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The nights are getting colder
The daylight doesn't hurt anymore
The flowers that blossomed recently
have all already been plucked

A buried pain finds the surface
At a loss that's about to come
This is when I let go of
everything that made me whole

You are the leaves of glory
dazzled in beauty for all eternity
You live studded on the queen's head
You die like the collapsing star

I am the tree, barren otherwise
the crown that has lost authority
the chaos amidst the nebula
I often get left in the storm's wake
D Awanis 20h
Every corner on this earth
feels like war zone

Every mouth of the people
tastes like revenge

How do we find peace
in this midst of chaos?
this jumbled mess
skyrockets my stress

i see this chaos of tangled lines
i feel anxiety welling up inside

how's it possible to go in just a day
from neatly arranged to disordered this way

laws of entropy can go to hell
universal disorder makes me feel unwell

don't have the patience, the panic roars
trying to untangle these damn headphone cords
Chaos created,
The wonderful effect, of
Happier moments.
Dev A 1d
I’m a contradiction
Of happiness and peace
With chaos and depression

There are the days I find peace
With the world
With myself
With everything that has happened

There are the days I find chaos
With the world
With myself
With everything that has happened.

There are the days I find happiness
Within the chaos and depression
And find a way out
There’s a light at the end of the tunnel

There are the days I find depression
Within the peace
I finally see a way out
Only to be snatched back unsuspectingly

A race on a race to self-destruction
A race who chase the dream of unity
and rules of Order when we are
infact governed by the law
of our jungle:

All of us are living contradictions.
Morning y'all! ^·^
On the train to my course currently.
If I get there on time, I should be able to read some of the messages you guys left!
Thanks so so much for 233 followers!
Thats so fricking insane! I'm truly grateful for you guys!
I wish you all a good day!
Going underground now!
Lyn xxx
When I sleep and dream
All laws of Physics go right out of the window.
At once
I’m in a room
Yet out in the open streets.

Turn my back on the house
And it is gone
No matter where I search.

There is Mum and Dad
And many more
No longer with us now.

Sometimes I recall they are dead
And ask them of their afterlife
But their answers make no sense.

At other times
People change from one to another
Or even morph into objects
Or animals
Or anything.

While dreaming
Stories and memories pop into my head
Often false
From nowhere.

I set out to do something
Only to get frustrated and lost.
Stress dreams just before I wake.
Dreams of jobs I hated
And piles of paperwork.

Dreams of the past, present and future.
No Tardis required.
All space and time
Thrown together
In the whirlwinds of my mind.

Yet the good news is
That sometimes I can fly.

Paul Butters

© PB 17\9\2018.
Dream, dream, dream.
One silky spring day
in my bare memories
presents few fine crows
perched on light picket posts.

Gilded yet dark,
the birds spoke in shrills.
Had I looked away,
my mind be pure filth.

An orchestra,
all for me.
The hills swayed,
much with the trees.

But time's no fool,
the sky grew death.
A jolt of light,
a new scene set.

How quick it turned,
the blue gone too soon.
But on they went,
with transient tunes.

Yet, after not too long,

The bluster chewed land.
I woke from my glance.

The troupe had no disband.
I feared them with no chance.


A pale strike it was,
all I can remember.

It slammed its poor body,
so tough, so impishly,
how rough, how inimically.

Its feathers flew,
desperate to escape frightful peace.
Its beak dove down,
an Olympic performance to cease.

And so,
it flew right deep into tender ground.

And what's left of bitter sound,
is all to be ever seen,

yet never found.
Order is ephemeral...
trf 7d
Spinning round a windy ledge,
i kiss the cross around my neck,
these fever dreams replace the likes of you.

Grinning into space, alone and lost,
the dampened linens lie,
     as i wake up,
     covered in fake love.

In my den the china white,
embraced my blood and laced my night,
an amuse-bouche of courses left to come.

The past three years I can't recall,
coulda been fun, but was it worth it all,
i'm a coma patient lacking an excuse.

is hard to come by,
are a stranger in my,
collude disguise.
lost my balance blinded by the darker truth
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