Rebecca H 18h

With sweet smiles thrown your way
and poisonous words whispered in your ear,
they won't remember your birthday
and sometimes completely disappear.

You think they're so friendly and nice
when they talk with you all the time,
but let me tell you, darling, their hearts are ice
and their souls are worse than sticky slime.

You still believe them, honey
so let me make it easy and fill in the blanks,
if they aren't your friends for your money
then give them your sincerest thanks.

- some people are fake; dump them immediately -

In London-
a hollowed out city-
the fog
is returning-creeping

A poisonous invisible/white
salivating over
supine cars, insinuating
its baptismal
into open mouths-
sinking into gutters
emerging undigested
from empty drains.

it crawls around the Shard
each ancient bridge
in its pilgrimage  

it has returned-
The Thing-
in its plans.

A resurrection
that requires no death!

I called what we had
"A poisonous relationship"

I apologize but it's true
You made me physically ill
I had to medicate myself
In order to put up with you
And your apathy
And your people pleasing
And your mother and her fake religion

You made me sick
Like poison
Maybe not cyanide arsenic or mercury
Because I'm not dead
I'm healing
I'm getting better
Despite drinking your poison for such a long time I'm still here

Do every single girl a favour
Stay away from her

No doubt that it is impossible for the taste to find
Beauty with its shocking glare makes one just blind
Love and beauty require an eternal chain to bind
Every beautiful girl has a poisonous snake behind

Love is not a poison but it definitely is a deadly sin
Mostly heart is taken away by a black mole on chin
Beauty may be apparent or deep down in the skin
At times it becomes impossible hand of love to win

Let me grace your beauty with over enthusiastic love
For the kindness my heart and soul are bound to bow
Let me see lines of fortune on your hand remove glow
Then tell me the way where to meet when and just how

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

Aubrey Oct 2016

My first apple was sweetly poisonous and now I search every  tree to find an apple that is as deadly as my first pick.

Pauline Russell Mar 2016

I am just fruit from the poisonous tree
That stands by the crimson sea

All day and night you can hear my plea
As I scream like the lonely banshee

My life must be written in a decree
That I only receive pain in diffrent degrees

My life is like a fierce sand flea
It makes me hurt in places I don't see

Until it's to late, wont it just let me be
With all of this misfortune I must disagree

I guess I was born from that old ashe tree
Because ashes is all that surrounds me

This desolation of misery I beg to flee
From this strife and depression I long to be free

The Lonely Bard Jan 2016

There blew winds of change,
Immoral they made me forget,
Forget the pure form of love.

Entwined around this heart,
The dreadful poisonous creeper,
How they suck all life inside.

Perhaps you misunderstood,
Blaming someone else I am not,
Because I was the gardener.

My HP Poem #958
©Atul Kaushal
TheDaisyDancer Aug 2015

I say goodbye,
And I know you already forgotten about me.

Because you know prettier girls,
Than I could ever be.

And I keep going back to you,
Like the fruit on a poisonous tree.


Poison fills up my veins
She truly knows my pain
At least it seems that way
Are my thoughts in vain?
I can't help but to wonder,
Am I just insane?

Kerri Jul 2015

The sweet, toxic smell of her perfume
like poisonous berries
seeps through my veins,
saturates my heart,
and floats in my memory,
like that last sip of wine
before the haze.
Rocking my inner being
and tickling my carnal sensations,
until my body is as awake
as my soul is.
Cradled in her lingering scent
until it wafts away as she does,
leaving me lifeless on the floor.

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