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sheila sharpe Jun 11
they do not see the differences
beneath the fine cloak of skin
the brain that is wired a different way
so altering the thoughts within
the eyes that look seemingly far beyond
those of others e-en face to face
the legs and the feet that,
though seeming fine
hurt to keep up the pace
they choose only to see
the outward appearance
not what can lie beneath
all the daunting differences
that the body can bequeath
nor do they hear the
when nastiness is heard
and they cannot comprehend
how cutting can be
the unthinking word
I see you behind clouds grey
The beaming sunshine after a storm
Evidence of beauty in tragedy

I see you in glistening oceans
Unsure of the waters awaiting past horizon
Evidence of beauty in uncertainty

I see you in dancing fields
The swaying of grass to the perennial hum of the wind
Evidence of beauty in tranquil

I see you in a tight hug
The comfort it offers
Evidence of beauty in safety

I see you in every little thing
Because people believe what they want to believe
People see what they ought to see

And I believe that I see you in all the beautiful things —
Evidence of love so pure.

I hope you do, too
If you could just see me too.
Nilia Loh Jan 9
Eyes with no soul,
The body that took a toll.
Tears that carry the cries,
Evidence of her demise.
Arms that aren't clean,
Covered in open seams.
Legs like waterfalls,
Blood from the endless war.
Hands with scabs that tell,
All the scars a cry for help.
Palpebra Dec 2020
There are parts

of mine

that are

far from fine,

I hide them well


a mask so pretty

concealing an ugly mind,

dark-dingy corners


I don't let in the

Sun's glare,

filthy and messy

with litters from past

devilish and doomed

been from the very start,

I'm twisted


cold and unlovable

without a doubt.

But I keep

all this

to myself

like a kiss,

that's too *****

to share

like a secret

I bear






burying these

demons and evils

deeper and deeper

calming the

impending upheavals.
I'm Not Generalising
Just Realizing What's Wrong With Me In General?
Reshnia crimson Oct 2020
Swirling in my head
A white noise screaming
But stuck quietly
Softly seeming

One moment
And ten all glued together
Stuck up all in a knot
A noose neck tether

What do I make of it
A tangled chest of something
Rattling and clanging
I fear it to be nothing

This is entirely your fault
A song stuck in my head
Playing on a messy loop
I can't even go to bed

I held you once
And once again
Messy unkempt emotions
I leave myself to pain

And silent sealed lips
You shall never hear of this
I'll stew and roll over
And hope the emotions miss

Ignore the way I look at you
It will leave if given time
It was a kindness for you to hold me
It does not make you mine

I'll pray that time may stop
Just for a second or more
To etch your eyes into my soul
Before you walk out the door

This may be simple loneliness
But your smile lights the room
I'll catch it just one more
And accept bittersweet doom
Piyush Sharma Oct 2020
We're here face to face
Not lying but I can't see you
You're here standing next to me
Not lying but still I feel helpless
You couldn't help me...
Neither could I.
Still we pretend to smile
And hope to be in the need..
Bhill Oct 2020
the image of Cheeto Face can’t be unseen
glaring at us through the tube
spewing forth random worthlessness
infringing on all who watched
how do you undo such nonsense

Brian Hill - 2020 # 269
I wasn't going to post this but my mind wouldn't let me not post it. Who saw that **** show?
Bhill Sep 2020
as the world sleeps, the enchanting begins
being unseen and quiet, messages are delivered
information bouncing in and about all sleeping intelligence
apparitions and memories of long-ago actions
as the world awakens, the enchanting flees the mind
some of the enchanted will recall with faint impressions
some will remember nothing...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 265
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