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Hunter Feb 4
A sudden burst of sound jolts me from sleep,
I am now awake and listening closely,
my room is dark and the streetlights outside are all burnt out,
car doors close and someone swears outside my door.

The home alarm beeps and I know mother is home,
and through muffled voices I hear her and my stepfather,
I poke my head out my door and can see her defensive stance,
she is ready to explain her late arrival,
dressed in nice clothes and her hair still groomed,
a stark contrast again her grimey boyfriend with stains down his front.

It is the same as usual,
an argument about the workload divide in this house,
mother is crying and her lover is screaming,
and neither consider the children watching.

A turn towards the stairs and I close my door,
I climb back into my bed and his words burn into my skull,
and mother’s crying as permanent as always,
my room is dark and the streetlights outside are all burnt out.

Always defensive and never offensive,
mother will never have control of her life.
my english class required me to write a poem based upon Kay Smith's "Family Group", basically 4 stanzas (introduction, description, actions, closing) then two lines passing judgement. it had to be about an event we witnessed but were not directly a part of.
noir Jan 28

So bright

Soaring above everything

Everything that I knew

And everything I didn’t

But those wings have been caught


And eventually


I remember how we cried

Asking why

Why this had to be ours

And the only answer we got

Was an echo of madness
I wrote this one a while back (like a week ago). I'm not sure what it was about, but I know I wrote it with like... no sleep so... enjoy!
Zywa Jan 27
Always build a tower
solid and in the middle
make a daily round

along the outposts, you learn
from that, also from the wind
and the farmers, sit down

with the children playing
and listen to what they repeat
from their parents and the neighbours

Occasionally beat the drums
but never dig holes
for the dead of tomorrow

plant flowers every season
around the squares and the cities
as a welcome to the enemy

in your suspicion, and pay attention
because the better you look
the more you see
Collection "I am"
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Killing time before going home, lemon pie and coffee and sat watching
the world go
People watching to pass the time they all seem having a bad day trying to get there shopping
Christmas over a new year
to begin wonder what the new year has In store for me anything has to better than the year thats just
Sat killing time lemon pie coffee In hand watching the world go by people watching
Johnny walker Dec 2018
The last time I would visit the Hospital to see Helen  there was a Christmas tree by her bed I knew what It meant her last Christmas so
Helen and I both had said our goodbye's whilst she still holding my hand felt the grip of her hand slowly releasing she was taking the long walk to the
desperately I tried calling
her back but knew In my heart this time she make the light there would no coming back not like previous times she cheated death
3 times before against all odds
she had survived I got
to saying my finale fare well at the Chaple Of Rest
where Helen looked as If she
was asleep just resting  In her hand they had placed our wedding photo as I had requested
I kissed her now so cold lips said goodbye turned away with tears running down my face that's the last time I was ever to see her I had said my finale
Helen had cheated death 3 times before she finally died the hardest thing I've had to face to watch her die
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
Tonight of all nights.
I am here with you.
Clouds of smoke
Squeezed together in festive occasion.
Brown liquor,
Swallowed in warm smile
Lips a silky smooth.
You magically appear,
Gliding across the stage-
Short hair, diverse in curve.
Black dress,
Singer, songstress.
The maestra of all my desire,
At first everything was quiet
then you sing.
You sing this beautiful song.
Words filled with passion.
Raw, heartfelt.
Each word penetrating deep.
My soul, my very being
Leaving me.
Spiraling in urgent need,
This internal urge to jump out of my seat,
Pulled by the tug of your every word.
Vocalized by the depth of yours.
These words brought to life by your voice-
This beautiful voice.
This song highlighted,
The bright light shone against your head.
Short hair, diverse in curve.
Black dress,
One side longer than the other.
Singer, songstress.
The midnight of all my dream,
I came tonight just for the occasion.
My face bright red
Squeezed tight by fever.
The pull of your cigarette.
A residue of ash left of where I sat.
Every part of me gone with the flick of your wrist.
Tonight of all nights.
I am here with you.
The best of me lost among the crowd.
Scattered in a room of dark faces.
Squeezed together, Tight fitting building
Brown liquor,
Lips a silky smooth.
Tickets for the next show months away
Haylin Nov 2018
Do you ever
get the feeling
that this life
isn't yours?

That you have no control?

That everyone
around you is
living and
you're just

For what?
Waynepatrick Nov 2018
Luminous plasma spheres is all what you are,
So close but yet so far,
I desire to know more,send me your celestial coordinates,workers of awe,
The constellations you form,the power you pronounce,
How you adorn the sky,how you make a dull night bright,
Entertain me in your silence,engulf me in your magnificence ,
Line my trail before dawn as you shine grows pale.
lowkeymorns Nov 2018
I sit watching with a lifeless gaze I see only the thoughts that grip my mind all an effect of words said.
Not the words spoken out loud but the words stringed into answered questions. Questions I have yet to ask and will never ask.

I see visions of what if's and what will, I see images depicting years of the most likely outcome influence by years of observation. i see them fall in place like falling leafs from a tree. A tree whos roots grew from insecurities of being nothing more then a seed.

I see not love stories nor happy ever afters but that timeless story life has forever told, the story of Truth.
I see a play of the willful becoming those who lack the will.

I see the stage set with actors holding back their desires fighting their inhibitions till the clock ticks hitting that split-second.
Release the lights!
Let the water run and split  the bar on the gate that is life.

I see the mind of those so many who jump ship in this flood, simply to drown in their waters. their last breath a regret! As They sink in their sea of pain calling out no name only asking who do I blame?
The waves washing over with no sway as if to whisper but one name.

I watch the outcome of this play day after day reeping my mind like the sun seeks the shade. it's fear, fear of loss and Fear To Love, it's of failing and failing to try, all the hellos and goodbyes. it's the moments and memories of with and without, its my thoughts and my doubts, it's no life with. And its a life going out.
I wrote this off of how I was feeling, the meaning behind it is how ever the reader interpreted it
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Sometimes I like to drive
out early before dawn
so I can watch the sun
come up parked In the
country lane to watch
the dark sky

It a roof slowly being
drawn back to reveal
the morning light the
the sound of crows
as they circle high
around the tree
the Individual
sound like no
other they make
then to drive back
Watching for the sunrise. to hear
the crow crisp clean morning
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