that I may truly hate you

let me dance as
before you
he put
she said
you couldnt come
teach me

pawns for queens
set me
Seema 6d
I have lost counts of your tear drop...
Why can't you make the flow stop...
You know seeing you like this makes me weak...
Tell me what I can do, atleast say or speak...
You are my friend and am here by your side...
Who has upset you? Who has lied?
Please look up and smile...
See I have come across from many mile...
You don't have to worry as am here for you...
With every breath I have, I will care for you...
You are an angel enlighting my world...
Standing by me in withering cold...
Life without you seems wretched and old...
Now cheer up beautiful nold...
I made a plan for us tonight...
Eating, gossiping, playing, singing throughout the night...

Isaac Ward Feb 14
You're my-
Summer nap in the cool shade,
My porch swing as the daylight fades,
And a tall glass of lemonade,
You're my Summer Babe,

You're my-
Apple cider and a gentle breeze,
A handful of the falling leaves,
Oh, be mine if you please,
You're my Autumn Babe,

You're my-
Fresh snow on Christmas day,
My hallmark movie that always plays,
The first thing my list for Santa says,
You're my Winter Babe,

You're my-
Green grass and an April shower,
Maybe you'll be my May flower,
And if you allow,
I'll be your valentine, babe.
Hey babe, I thought maybe this might be a bit cliche, but now all of my (currently 11) followers now how much I love you ^-^
I wish I could stay by the sea again,
Watching it swallow your tears, rising tides,
It’s funny how you use to wipe them towards your tiny chicks
And pretending to be okay.

I miss how you use to bit an apple,
Leaving tinny teeth marks on the side,
How I watch you finding your way to it seed.

You taught me life,
Never miss wrestling on Sunday,
Always ready to play Marry go around any second.
I remember watching you trying to fit my hat
Pretending you are the granny next door,
Swinging of his chair every morning
Just to let the summer sun worm his heart.

I wish I was there.
Watching you growing,
Now am only left with memories
Memories of how life was going to be if I didn’t join the army.
In battle field, every time I pull a trigger my heart commit suicide.
I wish I could tell you, all the things I learned about life.

If you get this latter just know I learned that.
I daddy loves you.
Patricia Feb 7
Dear Whitney,

I was a thought in my mother's imagination when you were in your prime and now that I'm in mine I need you back more than I need mine. You would've known what to say when that man entered my sacred space. Can you believe they haven't figure it out yet?

Whitney you danced for you and no one else. No one could love you like you did, not even your devoted fans. You let no one call you broke and call you a crack fiend. Instead you powdered your face and continued on with your day. But baby yours isn't translucent.

Sister Houston you died when we needed you most. It was you who could lift every voice with just yours and sing for all the colors in the wind. You left me all alone before I got a chance to fall in love with your overbearing spirit. There was no room left in my body for God after I filled myself with hate.

Whitney I never learned how to love. I tried listening to the legacy you left on my iPhone and reading articles on how to be better. I been screaming for somebody's love for so damn long that I'll dance for anybody. In this story, I've become you Whitney. This is The Bodyguard now and ol' boy from Field of Dreams is coming for me. To you my love, if you build it I will always love you.

And lastly Whit, what's the afterlife really like? Is worth it? You know, leaving me behind?
What a joy
What a joy
My little nephew,
Two decades back
Born abroad,
When a  guest here
A ride on
A piggy shoulder
Who used to enjoy,
To whom I bought
A motley toy
Out of himself
Made a brilliant boy.

“As per my choice
Could you buy me a donkey
Or a could you allow  me
A  tortoise
To touch
When we go to
The squalid market square
Or  the nearby church?”

Double mind
Is his nick name
Now crafting
Software is his game.

A small boy
He used to ask
“Tell me why
Flowers don't grow
On the sky?”

“Tell me quick
Why animals
Don't speak?
Also stars
Don't grow
On the meadow?”

“Why is the sky high
To touch?”
Such questions helped him
Racking  his brain
To come up with
Academic research,
That troubleshoot
Societal challenge
And afford
A nation a turnaround
Or  for the better a change!

Now, conversant in IT
It is no wonder
To observe
Binary operation,flowcharts
Programming languages
Are at the tip of his finger.

His study at
George Mason University
Has turned out a hit
Getting himself
In the Dean's List.

A boy that lends
To parents, relatives
And teachers
A heeding ear
Is really dear.
(To my Nephew who graduated recently)
vanessa ann Jan 27
you resemble sunsets;
and so quickly gone
but i'll be with you from dusk till dawn
Oh dear,what are called thoughts here?
Oh dear,what is called pain either?
Oh you all say day and night
Love and only love
Oh dear,who is called love?
Is it only painful
Is it only the eyes' tears?Is it only the sigh of sorrow?
Oh then people do it
In search of such pleasure
Such a painful venture?
In my eyes all are beautiful
All are novel all are clear and pure
The blue sky,the prosperous green jungles
The vast moonlight,the tender flowers
All are but
Like me,no?
Only do they laugh
Only do they sing
Laughing and playing
They want to die
Neither do they no sorrow
Nor burst of tears
They don't know
The pains of pursuit so
Oh the flower laughs
And laughing it falls
Laughing the moonlight
Does get lost
Oh in the sea if light
Laughing the sky's stars
Leave why?
Oh dear,who is happy like me?
Oh dear oh come near me
Oh singing the songs of a happy heart
I will console your soul and heart!
Everyday if you
Cry and cry
Not even for a day
Do you laugh
Oh oh no
Let us forget all this sorrow
And sing together
To our heart's glory
For a day!
Niroj Dhakal Jan 17
Dear You
At a first glance,
I was so amazed to see you.
But I felt difficult,
to talk to you.
Every night when I closed my eyes,
I see your charming face.
That Blue dress and red lips
really made me attracted towards you.
You're special !
I got my first job.

Lesser than expected salary,
Otherwise, I'm very happy,
Very satisfied I'm as well,
Except for that change it I will.

You inspired me, Pooh Bear,
Of a bright future, I'm a holder,
Utopic partner, you're my beholder.
My HP Poem #1699
©Atul Kaushal
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