Devan Ducasse Jan 15

Date a girl with daddy issues
And you’ll be in your bliss
Tie her up and call her slut
And intoxicate her with your kiss

She doesn’t like it soft
And she doesn’t like it sweet
She wants markings on her body
And ropes around her feet

Give her lots of kisses
And tell her how bad she is
She wants to hear that she’s a worthless whore
And her hair to end up in a frizz

But be careful with what you do
And what you see isn’t always what you get
She has deep dark down issues
That she is trying to forget

She wants to moan louder
And for you to call her names
Because the more noise there is
The less she can hear her mind in flames

So make sure to be loud
And don’t be scared to get kinky
Anything you can do to make her forget
Will leave her wrapped up around your pinkie

She’ll tell you theres no reason
As to why she wants it this way
But in reality, she knows
That this may be a reason why you’ll stay

She hates herself
Much more than you’ll ever think
She has bandages all around her body
And pages filled with ink

So when you date a girl with daddy issues
You’ll be in your bliss
She will make you feel less broken
And intoxicate you with her kiss

Phoebe Woods Dec 2017

He fails to look at me
Because she is in his sheets.

I fail to look
Because I'm fragile.

She fails to look
Because she's passed out.

I fail to escape
Because of the time.

I fail
I am a failure.

Mo Dec 2017

I try to drown myself in music.
Forget all my sorrows.
Choke down my tears.
Keep my chin up and face my fears.

The posture of a Queen.

But my head is so heavy,
It keeps falling down, starring at the soil beneath my feet.
My hair hides the tears dropping on the unblossomed dandelions on my last walk.

I don't want this to be a farewell,
So I turn up the music til my ears bleed.
But at least I can't hear my own thoughts.

At least I cannot hear the voices in my head, telling me,
I am a disgrace to my family.
That I am not worthy of living
And I can't do anything but be the songless bird in a golden cage.

Yet I do want to scream and yell and curse at the world I was born in.
But instead I put my earphones in
and listen to tunes,
Trying to drown everything in a melody that once had me swoon.

I am trying.
I am trying.

I am trying to walk through fire.
But I still feel it;
How it's biting my skin,
Leaving me bruised.

I am trying to inhale shards of glass;
Yet I can still feel them cutting my throat,
Making me choke
on my own blood.

But all of this goes unnoticed
after the words
"I am okay, just tired"

I am tired!
Wouldn't you be as well?

But don't worry, I am not going to sleep yet.
Maybe later.
Maybe not.

This is not a farewell.

This is my excuse why we can't meet in the evening.
It's because I will be sitting
in a field of Lilies drowning my head in the tunes of once upon a time.

Ah. It's the first poem I am actually publishing so I am a bit scared.
I feel like it's still very rough, but I suppose every first try is?!
Please tell me if you liked it, or if you have critic to offer I will gladly accept it.
I hope you can still somewhat relate ^^!
Her Dec 2017

How am I to teach myself
that rage is not love
that abuse is not love
that hurt is not love
that forcefulness is not love
when that is all i have ever known

when you are gentle
you do not speak in anger
you never raise your voice
you always smile
you always make me laugh
only kindness ever leaves your mouth

i feel like a child again when i am with you
before all the badness took over my life

i am hard
rough around the edges

but you
oh my you

you are so soft
your edges aren't even edges at all
they're soft landings

like the way a dandelion falls
onto the grass so gracefully
in the middle of spring

you are my hope again

you are my new beginning

Angela Rose Nov 2017

I’m the one before “the one”
I’m the one that you meet before you get your big break
I’m the one before the one that makes your heart race and your knees shake
I’m the woman you love before you meet your bride
I’m the storm that roughs up the waters and then they reach their perfect calm when I pass
I’m the boom that shakes up your life and makes you realize what you don’t want
I’m the woman you learn to hate because I’m a forest fire that cannot be tamed
So pick me, someone come on and love me so that you can finally meet the love of your life when my storm has passed

Cordelia Sep 2016

I'm so fucking tired
Of you.

Why must you exist?
I'm over here trying to heal, to mend the wounds you left.
And you slip into my mind like water, unstoppable,
Tapping at torn flesh, invading my chest.

It's been far too long for this bullshit
To keep coming back to me.

No, I don't want to remember the first time you promised I love you
I'd much rather toss that memory from my desperate mind.
God, I want to forget how your smile
Lit my world like a million fairy lights.

I'm sorry I forgot that I love you
Was a temporary gift.

Now it's a curse,
And I just want, so desperately,
Not to see you again, not to hold your hand, kiss your lips,
But to just...


Mims Oct 2017

I wrote you a novel,
On sloppy journal pages,
At 4am
Each night I didn't sleep.

I never edited any of it,
It's just a rough copy,
But I wrote you a novel.

One, no one but me,
Will ever read.

Celeste Briefs Sep 2017

curl into embers
black and white
sparks of fire
through the pages
rough like bones
whispers of light
drifting into the sky
those worn-out souls
so weary, so cold
consumed by passions,
thirsting for the past
truth is hidden
in the deep shadows cast
by fingers of flame
reaching for my face
escaping this place
with the words
they stole
from the space
between the lines,
from the darkness
in the light
those wilting words
moon-kissed secrets
gone too long
eased apart
the death of a song
to the fire
in the dark

A Sep 2017

You are rough around the edges but you are so soft and sweet on the inside
You are like my favorite kind of brownie

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