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And even though it hurts the most to say I love you, I always will. In stolen moon light I sit writing something of hope and what could be happiness. My words are broken like my heart, my mind is cold like December. In fallen leaves I found love on an October evening in the middle of no where reading books of fairytales that never seemed to come true. I wrote Dad at the top of a paper I hoped to finish writing but, in reality I  don’t even know where to start. Where do I begin when love has no ending, where do I begin when once what was love is gone...
Father I hope you know you mean the world to me
m 5h
i've been having a difficult time
deciphering fact from fiction and fiction from
dreams i had when i was a child,
the percolation of the cells
in my chest grow heavy, enormous,
pushing into my throat these
cries for anything
but drowning, anything but
tornadoes all alone,
but awkward kisses and tear-stained
celestial sheets of cotton.
where is my passion? have they taken it all?
was all that blood i've shed a lie?
do i want to end up dead?
i thought intellectual stimulants
and forced photographs in front
of that fountain, again,
could be enough to elevate my senses
back to reality, but i have only
learned how to decorate the darkness,
to numb the throbbing thoughts,
to stuff full the leaking veins of
love and lust and lost breaths,
enough to get out of bed
and into his or his or his
because i remember this place
from a dream i had as a child
and it hurts, i hurt, you hurt,
i smile and ask for more
anxiety attack
I feel like I became a different person everyday
I wish I could remember who the real me was so that I can be okay.
Every time the sunsets it takes away a part of me.
I keep losing myself each day.
why do I feel like the stars are created by the little pieces that the sun took away from me?
I try day by day to get the missing pieces back but they are just so many I lost count.
I need someone to remind me who the real me is... I forgot how to be myself I feel like I became a different person everyday.
Guden 7h
A videogame told me to be a dictator,
A great warrior.
Reality wanted me to be a great thinker,
A doer,
Someone who's not afraid
Of the shadows of a lamp.
Mother told me to clean my room
And get a woman
Who's nice,
Like her
Towards her.
Father told me nothing
As I waited for my brother;
When he hated all,
Dad saw me
Too late.
The tv told me many things
And here I was,
Like the beans of all flavors,
Said Harry.
Compared to his life
Mine is a trip.
Holding on to somebody who doesn't love you anymore is like hugging a cactus tree
liza 10h
I regret the fact that I struggled
trying to find who I am
And I lie to myself and say,
''I do the best that I can''
Shrug it off like it ain't nothing
like it’s out of my hands
Then get ticked off whenever I see it affecting my plans
Invisible 12h
Shrouded in darkness.
My wall, my clothes and my thoughts.
I’m lost in darkness.
The girl they knew is gone.
Alexis 12h
I thought of you once more,
The way you broke me,
My heart is at war,
I no longer wish to be.
My wings lost all their feathers,
I can never fly,
I just sit and write letters,
Until my thoughts die.
You indeed strangled me,
A little innocent rose,
I cannot let my petals flee,
Pain is what I chose.
Bursting in flames,
My heart still cries,
When it hears your name,
Denying your lies.
My soul consisting of agony,
Wishes to become a ghost,
Disappearance my path shall be,
I will run from you the most.
Your name will never caress my lips again,
Nor will you break my bones,
The memory of you will be my pen,
Writing on the stones.
I am going alone,
This pain will never be spoken of,
The wind has blown,
Taking away my guarded love.
Kellin 13h
What will bind me
to my fate is the
illusion of another
Albuna 13h
How can someone you don’t know hurt you so much.
Make fun of you and treat you like an ass.
How do I even know if he is the one, when everytime we want to meet he didn’t come...
When everytime we want to meet he didn’t come.
Now sitting here and asking myself
Why? Why can’t I find a soulmate?
Why is everybody just breaking my heart?
Making me so angry but also laugh?
Why? Why? Why?
I’m asking WHY?
This is a song I wrote by myself.
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