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Our worlds is crying
Sons and daughters are dying
One by one
Sad thing is they're dying all so young
Mothers are wiping
Genocides are still happening
Want my world to just finally sing
Dark times are coming
People are running
Families leaving everything behind
Rights are taken away
People are getting shot everyday
Dying without doing any crime
Teenagers cut lines, committee suicide
Police take innocent lives
Cause no one has a heart
They take away their children
And leave their mothers scare
They just want to love them, but they keep them apart
So my whole world is letting out crys
It brings me to pain
Are we still going to lose our loved one again,
Or are we gonna fight
They say all men are created equal
It's not only one race
It's everyone lives
seraph Sep 2019
i am prismic and entrancing, refracting - always reflecting my insides outwards. you will know how i feel if i want you to know so, i will tell you how to feel and by my will you will do so, i am hypnotic and sympathetic. i am blinding and righteous.
Dylan McFadden Aug 2019
Flopping, flipping,
Flattering lips
Are the company
Of fools

Or worse:
A bitter enemy,
Who conceals a heart
So cruel

But words of truth -
Even bold rebukes -  
Do accompany
The wise

They are a friend,
And will find favor in,
The men of
Righteous eyes

Shofi Ahmed May 2019
When God indeed
rubs a forehead with luck
what on earth can hide that?

For how long, how far
eclipsing on the way
can the clouds roam high?

The wind will blow
and will rain them down.
Ah, the pure blue in luck,
in abundance, up in the sky
always shines out!

That's a trait of the eternally blue
The lucky colour sets the better backdrop
for the shimmering sun in the sky.
Luckier is a man with a righteous wife!
Ylzm Apr 2019
Do you see what I see?
Do you hear what I hear?
Songs of Joy, Silence of Pain;
Pride and Triumph, Prayers and Tears;
When the Righteous Flourish, the People Rejoice,
But when the Wicked Rule, the People Groan.
Pro 29:2
Diangelo Tyler Nov 2018
You cost nothing but your priceless
You are the kryptonite to our devices
The very act of you is righteous
If only you were a common thread
That wove all of mankind together
So we could help heal each other
We have never been more divided
But you can bring about unity instead
And your gesture
Can stop turmoil and heartbreak
Before it spreads
Pauper of Prose Oct 2018
She lays along her porch
In clothes of comfort
Enclosed in comforts
A modest house
A ancestral skill
A family purring in peace
Yet I’d only want a piece
Of her
None of all that other
Such a western reality
Is rooted in my mentality
To see her behind a glass
As children gawk and gasp
Eric Babsy Oct 2018
As I am entering another realm.
My mind like a falcon takes the helm.
My body finds a bright hue
Just so I could find you

I wanted to find the alluring.
Come to together for love that is occurring.
Only because of nature we are stirring.
We have a magnificent fray that is appearing.

You taught me how to fly.
With my wings soaring high.
Your love was blind.
With my shadow following down from the sky.

The light that followed so bright.
I was an outcast in the others sight.
You took me in while others thought I was frightful.
Taught me things I did not know were possible.

We were not the righteous.
Although what we received money can not buy us.
Can we stay aflight forever.
Be unrespected never.

We can hold hands.
Far away from the others we can.
Only one person is meant for me.
In that I truly see.
Isaac Wilfahrt Oct 2018
Names, titles, a useless scar
Sending us back as we've come so far
Names, titles, and pretty words
Burn the skin and split hearts into thirds
And you still think it's all for fun

Gazes, looks, an unnatural feeling
As though, with your eyes, skin is peeling
Gazes, looks, and repetitive lies
To only one skin in this town has ties
Let's see you stand as one

Worries, hate, a recurring joke
A bigger fire in heart this'll stoke
Worries, hate filled with apathy
All of them so care free, but too blind to see
Because you are at no place to shun

Fair, just, a distanced claim
Look behind eyes, and tell me the same
Fair, just, something we know
But when it comes we refuse to show
When you have only walked the shoes of one

Words, phrases, wasted air
To something so wonderful, only to tear
Words, phrases, a shot in the dark
To something so close it'll leave a mark
So take your walk back then o majority son
And I'll sit here, majority one
Eric Babsy Oct 2018
Acting like an accident waiting to happen.
They unprotected me and left me for dead while I was napping.
Torchered by their lies.
I can see through their hip disguise.

Again they act like the lying cheats they are.
It is to bad they have beaten up old car.
Trying to help them act to torcher.
In the heat another scorcher.

For ***, lies, and video tape.
They can go on “Gilbert’s” grape.
My neighbors lie and so they act self righteous.
Then they then act to destroy my life with no bias.

No one will help.
I am here alone with the enemy about to melt.
That is all I can say.
Maybe one day they will pay!
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