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Mark Toney Mar 7
wasting well water wishes
while in wastewater wading
waiting waist-high wailing
weeping, wailing—
what a waste!

wasting well water wishes
while we're waxing waning
waning waxing waging
waging, wasting—

wanting well water wishes
while whole world wishing
wasting wishing wanting
wanting wishing—
whole wide world!

welcome well water wishes
while we're wakeful watching
wakeful watchmen warning
warning watching—


Mark Toney © 2022
Poetry form: Alliteration - Mark Toney © 2022
Tichozpytec Jan 8
Scarf around my neck
Watching snowflakes as they dance
Winter minuet
Anais Vionet Jan 5
I was at a friend's pool after school.
She loaned me this impossibly tiny bathing suit.
I looked at it skeptically but I didn’t ask whose it was.
It smelled faintly of chlorine.
We were supposed to be alone.
Her older brother came home.
His eyes settled on my skin,
like a wash of immediate sunburn.
It was awkward and thrilling to be watched.
I pretended not to notice,
behind my sunglasses,
I ignored him.
My friend noticed. “Perv alert, let’s go in.” she said.
I didn’t want to go but I didn’t let it show.
This story is from 2016, so It’s the way my friend and I (13 year old’s) looked at attracting the male gaze.
Anais Vionet Nov 2021
I have to laugh - watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade from Lisa’s 50th floor Central Park South windows, is like seeing it from a jet landing at ​​La Guardia airport.

People watching in Iowa have a better view.
and I was SO looking forward to it *shrug*
D Aug 2021
Picture the scene,
Two strangers,
One fancy restaurant,
And a side of ****** waiter.

The observer (me),
Documenting what must have been,
The most awkward first date in history.
Clearly a blind date.

He orders the steak ...rare(notions),
She the chicken wings,
On a first date...
She either knew she wouldn't spill any or didn't care.

Nose in air,
****** waiter delivers their meal
He tucks into his meal( the man not the waiter)

She starts with the wings...the very saucy wings.
Panic fills her eyes,
How do you eat wings elegantly? don't.

She was off to a good start,
No bbq sauce around her mouth,
Or excess on the fingers (impressive),
But then...

Horror struck,
The wing was slippery,
So slippery that it went tumbling out of her hands....flew through the air,
And landed on the table next to her...
my table.

The woman mortified,
The date less than impressed,
The waiter condescending,
The observer (me) highly entertained.

Who would have thought I would get dinner and a show.
People watching at its finest.
Call me the next, less than impressive,
David Attenborough.
Raven Feels Jun 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, mind block not really posting a lot these days;-|

keeping now foot on gas
paining away drowns on piles

stashing upon jokes on types
watching with characters on hope

leaving before fall on love
starring because stars on align

dancing to listen on piano notes
writing for heart on no rhyme

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