Ivy lynn 1h

been through a lot and you've said you'd be there,
when i'm crying at night why'd i think you would care,
why did i believe every word that you said,
now all of the memories are stuck in my head,
yea it hurts to be loved,
yea it hurts to be lost ,
in a sea full of people,
your trying to move on.
There's so many nights
when i cant go to sleep
when i only can sleep
at the sound of your weep.

I caught my first bass yesterday
and you weren't there
I was all by myself
and it was a big one
I was so proud
and I wanted you to see
because I knew you would
be proud of me too
I even imagined
your tight lipped grin
as I held my phone up
to snap the pic
of me and my catch
so excited I cut off half of the bass
And then I caught my second
and you still weren't there
and I picked up my phone
to send you the pictures
and I remembered how
you swore on everything
you cared for
that you hoped you never
had to see or hear from me again
and I thought to myself
they're shitty pictures anyway
and you probably wouldn't
be that proud
probably wouldn't even care
and I put my phone back
in my backpack
and I sat on the rocks alone
and cast my line
out into the water again

I miss you.

I was missing green eyes
and 20 different faces
and I was too shy
and too armoured
a little too strange
a little too awkward
perhaps thats all why
you could never love me
I always thought
you looked for reasons to leave
but they were all right there
it was just me
I was a little too me

but I loved you with every beat of my weird heart. I still do. Always will.
Lynnëa M 8h

Red tides can't be told from blood,
And good intentions can't be told from lust,
I've been dreaming of distant planets,
Planning my escape.

Can you see the brokenness in my eyes?
Can you see that I can't breathe?

how can you say you understand me
when i don't even understand myself

AC 10h

It's twelve in the morning,
these thoughts don't have enough space
It screams for a peaceful life
yet craves for endless ideas
I'm not crazy, I am just aware
That people will leave
when they are tired of you
Believe me,
they can and they will.


You taste like cheap champagne
and summer time,
I miss the days
when our legs intertwined.
But now you're gone.
How are you now?
Does she make you happy?
Are you proud?

unnamed 11h

I have lingered in the shadows of deceit
Where the bonds of love and kindness never meet
I have tasted every tear ever cried
In the face of honesty I have lied

I have let love slowly fade away
And arms stretched out in need I kept at bay
Acts of kindness and forgiving I did deprecate
Links to the past had sealed my fate

And I have cried alone

unnamed 11h

His seas of melancholy
Washed the pain up on his shore
And offered up to him
Only thoughts of his abhor

All the things he hated
He spoke with his last breath
As I sat and waited
For time to bring his death

unnamed 11h

There’s a place where flowers grow
And a mark the footprints never show
Where a falling leaf will float on down
To be laid to rest on a hallowed ground

Darkness fell and then moved on
Dewdrops glistened at the break of dawn
The love I thought would always stay
Whispered goodbye, and went away

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