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hindi ko alam saan magsisimula
saan pupulutin ang mga naiwang piraso
ng pagkatao ko
naliligaw, nalilito,
parang lalagyang walang laman
lumulutang at walang patutunguhan
sasakyang walang destinasyon
ibong naiwan ng mga kasama nito
nasaan na nga ba ako?
ba't naliligaw pa rin sa mundong 'to?
kakahanap ko sa sarili ko,
bakit di ko pa rin matumbok kung nasaan ako
Shadow 7d
Where am I
Curiously traveling through life
On an empty journey for happiness
But only finding little episodes
In a moment
When all seemed clear
Another cloud storms the valley
And reality checks back in
So again I ask
Where am I
Cutezeni Nov 26
You left in the morning in a daze
I stayed waiting for you in a haze
Made promises you said you’d be back
It’s been 2 years no looking back.

Showed up in a dream you said you were close
Finishing up school and work and chores
I don’t even know you anymore
But you keep your promise and me on my toes.

I loved you when I didn’t understand you wholly
I wanted you when you were broken completely
But you made a choice to go back and leave
Left me crying and calling out in a heave.

Now you said you’d be there when I’d come too
It’s been a minute I don’t know what to look for in you
Been a great friend, a great ally
Seen you walking looking back at my side
Maybe you never forgot who I was
But you’re starting to look like I don’t even know who you was.

Bring back the higher note, the old soul
Bring back the promise that you made in your past
Four folds ago
Four years ago
It’s been just minute longer than before
Maybe I’d remember when you return
Why you left to earn
And didn’t come back in turn.
Do I even know you?
Nigdaw Nov 24
they all leave me in the end

I love too soon
without knowing what love is
I want to express it
see if I can wear it
know if I can bear it
but it is unrequited
weird even

and they all leave me in the end
I lost myself
in the process
of finding happiness

©IGMS 2022
It was love at first sight,
Or maybe lust,
Who knows?

Was it obsession?
Or Love
Who knows?

The deep feeling of rejection lies within,
That feeling that tells you all isn't well,
You can't fight it,
You can only wait for it.
I couldn't put the rambled thoughts to words but I hope someone understands the heartbreak
i do see you shimmer
i do see you fluttering
but, i do see you dimming
each passing day
as summer turn into

- numb
Shofi Ahmed Oct 29
As big as heaven
              size ways.
But to preserve
      it took no space
did it in a few words.
          So tiny that was
didn't notice how or where                      
       I lost my password
now the giant heaven
       I can't see nowhere!
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