break.
You may be down, but you're not out. Stay Strong.
LanTive 2d
I went around town looking for a quick way to commit suicide because everything around me seems worthless,
Everyone's now looking for joy in materialistic objects,
All stuck in the matrix, programmed to not ask "out of the box" questions,
What's the purpose of living?
Does life have any meaning?
If so, why is it missing in my dictionary?
A month ago I drank rat poison,
Hoping to die but
It actually tasted like a magic potion
And I swear I heard a voice inside my head saying "look for better options"
Without a peace of mind I know my life costs no fortune,
I have had my share of love and she left me crying out a monsoon,
I can already hear the people who despise me say "gone to soon"
As they watch my body float in the sky hanging on to a noose tied around the moon.
Sakura 2d
Please, i can't breathe
I can't breathe under the weight of your sins
I'm hungry because you snatched my land
I'm thirsty because you adulterated my well
I'm poor because you robbed me
I'm dead because you killed me
You , yes you are that devil
You are that sinner
You Bloodthirsty people are heavier than people who are thirsty for life
Your sins are heavier than our hopes for living
Please , I can't breathe
I can't breathe under the weight of your sins
Please loose your grip
It feels suffocating
I can't breathe
I can't breathe under the weight of your sins
I'm caught in the devil's grasp
Please , help me
I can't breathe
Humanity died under the weight of atrocity.
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