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I'd dreamt of Moshe's fall
In the arid land of Kadesh
And I wondered; how sweet
were those waters of Meribah?

Then, I woke up from sleeping
and was greeted by a nightmare

Rising under an Ethiopian cloud
The Grandiose Renaissance
To tame the mighty blue Nile
To free the wild hearts of men

How I pray tensions fall
In the fertile lands of Africa
as I ponder; how sweet
are these waters of Meribah?
Jace Joesph May 15
In 8th grade I always walked to school, raining or freezing it was better than that stale tension that made a car rides air unbreathable.
It's the feeling of tittering on a stool, treading and stumbling I kept on my way to another torture, even when my legs hurt or felt ustable.
But when I would reach that hill and the sun would hit.
And it would soak In, everything i did became worth it.
Just for that warmth.
Cause I knew I'd make it though at least one more day.
Steve Page Apr 23
The two of them staggered in
and flopped onto the worn sofa.
Neither spoke.
Neither tried.
They were just grateful for another day.
An earned break
A pause poised at their tipping point.

Chaos rose with a broken smile,
raising a slow arm,
'See you tomorrow'.

But Order was already asleep.
"Humans are odd. They think order and chaos are somehow opposites and... try to control what won't be. But there is grace in their failings." The Vision, Age of Ultron.
Sadie Grace Apr 12
Winds blow trees back and forth
Thunder booms, rain pelts my face
Call it harsh but I love it
Call it dark but I live for this
Nature demonstrates exactly how my soul is feeling  
I’m a spring storm, longing for a sunny summer

Past simply expensed
Present perfectly clenched
Future presently tensed....

Active voices....making passive noise

Just playing with words for current situation
by Michael R. Burch

          fragile,    elusive—
     ­ if held         too closely
    cannot              withstand
  the inter                    ruption
of its                              bright,
  unmalleable           ­   tension
    and breaks, disintegrates,
       at the              touch of
           an undiscerning

Originally published by Neovictorian/Cochlea. I believe this is my only "shape" or "shaped" poem. Keywords/Tags: Love, fragile, delicate, bubble, tension, held, breaks, pops, disintegrates, explodes, implodes, hand, touch, harsh, ungentle
Dez Mar 29
When the tension is tight
Expect the fight
Unless through the plight
You make light
And thereby avoid a fight
Tony Tweedy Apr 1
The air lays still and lifeless giving no leaf a need to care,
No sound of passing traffic or kids laughter in the air.
Everywhere seems silent as if the world has lost its voice,
Even birds seem silent, bereft of song as if without a choice.

So eerie and pervasive is the silence right there outside my door,
Shouting aloud in its hush change to all things that went before.
Long periods of empty air, devoid of usual sounds I once ignored.
Leaving silence etched in mind where fear has seared and scored.
It says all I need it to.
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