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jcl 46m
who do you pray to so late into the night
does he listen to your hopes, yours dreams, your desires
when you cry, alone in the early morning dark
do you see his actions, or replies

when you despair, during the day, and retreat deep into the woods
can you feel him by your side, protecting you, keeping you safe
when reach out, into the cold blue of the evening sky
can you feel him, grab him, pull him near

you believe in him, does he believe in you
is he more your creation than you are his
when all your wants are visceral, your desires carnal
to be touched, held, kissed, and loved, unconditionally
I wondered where you were and who was I
And whether I would see the skies through different eyes
If birds were flying over our destiny
Would the sun still colour you like you colour me
Would the rain skip your steps and leave you dry
Or drench me in the cosmic catastrophe that is your dream
I’ve asked the sunset to linger a few minutes longer
So that I could see the colours reflect on to your face
Take a thousand picture of your smile and forget what it meant to blink for awhile
I’ll give away my breath to your heart, to keep it beating for you whilst we’re apart
And when the night starts to go black
The stars will twinkle bright and guide you back
I guess this is a final goodbye from me
Just remember to feel alive and
Keep your ears open for they’ll tell our story
And call it “the day when the wind parted from the sea”
i searched for you

in the shiny hopes and dreams

i'd buried deep beneath the ground

with my bare hands, i

dug them up

with my eyes closed, i

shaped something

that might look like you

it kept me good company, anyway

it was all i wanted

but you were not.

you burned through

my illusory image

so furiously intense

that for a split second

i was convinced

you were all i needed
Wolf 5h
Told to hold
My memories close
How many will I forget?

Still, I will
Set them on my shelf
Already some forgotten
Claudia 6h
It's like that feeling
When you're a little kid and you've lost track of your parent at the mall
Running around aimlessly
Tugging at the sleeve of anyone who might be them
Who might be the one you're looking for
Might be safety in the lawless crowd
Might take you home

The escalating panic with every new face, every wrong face,
Every judging gaze
And seeing that the worst case scenario, you might die stuck right here and hopelessly alone

All I can think of now
As we walk across the bridge
Discussing feminism and things they never ever understood,
As you opened your mouth to catch a snowflake on that holy tongue

Is that I found you
You caught me on the tip of your tongue and I found you

I always hated how people say they "clicked"
But now I get it,
Not a click but that soft sound
Of the the last jigsaw sliding into place
That's what happened when I met you

I made sense

dear best friend,
Twin soul,
When they mistook us for lovers,
Or siblings I only ever felt flattered
To have you in my puzzle

You are the prettiest part of my picture

You are the best "click" I ever heard

You are a sincere "*******" to anyone who ever crossed me

You are everything I owe you
Micah 8h
I feel the lull of the sun, day by day, and wonder if I have to

When the moon, hanging on a string, shifts the tides

and pulls me in.

Do I have to

When the screams of glittering stars fall around me

and break in my palms, slicing my hands,

and the sun and the moon beg for my face to turn unwavering

Do I have to
Humble 8h
Hope is a mirage,
to those lost,
in this desert
called life.
I am done being alive,
i have no place here,
no reason to strive,
i am just a bird with a broken wing,
i just got no reason to sing,
so i guess its time to stop,
i guess its time to drop,
as my body slowly hits the floor,
and my mom opens the door,
she probably won't even shed a tear,
my friends wont miss me,
cause i was just as camouflaged as a tree,
a rope round my neck a bucket below my feet,
i eat one last final treat,
a true lass supper to appreciate,
i will hang like my soul has my entire life,
every moment was only strife.
where am I going
I do not know
What do i want
All i feel is woe

Am i a fiery warrior
Or a pretty princess
Am i soft poetry
Or something unknown to me

What are my goals
I can't figure out
What's my dream
All i feel is doubt

Am i a free spirited owl
Or a early morning rooster
Am I the reds and oranges of autumn
Or the blooming spring of freedom

I do not know what defines me
Or who I am
But when someone laughs
Or there is happiness
I feel a spark
Inside this lost heart
No idea who i am but yeah
Eric 11h
I forget...I jump..
thump!! ...I forgot.
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