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Jac Sep 23
my dear, do not worry
too often
your flower is still young —
green, barely has it rooted.
the time will come
you will flourish,
as it will bloom.
i hope you are well.
Amelia Sep 12
Whenever I got hurt it goes deeply linked with my past wounds. Though I wasn’t scared to feel all of those at the same time, I’m always scared I’ll hurt you every time.

I’m sorry I didn’t know how to accept and give love, I’m sorry for all I know is how to be miserable.
bahulakaji Sep 2
I hate it
when she is with me
holding me,
teasing me
but in her mind it’s you.
She is playing with me,
trying to talk to me
but in her heart, it’s you.
You always come in between us,
She and I.
She doesn’t even look at me
if you don’t remind.
And when you asks
I hate that
She plays me
it’s for you.
bahulakaji Sep 2
Dear You,
Ever since you left me
for a better world.
People come to me to make love
but for money not for love.
Dear Past Self,
We're in the same boat.
You worked hard
To keep us afloat.
What if I
Put your work to waste?
My blood is
All that I can taste.

Dear Past Me,
We're in the same boat.
You rowed far.
You kept us afloat.
I won't fail,
Won't bow to the knife.
I owe you
The rest of my life.
I feel like I use knife/life a lot but it's a good rhyme idk. I owe Little Rin a long life, and I'll do my best to protect it.
romy Jul 31
late-night angels whisper in my ear
"she's doing just fine, my dear"

late-night devils tangled through my prayer
kissing my lips leaving me without air
"you don't need her, my dear"
What does your devil look like?
Dali Jul 29
let it be night
let me see those eyes
And oh, the spark in his eyes
would shame those stars
Owl’s deep hooting at night
Deep as his natter about life
Birds dancing in gale
Did we wake them?
Or was it the nightingale
Let us dance like those birds think it were not night
And let me lay
Upon your soft skin
As I watch your eyes
Like they were one of those stars
O, my dear my love
Did you feel the fast thud of my heart?
Hammering, pounding wanting to be out
And a touch of yours would calm me through the night
Dear [Redacted],

          It's been about four months. I'm proud and sad to say I still think about you every day. You are still my first thought when the sun's morning rays awaken this slumbering fool. You are still my last thought before I escape into my consciousness at night. And If I could remember my dreams, I could remember my dreams instead of the darkness that envelops them, I would bet that you were in every single last one of them.

         Four months of you not being in my life and you're still my muse. The reason my endless thoughts don't end with just tears on a page, but with words to express myself deeply. I still remember the feeling I got when I looked deeply into your eyes. My soul remembers the joy it felt when I heard your name. [Redacted], I thought of that name all day, just so I can listen to it all night. The reason I slept peacefully, the reason I woke with joy. [Redacted].

        Four months without you.....I gotta keep going. Although my heart pounds for you like the day we spent our first date, being nervous wrecks, still working but oddly satisfying. I must keep going without you. I still unfortunately love you [Redacted]. But now I must go.

~ Still with love, "An Unfortunate College Love Writer"
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