Emma 11h

How long do I need to wait
To know your answer?

How long do I have to stay
Before you tell me to leave?

Maybe the next day
She’ll steal your laughter.

Just like she steals every good thing.

mk 17h

distance was no stranger to us
but months passed, almost a year
and i could still feel his lips on mine
the smell of his skin and the taste
of his mouth
distance and time didn't matter
his physical absence was recovered
by the memory in my touch

it's barely been five months
since i said the final goodbye
this was a new kind of distance
one bound with fear and freedom
now, at nights, i cannot feel him on me
i cannot see him when i close my eyes
my memory hazes over as i try to recall
what he tasted like, smelt like, felt like
there are echoes in my mind
of his laughter and his anger
there are echoes in my mind of what
it sounded like when he told me
everything was going to be okay
but everything really isn't okay
and i can barely remember what it
felt like to hold him and feel like
everything was going to be okay

memory is a bitch;
you are its master
and i am its slave.

how long do i have until i forget the cause of my pain & longing?

I walked alone down my road of broken pieces and I felt stable.
You joined my side and things were just a bit warmer.
I saw you lurch toward the abyss, and I tried to catch you.
You came back, shaken and scared, but still safe.
I held you, afraid to lose you, who meant so much to me.
But the abyss called you, and there was nothing that I could do.

I walk alone down my road of broken pieces and I am empty.
My sides are cold with the wind, howling through my thoughts.
I stumble toward the abyss, and there’s no one to catch me.
I make no sound, but I fall away from everything that once was.
I spread my arms, glad to leave nothing behind.

A blank space or missing part
Asami 19h

I see a shadow
Shaping a frame
Similar to the one mirrors reflect

Who is she ?
I've seen her my entire life
But know nothing about
Did she skillfully kept herself hidden ?
Or is she someone I never cared about

a boy once told me to "open my wounds"
let each of them fall carelessly onto notebook pages
as they would seamlessly create poetry
for a second they did
that was six months ago
with each wound, I manifested a thousand poems
they were inspired by the boy with ink stained fingers
who noticed me when everyone else marched to the beat of society
I thought of this boy as a true friend
"he is a poet as well"
"maybe he will understand my jumbled words"
that was six months ago
my thoughts have not ceased
and my old wounds have not healed
but I can write a half-decent poem every so often
my friend faded without trace
as I struggle to shove paper bandaids on metaphorical wounds
this one is for you
the boy with the ink stained fingers
I guess you have found a place upon my bookshelf with all the friends that I believed actually cared

I woke up this morning to you towering over the foot of my bedframe.


When I stared blankly at my cereal bowl, disinterested and afraid to eat.


I take a shower at a snails pace, petrified of returning to the mirror to be bathed once again in your foul cocoon.


When I leave the house I look down at my feet, to avert the predatory gazes of kind strangers unbeknownst to me.


As I cry alone in the bathroom stall, not knowing who to turn to for a problem that never leaves.


I just want you to know that you're killing me.


Sometimes life is an unnecessary struggle we are just trying to beat.
Anon 22h

I'm crying but no one hears
I'm falling apart yet no one cares
I'm broken and no one can fix me
I am lost and can't be found
I am in a dark hole all by myself

Once again I am here alone
Struggling to pick up the pieces
Of a heart that’s been broken
One too many times

How do I put myself back together
When a piece gets left
With every person
That has left me behind

Lost in a sea of trees,
Leaves cry at my feet,
The wind howls in the distance,
I cannot find what I seek.

A vicious howl echoes in the distance,
My heartbeat just grows faster,
And fiercer,
With absolute persistence.

Where have you gone?
I have looked all over,
No stone left unturned,
No insect has spoken.

I now reached a cliff...
There is nowhere else to look.
The roaring sea told me it has seen you,
But I'm too scared to look.

One step forward,
Is all it takes to meet you again,
One step onward,
And our feelings will be in vain.

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