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Styles 56m
I used to read your lips,
like books,
I loved watching you write.

Lately you have been silent,
like a flash at night,
a lovely sight.

Breaking apart at the seams,
with all my might,
you sent me a message, but
I just didn't read it right.

Now, your silence is deafening,
but at least I got the message
last night.
Styles 1h
I felt;
you were more than just a fling, but then
you flung me away,
like I was nothing.

I was to you,
as you were to me.

Styles 4h
Words without actions;
lost opportunity.
What is my life?
A rollercoaster of ups and downs,
A climb up a hill,
Only for gravity to pull me down,
Why does it feel this way?

Does the universe hate me?
Whenever I get happy,
I mean consistently happy,
Why does something crumble?
Starts as a small break,
Others are a siege upon my world,
A battle I'm unprepared for.

Then tell me,
Tell me what to do,
I wish to be happy,
I wish to smile,
Without fear of sadness.
How much more payback,
Do you require?

May I ask one thing then?
There is something,
Or someone,
I wish to find a piece of happiness,
With them.
May I have that as,
An untainted happiness,
My constant smile,
The only rollercoaster,
That never falls.
Idk I feel lost
They slaughtered all my comrades
The decades and demands
No more
I guess my calling is free fallin'
I realized about halfway back, this parachute will never open
Lost all hope right then
Still forced to listen to a double backed friend playing pretend
As they defend a shallow position
But sure, I'll humor you, go ahead,
Tell me how exactly I am suppose start again
While I dangle here in suspended animation
Somewhere around the middle of my end
And on the day I meet the ground I shall call it friend

sazlianahsam May 20
It feels like my life was on a boat everyday,
My feet are firmly planted,
but the boat keeps rocking.
I feel anxious.
I keep searching for port to land but seems like I am stuck in the middle of the ocean.
Styles May 18
Looking for words.
that cant be spoken,
you already know them.
Jeremy Betts May 17
Find conviction in your answer
And hold it forever
To hold you together
Through the bad weather
That seems to go on forever
Never getting any better
Never wantin' to become a trend setter
I'd rather avoid a subplot endeavor
A standard cease and desist letter
An awkward deliverer
Of an ignorable order
Internal by nature
From a habitual quitter

Jamesb May 13
When something is lost,
As my keys were,
One searches for it
With varying degrees
Of diligence and desperation,

We trace and retrace our steps,
Looking in the same spaces
For the same thing
With the same result,
But wearier each time

Until at last the item
Is retrieved and found,
In that case by you,
Keys sun-glinting
In your hand

A wonderful shared moment,
Relief and triumph,
A happy weariness
At laying eyes upon the lost
Now found,

Yet how does it work,
This new dynamic?
Because what is lost
Is right here in my heart,
She can be hugged and yet

Is still


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