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Nigdaw Sep 20
Spin the chambers
Await your fate
Balance the odds
Against life and death
Everything rests
On one short second
That could last
For the rest of your life.

You sit now
A whole life ahead
But you take a needle
To inject some feeling
Can you hear the click
Ear-splitting bang
As the bullet flies
Freer than you’ll ever be.
Silverflame Aug 30
Quick with a gun
bullets; one two three
I love you, shoot your mercy in me
They took you away, I've lost everything
I'm too scarred, tonight my pistol sings


I just wanted to come with you
show me your hometown
I just wanted to be like you
far away from where they gun us down

I won't let them take you away
I'll stand my ground
I will make it all okay
Pinky promise, I'll never let you down

Violence and blood hail around me
I'll take my cover
This might be the last thing I see
But anything for you, my darling lover

My lynx sat the world on fire
The madmen fell to the ground
With you, my love won't expire
As long as you're safe and sound

I was too late to catch your flight
But your soul is safe with me
We didn't get to say goodbye
The eternal sleep has its claws in me


Shoot me a line and I'll go there
If you're not breathing, I just don't care
Like Bonnie and Clyde against all odds
We bleed freedom; we can't be stopped
aisha Aug 30
all of the things you said
all of the things you did
no longer tug at my heart
or weighing it down

that was when I know
I have healed from all of your
bullet wounds
If I had a gun with two bullets
And I was in a room with you,
I would shoot at my heart twice.
Nigdaw Aug 12
A kid makes a finger gun
With hammer thumb
To fire at passing traffic,
From the cover of his bunker bus stop;
In America he’d be an active shooter
****, they have names for it over there,
Here he’s just a ******* nuisance;
His shelter advertises a deodorant
Shaped just like and called bullet
Perhaps some subliminal message
Has entered his head
The power of advertising, the power of death.

For a deodorant that advocates love and attraction
It’s a strange message.
I feel the ebbing flow
of venomous pain in my veins.
I feel the thoughts like bullets to my brain,
the emotions crashing down like turbulent waves.
I see the scars
rawer than before.
So here I am,
listening to music
louder than before.
Painting my heart
with more colors than before,
because it all hurts more than before.
Tatiana Jul 11
Mark my life on the list
of those you wish you didn't miss
With the bullet
How you wish you didn't miss...
Nigdaw Jul 5
Never had an object
Been imbued with such faith,
Spinning in the air
From rifled barrel, towards
It's target, aimed and released
To the freedom of atmosphere,
A short flight, where it was
Just a piece of metal
Until deadly intention was found out,
Sinking into warm flesh
Momentum gradually lost,
In skin and internal organs
To rest, job done
Inside a victim of circumstance.
To leave a toxic friend behind
Is like taking a bullet out from its wound
You'd think it would be better to keep it inside
Less pain you would have to endure through

Though, the longer it stays, you cannot help but mind
No amount of negligence will sooth
A toxin that spreads, the longer it binds
A parting that was long overdue

As if taking out the bullet crosses some line
Swaying from a future that respects you
A toxic friend is a still a friend who once stood by your side
It is okay to grieve for the friend you outgrew
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