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c 1d
Bullet-ridden girl
You blink
And time stops
Your life lies before you
In a burning book
And you take it in your hands
So thirsty for knowledge
Ray Dunn Apr 10
bullet in my brain,
even before you shoot me
i’m already dead.

who cares!
I love cats so much I volunteer at a local shelter and they’re always so scared I just want to love them but I hate invading their space n scaring them :( I wish they knew how much I love them and how much I would never hurt them
Anton Mar 30
дуло револьвера
дует в одуванчики
под патронами из пуха
пал июньский град

дуло револьвера
дышит дурианами
и взрыхлён окопами
мадагаскарский сад

безлики каски целятся
в припухшую щеку
струйка дыма стелется
за тридцать кадров до

без весточки из города
пригнуться не могу
без спин моих собратьев
ведь пропаду я в ров

стрижиха клюёт клевер,
впитавший плоть ее стрижа
но пуля мчится не спеша

бетон окутал злые лица,
обдал оттенком шрамов слепость
на что бы здесь облокотиться,
где миновать заряда спелость

вот опадет он прахом
на стебли пшеницы,
но нужен ли шанс
сюда возвратиться?
Talis Ren Mar 10
morphine overdose
helium high
mafia players
killing in sight
take me out
by candle light
hitman’s dessert:
the bullet delight
Jenna Feb 28
All I could see,
was a fine silver
it was so quick,
but my heart was
even faster,
for this silver
it could not outrun
me in this race
But, sadly I could
not replace me for you
as my regret
falls with your
leftover tears, reflecting
back at me
A M Ryder Feb 27
I am stone
I do not move

I take my time
I let him come closer

I have only a single bullet
I aim for his eye

I hold my breath
My finger presses on the trigger
I do not tremble

I have no fear
The night's deep darkness  wore a cloak of evil,
The time, just ripe for the poison to spread even,
The ghosts went on preening wings with pleasure,
All those bit the dust,  hit by bullets anr on the streets,
Dancing to the crazy movements  of their phantom limbs!
An out the world music filled the air, evoking trance

"The water level rises far above the danger mark"
The evening news rings alarm bells, but already
We are in deep waters and at a point of no return!
"The hurricane hit the coast very badly, beware
All the escape routes are blocked by vehecles"
"Yes, yes, things are all in pretty bad shape, let's admit it"

But the girl is still practising her lines, leasurely
For the blast she has hardly an hour away, if it happens!
The dogs bark aloud alarmingly in the back streets,
Someone, it seems has broken in to the house
Through the weak door,  from behind.
"What do you suggest us to do?"
In panic someone in the phone yells.

There is stunned silence for a long while when
We could hear the darkness heavily breath and pant.
Then evil laughs like **** from that fierce night.
The stars once bright blink and go blind one by one!
The cadaverous moon bleeds blue blood, copiously.

I can't wait anymore to see you sweet heart,
As the night gets more and more turgid,
Could you make it..?.
Kellin Feb 6
fuel desperation,
and so are valuable
assets in the game
of spinning chambers.

one ***** is all it takes.

you might not believe
a person still wading
through adolescence
could harbor such
malevolent intent.

one slight is all it takes.

age is barely even
a consideration when
haunted by the desire
for revenge or need
of self-preservation.

one fragile moment is all it takes.

fewer years simply
equate to shallower
perspective, exacerbating
youthful impulsivity.

one bullet is all it takes.
Deep Sangani Dec 2018

It has hit me
like a bullet in my chest
that my only friends
were the demons in my head
the loneliness in my bed.

I am wilting
there is no escape.
You promised you'd help me
but you've left me to drown in gloom.

You don't really wanna know if there is something wrong with me.
You're only asking because
you can see
my carefully contrived mask melt away.

You want to pull each of my strings
and play harmony with them
do you realize
this is my heart you're throwing away?

You ask only
to bring music to your ears again.
You can't help anymore.
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