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annh 6d
My tongue is tethered to the words which have failed me.
‘There's really no such thing as the 'voiceless'. There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard.’
- Arundhati Roy
IdkLove Oct 7
Having you in my arms 
Alongside marlboro lights on my lips
Under the moonlight
You looks like an angel 
Without wings on your back
Anyway you look more beautiful
When you smile along with your tongue
Between teeth
Guard your tongue
Lest it should sting
The sting of destruction
Cause of friction
Injection of poison
Guard your tongue
Anastasia Oct 1
Open your mouth
Let me see your tongue
Tell me how it tastes

Is it sweeter
Seeping with blood
Cut at the tip

Trace the edge
With the knife
Make it taste

Like me

Hold out your hand
Let me see your fingertips
Tell me how they feel

Are they smoother
When they’re slick
With saliva

Trace my skin
With your tongue
Make it soaked

With blood
Cross Boundry Sep 28

"Hey, that hurts," she exclaimed, pulling away from the girl.
Her lip was bleeding and her pink tongue exposed itself to clean the mess.
The girl's tongue followed the motion,
and continued the process.

Caage Gaber Sep 24
Melting on my tongue;
a soft and savory taste.
It plucks the sense to strung.
When I wrote this, to be honest, I was thinking about marshmallows. I guess it applies to a lot though...
Norman Crane Sep 11
He was a toad catching flies
Except that with each lashing of his tongue
He pulled down aircraft
And long could be heard their cries:
Blessed be, Amphibian Creator!
Death to America!
Frog is greater!
Alienpoet Sep 3
You spit lies
you make me cry
silvery, slithers
half truths
your golden platitudes
aren’t worth your breath
you speak words of life
but you mean death.
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