Willow 3d
Inka, I want to thank you for being my support dog in a way. Sure you were never trained but you have always been there when no one else was. You were the reason I'm still here today.
You have seen me happy, angry, sad. You have seen my break downs, my purging moments and my cutting sessions. You have seen it all. You are now 6, I can't believe it. You have grown so much. I sound like a mother, but it would be like I am losing my baby, my everything. I am laying here with you, my big chocolate covered marshmallow telling you I love you. I wish that you could stay longer on earth, but humans don't deserve dogs.
You are an angel and angels are too pure to live on this cruel world for too long. I hope you stay with me after though, I hope you will always be my little couch potato with me. Sure you could be in dog heaven too, but I will always have popcorn for you so win win, right? I don't know what I would do without you. I know I would be the biggest cry baby ever, and you won't be there to lick my tears away. I don't know why people say Pitbulls are the worst dogs because I think you are one of the best. I hope when I die, I will be with you. I remember when we first got you, you would fart so much I had a clip with me all the time to clip my nose. Oh, and you pooped on my brother's shoes, I knew I was going to love you when you did that. Thank you for being my thing to hug because I always felt I was going to break down in front of someone if I hugged them, but with you I didn't care. Thank you for being my warmth and pillow at night. Thank you for licking my tears away. Thank you for keeping a smile on my face. Thank you for being my little bit of happiness. Thank you for being my dog. You will always be on my mind and in my heart. My big chocolate covered marshmallow, Inka.
eli 5d
dear future self,
i hope you've finally learned to put yourself before other
that everyone isn't who they seem to be
and never to fall so hard for someone who'd never love you

i hope you learned that you don't need people who don't need you
to love yourself
and that you're important

i hope in the future you are the best you possible
Tia Jul 8
I fell in love
and told you nothing
Because I was afraid of what might happen

Sorry I didn't say anything
I was so caught up with everything
And now I can't get my self to talking

I'm getting scared
I am still feeling the pain
And I just want it to go away

I know this was my fault
I should have made a second thought
Then I might have prevented this broken heart

Please turn off the lights
Don't initiate a fight
I wouldn't listen even if you're right

I really want to take away the pain
Just for now can I be mean?
Or just walk underneath the rain?

Do you think I'm gonna be okay?
Do you think I could take the pain away?
Do you think I can be back to the same me again?
ph Jul 5
You, my dear,
are very
much unlike
the rest.
Your antlers
have not yet
grown in
and you worry
they never will.
But the boy with
amber eyes
says that
yours will be
made of crystal
and not of
bone and

© Copyright Pegasus 2016
Luis Valencia Jun 27
To the man who stole my innocence
Kiss my ass

To the men who think its okay for them to ask me to expose myself for their pleasure
Kiss my ass

To the conservative women out there who think sex is unpleasurable
Leave your husbands

To the men who can’t please their wives take viagra

To the old ladies who feed the stray cats of my hometown
Live like you’re young agaun

To the children who still dream never lose your minds

To those who are reading this keep pushing you are worth it.
....yeah kind of not sure what this is...
emnabee Jun 24
Demon, dear
If I ponder

Will you appear?
Dream Fisher Jun 24
Dear Ana,

I feel like I've had you on my mind, this whole life.
I feel like you might take me from this family,
Suffocating me, cutting me out with a knife
It's hard for me to understand why you follow so close,
At times when I eat alone, I think of you the most, Ana.
While other demons take a backseat you will never be ghost
They called me a freak in school with you on my chest
And Ana the nights you felt closest,
Are the times I wanted to rest.

When I see your face, you leave me breathless,
My heart starts pounding with my mouth trembling
You pull me in and whisper "let's end this"
As much as it pains me not to succumb to your song,
I pull your arms from my neck then you're gone,
Gone in a person but there in a presence
But I don't agree to that fate, yet have come to acceptance

So Ana, you say you miss me and every meeting seems dire
The doctors, they tell me, you're bad for my health
Still until I expire you'll never retire
And Ana feels access holding my throat in
With one injection and slowly i count to ten
Now Ana be silenced for a moment
But still talking from within.
Ana never leaves but keeps quiet until it's a struggle again
Goodbye, my dear friend, for now.
I’m gone for only a day,
But I know that you know how,
for our next minuet, I’ll await.

Goodbye, my dear ol’ Chickering,
‘Til the next time I’ll sit and then
I’ll listen to your diamond ring
Bless my ears again.

