Afia 2d
It was green before this torment
It was jovial before this storm
There was no stinging tear
But, the clamouring of fleer
My heart throbs with every breath
For I have swallowed a venomous drink of fear
My eyes are searching for a life
An intimate being they do seek
The winds whispered in my ear
‘All those are gone and some disappeared.’
The foul odor around is burning my soul
And the bawling of dismay is all I can hear
For the night is restless and it beseeches aid
I, here, stand still with my back on a spear
The world will recite my story, it will celebrate this day
And will sleep somehow after the vigils on the graves
Yet how I shall find the one who gave me birth?
And will he pay for my dreams with a fatherly stare?
Solace is not what I require
Words will no longer prevail
For I do not feel anything
It is now an eternal pain
The world has become a chaos pit.
Heart songs don’t come easily,
For they breach internal depths unseen.
Loving honestly,
A concept that can’t be placed.
Faux lives to live,
Faux dreams to chase.

I had dreams once,
But they’re so far away.
And I don’t know how to forsake
My dreams.

Or you will be my next decay.

A heart song is hardly pure harmony.
It thrives on tragedy, chaos, and anarchy.
It wakes up just to daily be killed.
When the soul is distressed,
The heart song is thrilled.
Blood in its name has been spilled.

Because of it,
Rest is so far away.
When rest comes, I’ll sleep,
And I’ll stay,
And I’ll claim,

I’m not ok,
That’s not how I feel.
I’m seconds too late.
I guess that’s just my deal.
I’d be afraid,
If I knew how to feel.
You’ll rue all my days.
For if I’m to survive,
From heart songs I steal.

Heart songs lay me down,
And let me down.
I just crave to sleep
Restfully now.
A heart song is hardly pure harmony
i threw rose petals into the storm scarred ocean, unto riptides and soft-dancing waves. teeth from teeth. mouth from mouth. they swallow the sky-fed lands to be broken.

somewhere, the stars started falling like dying sparks. somewhere, it lives. it burns.

i hid my starving shivs and burried them in the ocean stained sand. but here is blood of warrior with flowers in his hair. and here is a breathing sea. they watched each other.
a bomb
was theirs
this set
up a
tired lore
that traces
of metals
were gone
fore the
law stood
there betwixt
the misrule
then rush
to patterns
again but
replete with
bête noire
traffic patterns are reason for eruption
I haven’t been this kind of empty before.
My thoughts are speeding through my mind,
Passing through and never comes back.

I can’t escape the feeling of addiction,
I want more and more to get away from it all.
Reality is my worst nightmare.

Everytime I wake up
I wanna go back to sleep,
Begging to never wake up again.

I’m stuck,
I got nowhere to go.

I want to stay.
I want to disappear.

I want the good things,
The things that keep my mind occupied from the bad thoughts.

I’m in the middle of chaos,
Between body and mind.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Pull the smoke cascading through your cracks back inside. Nobody can know that you are burning down,
Nobody can know that you are being engulfed by an all consuming destructive blaze of emotions.
You have worked so hard to make them think nothing is wrong, That you are stable, solid and serene.
They never look close enough to see the cracks that have been formed with each failed love
And they never stay long enough to see the ash stained tracks the tears that these loves create carve their path down your face.
As far as they can see you are in perfect control.
Unflappable to the extreme.

You should be able to do this so easily.
You have done this since the first time the moon in your heart was ignited and eclipsed by the rage of rejection.
Up until now you have performed this act so well that they have begun to forget your humanity,
They have started to revere your serentity.
They look at their own cracked interiors and think that only a god can ward off the human flaw of heart breaking emotion so effortlessly.
They have named you a diety entrapped in flesh and now you can’t dissapoint them.

So breathe in.
Smother the ever rising fingers of fire inside of you.
Look around you at the other collections of flaws in human form and notice that they too are crumbling, smouldering ruins held together by smiling masks.
Breathe out.
You are just like everyone else, but they cannot ever know.
Amanda 6d
I am still trying to be your friend
Looking past many flaws
It's kinda hard to see past
The stress you always cause

I know I should let you go
You are a battle I'll never win
Something keeps me holding on
Through the chaos I am in

You are not worth it anymore
This is not what I envisioned
I truly mean it this time when I say
I am done with being imprisoned
No date on this one..
Come with me darling
  Our two hearts cast to the void
 Beautiful chaos
sayali Jun 13
Let me fill
In your embrace,

Let your heart
Hum its beats
to me,

Let me hear
The sweetest

Let my chaos

-Sayali Parkar
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