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Anastasia 13h
The Crow's pitch wings
Glide through darkness
Cutting through fog
Like each feather is a blade
Slicing the air
As if slicing my skin
His eyes red
Infused with the dripping from my veins
He soars above a paint-chipped steeple
Perching on an ebony cross
He observes the soil below him
Gaze landing on a single figure
The Crow keeps in his sight
A bleeding body
Staggering towards the final resting place
Who could it be, on this heavy night
But the troubled soul of a human
Toppling down onto a crumbling grave
A life soon to be taken
To ascend to the moon above behind him
A being
What lies
beyond the fog
of the deepest sleep
The void
Anon 35m
It's all I can do,
To drink so fast.
Quickly! Forget the love I thought would last.

She pined as I,
Though the miles lay far,
The torturing distance; left us both so apart.

"When will you come?",
Left answerless by me.
Everything working to part us endlessly.

Both left in tears,
And time took its toll,
Our hearts were left, with bleeding, soft holes.

"I'll come back!",
My vow,
"But when -- and how!?"

And to her,
I had no assurance,
Only a test of her endurance.

And her heart grew impatient,
And it built its thick wall,
At once when I came, it couldn't hear my call.

Now I shudder,
And now I quake,
For my delay was a final
Jekyll &
Yes, I agree
that my mind can be both beautiful
Yet, grotesque at.. the same time
not on
the same side
flash-back and re-wind
as I  R.I.P  the flesh
Because I'm really not feel'n fine
Because I'm really not feel'n fine
as I  R.I.P  the flesh
flash-back and re-wind
not on
the same side
Yes, I agree
that my mind can be both beautiful
Yet, grotesque at.. the same time
& Hyde
Not on the same side but two sides of the same coin
Leah Carr May 8
Deep, deep down
Where no-one's ever been
Hide dark, dark waters
Of tears unseen
Far from below
I hear my own, muffled screams
Of when you all turned
and hurt me
To live without tradition
To live without religion
But rather to have faith and hope ... for all
Simply to be one and not divided
Not to be seen as man or woman
Neither black or white
But as a person
Is that really so much to ask
Not to be a race or gender ... but a being
Just a being of self
No ugly ... no pretty ... no rich ... no poor ... no status
Just a person ... an existing and living being
Radiating Love towards all
To know that the light needs the dark
And the dark needs the light
Both need to coexist
No-one can perform a good deed if there's no evil to conquer
The street sweeper won't have any work
If there weren't people careless enough to pollute the environment
And so also the ants carried your breadcrumbs away that you left on the kitchen counter last night
But still it's good to dream
To dream of a perfect existence
Of a place where there is only Love and peace
A utopia I believe does exist beyond what we know
The perfect dream
The authentic dream
sean achilleos
Shane Leigh Apr 30
To create a new vision
one must stare into the dark.
Make out all the ticks,
Speckles of light that flash
with a quick blink of the eye.

It's the quiet working of the imagination.
tick tick tick

If you stare into the dark long enough,
you'll find more than the shadows
that you decided not to see.
This just kind of happened, not really sure what to title this lol I hope you enjoy (:
© Shane Leigh
Kai Zhang Apr 29
I was no Harry Potter
Didn't have that much goodness in me
But maybe I was a Draco Malfoy
Trying to figure which road to take
Light or dark?
But somewhere along the journey
I scattered 8 pieces of my soul
like Voldemort
Flo Apr 29
You say I’m worthless.
Let’s take a look…
Grab my left arm
And scan the barcode

Some work from my dark poetry series
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