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Dear You,
If you are reading this
Whoever you are
I just want to let you know
I am so proud of you
you've come so far
and I love what you are writing

keep going

Your fellow Writer
I'm not afraid of you
nor am I anxious of you
you do not matter
you have no power over me

I'm only afraid of one thing
the time between me and you
and what will be done
with something so precious
Dear Younger Me.

The days ahead are dark.

There will be points
Where you will close your eyes
Burning, stinging, tear-torn eyes
And it will look no brighter
When you open them again.
You will reach for the light switch
Only to discover
The dual bulbs
Clustered under the shade
Are doing all they can already.
You will walk upstairs
In the witching hour
The dark scary still hour
And even though there is nothing
Nothing logical to fear
The still scary, dark hour
And the night will surround you
Press in on you
And you’ll swear each step is a mouth
Waiting to swallow you alive.
You will leap from light switch to light switch
Because the dark
The cursed, smothering dark
Is a fate worse
Than sinking into a molten floor.

Dear Younger Me.

The darkness does not win. Not against the light.
Remember that.

Even if you, yourself, don’t feel light.
Even when you feel bogged down
Like the weight of a thousand worlds
Rests on your shoulders
And you’re slogging through swamp mud, besides.
There is light, and hope, and peace
Peace like none you have ever known
Waiting on the other side.
And if I could spare you the tears
The ache that tears your chest inside out
The lump that threatens to stay
Choking you
Breath by breath
If I could spare you that
You would never grow.
You would never become me.
Broken. Imperfect. Beautiful.
Stronger, holding tight to the Savior’s hand.
I wouldn’t trade all the stars to be you again, me.
But someday you’ll get here. April 2018.
You’ll write a poem. Me to you. Heart to heart.
You’ll look around. You’ll look back.
And there will be light again.
See you when you get here, yeah?
Dear Lilly

Do you want help to fight with your monster?
Do not call me now, I may be drunk.
You liked to listen to stories of fairy tales before bed.
But you  did not understand what it meant.
So you laughed

Because you did not know that with Stockholm syndrome you lived.

Are you willing to sell your brain?
And your dreams?
How much do you want to sell them?

Are people dying for God?
Are you going to die for me?

Let's get out of here
I want to make your mind spin.

Dear Lilly

Why does everyone talk a lot?

Today I will take you to the land of fantasies.
They will not control your mind there.

I can give you freedom.
If you are able to keep your thoughts with irony.

Be very careful with  what they say.
They told you that love is a healing machine.
Let's us supposed that they are right.
Do you want to be healed?
mc ish Aug 27
floating it seems
above the cities and Merchants i so desperately Crave to ground through
i cannot faiL
only yOu who haVe conquerEd my doubt
i walk onward
without fear of what iS to come
the smell of popcorn and ridicule is ripe in the air
those who pray for mY failure have ascended my egOtistical ways
you will not touch me
as i stand Upon a rope so thinly cut you wonder of its existence altogether
i know below me lies too much strength to lose
too many lovers have let me fall and not enough saints have held my chariot
i feel too keen to be
too much is left unsaid
A Sad Alex Aug 27
No poison as venomous
Nor insidious a rouge
No piercing an arrow
Can compare to love

A disease like no other
Like no virus or spore
It rides the breezes of Autumn
With the leaves as they fall

In the laughter of lovers
As they gaze into their eyes
Their company they cherish
As the world, it turns blank

Such subterfuge is legend
As warning you it does not
And in chains of steel unbreaking
Your heart will be wrought

Your walls will crumble
Your discipline, for naught
You crave their happiness
And then you are lost...
as it tears you asunder
and rips you apart from within

Oh, such a malady has no cure!
You can only give in...

When will you arrive my love?
Please, come to me
Cool this fever of passion
This fire that rages within
Swiftly my darling!
Life from my fingers it slips
I can´t bear to see them smiling...
In sadness I wallow in...
yet, maybe this is what I deserve
For turning my back on my heart
The pain, the agony, it feels...
like the cut of a thousand knives...
Hello it's me Aug 20
I guess this is it
I guess this is goodbye
I won't cry and you shouldn't either
Stay healthy, be strong
Don't let anyone put you down
It was nice what be had
I was hoping it will last
But now the end has come
Be part from each other
Be strong my dear friend
One day we will meet again
But for now...
Haiku Donna Aug 12
Thank you for helping
me with your words of wisdom
May your forest bloom
This one is for you brother Paul :)
Inspired x
I saw her walk through the cold chamber
She was wearing her old pretty dress
Her face was pale, she looked so sullen
I'm seeing her ghost again, I guess

She has long past died and I knew it
I guess I just can't move on, Oh why?
Mourning so deeply full of sorrow
I ask Thee, "Why does she have to die?"

I still remember the olden days
When I had held her close in my arms
And I could feel her breathe securely
I know she feels safe from any harm

But why, my dearest love, oh why?
Why leave me here broken and alone?
Is this a dejavu, I'm grievous
Grief-stricken, because of you I moan

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