On a night like this

My heart swells enormous
Much to give, so little
Left of it

On a night like this

Foggy with dead wishes
Wished, gone unfulfilled
Sent kisses

In midair hang heavy,

On a night like this

Park bench misery, my
Mystery love, would you
Meet me in the dark time?

May your cold hand find mine
Hold tight, brace for impact
In the ensuing wave of chaos


Sticks and bones may break your bones
but words...
Words will chew you up, spit you out, and leave you on the bottom of the ocean’s floor.

Then they will breathe a tiny bit of hope into your lungs and drag you back to shore.
As your left gasping for air,
those words will have you begging for more.

Never underestimate the power of words.
Chaos has plagued the world started from prayers that go unheard.

You say you love all of me,
like I am your better half.
But half of the things that go through my mind
have only made you laugh.
You say you love my madness,
but your love felt just lukewarm.
While on the inside I'm a commotion;
a constant, violent storm.
You touch me with tenderness.
and I lie that I like it too,
but the truth is that I feel myself
when I am not with you,
because passion and recklessness
find a home in my soul;
so when I am set on fire
is only when I'm free and whole.

You think you love me
but you don't understand,
that method and madness
can't go hand in hand.

For 15yrs we had a love that was pure and true
A love so perfect I feel that I'm bound to you
Bound like the intertwining vines on a wisteria
Behind you, beside you, in front of you surrounding you forever
The time will come when you leave this place of chaos and hysteria
To free yourself from this cage of confusion
Not knowing what is real or what is a delusion
We may meet again in another time and place
Forever in my heart you have a special space
With all that is happening
I would still live this life a thousand times over again and again
So I could have you once more not only as my lover but also as my friend

Collapse of my marriage
The impending collapse
Of the United States.
Are you ready for the Fall?
Are you ready to Take a Stand?

Collective Confusion
Systemic Meltdown
Nothing is making any sense today,
At least,
The Ropa Vieja Beef was DELICIOUS
At Cherry Creek Whole Foods.
Mexicans can still cook.

Raindrops crash the pavement,
my window,
my mind,
an acoustic sound so loud
it drowns
my tears,
my cries,

and in this moment I'm free
to be
one with the chaos outside.

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