Ame Agami 37m

Just like everything else in life
Love doesn't last

We appreciate love while we have it
Try our best to keep it
And when we lose it
We start looking for it again
And so on
© Ame Agami

Over and over i try to write a poem about you and every time i leave it unfinished because i get too overwhelmed with emotions

I know who I am.
I don’t need your label.
I don’t need your words.
I have my own.
Your voice like stones,
I can feel my bones wither.
You have nothing left so away you slither.
My reality is not lost,
I am only free.
Passed are the feelings abased;
I am freer than such a measly flea.
My skin freshly pierced,
I have felt pain that which you know no name.
Returned am I.
Reborn am I.
Lasting through the past that left me to cry.
A past where I would rather die.
Your stones may have sunk my body that was something more of a pseudonym
but my dear,
I’ve always known how to swim.

I wrote this on a KFC bag when I ate lunch alone today.
nim 3h

Ever been happy so much,
You cried?

Ever been sad so much,
You laughed?

I love so much that I hate
I hate, so I must love
I'm a living mess
Who am I, wandering this place?

And know that I mean what I say,
I say what I know
But I know that not knowing anything
Is what I know the best.

A mess, tangled in wires
Of unsorteable emotions and
Unrecognized behaviours
Unknown thoughts,
Uncommon, just another head in the clouds.
Who are you to change this world?

A living contradiction.

To be or not to be?
To live, or not to live?
I know the unknowable thoughts

Because everyone knows what they do not know.
Everyone has their reason to live,
Or not to live.
So I said let it be!

So you can proudly say,
»I know the unknown!«

So you can always say,
»I know the unknown!«

| Living contradiction|  |Hamlet|  |To all the confused|

It's hard to say goodbye when you were taken from me;
I swore I was done writing about you when I accepted
                         that you were gone from my life like a feather.
Somehow I still remember how long it's been.

I've moved on, but there's still a sorrow I feel when I remember you;
I guess that's what happens when there's a scar left behind
                              from the wound that I could not prepare for.
Somehow I still remember how long it's been.

I've moved on but I haven't healed completely;
If I healed then I would be able to see your picture
       or read the words you wrote out in a time that was happy.
Somehow I still remember how long it's been...

It's hard to not hurt, even over a relationship that ended a long time ago, when it feels like that person was robbed from you. Never got to have any closure. :/

-In the middle of museum tour She turned to Him with words: "Tell me something about yourself that nobody knows."
He turned His attention to Her: "But what would you wanna know about me? I'm like this lost guy in the planet who's trying to figure out 98% of his life.", saying it quietly.
She saw the universe in His eyes: "I would be honored to hear those 2% you've already figured out and to be by that lost guy's side while he's trying to find himself.", and slowly leaned over to kiss Him.-

You were always the Courtney to this Cobain,
Drugged and messed up like the rest.  
Drugged and messed up to me at least,
Or maybe to someone else and you at best.
With empty sorrows in our stomachs,
Twisting all around.
Nothing in our souls to be cherished,
Or left to be found.
Left here now for you hungry for more…
Waiting for nothing…nothing else more…
So Love to this Kurt where are you when I’m hurt…
Somewhere away from me to be one.
Yet like a disease stuck right inside,
Damaging…left away for me to be done.
Do you even think of me when I’m in pain,
All the memories running over again?
So sick and twisted I wish all gone,
Slowly and surely fading left…
And none left on…and none..left on.

In Dealing with a heated and reckless past love in comparison to pop culture's classic tale of of time.

I can't help but wonder
If it is for you,
like it is for me

You see, no matter who I'm with
I think of you
And that's where I want to be

No matter how hard I try
No one can take your place

Doesn't matter who I'm looking at
I always see your face

Not a day goes by, you see
That I don't think of you

And I can't help but wonder
Is it like that for you too?

Written for a long lost family member.  Spring, early 90s

I felt defeated
yet happy
that I lost a part of me
that somehow
dragged me down
a sense of
overcome me

nobyelse 12h

I am lost
in the labyrinth of my emotions
I am drowning
in the depths of my despair
I glanced back at you;
you looked away
I closed my eyes
and turned away
where did I go wrong?
our fire was blown fast, extinguished
i was once not sure
but now i do know:
things that ember
do not glow forever

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