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Zack gohins Jul 6
I always hated the Hero. The person who thought they did no harm by doing what seemed just and right to them. I always found that they could never handle being wrong and take responsibility for their faults because…they’re the “Hero” and can’t possibly be the Villain.

I always hated the Villain. The person who thought the line never existed because they are flying high above it in their minds. I find they never think beyond what is pleasurable or satisfying and what feels good can’t be wrong in their eyes.

I always hated the Observer. The type of person who just watches the time pass by and let’s the world burn so they can keep their hands clean and never strive to put out the fires, then deciding to complaining about the world. I believe it is the need to be neutral entirely that I despise.

I Always hated the Undeserving Victim. The type of person who’s worst experience was someone in their lives dying, Minor injuries from a crash, Verbal abuse, getting sexually assaulted (Not *****) or getting beaten up once or twice. The type of person who feels like they’ve truly suffered extraordinary amounts, when they’ve just gone through the expected trauma in life.

I always hated the Forgiver. The type of person who you could ruin and they would immediately forgive you and doesn’t comprehend that is admitting your weakness and therefore stating you are lower than the Villain in your life. It immediately removes the drive to be better, stronger.

I always hated the self maker. The type of person who thinks they did anything alone. I find that they are ignorant and have this need to avoid the fact that the “self” is made of many, it makes them narcissistic and selfish in my experience.

I always hated the fixer. The type of person who tries to fix or change people who are satisfied with who they are just to make themselves and others more comfortable. They never seem to be able to grasp the reality that they shouldn’t control or change others, unless they ask for it personally without any external guidance or pressure. At the end they always seem to fail to see they have an abnormal need for control over others. They need everyone to have a type and fit into a box.

I always pitied the victim. The type of person who has seen more and lived through more than the majority of others. They are stagnant at a path entrance to Hero, villain or Void. If they are lucky enough to heal and start walking and that changes my pity to respect immediately.

I always loved the helper. The type of person who lifts people out of terrible situation and places them in better ones. They tend to prioritize people who need or want them most. The biggest flaw seems to be that they can’t seem to ask/respect the victims input.
I lived my life from the perspective of the Victim, Observer, Helper, Hero and Villain. I hate myself lol. I think currently I live my life from the perspective of the Victim sitting at the start of a path, not sure how to take that first step and not start running back.
Yousra Amatullah Nov 2021
We don't like keeping in the dark
Thus, we sleep at nighttime
Only when the brightness of the sun kisses our lands, we wake up

Like flowers, turning towards the sun
In order to grow

It's almost as if we're eager to forget that seeds grow healthy long before they're greeted by the sun
It's almost as if we're eager to forget that we're always in need of darkness in each of our lives

Flowers absorb their nutrition out of the dark, like humans, only to grow stronger

Thus, we sleep at nighttime
Only to run towards His light as soon as possible
'With hardship, there is ease'
Northern Lives Matter

Note the fine flowing plain lands
One where peace and order reigns
Residence to historic cultural affluence
That chaos admired from afar with pains
Homing the abiding partisan patriots
Entrenched in now ravenous blood hovers
Rustlers, insurgents effected their domains
Notorious bandits we once heard in fables.

Lives lost cruelly to obdurated elements
Imprinting images of guns and deaths
Voices raised; are our leaders ritualists?
Establishing innocent crime-made orphans
Spreading evils, afflictions and destructions.

Many a religious shrines turned death traps
And markets, farms; ransacking poor villages
That barely know governance and her benefits
Turned into flowing river of blood and tears
Emptying plangent hearts to quixotic elites
Rich in thoughts; gliding us to precipice.
The sparkling river,
Nourished millions of lives, Now
striving for own life...
Here striving refers to struggling...

This poem is dedicated to current condition of rivers and water bodies because of pollutions and global warming...🌊
Omarcito Jul 2021
Give someone a joint.
Watch them glow.
Watch the squirrel run down the birch wood tree.

Congruency in lives,
It’s complexity is unmatched like
The Mighty Leaf
The Hungry Giraffe,
Who’s David?

A M Ryder May 2021
The world
had to stop
For this victory
I'm joyus
I'm angry
I'm still angry
I want to bring black life
Into this world without
Us having to do this ****
I want us to grow old
Be unscathed
Be unbothered
And flourish
Words of a BLM activist
Dave Robertson Apr 2021
We grew in this yard
in between the broken glass and dog ****
vine inches
minutes by hours by days
roots crept in an inconsistent soil
and growing despite

To arrive now with weekend garden centre eyes
you may see weakness in some leaves
that belies the truth of a fragile fruit
long nurtured from blood
and uncompromising viticulture

And if you try to claim the bouquet
or the legs on that glass
or the complexity of hard fought tannins
and subtle warmth
and lasting aftertaste

Then you will see us spit
Scent of ****** and ranking had spread in air...
Yazad Tafti Apr 2021
you pull me in so deep
until i don't want to find a way out

you say make myself at home
and then i start redecorating all the walls

you are a magnet with a north pole
but i remagnetize both my poles to only be south

you welcome me with open arms
until i recognize that as the only form of greeting

you say my clothes are yours
and i reinvent your whole fashion line

you say what's mine is yours
and i write my name on everything to commemorate

your eyes are the ones i stare into
until they are the only ones i still recognize

and when you say LEAVE
i say you are the one in

comfort in uncomfortable territories leads to discomfort for the comforter
don;t comfort someone you aren't comfortable with :::DDD
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