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Worries swarm about my mind
Like angry bees about a hive

Buzzing, hungry for fury
My heart jitters in doubt

History revives its might
resilient it becomes. Resilient.
Thoughts in one's mind can determine how they feel.
Steve Page Mar 16
Two words that are joy and salve to my soul
That have my full attention at their mere mention
Two words that together complete one another:
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2022
Quite a nocturne of events, dearest

After the zero hour shattered

Our faces split love in half

Here be a thousand pieces

From a marching orders vibration

Don't break the unconventional

Positive tension we kiss with

For every time is the last time, dearest
Carlo C Gomez Oct 2022
A daily disturbance
In the cloud cover
Outside bespoken walls
It comes with knives
Walks with noise
To claim its hostage

The snow is falling
One syllable at a time
Upon fields of defenseless flowers
The day after it started
No one waved goodbye

The caroling of bells
Is a music we fear
Standing paralyzed
We wait for a sign
In a time of risk

Because soon is slipping away
Zywa Jan 2022
When it's the first time,

skating, dating, comforting --

Too bad! You are stiff!
For Ellen Huilmand #11

Collection "It takes a lot of tries to make a début"
cindy Dec 2021
Tension électrique
de regards fuyants
Touchers mécaniques
de doigts hésitants
Ce poème a une odeur froide
du vide entre deux corps
à jamais indécis
Glenn Currier Sep 2021
I awaken in darkness
still terrified and running
from the mountain lion.

But what if I’m the prey
of my own judging
captive of my comparisons?
At times I feel those verdicts in my gut
like when I can’t concentrate on a task
I SHOULD be doing.

When I notice my tight gut
and my mind wanting to flee
I can stop trying
and lying to myself
set my imagination free
roam a wilderness I choose
like right here on the flat and fertile plains
of this poem’s lines.
I used to MAKE myself read this or that out of duty or responsibility or just my own judgements that I SHOULD be reading this. But today I decided to stop that foolishness, read a poem or two here on this site, and just let my imagination roam. The word wilderness popped up out of nowhere. So I rode it and let it take me. The above is the result. Writing poetry frees me.
Peris Wambui Apr 2021
✨I fear the unknown

I'm walking down the aisle,
Looking all beautiful and elegant,
Maybe all this to impress the man standing infront of the altar, waiting for me.
But it doesn't feel right,
Something's missing.
Unlike other brides,
I'm not that happy.
Maybe that's what it feels like,
The congregation seem happy for me, for us, but my heart ain't,
Its frowning, I'd have thought its jealousy 'cause someone else gonna share it, but no, it's a strong feeling, tag war between the heart and mind, instincts and the 'love' I think is there.

I'm closer to the altar,
He's ready to take my hand and lead me to the journey fate planned for us,
But ****, my mind is strolling on a different lonely path,
A lane of no return, of looking back, a lane that...
I'm worried now,
With questions in my heart,
Maybe this is normal, or maybe I'm too nervous, but where is this trust I claimed to have,
Where is this love?
Is this a mistake?did we rush things on such a short notice?
Am I really lucky like my girlfriends say?

We are already here,
My dad is handing me over to him,
Instead of being elated, I'm feeling scared,
Is this the right thing to do?
Am I really on the right path?
Why am I so insecure?why do I think he's gonna forget all this, and see me as a nobody someday?
Why do I feel he's gonna fall out of love,  and no longer treasure what we have?
Why am I too engrossed to the thoughts that he's gonna hurt me, he's not gonna show me respect even infront of our kids,
****, talking of kids, what if he leaves us, what if he finds a perfect lady and think all that we have, the family, is all a mistake?
What if I confront him someday and he decides that its over for us, what if he raises his hands on me,
Will I take all that?
Am I really ready for this man, for this new phase for me?

The ring is already on my finger,
Now I'm not just the girl they used to know,
I already have his second name,
He owns me now,
There's nothing like looking back, escaping this,
I've owned up to it,
So maybe, just maybe, I should shun these thoughts away,
And be happy, or that's what I think,
Let me laugh, smile, love while it lasts,
Cause the future is uncertain, not even my insticts can define it or predict what will happen,
So I'm looking back at this man, I smile,
My heart praying and hoping, this is the best decision I've ever made!

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