One wish two fish and a spiralling trivial moment
three at a restaurant
the food tastes of ash and soot his foot against mine under the table you hold my hand and he glances down and whispers
more more always asking never giving wanting the everlasting attention
my inability to be consistent in my heart that always starts but never finishes the plate under my nose
I chose the dessert and learnt that fire means nothing and burns up every morsel
leaves a bitter taste in the mouth
under my tongue and under my lips you kissed he kissed now I lay in bed staring at the ceiling
he breathes
a deep steady slumber beside me whilst my eyes are wide my soul is wide open to be pierced by the retribution of my sins
a sacred stolen word that haunts my every step I lay in bed twisted in sheets that soak and devour my every breath
you left

as easy as
watch me go
your love will never know
the damage you can deal
when you're bitter the strikes become real and frantic
kisses that exist with other lips
softer lips
that speak with no denial or trickery
that day in the library
you were the mystery
that I endeavoured to conquer
a war path that cost me half my soldiers
all my provisions
and my dignity
my love was an ugly defeat I retreat and sink beneath the earth the steady dirt a sturdy hand slowly
crushes the breath from my body
do you see?
it is your

I remember every second. Your deep brown eyes looking up at me over the rim of your glasses. You were so quiet, but your presence spoke volumes and I fell under your spell, the intriguing man who spoke of honour, love and dreams.

"Help", his voice rang all throughout the hills,
bouncing from stone to stone until it reached the sea.
Shells screamed out the words and the sand echoed his call,
but none heard.

It was just one word.

Wow I just realized this
That you remind me so much of her
When we hangout it reminds me of how it once was
I miss her so much but there's nothing I can do
I just want the best for her
I know I hurt her and she doesn't trust me
I still love her and care about her more than anything

Thanks for hanging out with me
It is really helping me get out of my depression.....

The ultimate compliment I got yesterday was when she told me that she appreciates the time I have spent hanging out with her. Because shes been so depressed and when I am around I get her out of that mindset. Most of the poem is composed of text messages and words my friend has told me.

i haven't seen her smile
since the previous winter
she captures every style
hoping they will accept her

she searches for love
in every place except within
nothing for her is ever enough
she is unstable - she falls for weak winds

i wonder if she was not only passing by
i wonder if she was not only passing time
would she have seen herself through my eyes
and loved herself without thinking twice


I can't remember the day we met
I only remember the invite you sent
It was amazing what we held
It even was the best sex I ever had
You are my lust with a touch of pain
I tried to build something but all in vain
Because you are the blues you are my pain
I miss you so much, I miss you eyes
Because you are the blues you are my pain
I dream of you and I love your strain
You are the blues and you are my pain

I met someone, I lost someone

Oh you know, there's this way where if I turn my Facebook chat off, it will show me in a light screen which people were online how many minutes ago.
It's usually a different list from my active ones. And well,
I lost your name when we didn't chat for more than a month.
I do that so I can see you.
It lets me see that you were there even if we aren't

Save me
Before I fall
You enlightened my world
Don't be away now
I can heal myself
But only when you're here

My dear
If you go, I must too
The rage against death
Will invade for eternity
Why isn't it ever be peace
To conquer the world?

Rising Imaginations for Passion
m j g 1d

how vigorously you tear me apart, how sweetly you mold me back together. you don’t see me as i wish you would. i imagine you feel the same. i feel as if you always look at me from a distance. i am so small compared to the rest of the universe. i question whether i will ever be good enough. i once dreamt of a night spent alone in your room, enveloped in each other, absorbing all that we can of each other. i look up and hope you’re staring back but i just see the back of your head. the sky was grey that night.

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