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Blake Sep 28
Somewhere he walks,
with my heart draped over his shoulder on a weightless chain,
This somewhere,
He chuckles while a crow ***** above his precious head,
still feeding it the remains of my wide eyes and betraying tongue.
he walks and chuckles
thinking of his prey.
Poetria Sep 22

i can learn how you verse, how you speak

but my tongue holds no honey as sweet

then to speak, linearity i seek

still, in poetry my colour won't bleed

yes indeed, i decieve to be seen;

my tongue will take lifetimes to heal


now you see: i unravel, revealed

half-strange and a weapon, my speech

but i practiced pretense to be near

my defence for the self that i fear

so you see: i am only part here

in these pieces, i'll never be real
this poem was born from a journal entry i was writing, that was explaining my first journal entry in more detail.
John Glenn Sep 7
the sweetest happiness
is often savored
in our tongues
like honey
after a long,
and bitter sadness.
Carmen Jane Sep 5
Deep in the soul, you hid a tulip bulb,
In hopes of fiery petals in spring
Hurriedly,  you swallowed it with a gulp
You forgot you have limbs
You swallowed your tongue
And hoped to stay young

You stepped barefoot in the soft moss,
That tickled the sole of your thoughts,
You swore you could never use force,
Wished for the sun ceased the moon taunts
You wished to bite your tongue,
And hoped to stay young

Washing your eyes with the morning dew
You hope to see better days through
Counting your good deeds, are few
It's time for new goals to pursue
These words taste sweet on your tongue,
You're hoping forever to stay young...
Carl D'Souza Aug 24
tastes nice:
with tiny nourishing pips
which squish on my tongue
as I swallow.
Taste the world;
with every dish
that brings such a bliss.

Let your receptors explore,
the burning sensation of spice;
the tingling sensation of sour.

Allow your tongue to be coated
in the cotton candy sweetness.

Take crusty bites between your teeth
letting it explode into a thousand little pieces -
dancing inside your mouth.

Allow the citrusy undertones
to trigger serotonin
and curve the edges of your mouth.

Allow your brain to relish
your taste buds to embellish
as your hunger diminishes.
Jack Harrell Jul 14
A jack of all trades
But a master of none
How many can I claim
Before I’m done?

Titular titles tumble from my tongue
Mumbling by mere menageries
Of often overlooked and occult occupations
Professional practices performed profusely

Waiting out the rain
Slumping through the pain
Perfecting nothing but aversion
New things tempt me like a ******
M-E Jul 12
I ve got a loaded gun
In my mouth
It has a big barrel
And a sensitive trigger

I ve got a loud, screaming gun
A semi-automatic tongue
I can't control it
It shot a lot of people and beloved ones

I locked my gun
But my gun has no safety mode
Its a Houdini in my mouth
Unchained and unlocked himself
And spat wounding words

Sorry, truely I am
I regret what I ve said
My gun expressed, but again
His sweetness made me forget
And you can't forget the wounds

I try to talk and impress others
My tongue froze and harden
As if I dunk it in cement

I ve got a loaded tongue
Pressed to my temple
I ve shot my subconscious
Now, I must repent
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