Quoth the Raven...

I found solace in those words,
every day for the past year.
PC, you have been my solace,
my notebook,
my home,
and I can't bring myself to hide this
in poetic confusion
and metaphors.

and everything that you are,
are sinking into the void
that holds only trolls
and phrases that barely pass
as poetry.

Your colors are fading,
no matter how fast
a select few of us
try to paint them back.

God, I'm so sorry I couldn't do more.
I poured my heart and soul
into you, and yet
it wasn't enough.
Why couldn't I be enough?


I know that's not fair.
I know you hold so many
beautiful people with beautiful minds.
People who spin feelings
into such perfect words,
people who are slightly
(or more so) insane
but all the best people are.

This was originally a goodbye letter.

But honestly,
I couldn't make myself do it.

A girl who found a home
in your insanity
A letter to a favorite writing app of mine.
Light bouncing off of you into my eyes.
Blinding me.
All I see is white light.
A pure Angel.
The light darkens and your face appears.
My dear.
Since the first time I saw you.
You have always been my sunshine.

                        With love,
Elliot Apr 15
loving you
is effortless, dear;
i would never roll my eyes at the thought
of you
I could search the universe for the right words.
I could look through every crater of every moon.

I could put the sentences dancing on the tip of my tongue
in a beautiful arrangement.
They would be in perfect and symmetrical lines,
they would move and jump and synchronize with the grace of a thousand swans,
creating a heart shape out of themselves.
They would spin and twirl and blossom through the cold ground like the eager flowers after this eternity of a winter.
Can't you see that it is a bouquet, a ballet, and a declaration all in one?
Each letter would be tied perfectly in its place with a silver ribbon.

And it would still not be enough to express how much of a gift you are to me.

The way I see it,
you are as safe as you are warm.
You are as vibrant as you are beautiful.
You are as patient as you are kind.
Each moment with you is like opening a present.
Your feet leave a trail of with each step you take.
Music notes follow you around like they do with a character in some cartoon I used to watch as a child.
Your smile is contagious and leaves everyone's cheeks hurting.
A color banner that reads "happy" finds it way above the head of every person you share a laugh with.

And I will always, always celebrate knowing you.

You, my dear, my gift, my sweet love,
are something to look forward to and something to be
and eternally
grateful for.
i am in love with you. there. i said it.
Ender Royalty Apr 13
A week without her
Feels like a year
She is my only cure
I need her near

Where did she go
I need her here
You'll never know
How much I need you, dear
Another quick piece, enjoy
Olympia Apr 11
the most painful of experiences are the ones you don't expect
when something turns for the worst
and you're left there standing in the midst of ruin
these are the most painful moments
they are nearly impossible to escape

for example:
when someone breaks your heart
you know it's over for good
and then they try to contact you
completely out of the blue, just to say hi
and it takes everything inside
to not hurt them like they hurt you

these are painful moments
wrapped up so perfectly with a ribbon
why it hurts so much, I will never understand
maybe its because your heart anticipates
and then the storm hits
Hanna Kelley Mar 11
Everyone goes through some stuff in their life that they want to change.
Something that hurt them, someone who changed them, a situation that could have been avoided.
And we have to face the realization that we can't change any of it.
I wish I could write a letter to myself.
My past self.
I could tell her that the minds of teenagers get dark and scary.
I would inform her that razors should only be used to shave.
I would plead that she didn't let her insecurities stop her from reaching her goals.
I would enlighten her that no matter how much make-up, dieting, or personality changes she commits too; its better to change for yourself than turn into something your not for others.
I would encourage her to not think twice. STOP OVERTHINKING.
I would remind her that she is young and yes, death is unpredictable but so is your ability to reach your biggest dreams. Reach for your dreams.
Don't think of death as a dead line; great things take time.
Everyone makes mistakes.
I would tell her that one day she will have these unexplainable feelings for a girl. It will seem impossible, but do not give up on her.
I would warn her about the high school boys that will only use her, no matter how Christian they are.
Create friendships, get to know people before you give yourself away.
Let things take its course and you may be surprised where it takes you.
I would explain all of the great things that I have experienced, and inform her that the world can be bright.
I would remind her that her parents only want what is best for her, and they are more supportive than she thinks.
I would let her know that people will leave her, and it will be hard for awhile, but she will survive.
You will survive.
Dear Girlfriend,
(Or if our friends are around and you change a little, embarrassed maybe)
Dear person who likes me and who I like,

This is to say that
I may not be your girlfriend
(Or if our friends are around and you change a little, embarrassed maybe)
I may not be the girl who likes you who you like.

This is to say that
I still like you
and I really hope that you still like me
and we are totally friends


This is also to say that
Your girlfriend
(Or if our friends are around and you change a little, embarrassed maybe)
Your female friend who likes who and who you like
May not be as female as you think.

Az Mar 3
Colors in life,
What it matters...
Matters what, it doesn't matter,
But matter what do matter.

Colors in life,
Why it matters....
Matters to color the life...
Matters to color the journey.......

Colors in life,
When it matters....
Matters after missing out....
Matters after losing out............
Matters after concluding nothing.
Think about the journey of hardships in your life.
i haven't finished reading the story of us
but it feels as though
you have stopped following the words
that bring us together

our story has collected dust
it remains on a shelf
ignored, untouched
recognized from time to time, but never opened
by your dancing hands

but you see my dear,
i carry around my copy like it is
a flower that is incapable of wilting

the pages fill me with wonder
the mystery leaves me eager for the next chapter

you will always be my most favorite character
you will always be dog-eared
my waiting love for you is tucked away in the creases

i would fill a library with all the words i have to say to you

if only
if only i could be booksmart
and untangle this plot
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