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Oh dearest of friend,
After many disconsolate moons
It seems I’ve begun to wither
Someday, my darling, I will bloom a ravishing bloom. Butterflies shall hold astound as my lavish colors wander dull skies. Fireflies will stand in awe as my luster illuminates the nights. Bees shall not discern me beside the rest of the blossom. I will bloom heavenly.
Gianna Nov 23
(can i call you that?)
how i wish that i could hold you again
how i wish that only you could see
that way that my heart is breaking
when you bring up the way you hold someone else
and when you carelessly remind me
of the way
you lack to feel
for me
how selfish of you
Brynn S Nov 25
The bin
Silly little boy
You say such odd things
Small quips of a king
Tall steps they must seem
How far you have traveled
How tired you must be
Oh dear child
Save your soft gleam
Thank you for your words
Each little line
Ridicule shall fade
All in good time
Daisy Nov 24
Shattered dreams
Silent Scream
Glimmering, glistening, shimmering
Days and night
With darkling, haunting, marbling
And a true granite fight

Suicide is my mother
****** is my father
I am ****
heaven is my brother
Brother died
Momma always lied
Daddy never took my side

What a happy family
Said a girl named Emily
Unbreakable bonds which won't break
Jokes on you, we are fake

Gloominess is my mother
Agony is my father
I am hate and madness
And a brother is love and happiness
But my brother died
Momma always spied
Daddy never realized

We celebrate all birthday
and bring a chocolate cake
Ecstasy decay
We slither like a snake

Agnostic is my mother
atheist is my father
I am nihilist
And a brother is a priest
But brother died
Momma always denied
But father never abide

I pretend that We were always there for each other
No wonder, an exception is my brother
It's an opulent and grandiose dark fantasy
With a cursed and despicable reality

Angel is my mother
Devil is my father
I am a demon
*** is my friend
Mother is a traitor
Father is a betrayer
*** never answered my prayer

Brother never exist
Father is a beast
Mother is another twist
I am also toxic
And then I comprehend
I didn't have any friend
My Life is an imitation
My family member is fake Ornaments, accessory, and decoration
gracie Sep 11
I'd stay up all night
just to hear you speak
cause' darling, poems are lovely
but you're the masterpiece.
Daksh Nov 11
Sun is up,
Your eyes;

Coffee sips and old books.
Can't look more beautiful;

Lose clothes and perfect hair

Trying to keep eyes off,
Loving this morning despair.

I had you in a dream last night.
"i want to grow old with you." darling, the things you say to me are the things i've always wanted to hear.
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