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Shofi Ahmed Jun 2022
Da Vinci code or more
mystique than that
cracking the secret  
only one that popped up
lost the tongue!
I saw my white tongue in the mirror and a feeling of disgust came over me. I wanted to throw up.
Alpha Feb 2022
Somebody wrote "acurate"
And that seemed not quite right
I then responded to the mate
So that he may gain insight:
"It occurs to me that the accurate way
To write "accurate" is with recurring "c" ."
My friends will most likely hang me, nay,
I'm confident they're gonna find something worse for me...
But I liked the tongue-twister well
And in this sense,
Knowing I will burn in hell,
I added "That was a neat sentence"...
That actually just happened. XD
neth jones Oct 2021
absent of the weight ;          
                my baited tongue, silenced                                  
            by incision  

cut loose of my deviant given powers
i view the sporting world ;
new void cavities
         going about writhe tasks
                             of peculiar fathom

i train to cast bane                  
                  without word
wicked slight
a rupturing guesture
in place of a verbal spell
The soft pink tongue spits
Poison and nectar as per
The situation...
Was trying to write it as a four liner:
The soft pink tongue
Is always on the run.
It is as cool as an ice
And as fiery as the sun...

But it ended up as a haiku....
Was inspired by a very famous saying : don't be the slave of ur tongue but make the tongue ur slave...😅
Ken Pepiton Aug 2021
Then I heard from a passing auto, with a Sirius
half-mile bleed in the dry desert air, A guru
I recognized, saying... of tamed  earthlings
they and those who inform them, do
Too constipated about every thing,
swallowing yesteryears whole,
unchewed, and set to
digest the whole truth,
- Moses or Valis - sortasame
- Big Gulp
then tell it, as you will, no ****.
You are mortal, you cannnot not
gnoshit smells stinky,
nogood stinky,
mmgood insinct, too, scent
of a wombed

mind, crying more, more, more,
can you imagine,
poor Solomon, surrounded
by wives and concubines', praying
together, thy kingdom,
come in me,
let me bher the child to stomp
the accusering head,
let my barren womb bloom…
- the child serpent wise
- dove harmless,
- let it be me

yeh, song of solo,mon,
makes no carnal minded sense,
who ever took the time,
to compose those lines,

wished ever to know, once
a fluid mind rose into the ever was,
and saw too many told tells to retell,

how dude, did you guess?
- got a clue from sadhu, guru

Guess what.
Sadhu and sadhguru seemed too synchronic to ignor,,,
Your name rests
Between my lips
Like a prayer
Or maybe
Something sweeter
Dripping off the
Tip of my tongue

Late night,
My mouth's watering.
"Wanna taste a Drumstick,"
My taste buds are shouting.

The flavors of those juicy flesh,
My tongue's missing.
To chew those tasty crispy crust,
My teeth are waiting.

In my bed, I'm dreaming
Of chicken frying.
"I wanna filled with leg piece,"
My tummy is crying.

I am just 17,
But 85 kg, I'm weighing.
Yet to have chicken,
My mind is craving...
Just a fun write😅😂
Maple Scoresby Jun 2021
Of the tattle tellers tongue
Tenaciously Terse tales told
Tending to tea and tempting taboo
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