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Silver skies, tranquil nights
Gently gazing down from afar
Silver rooftops, twinkling lights
Buried deep among the stars
Silver memories paint silver portraits
Hung from my interior walls
Silver melodies, not unfortunate
I hear, my name, it calls
Silver raindrops stain my cheeks
Making melancholy of innocence
Silver snowstorms, heartache's peak
An evocative and celibate synthesis
Silver dreams, silver eyes
Meet silver nights, tranquil skies
Darling, I'm dreaming of nostalgia.
Don’t be afraid my darling.

There is no false hope in the tenderness of my touch.
I carry the weight of truth in my words,
and I have no intentions to bring harm to your heart.
Your being is safe with me.
You’re free to conquer your fears and take the leap.
Darling, ***** it all down for me
Because it is all I want to see
As your clothes keep coming
The steady drumming
Of your heartbeat, I can hear
It from across the room.
You fear
That I will never like your taste
Or smell or the way your waist
Is big, but I really love it all.
You are my real life sized doll
With paradise in between parted
Lips and a valley of uncharted
***** flesh
Ghost-like touching
Become grabbing and clutching
***** it down for me I love it all
Gods1son Sep 5
Those pillow fights
Set my soul high like boeing 777 flight
When you hug me tight
My heart burdens turn light

With you in my arms
I'm confident like Navy SEALs with their arms
You are my lucky charm
On rough days,
your thoughts get me going like a tram

Remember that day I got you ******
My day was totally eclipsed
It was restored when we kissed
Now you know why I call you Peace!
Thomas EG Sep 4
I can't feel your painful memories,
But they do linger and try to follow
I hope you know, if you'd permit it,
I would bubble-wrap your shadow

Your knight in not-so-shining armour,
By your side, yet watching your back
I would slay any beast in your path,
Not to imply you have a weak attack

But I would fight for you forever,
Even though I call myself a lover
However, our love makes me strong,
So I will raise my fists for no other

But never ever to you, my darling,
I'd only ever dare wish you the best,
Apologise if I hold you too tightly
And, with every day, show you the rest
My bubble-wrapped lover
maddie Sep 3
Do you remember me darling?
Or am I just another past fling?
Remember how I left you wanting?
I treated you like a king.

I gave you my all
All I asked was for you to fall
Fall into a state of eternal bliss
Where only I could feel your kiss.

But no, that's not what you longed for
I gave you everything yet you wanted more
You told me you loved me
That I was all you needed to be happy.

You wanted body
You wanted ***
I was too pure
That's why you left.
ayumi ebony Sep 2
today i am hopeful.
this, this is our story.
today, the sun is bright and the rays,
they whisper to me.

whispers of you are mine,
whispers of hope,
of the fact that these years could be more,
more than school.

the moon tells me, there will be memories,
those ones i only dreamed of having,
the ones i never thought i’d have with you,
but always knew.

i always knew about us.
i knew from the days you mentioned loving my creations,
the days you said there was a girl,
and i was so disappointed.

when did you know?
was it today, or yesterday,
when you told me you had hope?
for something -i’m not sure.

and darling,
feel free to call me that.
or sweetheart.
or whatever else.

this, us, i know something will happen.
something wonderful.
and now, the things i can’t write about,
i imagine.
Sarah Mann Aug 17
My darling.
How exquisite it is that we happen
To exist in the same dimension.
I suppose tonight is one where the emptiness
Has begun its gradual descent
Choosing to take my feelings with it.
How do I feel? Well, I certainly wish that
You could be lying next to me to comfort me
While I float to the endless bottom of this abyss.
I wish for a night with your presence
So close that I can see the graceful
Rise and fall of your chest signaling
The constant of life that we all know as breathing.
But when the trivial task is completed by you
The world in my eyes seems to play in slow motion.
Utterly fascinated by your inner workings and inhibitions.
What ethereal source have you successfully stolen,
To channel the charisma overflowing within your personality
I wonder if you’re aware of your prominent title as my inspiration.
You have a way with the universe that I crave to imitate.
Or perhaps just to steal for a temporary bliss.
If you were next to me, there would be no reason for my
Uncontrollable fear, your wisely crafted logic would leave it behind.
Perhaps the allure is found beyond the masquerade.
The night sky reflects the mystique of your appeal.
Here’s to a beautiful eternity, may it never fade.
May the forever’s be found in the way we feel.
July 11, 2018. Written with a very special person in mind.
don't cry, darling
things will get better
chin up
trust me.

you know what?

let it out.
i know you've been hiding for too long.
i know you've been abandoned.
i see you.
you're beautiful.
you're perfect.
you're amazing.
if you ever wonder if you're a bad person? bad people don't worry about being better.
go ahead and cry.

let your tears water the ground.
let the seeds of despair and hurt grow
let the graves of dreams and lost friends have gardens
un-clench your hands and you'll find seeds falling out
every bad thing is now a seed
the bad things will become beautiful things,
just to spite everyone who said
"no you can't."
"it's not possible."
"you're ******/****"/any other mean word

those will be the most beautiful flowers of all.

so let your tears flow.
they'll water the ground beneath your feet.
it'll be a garden of spite and inspiration.
ayumi ebony Aug 16
this poem needs a continuation
-it has to be metaphorically beautiful,
more than us.

it -this poem,
should be a ballad.
a saga.

but darling, we’re not really anything,
we’re not really anything at all.

i wish i could break these walls down,
but these words (honey, sweetheart, darling),
they get stuck in my mouth with you.

i wish i could tell who made me realize,
who my “special someone” (as you said it),
is but i don’t want to ruin us.

you’ll only be darling in my head.
we’re only lovers in my heart.

every dance i’d dance with you,
but i know i couldn’t dance with you,
unless you knew everything.

but if you knew everything,
you wouldn’t want to know me at all.

so there’s the reason -
this ballad, love song, work of art, horrible poem for a lover
will stay in my heart.
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