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"What's it all about?"
leaves in the wind wonder aloud;
fall mute, contemplate!
The World tiptoes by
Leaving screaming and shouting behind
Songs being sung, screamed from the sky
A beat silent but not unheard
The sound of crying
Or is it laughter
Babies crying
Old men dying
And a whole lot in-between
Dogs are howling
Cats are screeching
Butterflies flying
Ants walking
And the wind rustling the trees
Tears growing sunflowers
Ocean’s roaring
Sea’s simmering
Children Learning
Adults Forgetting
Silence a price
Deafness a curse
In a world of noise
The screaming never stops
But it would hurt to be silent
As the world tiptoes by
Does it look back
Or continue with it’s silent
It's the most surreal feeling
Walking down a street that
Should be full of noise and traffic,
But for some reason, it's not.
A sad ukulele strumming away in your ears,
The sounds of the wind,
The birds,
The trees,
All accompanied by the empty streets,
And the grey clouds moving slowly overhead.
So this happened this morning. It was weird.
Steve Page Feb 12
I can't see above the frosted glass,
but I can see the dark smokey light.
I can feel the music
beneath the rumble of generations
and I swing one foot out of time.

Once in a while the doors thud open,
with a roar of wreaking-ball laughter
and I grip my lemonade a little tighter,
happier as an outsider.

The frosted glass remains,
but it looks cleaner now.
I push the door, the same dark red,
much lighter now.

The whole place seems smaller,
less of a mystery.
I order a lemonade shady,
feeling like I don't belong,
knowing I never wanted to really.
Memories from mum, SE1
swaggmaster Feb 5
he got suspended this week
trying to act on his wishes
i just thought you were speaking
but then you were peaking
no time for thinking.

as a child
we realized the world could be conquered
longing for the wild
and searching for the sign
that will make it all better

searching for a sweater
to cover all the chatter

theme music bumping
not a care to be trumping

life erupting
anxiety inhaling
nervous thoughts prevailing

you've really grown up.
J-Long Feb 5
So much chatter
Without much listening
And it just goes on and on

It doesn't matter
That meaning's missing
We want to chat till the break of dawn

To make it better
We might try singing
In hopes that everyone will sing along

Chatter gets greater
The noise keeps winning
We might as well just chat along
Sometimes I wish there was a volume **** for my mind,
Because some nights it's on full blast and I get overwhelmed,
Its nights like these when it's 2 a.m and the noise is deafening,
Its nights like these when I can't fall asleep because my thoughts are set on a loop,

But sometimes, when I'm with you, it turns off,
You touch me and all of the noise is absorbed by your fingertips,
Your arms create a soundproof wall surrounding my mind,
Its nights like these that you trace your lips across my skin and whisper "I love you",
Its nights like these that I forget all of the pain,
And for a moment,
For a night,
Everything is quiet.
ronnie hunt Jan 24
If the grass could talk it'd probably ask me to get off of it and if the trees could talk they'd probably cry for their brothers and sisters chopped down and if the dirt could talk it'd probably ask for a light, it's dark underneath us
if the sky could talk it'd probably lose its voice anyways from cussing out the truck drivers and factory workers
if the buildings could talk I wonder if they'd get along
if my walls could talk it probably wouldn't change anything and
if I could talk I'd probably have something to say to you.
What an incredible power to be able to **** the sound out of everything around you and turn it into noise.
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