In all honesty, I think about you a lot.
I think about you while I'm waiting in line,
while I stir my coffee in the morning,
when I remove my makeup after a long day.

I think about you in the middle of meetings,
while I’m waiting for my Uber,
and even when I light my cigarette.

I think about you in the most random moments
But the thought of you has stopped lingering in my head.
I think about you,
but I cannot say I that I could still remember you.

You're just a thought now,
an idea
from the past.

Because to remember―
is different
To remember―
is to travel back in time
and feel the way I felt when I used to walk beside you,
have lunch with you,
and stare at your flawless skin.

You're just a thought now,
a memory
I want to keep good.

I still think about you a lot.
And admittedly,
if you’re thinking about me too.


Dear reader, oh dear reader
I have something to say to you
I've been meaning to talk
In some way or the other

I am a lost, confused soul
Sometimes, even dark and hurting
And all those emotions inside me
Pour out into my writings

I cannot stop those emotions
And sometimes they hurt
But I am not hurt as much as
when you are not there for me

For all these days
You have been here for me
In my brightest days
And few of the darkest

You saw my Insanity
And you helped me find Purpose
You gave me Stories
And made me Complete

I cannot form enough words
To thank you for all you've done
I should create new words
Just to tell you how I feel

But, as a humble writer
I thank you cordially
Forever you shall be here
In a special place in my heart

Thank you, for being there when I needed
Thank you, for listening when I vent
Thank you, for supporting me from behind
Without you, I would have never made the leap


I love You, my dear Princess Pooh,
There can't be anyone as good as You,
We are yet to meet each other,
Months spent together are so few.

My HP Poem #1677
©Atul Kaushal

My warm friend
You bring me quiet joy

I missed you, it’s nice to know you missed me too

Dear Tristan,

          They see good in you,
          But you know it's not there

Deemz Nov 3

I am sorry I let someone touch
the outline of your lips,

I am sorry I let someone trace the
goosebumps on your arms,

I am sorry I let someone whisper
poetry to your ears,

I am sorry I let someone
break your wings.

Dear Tristan,

          You want to be a hero,              
          But you wouldn't save everyone

Dear Tristan,

          Metallica is your favorite,
          But Poison is your remedy

I got my numbers straightened out this time
Ivo Nov 2

My dear sweet little lady
tell me how you still feel
'cause even broken memories
are wounds that tend to heal.

You've passed through almost
cold creatures made of steel
my dear sweet little lady
tell me how you still feel.

I still can't even fathom
your strength, it seems
'cause even when the dust was
you never, ever kneeled.

My dear sweet little lady
tell me how you still feel
and know that broken memories
are wounds that always heal.

Though some nights I can hear
your silent lonely cries
they really come to show that:
from pain you always rise.
Tristan Brown Oct 31

Dear Tristan,

          You say your good at math,
          But you apparently can't count

I realized that I put out five already, so I thought I would have a little fun with this one.
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