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Joanna Jun 28
Escape I must to another time, to a place of beauty quite unrefined.

Loosed to a journey of the heart, I see an inner journey calling me to touch, to hear and to see within.

To move freely toward hope, and begin an adventure unmatched by any I've known.

And to enter into a love affair that is uniquely magical and all my own.

Escape I must, to soar high in you, to a garden paradise that's unseen yet true.
I have written poetry since 191 but it is only in the last 3 years that I have been working to refine my expression...this is an old one but a good one.
purple heart May 23
when i had forgotten,
how the land felt like;
how unshakable & peaceful it felt like;
how the fertile earth smelled like;
how the water could never be like,

i saw the lighthouse,
the light which my eyes couldn't believe saw,
the  light which it believed had ceased to exist.

that's when it saw,
the unseen able.

the wanderer in me,
got a hope, a home, a keep
when i  saw
the lighthouse.
looking for a lighthouse, where my soul could find comfort and keep.
where it doesn't needs to be but still wants to be anyway.
Arrow May 15
Don't make it dull
If thou can't make it colorful
Don't ask me why
Cuz you are green enough to even try.

The downpour is too thick
You'll never even see the drizzle
Too heavy if the clouds gets
Under the stars they'll drain  themselves.

Thou'll not see the raindrops
Only the rainbow which comes after
It's colors thou'll think for truth
The truth that is there
But is never seen.
Ashtyn Lucas Apr 23
I sit in silence
Unseen and unheard
The world flowing around me
Like water, a blur
An earthquake shakes me
Down to my core
No one else feels this
I start to shake more
My body a vibration
The world a constant mountain
As I shake people don't notice
Of course not, they're too focused
Anxiety is no joke
Yet society sees it as one
It can be caused by anything
Or anyone
So stop with the plexiglass
Stop forming the barriers
Break the glass, step through the other side
Instead of saying "you're fine", your words a rapier
rapier: (n) a straight sword with a narrow blade and two edges
plexiglass: (n) a light transparent weather resistant thermoplastic

In case you didn't know what those words are :)
Lot Apr 17
No one cares if you are falling,
as long as you are still flying.
Will you watch me hit the ground?
Ahnaf Apr 6
The moon stares silently


It's not like the sun
which we see without a single glance

The moon is unseen,
even in its full splendor


It doesn't bother
and we hardly bother to look
TyBeauty Jan 26
"The truth shall set us free"
I'm ready to be free within the discoveries of truths of unseen life.
Dani Dec 2018
Mist lay before you covering lands
Careful steps now, feel around with hands
Nothing seen but what's at your feet
Go slow and steady, for mist carries deceit
Don’t be fooled
let your curiosity be cooled
One step at a time do not look ahead
Or underground will be your newfound bed
Don’t try to clear the mist with magic tricks
What lies before you is set in stone not sticks
Cannot be changed or foreseen or broken
Just walk the path at your feet one step for a token
Reward for staring down, focused on where you step
Reward for moving forward, without a tricky attempt
Present is your only state
Mind it carefully for a clean slate
future, past, present
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
Tonight of all nights.
I am here with you.
Clouds of smoke
Squeezed together in festive occasion.
Brown liquor,
Swallowed in warm smile
Lips a silky smooth.
You magically appear,
Gliding across the stage-
Short hair, diverse in curve.
Black dress,
Singer, songstress.
The maestra of all my desire,
At first everything was quiet
then you sing.
You sing this beautiful song.
Words filled with passion.
Raw, heartfelt.
Each word penetrating deep.
My soul, my very being
Leaving me.
Spiraling in urgent need,
This internal urge to jump out of my seat,
Pulled by the tug of your every word.
Vocalized by the depth of yours.
These words brought to life by your voice-
This beautiful voice.
This song highlighted,
The bright light shone against your head.
Short hair, diverse in curve.
Black dress,
One side longer than the other.
Singer, songstress.
The midnight of all my dream,
I came tonight just for the occasion.
My face bright red
Squeezed tight by fever.
The pull of your cigarette.
A residue of ash left of where I sat.
Every part of me gone with the flick of your wrist.
Tonight of all nights.
I am here with you.
The best of me lost among the crowd.
Scattered in a room of dark faces.
Squeezed together, Tight fitting building
Brown liquor,
Lips a silky smooth.
Tickets for the next show months away
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