It's been a long time coming,
These feelings deep inside,
Bursting forth,
Willing themselves into the world
To change the way we see,
The relationship between,
You and me.

I hate your stupid fucking face.

Harry Roberts Jul 13

Fuck me,
Love me,
Tape me
Snap me.

Share me
Bite me,
Tie me up
And slap me.

Break my heart,
Give me Pain (.) Pleasure.
Slap me, Fuck me
In equal measure.

Break my heart,
Like you did once
& given the chance you pounce
Want to treat me like a dunce.

Hell, I been there more than once.

Love me
Caress me,
Make me whole,
Don't break me.

Make me yours
Between your jaws,
Break me free
& inspire me.

Mend my Heart,
Give pleasure and love,
In blissful equal measure,
Kiss me, love me
Break me free
& hug me.

Heaven, only when I let it be.

Written off the top of my head. Some profanity, I apologise. Sounds clunky to me, though I don't want it to flow exactly, if you understand me.

I met a demon feigning sleep on a bridge
Moonlight stretching her into an erotic canvas

Hunger of black shades-was she hiding under the blanket of cold night
A candle slips under my veins -the thirst of my navel flows and cowls

Swallowing my wet sins I crumble into petite atlas
As I be whipped and crowned tonight as her bitch

Sadistic minds think alike,
And our bodies create a work of art.
While, my masochistic side;
Gives you full control of my body.

Your deep moans and rapid breathing,
Feeding my darkest desires.
I'm unintentionally trusting you with my life,
As your grip around my neck tightens.

You use my body for your pleasure,
And your hands forget how to be gentle.
Leaving marks across my pale skin,
As a reminder of the night you owned me.

Anna Grace May 1

November night so cold it shook our bones
Our friends out in the grass, singing new age songs
You kept talking about the stars;
I couldn’t stop staring at your eyes.
Who needs lights when the moon was so bright,
Even the insects felt something in the air that night.
In the light, it’s funny how far it seemed
When you sat by me on the couch
We watched a movie that made you laugh,
But all i could think was how close you were to me.
I was left behind to clear my mind,
I had no space for dreams
How could i dream when the only thing running through my head
Was your laugh, the grass, and the stars?
Now November ends but my heart was left in it,
my heart, your laugh, and the stars.

Rip me open and
Crawl inside
Fucking monster
Murder me into
The smallest death

Alaska Apr 19

you're the gem I've been looking for in this rough called

Patrice Diaz Mar 17

I had a light in me
It shone so bright that people could see what was inside
I talked about things that I loved religiously
And I clearly knew what I wanted to do

I did not give two shits
About what anyone thought of my work
Until I found myself wanting recognition
I asked people to tell me what was good and what was bad

I saw no wrong in that
Neither did they
Until I realized that I craved for compliments
I craved the praise

It was not for bad intentions
I wanted to get better
I wanted to be heard
I wanted the world to know me

But slowly, I became obsessed
I started relying on people
I relied on them to tell me my work is good
While I no longer believed in myself

The more they told me it was not good enough;
That I was not good enough
My light started to dim
And discouragement was staring me right in the face

I spent so long minding what everyone else thought of me
That I forgot the reason I was doing what I was doing
I listened to what everybody wanted me to do
I pushed aside the things that I wanted to do for myself

Razan Qaisi Mar 7

How does one begin to come back to reality?
Without breaking?

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