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i know its been a while
since we've
and i don't really
if we're still
close or
but i
need you back in my life
cause i'm in a fight
with myself
and i don't know
which one of me is
i need some
to get over these memories
i need you to help me to my feet
and if you could
kindly manage
to help a friend who's  really famished
well that old friend would be pretty
you see i'm starving
i'm hungry for adventure
but i'm also stuffed
from thinking about the future
and if there's one thing
i know
its that you have helped me grow
and on a side note, you'll reap what you
this will give you time in the light
in my life
to give you time
to set things right
with everything that's ever caused you

dear Dafydd,
i need you to come back
just for a little while
دema Dec 6
So many times,
I’ve tried telling you
that I love you and that I care for you,

I need you to know that I see your intentions,
that you are indeed trying,

He does not see you for who you are,
she can not see you for who you are,
they would not see you for who you are,
if you do not acknowledge who you are,

dear self,
care for your soul, it’s been homeless too many times,
sing to your heart, it’s been homesick for some beats,
make peace with your mind, it’s the only home for your thoughts,
thoughts like this,
that have not been cared for at all
and not once filled with some love.
Seanathon Nov 30
Dear chaos heart
Die on the edge of my orderly blade
And bleed out your malevolence
Forever depart
Dear chaos heart
Die on the edge of my orderly blade
And bleed out your malevolence
Forever depart
Silent Moon Nov 23
Blonde curls spilling over your head
Magic sparkling through your eyes
A smile of purity
Where were you when they hurt me
Where were you when I was crying
Where were you when they lied
Where were you when they continuously broke my heart
Lunatica Nov 18
Dear heart,

I know you are hurt and you don't want to wake up from the beautiful dream.
But believe me, no matter how hard you trust on a mirage, it wouldn't turn into real.
You are just grasping the grains of sand, putting it in your mouth and choking yourself.
You have to understand it's not possible for it to turn into water.
You have to let go.

You have to wake up from that dream.

Your Guarding Angel
You’re just like a dream
Always so close
Yet so far from me
And I wonder what it feels like
To revolve around your energy

I’ve been here for a while
I’m hanging on for you
But my dear I fear we’re too apart
I want to dive into your heart
And show you
What it feels to fall in love

I try to follow your protocol
But I curse to the wind  
When it all falls apart
Our love is fragile
But not impossible
You’re the cure
To my broken heart
And I’m the console
For your endless tears

I’m love ridden
But I’m far too timid
To let you know
That there’s a world
For you and me
I’ll never get close to your gravity
That’s just the way
It was meant to be
Lost Soul Nov 13
Thank you for soaking up my tears
I know there have been quite a bit
just this past year
Thank you for absorbing my crys
You muffle my voice
Cradle my face
while I scream "why!"
You have seen the worst
I prayed to die in your embrace
To be saved from this misery
To live left like a curse
Thank you for holding my head up
Even when I had no strength
to do it myself
You stepped in and acted as my back-up
I'm going to find my worth
I'm not no longer afraid
I'm going to live like its my last day on earth
Because I always know you are right there
Waiting for me to come back
Ready to take me as I am
No matter what emotions I bare
Seanathon Nov 7
The answer is not
To wander
To lose one’s self in the wondrous thought
Or to throw precaution the wind


One answer which will travel much farther
Is to simply do
Whatever it is
You ought

That which you can
A blurb about something I learned long ago. Saying isn't doing. Declaring you will or would if you could, isn't doing. Life waits for noone who hides behind a when.
Amelia Oct 30
It all ends
and i thought I was Summer
when finally I met my Autumn.
I thought I was numb, I had emotions all along. Oo, yung movie nga.
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