Thank you, yes you, my dear,
For offering your friendly counsel,
For lending me your patient ears
Over years and through tears as well.

Just a day, my dear, lil’ piano,
Until I’ll peer again into your musical window.

I realized today just how... much... I truly do love my piano. Even if I play the same, singular song over and over again, I just love to stop by the piano in my few free minutes of down time and sing and play. I often revisit the same songs just because I know how to play them while singing and do it well (or at least fairly decently in my mind) during those few short minutes. I’ve often been so overwhelmed with happiness that J’ve just wanted to play, giving me an excuse to belt the lyrics as loud as I can (lol) or play to finally release any restrained or built up stress from throughout the day. I suppose I use it to cope with many things. I suppose I use music in general for this purpose: to cope. It’s either that, or to motivate or inspire me to do something. Also, sometimes, I suppose a “Disney princess” just wants a dramatic background orchestral acccompaniment to what she does, lol... I may not have an orchestra, but I have my piano... and that’s all I need. ❤️☺️
(a salvation for my then junior high school youngest daughter afflicted with cognitive dissonance, who over the intervening years (mor'n half dozen Earth orbitz  ago), I dashed off this poem witnessed nothing short of miraculous transformation evinced and witnessed by profound learning displaying significant aptitude cognition).

twas spawned fondness
   for above named young lady,
   when she got assigned
   to thine offspring

a glint of genuine virtue grew
   into shimmering orb
   of brilliant radiance
   if accorded sound - would ring

the tune of countless angels,
   which imagined beatific,
   Democratic, fantastic...sounds
   generated via many wing

heavenly music filling  
   cosmos with joy as august aural,
   choral, epochal...tones
   would zippily zing

from across universe
spurring one me silly mortal
   to contrive this verse
attempting to capture her
   aura, charisma, enigma...purse

sue wing dynamic link
   with progeny did nurse
emotional and spiritual value
   dedication she did immerse

latent social services skill
   plus natural radiance
   a blessed hire
at Central in Norristown, Pennsylvania,
   whose visits i miss lyre
plucking voice

   stilled concern for precious Shana Punim,
   who aspires to challenge and grow
   this father may spill tears
his lessoned fatherhood role
   n'er did aye tire

and glad fate that though our paths
   will probably not criss cross
curiosity will gnaw within noggin,
   and possibly rub raw minor loss

viz, the persevering
   maiden USA touch of Kim
   lichened to moss
in her rooted cultivation of care
   toward biological lass a lucky toss

of the genetic combination
   from Matthew
   and Abby Harris our jewel
shimmering facets of luminescence
   reminding me human

   gem stone a kool
aid - priceless staff member
   of human league,
   whose golden presence doth gently rule
without doubt a beloved
   unbridled priceless counterpart
   some lucky guy
   pledging his troth yes – she yule

see stars in her eyes
no doubt disappointment
   felt by other guys
envious of he,
   who snagged Kimberly Hartzell
   so worthy and wise!
Kat Jun 2
Dear blame
I carried you for so long
How come you still weigh so heavy on my shoulders?
All I ever wanted was to leave it all behind
and all I ever feared was to leave it behind me
So much that I used to know
emptied by the distance in front of me
behind me lies what feels hard to comprehend
and how seeing my reflection now doesn't feel like some kind of lament

Dear self-doubt
did you know I'm not hiding anymore?
I found peace in these walls made out of run-down things
There are roots now and green leaves grow
I think the way I feel is like a once abandoned building
taken back by nature
But not overgrown, no,
just filled with new life where there was only cold concrete before.

Dear father
you'll never know
And I'll surely never have a reason to tell
I hope you're okay
I'm okay without you
the heaviness doesn't weigh on me any longer
and it took some time for me to realize that this is alright
This girl is alright

Dear mother
your pain always hits closest to home
anger was always yours to portrait
I think I gave you enough, I gave it all
and for what it's worth I never dishonored your pride
if dishonoring didn't mean standing up in front of you
I will forever be angry with you
so my conscious heart left a very long time ago
I had to save myself
I apologize and wish you find peace in your own right

Dear me
I'm so proud of you
Do you remember how we used to look outside?
thinking we'd never made it, no chance
It felt like a silly dream
Is it real?
Did we manage to escape it all with merely some scars and bruises?
I think... I did.
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