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oh darling,
undress me
I want to feel
my lips against your lips
skin against skin
hands wandering on your
damped body
touching you
careful and slowly
kiss me passionately
                 & love me deep.
promise me that you will love me forever.
Äŧül 7d
Even the second one I shall give to you,
Whether to kindle it or to break it,
It depends entirely on you.
My HP Poem #1776
©Atul Kaushal
Ash Oct 3
i ******* hate
that the bad days in my darling's life
will always outweigh the good ones;
so before it's too late-
i am sorry.
Jay Sep 23
Avoid the crystal spheres
Looking glasses of the ******
Treasured possessions of the evils that inhabit them
Give me your arm darling,
Let me pull you away
From it's alluring tongue
For its bobber is laughing
And the Devil cackles with it.
You are safe with me.
the imagery is badbadbadbadbad
I remember when I first met you
It was weeks in
We'd seen each other
A thousand times
But I never really met
The person I thought
Was really you

Lying back
In the parking lot
I watched you go
And you waved for once
You said "thank you"
In sign language
I really think
That's when we fell in love

I remember when I left you
It was last night
I think
I went off on a rant
About Jonestown
You changed the subject
And then hung up
I cried for it a bit
And let myself mope
Then I picked myself up
Because there was nothing left to do

I loved you
And you loved me
Perhaps you still do
But we are not lovers
We never will be
I'm sure we'll talk again
Probably pretty soon
That's what ***** teenagers do

My point is this
You are not my love
You are not monumental
To me, at least
We will each find someone
Who will leave us weak
But that isn't you
And it sure isn't me

You are no longer
The stranger I'm in love with
You're just a stranger
I'm done counting days.
Sara K Sep 14
Your eyes told me the words your lips never uttered.

Your fingertips drew a trail on me with a touch so magical fairies got jealous.

Your kiss printed on my cheek left a mark on me so eternal even death couldn't erase it.
Ginger R Sep 5
Darling child,  take off your blinds and see
Perfect child,  look at all the things you could be
Worried child,  you don't need to hold your future yet
Broken child,  please take the knife away from your skin
Lost child,  take my hand we can find a way
Damaged child,  I swear everything will be ok
You might not be a child but they'll still always treat you that way
Teenagers aren't children. They're becoming adults and if you treat them like a child they won't grow up
Anastasia Aug 13
And I heard
Your song

Fly me above"

You say

"Lovely heart"

And my heart blushes

"You deserve better"

And I feel more than ever

"But dream on, my darling. We will get there some day."
stopdoopy Jul 1
Do you feel it?
As if we're drawn together,
like soulmates.
Maybe you do,
I wont ever know,
but I feel it always ends the same.
Maybe we're not meant to be together.
Perhaps it's always been this one sided...
despite the words you've said,
no matter how we lived.
God and priest,
maiden and servant,
in a war somewhere,
I don't think we've ever ended up together,
isn't that sad, my dear, Aphrodite?
I suppose it's for the best, darling.
Had to get a last poem in before pride month is over! Hope y'all had a great one <3
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