Star BG 3d

Dear Prejudice,
I release you from my consciousness
so I can move inside oneness.

Dear fear,
I release you which is inside my being, to move empowered
with light so I can move free.

Dear tears,
I release you knowing you are a tool that cleanses
so I can see my true worth.

Dear Love,
I release you knowing you are part of me and I you
as I send out love to world for great change.

StarBG © 2017

Ivo 3d

You've abandoned me, my dear
you left and left a mess
no goodbyes, no farewells
let alone - a caress.

You've abandoned me, my dear
knowing my issues well
still, you went anyway
leaving a hollow shell.

You've abandoned me, my dear
suffice to say, it's late
too late to call you mine
when all you left is hate.

Mims Sep 10

Admit it,
'Cause you know its true,
You'd leave him if I asked you to.

I'm not going to, but the fact that you would says a lot about you and me my dear.

I just dreamed of someone as cute.

Crazy & loving to fall for my love,
Amazing it is for me to get her love,
Reading her truthful heart in love,
Exactly the lover I wanted to love.

Another dream it seems temporary,
Boastful we will not be ever here,
Ostensibly she loves me to be near,
Ultimate heartfelt emotions surface,
Targeting my efforts I will be for you.

Your divine heart inside is so cute,
Of forever separation I have fears,
Uncountable heartbreaks scare.....

My HP Poem #1659
©Atul Kaushal

I walked through life
With your love in my heart
You’re my strength,
You’re my hope,
You’re my inspiration at all;
You keep me warm in a
Cold dark night,
And guide me through
My way to light.
When my life gets tough
You’re always there
I know you’re someone
Who always care.
I thank you for being
My loving friend,
A friend who is always there
Until the end.

©2008 John Vincent Obiena. All rights reserved.

I remember writing this short poem during our vacant time in school, a friend of mine who is always there for me is my inspiration writing this poem.
ㅡjatm Aug 18

The sun is rising so high and if she could,
She would plant sunflower seeds,
On every inch of her body,
So that one day,
She would become so beautiful,
Standing still with her strong petals,
Her face drinking in sunshine,
Through its rays of light,
Giving hope to everyone,
Especially with the way her eyes
Says hello when she smiles,
Completely clothed with passion and strength,
Laughing without fearing,
About what tomorrow may bring.

She also knows that one day,
Her stems will become soggy,
With fading leaves and falling seeds,
But the sun will silently tell her:
"Hold you down there my dear sunflower,
Please breathe because if that day comes,
You could be a dead flower for a bookmark,
For you can slowly glance up from the page,
And could still bring hope like you always do."


precious joy Aug 17

in my entire existence
i never thought that
my lungs are capable of making music
and oh dear it was so beautiful--
to breathe--
at the same time
here, with you.
life finally makes sense

—Things I Want You to Know
Tash Aug 14

My dearest love.
My darling dear.
I wait across the oceans of time,
patiently, for you to draw near.

Running across the sands, of both,
desert and beach in turn.
Draw closer my heartbeat, for in you eyes
of the night stars will I learn.

Loving you will have no purpose.
Holding your hand, under the sky so crystal clear.
I wait atop the mountain of pain,
solemn, when you need a listening ear.

Make haste my dearest, make haste.
Be careful of the path. It will burn
like the sun, it will scald your soul (I know)
and for cooling water will you forever yearn.


We tend to see what we want to and often miss out on what could have been an extraordinary journey.
Ksjpari Aug 13

Gems of world - all girls my pride
Are happy and make so when tried;
Drashti & Mansi – best friends tied
To another as a fly to sugar when spied.
Sanjana and Dhruvi with all stride
Ahead to make others deride.
They are my charms and pride -
Intelligently innocent, and guide
For me and class in our collide.
Lucky is a silent asteroid
Who bursts in hostel wide.
Darshana innocently flied
In hostel during Yoga allied
With Udita who always denied
To be a part of Yoga, but tried
To save skin by moving aside
When problems don’t subside.
Meshwa and Tamanna – bromide;
Burst in class if one belied.
All nine gems of Akbar’s I vied
In my sweet angels without snide
I hope they’ll never forget my bestride
For them and come in my cyanide.

I am developing a new style of writing poetry where ending words of a line rhyme with one another, at least in last sound. I named it Pari Style. Hope readers will like it. Thanks to those invisible hands and fingers which supported and inspired me to continue my efforts in my new, creative, artistic and innovative “Pari” style. Thanks for your inspiring, kind, soft fingers.

in this neo-classic house
with their partition in glass
that her reflexes still shine
in their wilderness again
that drives her tears in craft
with time to sequester their burdens
in this room with mirrors now he tread
through this capillary with imaginary sex

a flow
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