Natalie 15m
you have become
half forgotten things

like shadows on the wall
from a time long ago

I remember
the person you were then

and I’m afraid
we’ve never met
The stars will not let me forget that I miss you.

The stubborn ones shine brighter than before as if to intimidate me.

I sit and wish you're staring at the same ones I am.

And I sip a little hope from my glass.

Because the stars will not let me forget that I miss you.
How should I go about reconnecting with a loved one you last saw 2 years ago?
Natalie 20m
this emptiness
this broken pulse of time
how I have become
so used to being
divided and and cracked open
like parted limbs
where there once was only
dark within dark,
this ghastly center
where darker journeys
that have left their scars
weaving through me
like bows on violin strings
filling every gap
seamlessly and
Myrrdin 3h
I speak
About hating
How I speak
I have feelings
About my extreme
Lack of feeling
I find myself
In all the ways
I've lost myself
Machines gain souls
Once they've realized
They are machines
Whispering winds of solemn sorrow
In the mundane hours of the night,
Surmise the falsities of tomorrow,
Spreading dark throughout the light.

Preying upon the minds that dwell,
With woven lies, a web so foul...
Hark! The sounds of voices swell
As the whispers rise into a howl.

Soon settling the sorrow of the traveling fellow...
He never could find his way,
Strumming tomorrow like it were a cello,
Snapping the strings in dismay.

Who--alive for years, never did live,
As his angst and diffidence cumber.
Even the magnanimous can't forgive
Missing dreams of untried slumber.

Remnants of his tortured call
Were swept away in the breeze.
A feeble ripples arduous sprawl,
Replaced by the fray of the seas.

His idle mind tended to wander,
Through yesterday's--before tomorrow,
Distorted pasts of future's squander,
Finding days from which to borrow.
avians migrate south
streetlights flicker
the temperature changes
but do we?

minuscule monsters
in no way invincible
she speaks truth she wishes was
who are you but a talking corpse with selfish organs?

memories of the past
the remnants only seen by her
an artist to herself
who would listen?

avians migrate south
streetlights flicker
the cloud seen yesterday is never to be seen again
will she be missed?
sindy 7h
I know I am not perfect
I am not sometimes I am messy or maybe all the time
I know I have issues and that I have to live with
But I also know that life is great and that I have everything I need to make it works hoping my dark side won’t wake up too soon
Lost in an ocean of oblivion
No punctuation
да, нет, что ебать
Words are worms that crawl
Beneath my hands scrawl
Meaning found in places
Aces and empty spaces
You can't begin to envision
My illusions the manipulation
Built on intricate delusions
Could I be awake in sleep
Awake in my sweet
Ya Boi 1d
I’ve lost you to passing infatuation

To a trap designed for you

A trap your playing into

Every meeting was articulated to swoon

His upbringing was a genuine obligation to a missing god

And he was incubated in his cage perfectly

Please for the love of me drag yourself out of his unpromising hive

You have no idea the sickness that comes from a sweet innocent little mind
Ya Boi 1d
I fell in love with your eyes

Beautifully immaculate seas of pearly white contrasting in complete harmony with perfectly rounded island of rich mohagony

Glowing with a beautifully careless iridescence

Smiling up at me with love in their laughter

Filling my chest with a warm and familiar feeling

Leaving me entranced and wondering

How lucky I must be to have your eyes shining upon me

But you don’t bless me with light anymore

I abused my time in the sun and got burnt

Now my skies are grey with storms of uncertainty

But then again I fell in love with the sun

As has every man kissed by your light

So now I push through the harrowing darkness

Preparing and praying for my time in the sun

A time I see in silver linings

Now I know how to appreciate my sun

Now I know how to keep her shining upon me
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