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Aliens coming
Hurry quick hide
5 mill mph
Hunting all denatured citizens
Citizen world wyld
World tiny not wide
5 mill mph
Scary as ****
All at once
Dissapear a world quick
Creed sing telephones
5 million miles per hour
Super power
Instant last breath
**** no exist
No exit
War wounds
Buried in rubble
****** tired shoveling
Best hope china russia
Dont attack 5 mill mph
Gods real
Want to meet him *****?
Die slow
Let all them wiggas know
Blow away opps
Top pilots got
Skys locked
Beam no beamer
White caddy
Dare you
Dont **** a jew
Mention the n word
Erased kings graced
No drop gone home
Beep beep showed you
Fair grounds
Comminty service
Clean a table quick
More acres
Won numba 1
5 mill mile per hour
5 mill MPH
Mass destruction
Stay calm
500000000 mph
Ginelle Apr 3
The very first time I remember you, we're playing tag in the schoolyard,
and you're chasing me through the fields, and I love you.
The next time I remember you, I’ve fallen in the fields
I search for you through teary eyes, but only see that you don’t love me back.
I've stopped trying to find a universe where you help me up from my fall,
because the end result always stays the same. In every version, my heart still calls your name.
Our love is always tumultuous, and you always ask for forgiveness. You attribute it to my kindness, but I reserve my sentiments as wistfulness.
I flick through our multiverse of madness like a child’s storybook,
trying to find where it went wrong and if there is a universe where it could be repaired.
In alternate realities, I watch as you’ve declared your love for someone else. Each time I rewind is like a dagger through my chest.
Ah, but I don’t blame you; I’ll never burn as brilliantly as you. I’d chase you across ten, twenty-five, a hundred lifetimes until I find the one where you’ll return to me.
original poem:
Safana Dec 2023
I love the world
I hate the world
I love friends
I hate friends
The world is a friend to committing righteousness
The world is a friend to committing wrongdoing.
I want to live in this world
I want to live out of this world
I want to be an aliens to a lunar circle
I want to be far from solar circle
AE Nov 2023
Parallel tables down this neighbourhood street
I can see some of them from distant windows
One is vacated
One is full, people buzzing about
Hot food coming out of the kitchen onto the table
Bubbling, boiling soups, freshly tossed salads
Glasses brimming with new stories
Then, to the right, a person
Sits at their table alone,
One dim light, eating from a bowl
My guess is cereal.
Stories, stories, stories
Troubling questions
Awkward silence
He’s meeting the parents today
So, he fidgets and taps his feet
She’s telling them she got into college
He just got home from his best friend’s funeral
The other house is dark,
They always have dinner at six
But today, the lights are off
Trip? No.
They’re saying goodbye to grandma in the hospital
That couple in the duplex
I think it’s their delivery date
There’s that one house,
Everyone eats at a different time
Mom, daughter, and second daughter rotate washing dishes
but the older one just got married
it looks like they are still settling into the newfound gaps
her brother left today
a house that used to be loud and crowded
now, two empty nesters
they never eat at the table anymore
they put on the TV
with their plates
because the couch is a smaller space to fill
than these dining room tables
Zywa Aug 2023
People read stories,

the travel maps of the world --

travel maps of lives.
Novel "The PowerBook" (2000, Jeanette Winterson), chapter "NEW DOCUMENT"

Collection "WriteWiser signage"
The security of a nation
By armies, tanks, and guns
Expends a lot of energy
But protects our lands and funds

It’s cheaper to defend ourselves
With flowers in children’s hands
But it won’t be as effective
In defending our lives and lands

The cryptographic proof of work
Has served us well for years
It’s not the same as proof of stake
Which will end in regret and tears

True consensus takes some work
This is a feature, not a bug
Bitcoin was built with energy
Not with flowers - not with hugs

Flowers and hugs are mighty fine
But won’t make a network secure
It takes a lot of energy
To make the ledger safe and sure
This is Bitcoin Poem 028 at and you can see it displayed on a background when you (copy and paste the link below).
Yousra Amatullah Nov 2021
We don't like keeping in the dark
Thus, we sleep at nighttime
Only when the brightness of the sun kisses our lands, we wake up

Like flowers, turning towards the sun
In order to grow

It's almost as if we're eager to forget that seeds grow healthy long before they're greeted by the sun
It's almost as if we're eager to forget that we're always in need of darkness in each of our lives

Flowers absorb their nutrition out of the dark, like humans, only to grow stronger

Thus, we sleep at nighttime
Only to run towards His light as soon as possible
'With hardship, there is ease'
Northern Lives Matter

Note the fine flowing plain lands
One where peace and order reigns
Residence to historic cultural affluence
That chaos admired from afar with pains
Homing the abiding partisan patriots
Entrenched in now ravenous blood hovers
Rustlers, insurgents effected their domains
Notorious bandits we once heard in fables.

Lives lost cruelly to obdurated elements
Imprinting images of guns and deaths
Voices raised; are our leaders ritualists?
Establishing innocent crime-made orphans
Spreading evils, afflictions and destructions.

Many a religious shrines turned death traps
And markets, farms; ransacking poor villages
That barely know governance and her benefits
Turned into flowing river of blood and tears
Emptying plangent hearts to quixotic elites
Rich in thoughts; gliding us to precipice.
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