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Millie Sep 17
The way the red stains his face
And the stars align her fate
Leave me here to wait
For my life to move on
Vexren4000 Aug 24
A fire smoldering,
In the hearts of humans,
A dream?
A fleeting feeling?
A time to be remembered and a time to be forgotten.
Acting out of anger.
For the buildup is to great.
No home to run to,
No soul to confide in.
My only confidant myself,
And these silent stoic walls.
Michael Hole Aug 23
Serene and still, so fast asleep,
Your body, soft white gold,
Radiating morning warmth,
Wrapped up away from cold.

Your skin reflects the morning light,
sneaking through the blinds.
Your hair a thousand shades of shine,
conceals your perfect lines.
Philomena Jul 17
A baby rabbit fur grey as the sky lies dead
Her eyes stare blankly upward
Watching god
Her body lifeless
Her family gone
She is cold and helpless in my hands
And I cannot help but think
She has gone too soon
As many before her
Io Jun 9
You watch the world go by, contempt
You need not change a thing

Warm, yet distant from the heat
Watching, unaffected and not affecting, you smile
You could watch the world burn and the heat wouldn’t touch you
You’ve already faded, you’re jaded, scars lost long ago

You’re an Orange Outsider
Insusceptible, unimpressionable
You’ve surrendered, yet you continue on
Looking on
Watching waves crash
With a worn smile
and dulled Orange eyes
Curly hair
SWebster Jun 3
As the sun tore through the clouds
It bled orange into the morning sky
While I stood idly by
Bearing witness to the silent death of the night.
it hasn't been sighted
in these rounds of  late
and it's not likely to
turn up at a future date

some folk who belong
to the bird watching league
believe that its species
who'd hold much intrigue

it was known for not
having an air born wing
it is quite possible it wasn't
able to operate the **** thing

a pigeon is its closest
living kin
but a pigeon wouldn't
fit into its skin

when answering the
riddle be succinct
or I'll render your
response extinct
Aaron August May 23
Here, the people rest
Under the sound of a bustling train.
Here, the people sit
Under the weight of many burdens on their backs.
Here, the people watch
The time tick by too quick to catch hold of.
Here, the people yawn
With gaping mouth waiting for their time to arrive.
Here, the people ponder
Of many things, I know not of.
Here, the people quiet
Through the journey long ahead.
Here, the people ride
Through miles of endless thought.
Here, the people listen
Yet they don't, their eyes transfixed on empty space.
Here, the people are
For here they just exist
Passing as a shadow
No, there's nothing here to hear
Nothing here to see
The people are simply here.
Seanathon May 16
It's like I spend my life
Speeding through rivers
With the occasional wade or float
But when I sit and let the water catch me up
My life no longer flies
Instead the world passes me by
For a change
For a change indeed
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