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The black ink pours in
The white page is pure gold
Wisdom seeps through
Transforming the lives
And the knowledge speaks
To the people in every fold
from the sky, looking down

i could almost see

every drop of our lives

in the vast expanse of the sea
Dear Detective,
The one holding this phone

This is Casey,
The individual you have been
Assigned to investigate
Due to photos taken
At Butler Park

(Evangeline is my
poetic alter)

I just wanted to let you
Know that I wrote down my
Version of events
On Saturday

While my memory was
Still fresh

Please let me know if
There is anything
I can do

Grey Sep 3
In the waist high soy fields
We laugh like choking dogs
On the image of the hand that yields
So we worship in restless monologues

In the ice cold bite of the frozen lake
We encounter the spirit of naught
Naught which has given, naught that we will take
And the holler seems farther with every thought

I am a soul sick woman in the body of a child
A child with formlessness untoward
I wish to run as fast as the stallions, bucking wild
But I’m stuck here in the yard

When you push your eyes to the horizon
Do you feel that stirring, longing, yearning
Deep and tender heartless feeling
Leaves the mind inside the body reeling
When you tip your face up to the endless sun
Do you feel that wars inside we only narrowly won
The civil conflict, the trenches, blood in buckets subdued
The maladapted, anachronistic, bad attitude
I am forgiven for all my double-hearted shame
Tell me, if you can, what is my name
Trafficing humans, when did this become a reality
When did human lives become a lucrative commodity
Is there not value in every life
I ask,
with tear stained sincerity
It's leaving families broken and consoled by fear
How do we eradicate this scourge
Shake a sleeping world
Shout! be aware
Take up arms, take aim
and release without a care
In the end
It's the families tears that's paying the fare
For these souless demons to collect their blood fare
My heart beats to the sound of dispair
Knowing this is our current world
Our saddened state of affairs.
This is becoming a serious problem, or it has been. There need to be more awareness surrounding this worldly problem. To many lights being put out by the darkness.....we need to let our light shine brighter
Johnny walker Aug 30
I Haven't always done everything In life quite
right made many
mistakes along the way
to many to mention or
maybe I just don't
Many a dreams turned
Into ashes hopes and
fears lay shattered on the
bedroom floor like fairy
dust that glistened with the
I've had my share of dreams and dissapointments to many to mention but somehow I always seem to recover and  will make It through
to the
A M Ryder Aug 15
The kids are going to do
What they want to do
They may have just ruined their lives
On an impulse decision
Whose to say what works ?
You find somebody you like
And you roll the dice
That's all anybody can do
Bhill Jul 27
Reflections can be seen in our everyday lives
They stare, they ingnore, they reflect
They appear to be in the opposite world
Reflections are looking back at you
Reflections are creating another balance of what is there
Is the reflection you see real
The mirror, the lake, the mist, the camera, your eyes
These are the tools of reflection capture
Are they to be trusted...

Brian Hill - 2019 # 187
What do you see?
Johnny walker Jul 28
The first time I lay down
with my lady a smile so
wide came upon my face something I hadn't had In years most of my life  before
Helen had been built on sadness and
The first time I woke In the
morning snuggled In to my
wife I felt save from the world wrapped In the warmth of her body scent of her perfume unforgettable this was to
Life Is  so unfair that leaves loved ones all alone their
happiness suddenly taken away at the loss of a loved
one who has given so much In there life
Sometime so easily forgotten
but with Helen I promised this wouldn't ever happen she lives on through my poetry and true stories of
our life spent
Johnny walker Jul 19
Stood late last night outside my door
darkness all around
me whilst lifting my
eyes to the sky watching planes over
people traveling near
and far their
destination unknown
to me I have
so dear to me across the
pond as we would say
but In reality thousands
of miles from me so
I'm at my door
myself high
In the sky traveling
looking down on the pond that lies between us
truth be told for I'm now
far to old and
to fly that pond that lies between us so I guess I'll  have to stay with
dreams of how If the circumstances we're different
I would make that flight across the
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