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out of the blue snuggles
conversations at an unusual hour
hard liquor combined with tepid water
warmth in the shelter
unlocked empathy
relevance between butterflies and glimpses
partiality for the odds
coffee and tea differences
self-assured soul
chilly winter, moist monsoon, hot summer
grip in sharing
meaningful tuning
vital veins whispering the tag
pecks while being asleep
devotion and passion
troth of a forever presence

A Poisonous Bliss!
Nyx Sep 2020
It grows like a garden
Lodged within your throat
Vines and roots pouring out
Blooming with such elegant notes
Flowers amitting a sweetness
So tasteless to the tongue
As the choking feeling erupts
To those failing words does it clung
Staring into the starlight
Eyes swelling red
As the tears water the garden
Of which words are dyed red
Vibrant colours of many
As the bees come to pollen
Poison is the beautiful
As the blooming flowers that have fallen
As the vines wrap your throat
And the sickening sweetness **** you slow
The words stuck within your throat
Are yet to be known.

Like a poisonous flower garden
Blooming so beautiful
Ah, What a sight.
Those words keep getting caught within your throat
Killing you slowly
Demi Apr 2020
Pruning in disdain,
irritation, tender pain.
The velvet flowers cause
you to tread-softly.
LC Apr 2020
he latched onto her inexperience,
his fangs sank into her skin,
refusing to let go until
he had full access.

her heart raced,
but for the wrong reasons
her thoughts ran in circles
until they couldn't run anymore.

she noticed the poisonous leech
desperately attempted to shake him
yet his fangs sank in deeper -
drawing blood, forming a scar.

their experience helped her
remove the leech,
the poison was drained
with an antidote - support.
#escapril day 10!
Shadowhollow Jul 2019
I tried to love you
The way the sunflower loves the sun
Patiently waiting till it’s grows enough
To touch her lover

But I’m not patient or hopeful like the sunflower
I am as delicate as baby’s breath wrapped up in poison ivy
Beautiful yet poisonous

Nobody will risk the pain
That comes with me
The blistering rash that follows my touch
But won’t you try ?
For me ?

I suppose I’m not for most people
I grow better without the sun
Without blinding love

I’m am not like the sunflower that much is true my love
For I’d rather wilt
Then wait to be picked up and thrown away
stopdoopy Jul 2019
if only you knew how dangerous I was,
a poisonous cloud infecting everything;
would you still weep for me then?
tears soft
and hands rough
but these touches gentle

they warn you
how I cut-
thorns on a rose,
the tighter you grasp
the more it hurts;
so drop me

you always return.
am I that alluring?
worth all this pain?
if you think so
then stay....
keneth May 2019
your love was enough
to devastate my youth

your love is enough
for me to try again

your love is enough
13 grams of love is enough for me to come back falling / fool
Jaede Bayala Apr 2019
if you bite it and you die, its poisonous
i show you love
love & compassion that you need that
i think you need.
& you **** it in you
but what do i get?

if it bites you and you die, its venomous
i let you in.
the front doors were rusty but you helped me
fix them. little did
I know, that
one you
were inside you’d
break down every
wall i had.
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