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LC Mar 24
a memory wrapped its cold, rough hands
around my throat, squeezing it tightly.
as I tried to walk away, the memory
stuck its foot out, blocking my path.
I could only muster a pitiful squeak
as I fell face first onto the ground,
and the memory fell on top of me,
effectively holding my body hostage.
its hands were still on my throat,
but it was invisible to everyone else.
they only saw me fall to the ground.
they asked me what was wrong,
but I did not have air that could
breathe life into the powerful words
that were begging to leave my mind.
a sheet of paper suddenly appeared
underneath my right palm,
and a pencil rolled my way.
I gripped the sturdy pencil with
every ounce of strength I still had,
steadying the paper with my wrist,
and I wrote the words I couldn't say
so they would stop begging to leave,
even as the memory gripped my throat.
as I kept writing, I noticed the memory
stopped feeling as heavy on my body.
it was getting ****** into the paper.
it resisted at first, but after a while,
the memory slowly let go of me
and relaxed into the pencil marks.
when I had no more words left,
I picked myself up off the ground,
placed the pencil above my ear,
took the paper, hugged it to my chest,
and walked away with a smile on my face.
Cait Mar 19
When you look into the mirror what do you see
What do you notice first
Your eyes
Your hair
Your lips
Or do you simply notice you
When you see that mirror there
Are you drawn to it
Drawn to the idea of seeing how you look
To see how everyone sees you
Are you drawn to the mirror that lets you see
Lets you see the beautiful array of colours in your eyes
Lets you see how your face crinkles when you smile
The mirror that lets you see what you yourself cannot
Without a mirror we cannot see our outward appearances, we cannot see our eyes, our smile, our face, or our body. Without a mirror, we rely on the person we know we are. We do not rely on our appearance to make people love or hate us. We rely on ourselves because we know who we are, and we should love ourselves for exactly that. We should love who we are.
Preeti Verma Feb 6
Words often fail me
When I need them the most
Then I let my mind just be
My thoughts, sailing through the coast
Are waiting to be your own
Let's make memories good n bad
Together as we grow
Here I am sharing with you
My first words
When I was not in blue! !
Leo Feb 5
When many aeons turning stones
Did find you muddied silt

The rivers coursing from your veins
On highway sides
Of Grecian ilk

What coils must I shuffle from
To find the fatted milk

And taste the salt which binds to you
In hiding places built

Before the turning of the spheres were
locked inside your gaze

Here, so many ages past
And still to seek a name
colette alexia Dec 2020
My hopes were higher than the tide was
Eleanor Sinclair Dec 2020
I wrestle with these thoughts of doubt
And all the hate I can’t get out
While you sit there and watch me in my pain

Imagine that this hurt will pass
That death for me is swift and fast
Forever in your heart you’ll feel the rain

I want to stay for me and you
But I’ll do what I want to do
This world has extinguished my bright flame
Read this to the best of Duality by Slipknot, it works great.
poisoned elixir Nov 2020
you said
my poetry
is rough?
yeah that's
my thought's
tear apart
thought maker
Marina Al Hassan Sep 2020
Make me
On your big
Yet forcefully
Grab me by the hijab and hair
Kiss me roughly
Carlo C Gomez Sep 2020
In the lull
Of our constricted voice

In the hushing
Of our sullen realm

In the finite
Of our broken hinterlands

A watermark
No, rather

A barrow
A grave

Without inscription
Only handprints

In memoriam
Of the receding surf

Never heard
Never reached
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