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It’s been decades that we have grown
To think of all that made our home
The nights are worst, or so it goes

Our ‘spring would be eighteen and nine
If we had let them both survive
The dogs would live with love divine
We could’ve swam with massive fry

Or sang again while we’re alone
At home or through the telephone
Basked beneath the wild skies
To give a laugh and take surprise

A hundred hearts, one day each year
And two to hold our loved ones near
Who knows what else would be, my dear
Or might’ve been in place of fear

And now I wait for something more
Til death doth part our lives before
The time is up, whence we’ll be sure
It wasn’t worth a life less pure
Dear, oh, dear.
Shofi Ahmed May 27
Quality is dear
Heaven is not cheap
Neither is the earth
To be anyone’s for good
Then before losing
One’s hand or foot
Seize the opportunity
Get in gear
Leave good for the better.

Like the first light:
The power candle
Sunrise on the golden high
May fall for for the rose
At first sight
As if the veiled night
Popped rosy on its black mole
But always before long
Back to the night the sun is gone.
Phoebe Woods May 4
Dear five, without you
I would not be here.
For my mom was born
In your month of May.
And my dad was born
On the fifth of June.
Both of my siblings
And I make a five
Person family crew.
My bank account would
Be empty, but for
Five random dollars
I’ve managed to save.
Would you consider
Inspiring more than
Just me? With your great
Set of multiples?
Without ten, fifteen,
Twenty-five, oh where
Would we be? Dear five,
You’re so important
To all, not just me.
Julius Mwanja Jr May 2020
Once upon a weedy lawn
At the Mwanjas family Home
There left mom, left before we could even say good bye
Thinking of it as a lie, it was so unfortunate that mom had to die

Blow upon this cloud of seed,
You should wish for what you really need."

I wished for one but sadly blew
As I was lost and left with no clue
My world ripped part unfixed without a touch of glue

Lost the only mother I ever knew
And saw the sky as if it was never blue
Like they was nothing else to do

And unsure of where to go
I found a bridge, and crossed it slow
As I found myself in momma's heart.
For her love was still part

We had lost a mother that could never be replaced
In her lightness of her motherly tone
Was her love for showing her motherly kindness?

Just one moment changed it all
When I saw moms friend softly call
As she whispered in my elder sisters ears
Your mom just died, I’m sorry dear

As the joy drained out like tides at sea.
Lost direction like I couldn’t see
Only left with pain and grief
I felt no relief and unwelcome like a thief.

There comes a time in this place
Were you try to do your best
You try too hard
But easy left without guard

I mean that only love is the way
As I changed from a boy to a man up to this day
Not love for a girl, a career or a degree I must say
But her love that transforms that we lost on  that day

Breathtaking, feeling like my heart could break
And not really sure of how much more I would take
I found myself living a life that was fake

Cause her heart was bright as the sun
As I remember every we had done
I remembered her dresses, beautifully white
I remember her as if it was last night

Like a knife tearing straight through my chest
I knew that I won’t ever seen her face, because mom was put to rest
Before I was her very own
Now mom is never at home

Very mush missed for her things
Down on her knees,
By the side of her bed she found her peace
Praying for us, like she knew she would live
Living us a world of grief

She prayed for our unity, she prayed we find love,
She prayed for our blessing she prayed for our Dad above all.
She prayed we find strength, she prayed for her home
She put our needs first before her very own

And I knew for the first time her pain and her care.
And I noticed also an angel-like glow,
As she reached out her hand, and said, "Now you knew."

But I'll never forget something I lost that day.

I lost a wonderful mother
So gentle yet so strong
The many ways she showed her love and care
And the way she made me feel like I belong

A mother who was patient when I was foolish
You were a mother when I was childish
You give me guidance when I asked
You were the master to my every task

I lost the only dependable source of comfort
I’m were I’ m today because of your effort  
The cushion when I fall
The only reason I knew how to stand tall
The only support I ever called
A mother I ever known

And this something I was told

Never discount the love of a mother from her son nor her daughter,
Never trade in that bond for the sake of a lover.
That there is power in a mothers loving prayers
And there is a God who hears and who cares.
I learned about faith, and unconditional love.
That my mother soul was sent up above
And I learned that from a little seed
Can come most everything we need

But some of us didn’t grow up with every in need
Because we lack a mother in need
So I had to push boundaries’ in order to create opportunities
Have to strive in order to succeed
We love you mom and very mush missed
This is your son KULI; remember you left me when I was a kid
This one is for you mom, may soul rest in peace
Not all people glow up wth everything they need
Mark Wanless Dec 2021
for distant future
tomorrow looms dear and close
Jay M Oct 2021
Soothing touch
Sure as morning light
Ease to a weary one
Rest here, they seem to say,
Rest here, small dear

Tender and mild
Yet a mind vastly wild
Brilliant in all their wonder
All doubts lifted asunder
All is well, all is well

Come near, sit dear
Rest thy feet, and greet
Relaxation unparalleled
Anxieties to cease
In this tranquil moment
Still and quiet

- Jay M
October 5th, 2021
Massages are truly bring about a relaxation like no other.
If I could tell you how I missed you in one paragraph
The first line should not be the same as what I feel right now
The words that I used to be love actually gone
I will write it as far as I have done
I could not explain all of the memories in my head
Everything I can hold was staying in my bed

If I could tell you how I missed you in one paragraph
I am not sure I could write to you
The sounds that I hear
It is all I will bear
And it’s now standing to fear

If I could tell you how I missed you in one paragraph
My lips were tightened
My eyes were blinded
My ear was deaf
My hand was holding all of the lines that now hope my heart could fine
Indonesia, 15th September 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Amelia Aug 2021
Maybe this way you won't  be afraid of me
or of losing me.. that you won't tiptoe your way around
I could love you from afar but this time,
Will you be my friend?
Now, I get it why people believed more in romantic relationship that started off as friendship. Right now, I wanna believe in friendship that started off as romantic.
In the dark, I see your face lined, a silhouette.
Your eyes tracing me as I pace around you along the warm blankets of my bed.
Leaning over, a kiss so soft, plush and impulsive, knowing you're mine, you are here and nothing else at the moment matters.
Warm rhythm of sensations fill our energies, whilst the sound of your wet kiss leaving a wet stain unto my lips...
I love you,
Yes, I do.
Being with you is the shelter when my heart searches for a home,
a home to call to when none other is there, but forever you will be locked into the beat of my heart.
Winnalynn Wood Jul 2021
The birds are whistling
and the trees are listening

To the sway of a branch
and the ending of a decade
gone away with the facade

Of trickery wrought from calloused tongues
And seeds of deceit planted in the young

Come away my friend, watch the decade of the end
Again once more, before the flowers get sore
Bending into death, and ending their breath
Come away to endings, and the long awaited sending
Watch the decade of the end
my dearest friend
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