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Betty 6d
The thin bare bones of a silence that was

Shattered calm, a mirror cracked

Snapped underfoot like a plastic toy

Smashed, a fragile thing destroyed

Beauty broken by a careless word!
Some people can't understand the beauty of a silent moment!
In through one ear
Out the other
I'm not talking about sounds
I'm talking about flies
And they're so loud
Aa Harvey Sep 25

Long hair waving in the new wind.
Time changes and it’s a **** beginning.
Bowie, I only worship one king.
All that is left are the songs we are still singing.

Heroes fall under the thunder sounds.
Waterfalls endlessly come crashing down.
Inside my own existence I continually drown.
I can never find the right way out.

Primal heart; bitten Devil man.
Longing for a new wave to send me to a better land,
Where people are free from eternal suffering.
I hold aloft the heart of endless dreaming.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I am trying to listen to the birdsong
But all I am hearing are cars
And screaming and arguments and doubts
And I am trying to hear the birdsong
And I, in focusing on the things that are not birdsong
And being annoyed,
I cannot hear the bubbling brook
And the wolves howl
And the cicadas
And I do not notice
Because I am trying to listen to the birdsong.
bahulakaji Sep 3
World is a mess .
Don't disturb the way of its noise.
mjad Aug 29
I remember standing at the end of the bed
Feeling safe and sound
Not a noise in the house
You pulled me in to your arms
We stood there still but strong
How did everything go so wrong
basil Aug 24
saying a few words should be easier than it is
i get lost in concise conversation
i need you to ramble into my ears until our lungs are touching
from sheer lack of airspace

i need there to be more words than air
for our limbs to be tangled in ideas that keep pressing us together
knotted so tight we can finally tighten around all the sound
and make silence
Lizzie Aug 12
If only the world would pause for a moment--
Then how quiet it would be!
Only the birds and the wind and the sky,
And also there'd be you and I.
Once the world moved slowly,
But now were going faster than even the wind can fly.
Nylee Aug 11
much louder
was the noise
not aiding my
timid voice.

how to approach
how to not
easy to fuel
the doubt.

easier to shrink away
will leave it like this
just for today
no one will miss.

speed way faster
as I draw my step
no use of any prep.

As I am back
where I was before,
feeling far worse
as I close the door
behind me.
I'll try tomorrow again.
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