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For fire's spirit lurking in the church,
and by the ash beneath you, once alive,
Awakening the warmth within the birch,
chaos herself is driven to survive.
The winds of change bring blues and golds about,
setting sun breaks day and shifts to pink.
The ocean drowning, and I, a drought,
The blackened paper, breathing in the ink.
The mirror warps, and with it time is slowed,
A moment's lifetime screams, deflates, and dies.
Aquatic **** procures the sword, bestowed,
and with it clicks the clockwork toward demise.
I rise, I fall, I move from foot to foot,
The bells will beat the flames, and I, to soot.
darling, loving me is falling apart with octobers and kissing your poems goodbye. it is watching autumns unfold while slipping into the tracks of a freight train. i will kiss your skin, all chapped lips and sweetened cigarettes, my hands on your neck, as if feeling the walls of an athenian ruin. i will be every distinctive silhouette in a film, every line in a song, every secret spilling gracelessly off your lips before you catch yourself. i will set you on fire and you will burn; all wide-eyed and irises made of the storm, beneath my feather light touches.

i have a proclivity for breaking hearts and you will find yourself neck-deep in whirl of heartbreaks and headlights — all moonstruck and confused. i will break you — destroy you, bit by bit, in the most elaborate, exquisite way, that you will know one thing, darling —

chaos has a tendency to look beautiful.
Moments of agony, desperation
and inarticulate screams
moments I lost myself in space, alienation
don't you abandon me too, please!

There were moments that I saw death
and destruction
moments where my heart stopped for a while
to function..

All the world is spinning like crazy,
don't know what to do
while the thoughts in my head are racing
and I seem like a fool.

There is no one around here to save me
i feel alone
oh my God the demons come running across my mind, don't hate me!
to desperation I am prone,
I 'm feeling sick to the bone,
into a man I have not grown,
all I can do is shout and moan.
Last night I could not catch a drop of sleep
My head was pounding and slippery
I forget what it means to feel concrete

The afternoon is smeared by fog that creeps
Baby blue hours are dense with meaning
Last night I could not catch a drop of sleep

Past lives weigh on my shoulders karmically incomplete
All these cups of coffee seem to wash down gloominess
I forget what it means to feel concrete

You wrote a poem about me and that is so sweet
I pulled you back for a kiss after you said goodbye
Last night I could not catch a drop of sleep

I tap my foot to an unpredictable beat
I know there will be safety in your sheets
Last night I could not catch a drop of sleep
I forget what it means to feel concrete.
a villanelle about insomnia and catching a feel or two
Chezka Oct 5
Twelve months had passed,
I could still remember how it lasted.
It was a sudden goodbye,
Was your love a lie?

The pain seems endless,
My life seemed so meaningless.
What could be worse than being left alone?
Tell me, I want to hear it more.
So, I could understand how hard you fought,
For the love you were saying before.

So many questions in my mind,
Questions that gave doubt in my heart,
And then He came, gave answers
Answers to the questions I have been longing for.

He saved me.
Saved me from this mess,
Saved me from this chaos.
It was Him, my saviour, the greatest of all.
Kept me with His arms, embraced me with the warmth of His love.
unexpected love was came
my heart's breaks a little
unexpected love was came
i drowned

he said he loves me,
i said it too
he said i'm not beauty,
i started to believe him
he said trusting each other is the key,
i quiet
        how to trust when he doesn't give
        me a trust?
he said his heart is mine,
i sigh
         how could he said that when i
         saw he enjoyed with other girls?
he said he never feels ilfeel with me,
i cry,
a lot

how fool i am never trusts him
i estranged with my self
correct my words, please.
i am a newbie english writer.
thank you, <3
Harry Roberts Sep 26
I would hold my grudges like I kept my secrets,
I would smile while dying just to pretend,
That I was okay and above it I could ascend,
I thought the weight was too heavy for me to contend.

I would wallow in despair and swallow hateful tears,
I learned that secrets are like cancers metastasising through humanity,
Hatred is a product of imbalanced duality,
And if we are to move forward we must outgrow insanity.
F A Pacelli Sep 25
love cripples the strong 
and strengthens the *******
love fools the wise 
and wisens the fool
love brings harmony to chaos
and chaos to harmony
love is balance
Nigdaw Sep 24
Afraid of our own shadow, but
yearning to be free, searching
for our utopian ideal

life's a beach
gravy, easy street

scared to loose the chains
with which we bind ourselves
break free from obligation

our 'destiny'

into chaos

open the door of our life cell
of order, routine
step through the veil
live the dream
but all we can do
is complain and complain
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