Lights out,

The night does not reward rebellion,

Feral creatures wait in your soul,

Lights out,

No End Times could revive a monster,

And such is what you now are,

Lights out,

You cast aside the eyes of man,

Buried your body before you ran,

Lights out,

But close your eyes little demon,

For you dance with the devil tonight,

Lights out,

Some days he wore his teacher's mask,
It was his little trick
To disguise himself from students
When feeling rather sick.

He put it on and just like that
He wore the biggest smile -
He laughed and joked and taught them well,
At least for a little while.

The problem with the teacher's mask
Was that it wouldn't go.
He needed it when feeling down
And that was always so.

He wore it when he'd woken up
On the wrong side of the bed.
He wore it when he wasn't feeling
Quite right in the head.

He wore it when he fell in love
And broke his feeble heart.
He wore it when his friend had died
And his life was torn apart.

He wore it for so very long
He soon forgot his face.
He soon forgot his misery.
He kept it in its place.

He kept it for so very long.
It was a masquerade
So perfect that nobody could
Have seen through the charade.

And then that fateful day arrived:
He wrote that, "If they ask,
When rope is found around my neck,
I wore my teacher's mask."

Mister J Sep 8

What happens now?
The world is in chaos
Man is on the brink of war
Nation against nation
People against people
Kingdom against kingdom
Faith versus faith
Culture versus culture
Where should we stand?

What happens now?
Society is crumbling
Morality has been blurred
Injustice is prevalent
Power brings corruption
Opinions are silenced
Man against man
Woman against woman
What should we do?

What happens now?
Guns do all the talking
Missiles are launching
Bombs kill innocents
Weapons define supremacy
Money spent on war
Children joining the fight
Instead of studying hard
Will they be alright?

What happens now?
Money controls everything
Technology deviates attention
The poor get poorer
The rich are insensitive
Society swayed by false media
The truth left in ignorance
People aren't complaining
Will there be a bright future?

What happens now?
Our children are in danger
From our stupidity today
Color defines who we should be
Love is taught wrong
Vanity is glorified
Kindness is shamed
We all know what else exists
What else can I really say?

What happens now?
Our governments are deaf
To our cries for real change
When everything else crumbles
They suppress truth with lies
Rise up, people who see
That chaos reigns today
We need to have that changed
When do we start?

I guess even this twisted world can give some inspiration to writers. ;)

Each breath,
A kiss of fire
He breathed into me.

I was wavering
On the wave of life,
I was falling under.

Torn apart,
Skies ripped asunder.
Godless I was forsaken.

But into withered lungs
He brung rejuvenating air
To scare away Death &
His heir.

He held me here
Where the broken sky seared,
Awoke in his presence,
In Armageddon & I wasn't scared.

He held me high from grace
So I wouldn't fall.
Held me secure so I couldn't hear the Reapers call.

Lungs wide with
The light life of Air,
Break away but
Never not care.
The Sun still stares
Burning away already blistered skin.

Let go and escape from sin,
Spiral into Arrangements spin.
Armageddon long lost kin.

11th hour type Love.
Flo Sep 8

Two people,  a similar heart
Close in mind yet far apart

Many times I had my doubt
But the feelings you planted never got out

Subtle longing over time
Madness infests this body of mine

A word was enough to shake it all
How deep this time, will I have to fall?

You do not want to be alone
Late at night when you come home

I ask you where this is leading to?
As you respond "I hope it's you"

Sometimes it takes just one word to turn your world upside down.

It is it is the water is the water is the


It is it is the water is the water is the


the depths

the depths

the depths

keep you up at night

shadows of women unseen

Jose H Sep 3

The inability to hate
What does it mean?
In the chaos of the storm
One can simply not stand in peace
Staring the wrath of god in eyes
With misery consuming the soul
How can one not hate?
Riding the carriage of turmoil
How can one love?

The inability to hate
A curse is it?
A blessing?
Is this love?
Is this false love?
No, it must not be love
How could love feel so heavy
Weighing the soul down
the soul can not fly
Can not soar
Can not
The soul simply can not!

The inability to hate
The ability of false love
The entire puzzle of self destruction.
What does it all mean?

Sam Matches Aug 31

Our time together was brief,
Yet the bond ran deeper than a reef.

Your departure was too soon,
Needless to say I wasn't over the moon.

I still feel your touch in my palm,
A strange chaos within my state of calm.

Just want you to know I truly cared,
About your wellbeing and how you fared.

Your being and presence will be missed,
This is as far as we go, here's a goodbye kiss.

Shi Em Aug 30

now watch as I bleed out the words
that you've cut from my system;
watch me dig it out from the grave
that you buried me in;
stand and watch as I make a masterpiece
out of the chaos that you have created;
and let's see whose really losing.

This little one has been created because I got inspired by Taylor Swift's new song, Look What You Made Me Do. So yes.

As echoes and whispers
Begin to change
And sound and silence
Become the same
I look back
From where I came
And find solice
In everything

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