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Andrew Rueter Jun 2022
There’s an online article with a bullet point of cities
• to which the bullet pointed
underneath those cities is a bullet point of schools
• to which the bullet pointed
underneath those schools is a bullet point of names
• to which the bullet pointed.

Underneath that article is a bullet point of comments
• from which bullets point
underneath those comments are bullet points of discourse
• from which bullets point
underneath that discourse lies our nature
• from which bullets point.
Destiny C May 2022
My heart shatters on the floor,
like the bullets of a school corridor.

The sound ricochets in my mind,
like the screams of a parents not able to pick their kid up in time.

We are at war with the reaper.

The one who hugs the bullet while it pierces through the air.

The same one who casts its scythe away,
because the gun was more American.
Looking out the window,
I mask the houses through the horizon,
to see a vision so true, that can only be blue.
Bite the bullet, see me from dusk to dawn
Every day seems like another one
out the back of a shotgun.
FunSlower Jul 2021
Oh werewolf with woollen wings,
Whimpering in the willows.
Thou vile voice a vice grip
Stuffed inside her pillows.
Yours is a violent cry for help
One should never have to hear.
So dare come near, just know it clear.
Your fleer; my leer. For tears, jeers and
Featherweight fears will never break weirs that
Forever fill wells deeper than the darkest hole
You gouged in the lightest soul.

Your sword; her shield. My words; wounds healed.
I’m ever bending moonlight to set it right.
Go haunt yourself through a never ending night!
A single silver bullet shimmers in her sunlight.
The same one you shot upright.
Falling fast into the broken bed you made.
Now let it embed deep in your head. Well played.
There once was a wolf who cried “boy”.
And once should have been enough.
It’s time to torment yourself instead.
Hurting her never made you tough.
Tetra Hachiko Mar 2021
all the small things
add up to big things
i cant take this anymore
blow my brains right out the door
say it aint so
please don't let me go
dont wanna know
all time low
just wanna go
dont wanna show
feeling so low
cant let this go
You hear the deadly thump
You reach up and feel the slight bump
You look at your hand, it’s a crimson red
In a few minutes you’ll be dead
A striking pain through your veins
You look at the deep sky and it rains
The rainwater in your wound
Falling to your knees you know you’re doomed
Oh, how you cherish life
You only remember that now you’re in strife
How you wish you could go back
But all that time is what you lack
With no more time to spare
You let the rain take you, without a care
Grey Feb 2021
It was a shotgun wedding
and the bullet hit 'em both.
kiran goswami Jan 2021
The brave at heart, deal with their brains before other's bullets
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
I feel you grab forearms
Same skin you lovingly kiss
Keep burning for that side of you
More and more it comes to this

Room with uneasy air lingering
I'll try to forget whichever fight
Had that led to all that noise
It's still going to be alright

I will convince myself to take the blame
Swallow down but it's stuck in my throat
Swear it's what I must deserve
The back of my mind knowing I don't

Telling stories to **** with conscience
Tempted to believe but know better
We can do this back and forth for a bit
This cannot go on forever

Arranging pieces to fix what we broke
Tangled with promises long overdue
Never have your attention for long these days
When I was young I mattered so much to you

To feel that again I'd give
My fears and sacrifice
Listened to your point-of-view
Then I realize we won't get that twice

Laughing and living in love each day
Was alive not just existing
I should have known it wouldn't last
I'm hurt and my body is constricting

Now I am broken by the one I love
I'm feeling betrayed
Know you are in pain yourself
Wondering if I should have stayed

To follow instinct was stupid
Should have been chasing my heart
I didn't have the stamina
Because I was falling apart

A good person what I was trying to be
Once thought I did the right thing
Didn't just hurt you with my decision
More like mutual suffering

I inhale unbridled woes
But part of you is dead
Swear to die so you can't **** me yourself
Bullet through both our heads
Written 2-9-19
Bluebird Oct 2020
So you took a bite out of your own gun
Spit out the bullet and broke your teeth trying to chew the metal
You bared your teeth; twisted and shattered
But the threat was clear and your smile was sharp
Even if your canines weren't

And I know what you were trying to say
I felt your breath on my ear
And I heard you clearly when you promised me a taste
And I wondered if you were gonna break your teeth on me next
I wondered if you really were as terrible as you wanted me to believe
Or if you were just hiding
Another from my notebook. Cannot for the life of me remember the context.
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