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Janani Arunkumar Nov 2021
I Remember, I was twelve.
It was the first time I stayed up the whole night.
Not because I could but because my friend said I couldn't.
Curled with a book, stifling yawn after yawn.
I watched the sun rise
So elated. So naive.
Afterall who'd willingly pass up on sleep if not a child.

I remember I was twelve
Escaping clutches of sweet sleep.
Six years later I lay in bed,
Struggling to call the sleep I pushed away.
Staring aimlessly, frustrated,
screaming into a pillow, clutching it tightly.
6:40am IST
My eyes sting and relentless tears stream from them falling like caresses on my cheek.
I twist, I turn.
I try and try some more,
Then slowly succumb to boredom,
Seeking the sleep I hid from.
I m not sure if this is a poem.
Sandman Nov 2021
Eternal silence
Before the breaking light

The trees outside
With all their color
With all my color
Tumbling down
Into black and white

A sinking feeling
Origin unknown
Fleeting dreams
(Some mine, some not)
Absurdity moves through us

Random thoughts collecting
In the gutters of my mind

Concealed within a single teardrop
Falling from a roof top
The final step
The last breath
Francie Lynch Oct 2021
We've been... a... part... so long;
We've not been... to...gether, a... lone.
Together alone.

I hear the lonely house sounds
Of dripping, creaking, and window wind whoshes;
The semi-muted fiber optic sounds;
The various vehicles dopplering past.
These I hear in my fractured second,
Before asking, "How ye doin?"
Which shatters into glass the silence
Held too long between us.
But now we are alone, together, alone.
A silent alone, together.
Jace Oct 2021
It's too loud
Too bright
Too fast

Too many people
Too much choice
Too much noise

Too many things to go wrong
Too many problems that can't be solved
Too many things to do

Not enough time
Not enough space
Not fast enough to compensate

Can't write it as quick as I think
Can't slow my thought down
Can't explain the inside of my brain

Can't explain
Can't explain
Can't explain
Make noise!
Let the night know
That you are alive
That you are worth listening to

No need to wait
This is the right moment
These are the right words
Say them with all your heart

May you be morning's great champion
The angel in the desert of thought
The bright morning star
In the darkness of everyday

Say it to their faces!
You are right! You are never wrong!
You have the intelligence of saints
You have the power of lions

Let them know who you are
That you are master of your life
And of others' lives
Your opinions are great

You may win or lose
It doesn't matter
Nothing matters
What matters is the action

What matters is the action
Dave Robertson Jul 2021
One side obscene in ignorance,
the other sanctimonious
to emetic effect

In the mid ground we most of us sit
whiplashed necks crying
as each rabid side bays allegiance

shut up, breathe clear air
drink tea
be fair
I don’t mind politics at holidays

and religion at restaurants.

I think out loud

And have lots of questions and comments.

I talk too loud

And tell dad jokes.

I wake up early in the morning

And make lots of noise.

I often spill

And make lots of messes.

Yet my wife loves me all the more!
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