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Alicia Moore Mar 6
Her tongue was slick with grime as she lied
to the doe eyed boy who held her gaze.
Ken Pepiton Feb 14
From labyrinth in Istanbul, my eye spied a familiar cord

How can any education
Be a sufficient insurance
For a pathetic population
Keeps favoring ignorance

From <>

Truth known makes free,
truth hid is not ignored,
it waits the fire the next time innocents
are sacrificed to lies. ... thanks, you gave me a spark,

as real as any angel a self anoints another, go
be a lying spirit in the mouth of the tyrant's prophets,
let all the wise

laugh at the possibility of one peacemaker's leaven,
leavening the entire lump, liked or not.

Plop. On to the publisher's desk, piles of wonder and ifity.
A fantasy realm,
counter trope, here the so-called victor-victim ratio,
is imperceptibly low,
we have a regulation: each day requires
its sufficiency of evil,
no harm done is intentionally not possible,
otherwise you get a dimension of flat metric orthogonal
constructive critics
assuming unassigned roles. Do you dance? Or only read along?

Behold how great a fire words may kindle in a satisfied mind.
Permission granted is a state to be in, if you can imagine that's our native earthling state. If we are not the happy people, such must be imaginated.
Mose Feb 13
Tongue tied like shoelaces.
I don't need an explanation or proclamation.
Walk out the door without a second take.
Baby, don't you see?
How you leave is an art.
basil Feb 1
i watched your hair grey
before i learned your mother tongue

you were filled with all the warmth of the brazilian sun
but i can't form the words to tell you that

eu espero que vocé me perdoe
my stupid keyboard put the wrong accent over the e in 'voce' which is ironic. it would be funny if i wasn't so sad.

i miss you, maria </3
Nikkie Jan 30
I'm sipping of my dream of you.
Remembering how deeply we
looked into each other's souls.
I felt your heart inside of mine,
When we were first together that October night.

I had merlot, and you the king of beers;
if we had an audience, they would all stand and cheer.
The heat between us was pure magic, the elements
of the universe sang our love song.
How ***** of you, to slip me your tongue.

My imagination took over me, and
my dream of you came abundantly…clear.
That I would see you again, in another year.
Shea Jan 27
I open myself
Beware of silver tongues
The devil places
People in your life
Just as the Angels do

She took a part of me
She knew exactly what she was doing
With my soul
And I, young
Not jaded enough
Fell into the well
I fell into being used
But you didn't get much, huh?

She wasted her time
With someone who presented
Such a simple mind
But if she couldn't dig deep and find
The person I've been trained to hide
She wasn't worth my time
Then why can't I get this demon
From my head?

I've tried
Yet the memories
My brain rings embarrassing
Replay to me at night
Did I truly think I had a chance?
With 100 pounds of nonsense?
Sure, I tried
Forget that waste of time
In time,
I'll forget that waste of time
to be so eloquent of mind
but the mouth is locked
what sweet river that flows in the heart
betrayed by the tongue
this maddening speech
a struggle to say
a struggle to be heard
the stammer does not define me
despite it tripping my boot at every turn
to be so eloquent of mind
with the tongue so twisted
idiosyncrasy Dec 2020
my tongue isn’t
long enough
to reach all the places down your throat
it wants to touch

i’ll have to kiss your ribs
some other way
idfk. happy two year anniversary, love
Jaxey Dec 2020
two syllables
never left your tongue
you sung it
like a song
stuck in your head

a constant reminder
that I was the one
you were talking to
when you followed
with three more words

it was never the way
you said my name
but the way
you never made me
forget it
say it again
Glasgow Girl G1 Dec 2020
My tongue gives so much pleasure with honey flavoured praise
She bears ripe fruit and drips with perfumed sap
If you merit her attention she’ll treat you with delight

Her touch is warm and tender
If she is cherished…


She’s tamed to speak with merit but there is no guarantee
She won’t spout bitter venom if you’ve wounded me

Men have tried to tame her with strength and brutal lust
They met with bitter poison

Killing lust forever…

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