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Savio Fonseca Sep 27
I wish I could Spell,
the Tears that are Falling.
Whipped by a Storm.
Your name, I keep Calling.
Darling...........U left Me,
with a Broken Heart.
After crying each Tear,
My Life has fallen Apart.
My Broken Heart lies,
shattered on the Floor.
Each piece is waiting,
for your knock on My Door.
A Broken Smile,
shows up on My Face
and Tears of rejection,
is written all over My Place.
We never promised
Forever together.
But, somewhat we
Both know, other
Than us our hearts
Will stay together
Savio Fonseca Aug 22
If the Stars fall from the Sky
and the Moon turns Blue.
If the Sun doesn't Shine.
I would still be Loving U.
Life for Me is Sweet,
whenever U are Near.
Life would be a full Stop,
without U My Dear.
When the Wind Blows,
through the Trees.
Your Kisses taste Sweeter,
than Honey from the Bees.
Just your Love,
is all that I Need.
Darling it's U whom I Love,
I Love U..........Indeed.
Amanda Hawk Jul 26
I chiseled out your initials

Into rose petals

And heads of dainty daisies

Filter memories

Into the smooth curve

Of marbles, clinking

Into the bottom

Of the vase, rearrange

The vowels of your name

Into the most beautiful bouquet

And I find myself humming

To the thought of your smile

And it is quite darling
Imran Islam Jul 14
You find a story to read it out
And I imagine you to write.
You are a photographer
And I'm a dream painter.
If you want more rain
Then I will bring it again,
You are who I'm dreaming
But I couldn't be your darling!

You like my poetry, but not me
Because they're all about you
I love you as like tide to the sea
But you don't care about me.
I always think of you
Even I'm dreaming of you
But you keep blaming me,
I'm not perfect, but trying to be!

Maybe I couldn't be your good friend
So you treat me like you should
I'm alone, but being very good!
It's just I need to halt your trend.
Here I'm enjoying my loneliness
'Cause you love someone else
I'm in a cage, but you're free indeed
Wherever you go just remember me, friend!
I don't understand how
Her hair is graying, no longer the color of muted sunshine

I can't quite grasp why
Her hands are wrinkled, not the porcelain ones I used to hold

What I do know,
Is that her eyes are two lost shooting stars
Her voice still the same one that offered me adventure

What I understand now,
Is that she is the same Darling I fell in love with
The one with all the stories to tell
Isaac Jun 21
Goddess but I am modest
Your whole heart I hold
Trace it with my fingertip melt it into gold
We are abundant like our clothes on the floor
Loving you all on fours

Touch your pools of mocha claimed them as my own
Tainting my notion of love I've come to know
Was it all fantasy? What I previously believed
Or was I simply staring into a black hole
The unknown

But with you, we bridge the gap
Between the known and the yet to know
Love your tone, so deep and low
Hug me close until you have to go
Love me like I am Marilyn Monroe
Divine Feminine
Savio Fonseca Jun 17
In Honour of all,
the Pretty Women out There.
I wish to tell U all,
How much I care.
Believe  Me Darlings,
for every word I Say.
U all are Born to walk,
The Red Carpet Someday.
For your Beauty and Wisdom,
I extend My Praise.
For your Love and Compassion,
My Champagne Glass I Raise.
A Tribute to the Most Beautiful,
I shall recite at Nine.
Coz She's My Woman,
My Only Valentine.
G A Lopez Jun 11
You have become
a part of my life
Your name
is written in my heart
Loving you
is a choice I made
you are always worth the pain.
A poem dedicated for you, C :)
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