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Madison Jul 28
the most beautiful creatures of the wild
are poisonous

you are so ******* beautiful
all I wanna do is love you
Shadowhollow Jul 22
I tried to love you
The way the sunflower loves the sun
Patiently waiting till it’s grows enough
To touch her lover

But I’m not patient or hopeful like the sunflower
I am as delicate as baby’s breath wrapped up in poison ivy
Beautiful yet poisonous

Nobody will risk the pain
That comes with me
The blistering rash that follows my touch
But won’t you try ?
For me ?

I suppose I’m not for most people
I grow better without the sun
Without blinding love

I’m am not like the sunflower that much is true my love
For I’d rather wilt
Then wait to be picked up and thrown away
stopdoopy Jul 17
if only you knew how dangerous I was,
a poisonous cloud infecting everything;
would you still weep for me then?
tears soft
and hands rough
but these touches gentle

they warn you
how I cut-
thorns on a rose,
the tighter you grasp
the more it hurts;
so drop me

you always return.
am I that alluring?
worth all this pain?
if you think so
then stay....
Pulse Jun 2
The terrifying thing is;
Sometimes when people tell you they love you,
They mean it.
They mean those words with every fiber of their body,
And you don't know whether it hurts worse to love or to be loved.
But what you do know is that.
When someone tells you they love you,
Without any love in their voice,
With favours to ask,
And words that burn their way onto your skin like hellfire,
And questions and lies that cut into your heart like ice shards and knives.
You know that they keep you only for your adoration,
that you will remain nothing more than an insignificant rock that orbits around them like they are the sun and the stars,
that your love for them is the only love between you two.

And you know that,
When someone loves you,
You, poisonous and tainted and wrong and weak,
You should be thankful that someone would ever put up with all the dreary despair and self-loathing that clings to you like a parasite and never let's go,
But, when they speak of love and only ever seem to hurt you with that love, it hurts.
And chips away at what little is left of you.
And you are a lone rock at sea,
A storm raging around you and withering you down until you are nothing.
Because being loved hurts just as much as loving can.

And all you really want is for someone to hold you and show you that you aren’t what you think you are.
But you know you don’t deserve that.
Wretched creature that you are,
Otherwise, why would you only be able to be used and hurt by people who say they love you?
Occam’s Razor they say.
The simplest answer is often the correct one.
There is something unlovable and corrupting in you,
And it sinks, like poison, like death, into those around you.

And you are, and forever will be,

keneth May 16
your love was enough
to devastate my youth

your love is enough
for me to try again

your love is enough
13 grams of love is enough for me to come back falling / fool
Jaede Bayala Apr 12
if you bite it and you die, its poisonous
i show you love
love & compassion that you need that
i think you need.
& you **** it in you
but what do i get?

if it bites you and you die, its venomous
i let you in.
the front doors were rusty but you helped me
fix them. little did
I know, that
one you
were inside you’d
break down every
wall i had.
Wicked my mind becomes
It plays tricks on me
It tells me how to be

I try to break free from this insanity
But I am trapped
I am confused

Is this reality?
My mind breaks
My heart shatters
I leave and lie

I cry and cry
I am lost, will I be found?
Who will save me from this abyss?
My heart is black, my mind poisonous

There is no hope

No destination
No reason to live
No connection

Darkness consumes me
Now a monster I am

Kore Jan 27
the act of
poisoning until
are no longer

to you
  to your
heat, heart, humor

taking you
piece by piece
until I can
Rowan Elizabeth Dec 2018
dripping decadent words
laced with poison
down the throats
of her lovers

she watched as their fantasies
became their nightmares
and laughed
while they screamed
Deep Sangani Dec 2018
What do you want to read ?
When my heart is heavy with sorrow
i pour my blood
and convert it into ink.
Then, you shower love on me.
You tell me my writing is like wine,

Yet when i feel nothing
but happiness
and i pour my heart
onto your feet
you brush it away.
You don't connect to me
and now you don't shower love.
"Your writing is like wine,

You don't accept happy
because you don't connect to it.
You flow like the rest
in an ocean filled with grief.
You use me like a mat
and i serve you
waiting for that one day
you clean your sins away.
I honestly do not know what to write. I write with all my heart, but I've stopped gaining the love i used to. What are your expectations?
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