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Savio Fonseca Jun 30
My Lips like Flaming Fire,
are in search of Quenching Kisses.
I'm lost in your Midnight Love,
experiencing Romantic Blisses.
My Passions are full of Feelings,
as I look into your Eyes.
U settle into My Arms,
waiting for another Sunrise.
Your scent lingers in My Senses,
turning the fire On.
Tempting Me for another Session,
before My flame is dead and Gone.
I have a good taste for Romance,
therefore I crave for U.
Darling.... U are the only Woman,
turning My Dark Nights into Blue.
are you ready to love me?

our relationship must be fixed.

you are with me will be fine.

the problems can be solved.

all of us should see in front of the screen.

here I send to you that you are the only one in my light green.
Indonesia, 28th June 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
jade May 3
darling, i wish you hadn't lied when you said you loved me
darling, i wish you hadn't broken all your promises
darling, i wish you loved me the way i love you
darling, i wish you'd considered my feelings
darling, i wish you didn't make me so sad
darling, i wish we could've lasted longer
darling, i wish you cared more about me
darling, i wish i didnt love you so much
darling, i wish we were something again
darling, i wish i made you happy enough
darling, i wish you didn't like someone else
darling, i wish we could have been even more
darling, i wish you hadn't hurt me the way you did
darling, i wish you'd been more careful with my heart
darling, i wish we could have done everything we planned to
thank you for reading<3
Jay M Apr 5
You simply cannot understand
The extent of all of the things I wish to do
All of which with you
The list goes on and on
So darling take my hand
And together I will show you
The wonders within my wildest of dreams

- Jay M
April 5th, 2021
Places to go, things to see, and who knows what else lies ahead. All I know for sure is; it's you and me.
Payton Feb 24
The whites are missing from your eyes, darling, and there's nothing
I can do to bring your body back to life.

And my darling, you know that I love you, but you love your demons
more than you could ever love me.

Found poem from lyrics in "Demons" by Social Repose and "Waking Up" by PVRIS.
I'm not entirely sure this is a poem, but it was written in 2016. I take no credit for the song lyrics, only the combination of them. :)
My darling is no longer here
nor on tonight's poetry
where half of her face was lost in the night
and dreams are now no longer like a blushing red moon
when I last saw her drunk in the lap of love.

It’s really happy if you can always create the night from restless in your heads--
creating many twinkling stars in your sleep
reaching the sky
seeing her cute smile from out there.

What is my darling doing now?
Like a hope that I failed to achieve again.
O, is this a loss that is felt many times?

Tonight is like last night.
Poetry is like a cure for every addiction
to such a sad life.
O, I just let go--all the words.
Just let her fly around the lost soul
on a body that was empty
and had become in rubble vanished.

Even though there is no moon and stars anymore
even though you are still looking for the bright light
in your cramped room--
because the sobs never end and always cover your chest.
Tonight will remain a long night--
the sound of the bats are so deafening
the sound of the crickets soothe the atmosphere—
like your lonely heart
who has died by many buts.

Alright, let's get it--everything
like nothing had ever happened
like the indifference of human life
like you can only feel your soul fly in the imagination that you create yourself.

tonight will be like last night--a long night
the night where my darling is no longer here
neither in my head
nor in this poem.
Indonesia, 10th February 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
B Bonnete Feb 8
Like the river trailing downton roads
Into your clutch, my sweet love flows
Soul grown weary at your expense
Your touch my dear, lets down defense
I used to bow my head at night
But as you are my moon, your smile glows bright
With the winds a’ blowing
With my pen a’ flowing
Each kept pace of nature’s quill
You ask me if I’ll keep you close, forever darling, I will
We lay in colored leaves from noon to creeping dawn
Hands held, passion unveiled, life’s cataclysms begone
In years foregone I wish you luck
But if you find better than I
Remember that Like the river, darling, my love shall never run dry
AJBusse Dec 2020
My bleeding Heart

Oh darling, I made a mistake
I smudged my heart on the thorns of love
I smudged my heart against your great stone walls
I smudged my heart on the trees that welcome me into life
As humans we are bound to mess up,
But please O please my sweet darling,
Help me survive the great seas of blood
Help me breath in the darkness of the mind
And if ever you smudge your heart alongside mine,
I’ll lend you a hand for a little while,
If ever you smudge your heart alongside mine,
I’ll be there in the flicker of my light and a sigh of our God
Whoever that may be
I may let you down,
One day soon,
But I love you so
And a crown of daisies is not enough
So when the day comes,
When you need me,
Or I need you
I’ll hold your head above the water as you hold my feet above the grass
Quick note! I promise not all my poems include the word "Darling," A couple of these poems were written in the same day, and I guess I was enjoying the word darling! You know how it is.
Niel Nov 2020
Shrimps in the water of the sky

Lost my boots inside of a dried well
Cracked caked mud hold the fossils of my time

Hey darling, do you wanna
Oh my darling would you wanna

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