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I can be a really skeptical person,
I don’t believe in ghost, and just think of weird things that happen as coincidences,

But, as flower petals magically float down toward my passenger seat, just before I close my car door.

I felt chills, as if memories from past lives rushed through my skin like electricity when you touch a Walmart cart.

Instant, waiting for a reaction.

And if that isn’t one **** of a metaphor,
I don’t know what is.
Six                 Mental
Cruel            Abuse
Hours           To
Of                  Humans
Does anyone else think this is true? I do! XD
It doesn't sound that obvious right away,
The fact that hands can change lives
But they can, in a special way
With words, and poetry
They create words
They create art
They Love
They are
i don't really know
Xallan 5d
Do you smile at my contradictions
Do you laugh at the depth of my mind
so lacking in simplicity
Or because it is unfathomable
Give me the time
And I'll scream it into your every thought
A heartbeat in mindlessness
I'm sorry I lied when I told you
We have the rest of our lives
molly Jan 29
It wasn’t love at first sight
only because
I know that in past lives
we have loved each other so many times.
Johnny walker Jan 27
A single red rose to my love I gave
A single red as I placed the engagement ring on her finger
A single red rose on our wedding day
A single red rose at the birth of our child
A single red rose I laid on her grave
A single red rose never to forget
A single red rose that told of our life
Rewrite of a poem I wrote a while ago a red rose that told of our life together
Toxic yeti Jan 25
Every so often
When I see calligraphy
I flashback to you teaching
The art
And it always end in
Us exploring each other’s
Bodys with our hands
And with our tounges
And kissing.
You may have been skin and bones
But you were a Yeti.
Thursday Jan 24
He's dressed for snow
Under his winter coat
hangs a heavy heart dangled from weighed down shoulders
upon his brow is a fist full of thoughts
Brought about by a misunderstanding of other people's lives
Or misunderstanding of his own
He couldn't be sure
All he knows is that its cold
And he has to get to work
Toxic yeti Jan 24
When I left
For town with another
You said jokingly
Be careful
Where you scatter
I didn’t
Know if it is my legs
Or my turquoise jewelry.
Silly lover.
It’s just a word, but we give it so much power. It isn’t thrown around lightly.

It is also a feeling. It can somehow tear us apart from the inside out, or it can put us back together.

We need it in our lives and in our hearts. It makes us human.

But lately, I haven’t seen much of it.

This world needs more love. Throw it around like your life depends on it.

In a way, it does.
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