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Amelia 5d
Is this love?
I want to prove myself to you.
Am I confused?
I wouldn't care believe me, it is love.
I just wasn't as naive.
You did not love me as much.
Now I'm confused all over again.
Was it love?
Did you have to prove yourself to me?
I am confused.
Tell me what this is.
Let's not make it complicated and tell me.
Where did I go wrong?
Do soulmates exist?
Can you unlove a person?
Am I not enough?
Answer me.
Just tell me.
I could fix things.
Answer me.
Just tell me.
Was I not worth it, anymore?
Maybe if I..
Amelia 5d
I wish I pretended I dozed off and didn't hear a thing
Those three words wasn't meant to be acknowledged
I wish I waited
Even just for a little while
Keeping it all to myself
When would you have said it?

I wish I didn't knew you had a crush on me.
Would I like you before your supposed confession?
I wish I waited
Even just for a little while
Let those feelings naturally flourish
What would you have done about it?
I wish I did not greet you with a joke about your tattered jeans
The first time we met, a story about my parents made you laugh.
I waited.
For a little too while
They would have liked you.
It started here.
Amelia 5d
I feel better
But why do I always find myself crying in the afternoon
Everything is connected with you.

I think clearer
But why do I keep on digging dip on our past conversations
We had real connection, unattached.

Oh. I miss 'missing you'.
When did I became so attached, wanting to hear your voice, see you smile, and feel your warmth.
I am no longer familiar with your scent, your taste.

I am afraid of the gap.
That we are finally moving on.
That I seem great but I am not doing well at all.
I am a fraud and can barely handle myself whenever I hear our song.
Amelia 5d
I found my truth
What a hard pill to swallow
That I made the right decision
Wait, am I relieved?

No? Not yet?
This isn't it.
Prove me wrong.
Just this once.

Prove me wrong
Because I hate being right
Prove me wrong
Will you?
Blossom for a moment in my heart, here,
although things are never certain,
what will be after you bloom fragrant
and beautiful.
Maybe something will come off, wither, then disappear.
Maybe something will be lost, vanish, and never come back.
Blossom where you want to grow and people will like you,
not because where people like you then you have to grow.
Indonesia, 28th March 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
JKirin Feb 26
Gentle breaths, huffs, escape your sweet kiss-swollen lips.
At the feel of your heartbeat, my own wildly skips.
I am content right here with your head on my chest.
I will hold you close, dear, while you’re taking your rest.
Payton Feb 24
My dear you are like the sun and I am the moon, and my light aches in the shadow of your love.
This isn't really a poem but rather a pretty thought. It was written in 2016.
Payton Feb 24
You are like a sky.
A fire across the clouds.
And I can't peel my eyes away.
Like a moth drawn to your flame,
I'd rather burn down to nothing, then to
fade from your memory.
I was a part of you,     the way each  
adds a little bit of character
                  to the moon.
And you erased me from your life. Dressed me in nonexistence.
                      It was easier for you to look away than to wrap me in
                   your love.
I guess I flew too close to you, because
my dear, you were the sun, and
when you pulled me into you,
                      my wings
disintegrated, and
                   I crumbled away in your
This poem was written in 2016.
Amelia Feb 10
Kukumustahin pa ba?
Hihintayin ka ba?
Meron pa ba?
Nasa akin ba?

Sa gagawing mga desisiyon
Sa bawat saya at lungkot
Sa lahat ng sumulpot
Sa ikabubuti o ikalulugmok

Hahayaan kita!
Maghilom ang mga sugat
Mapagod kakukwento’t kakahalungkat
Maghanap ng ikaliligayang tapat
Matagpuan ang sarili, maging sapat

Magkatagpung muli bilang magkaibigan
Magbalik sa dating nadaramang handa naman
Maging estranghero’t magkalimutan
Sa malayo masubaybayan.

Ako’y nandirito;
Sa dinami rami ng pwedeng mangyari
Dumaan man sa lubos na pighati
Alalahanin **** mabuti
Pag-isipan **** maigi

Kaya ko na..
Tanggapin, panindigan
Patawarin, kamtan
Harapin, sundan
Hanapin, malaman
Chop suey mind all the way
B Bonnete Feb 8
Will you do something great today

Will you do something grand

Will you stand up and prance and sing with life holding your hand

Will you tell all who seem to doubt

Your grace and extraordinaire

That nothing, simply nothing will

Knock your lungs of this fresh air

For everyday is a journey I belt

From rooftops to misty screens

All who despise me I hold so dear,

I’ve made friends of cowardly fiends

The world is mine to conquer, and every battle with lessons taught

So if you try to dull this greatness my dear

You shall be left distraught
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