Not a day goes by
that I don't think your name,
that I don't see your face,
that I don't feel your kiss,
you're everything to me
and I wasn't good enough.

There are some things I can't erase
your memory is one of them
ans I wish you'd have stayed
but I was never quiet the best.

Now you run along
calling someone else perfection
while I sit around here
waiting for a way to obliterate your sensations.

About that dude that was my better and my worst.

You ask me a question
You ask it with a lot of hope
Whether that smile is of acceptance
Acceptance of your love
I say
No dear
It's not an acceptance smile
But it's just a smile
Filled with guilt & fear
It's a reminder of hers
I can be okay with it
But in a not so short time

My HP Poem #1596
©Atul Kaushal

The world has cascaded;
Have dispersed.
The wind has ferried
Our souls,
And distant,
Fear not,
My dear;
For you are

Everyone you meet leaves a piece of themselves with you; within this,  we are all infinite.

I am of an unpopular opinion
that if you have yourself, my dear
you are never alone.

I didn’t know you
but I know you.

You were
a rebel.
It was in your veins.
You wore a leather jacket,
leather boots.
You’d walk down the street with
a purpose.
You never cared what they thought.
The roar of the engine
would bring a smile to your face.
You loved everything about it.
The rumble
and the low-slug feel of the seat.
You loved
the rush of wind in your face,
the feeling of being free and in control of life.
Your destination never mattered.
It was the trip you enjoyed.

Once you got a taste of freedom,
you became addicted.
Always seeking for excitement.
You searched for new places,
new people,
new things.

You did it all.

You cared for your family,
your friends.

I know you
loved her.
I could feel it,
see it,
sense it
when she entered the room.
I didn’t even see her right away
but I knew something was different.
I knew you were there
with her,
with us.
It was the first time I met her
but I knew who she was.
She entered with a purpose.
Just like you.
The way she stood.
The way she talked.
The look in her eyes.
Her presence.
Just like you.

The more I talked to her
the more I saw you.
It hurt listening to her.
She was in love with you.
I could hear it in her voice.
You’ve been gone for a while
but you impacted so many people.
I wish I was one of those people.
I miss you,
even though I never met you.

Your life betrayed you.
You were no longer in control.
The end came too soon.
You were too good for this world.

I didn’t know you
but I know you.

Stay with a beauty,
Blinding and bright.
Stay with an awe,
A powerful might.

Never without love,
Absence of fear and fright.
Never without joy,
Full of color and light.

Stay unique,
Special and smart,
Stay with a passion,
True to your heart.

Never give in, up, or out,
To anger or hate.
Never turn your back,
To destiny or fate.

But be happy.
And have cheer.

Stay happy and awesome,
Stay to me dear.

Enjoy, or don't, whatever you want. Share if that is what you desire to do, or, again, don't. -Samuel Hoffmann.
ryrosaur May 8

So, there's this musical that I've become obsessed with.
That's normal, right?
I suppose.
Naturally, I've been listening to the soundtrack.
Over and over and overandoverandover because that's what I do.
I replay things until they're so old I can't bring myself to care.
But that isn't the focus of this one - that'll be covered another time, when I have a chance, when I've got a life.
A song on this soundtrack that I seem to favor is titled "Waving Through A Window", and I'm just amazed by the artistry of this particular song. It's so focused, guys.
It's real.
The singer is trapped behind a personality he's built up for himself, you know?
It reminds me of me - trapped behind a hypothetical "window" of sorts, fighting myself just to get out and be seen for once.
But there's also that fear of not being liked, of not being accepted, because I'm really a horribly numb human and I don't want to scare anybody away.
So I guess I'll just keep waving through this goddamn window.

I'm ranting about Dear Evan Hansen, okay?

I hoped that she will improve now,
Instead she's on a downward curve.

She got out of one LDR back at that time,
Only to fall into a longer one with him.

Haryana is closer to Punjab if compared,
Mauritius is so distant for another LDR.

My HP Poem #1498
©Atul Kaushal

I was kissed by an angel,
She blessed me, and left me with this,
No longer am I in danger.

I cannot dismiss this gently kiss,
Soft plump lips blessing me with the taste of honey-due,
It has left me with this memorable bliss.

Inhaled to much of her scent,
Leaving me intoxicated and madly enchanted.

She pulled me out of the abyss,
And never forgot to pull me back out, when I slipped back in,
This feeling she leaves me with, I will miss.

My dear angel I only had you for a short while,
But I have already been bewitched by all of you.

Your kiss left me breathless.

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