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leo arden Aug 30
dear                  ,

exalt your stature

as the prided flower

in this field

of the wilted.
this is for you.
leo arden Aug 27
gleamed amongst the wild green

appeased buds, shined and sheen

this field of blades not red, but green

for rain erased the war it had seen.
A badger meets a snake,
in a field.
A laugh,
A confession,
A goodbye.
The wind blows all the same.
idk this was spur of the moment
Scarlett Aug 15
Let us go into the field
where peonies bloom and the dappled sun hits our skin

Let us go into the field
where kisses are akin to blossoms in spring

Let us go into the field
where the apples of our relationship lay untouched and protected

Let us go into the field
where even on the slate grey rain kind of days we can lie together

Let us go into the field
where our story began and our complication began

Let us go into the field
where we can repair the torn seams in the fabric that was us

Let us go into the field...
Haylin Jul 30
I step through the door
of the place which feels
more like home than my house

My ears fill
with sounds of drumsticks on drums
mallets on marimbas

My eyes fall upon flutes, clarinets
trumpets and tubas

I look up at my family
none of which are related to me
yet they
I just joined band this year and it's only been 6 days and I already feel at home.
The golden sunlight shone
Bright over the hill
As the wind fills the
Air with flower petals.
A single drop of dew
Falls onto a dandelion
Growing in a field
And settles.
I gaze deeply
Into your eyes then we kiss
Slowly, our hearts
Beating fast.
I take your hand
Walking onward in the
Grassy field as we go on
Forever, and we never look back.
PoserPersona Jun 29
flower, flower in full bloom
the skies are covered gray
keeping the sun at bay
yet you keep shining true

flower, flower holding out
the others have wilted
into a field melted
yet you keep growing stout

flower, flower stretching leaves
the rains of decadence
has flooded nature's sense
yet you keep make believe
m h John May 27
my place in this world
is as big as
a dandelion
in a field of daisies
don’t be afraid to be the outcast in this world
Seanathon May 12
Straw hemmed down
Crackling beneath collapsed feet
And folded underneath
Like a prayer
I'm bound to you and to this moment
Like a song
I wait for the inevitable record scratch
And the crackling repeat
Of whenever we roll
Over the breaking backs of the strawfall down
On the bed we made
Where our young bodies first did meet
Moonlight shining.
Sweeping the glade,
Lurking in shadows.
Fleeing the shade.
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