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Holly 2d
The words only come
when the chaos goes
from being outside my body
to inside my head
when my heart stops racing
and starts skipping beats.
I can only string them together
when I'm falling apart.
carole 7d
Let me tell you a tale.

A tale passed down
From mother to son
Father to Daughter.
The tale of Chaos.

Chaos is the beginning and the end.
It was there before and it will be here after.
This is not a story about the Chaos you know,
Not the man-made synonym of mayhem.
This is a tale of Chaos in its purest form
It is everything and nothing at once
Both darkness and light
Pain and bliss
Sanity and madness
Past and future.
A senseless contradiction and the perfect combination.

This tale is one that we all seek,
For it is the answer to all our questions.
And once, we finally rejoin the stars,
Greeting death with a smile,
We all become part of it.
So maybe you do not need me to tell the tale,
For you are living it.
Take a chance on me
I'll show you respect
and love,
the beauty
of the azure skies,
you're still worth
figthing for,
hold my hands
and we'll turn
sad memories
into butterflies.

Take a risk on me
I'll be the remedy
to your pain,
the silence
of a moonlit evening,
you're still worth
the wait,
for all changes
are in chaos
and now he's gone,
you'll realize
you've chosen
the wrong one.
Copyright © 2018
aj Dec 7
I got home from work today
turned off my engine and just sat there

it was raining outside
a little cold
my knees hurt

I found myself thinking of you

thinking about how empty my car felt in this rain without you

/ / /

there is a kindness inside of you that I don't know how to explain
you carry yourself with an essence of unapology that makers itself known


you don't care what people thing but you are by far the most caring

you make chaos something graceful
you ***** away labels that do nothing but confuse
you navigate the world with truth, inspiring everything that surrounds you to become its best

if you want something you, you create it
you are purest form of spirit and the epitome of resilient
and I am so grateful for you

/ / /

I have no explanation other than the one sitting right here in this car in the rain but I hope it is enough because there is more love than can fit in my heart for you

too much not to know what to do with it
another memoir type thing
Enzo Dec 2
I am a free spirit
Wild, young and free
With nothing to chain me down
I plow through everything;

Like a glass canon I shoot forth
Propelling myself, I bend light,
I bend truth, I bend rules to my whims

I mold, shape, and create chaos
In the forms of hazard and pain
To both me and others
I spare no victims in the chaos
I create, not even I

A glass canon is what I am
I break whatever the **** I can
Before I ultimately break myself
Hazard prone
Abril Oct 26
What do you see when you look at the sky?
Do you appreciate the colors for a while until nightfall?
but behind such beauty there is a big chaos
if the world is ****** then we are all *******
we must learn to read between lines
a world that is begging us for a bit of love
Let's stop romanticizing chaos
and lets be aware of how ****** up we are
Seanathon Nov 30
Dear chaos heart
Die on the edge of my orderly blade
And bleed out your malevolence
Forever depart
Dear chaos heart
Die on the edge of my orderly blade
And bleed out your malevolence
Forever depart
CGW Nov 29
This is where we belong.
Behind the windows.
Broken and incapable of functioning.
Our washed out white static filling up space.


Reverse repeat into over the rainbow.
Rain spilling backwards into the clouds.

Something isn't right.
Counting sheep by sevens.

Constant chaos,
I think there's some thing

Blood on the walls.
Axe lodged in the skull.

People are crazy.
People are crazy.
We are

In the end we all fall down
We all die.
This is where we belong.
Born from the darkness,
Came from all the agony,
And came to take life.

Chaos, the name he bears
Written with all shed blood.
That is his name
Who everybody fears.

His tower of pain
And throne of suffering.
His diadem of greed
With the cape of misfortune.

What is wanted to exhume
Is what he entombs.
What is to forget?
Is what he reminisces.

Oh the woe to take
Is the pleasure he seeks.
Even the courageous
Cowards up bring.

These shackles
These walls
These shards
These thorns

These are the things
That I should be overthrow.
Yet I cannot.

For even the deity that I have
For pure goodwill
The deity that I have
Are all against his will?

For I am the opposite
I am the good
I am the benevolent
I am the enemy

I, his enemy
Though benevolent
Though righteous

I, his enemy
Though honest
Though pure

I, the enemy
Have fallen in love

To the one who caused pain?
The one who's ecstatic in wars
Attached to bloodshed
Rules ruthlessly over unforgiven souls

I fell in love
Yet I have to win
He fell in love
Do I need to win?

We are opposites
Living the opposites
Opposites that fell in love
Yet one must win

He is Chaos
And I am Concord
Both to act
How we should act
Both to think
How we should think

I fell in love
Yet I have to stop
To where I should just be

He is in love
But has to stop
To where that he should be

And though pain and suffering,
Would still be consistent,
Good will be there
To make even a little difference

But I won't win
Nor he will win
Not I to rule
Nor he to rule

For even Chaos
Only causes chaos
And I, Concord
Would only cause concord

Both won't be in existence
If one overthrows the other.
Both won't be in existence
If one isn't meant for the other.
I joined a group publication of our school, this is the piece that I submitted... I hope you enjoy.. :) :) :)

Warning... Poem is long.. Hahaha
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