Ammar 5h

These were the sacred words
Be mine baby all mine
As I kissed you
As I loved you
Be mine baby just mine
It's a wish
It's a request
Be mine baby girl
I'm asking you to stay
I'm asking you for trust
Be my love baby girl
I'll make you my life
I'll make you my wife

Oh but look at you
You wanted that other one
That other guy
While I was here
Giving you myself
You were busy
Making him yours
Looking at a face not mine
Looking at a body not mine
Looking for love not mine

Fuck you baby girl
For this is what you made of us
For this is what you did for us
Get the fuck out
Ask him for love
And see for yourself
Can he love half of mine
Will he even ask you
To "be mine"

// some lines you don't cross//

I'm blocked again
Why does this keep happening man
Please tell me it's just cause your drunk
I've had enough
This back and forth
It really hurts
I need to read your writing
I need to see your words
My stomach hurt.


It's quite tragic actually
because after time and time
of feeling
and being torn apart piece by piece
my brain was finally done.
Like all of my feelings have been endured and experienced
and what's even more heartbreaking is that It's like I cannot
even feel anymore.
An eternal trench in my stomach
that continuously spews and extracts an addicting
  senseless toxin
  bitter venom
my heart becomes cold
and no more tears can be shed because
Game over.

And what was the most fearful part? You questioned.
The most fearful part is not the perception of desolation
or the iniquity that consumes you.
Regardless of the emerging discomfort
of vacancy.
The most frightening part is
that you have entirely
forgotten yourself.
As you lay awake and conscious
Slowly deteriorating at beginning of night,
because you have lost the capability to sleep
and you cannot even cry

Getting kinda tired of all the empty picture frames still feels like I’m not moved in yet
Getting kinda tired of facing all my fears one time it’s fine but a dozen and now I’m lost

Getting so tired of coughing out my lungs and sticking out my tongue to catch a breath everyday is new
You told me this is love you killed me with your hopes and you made me feel so much it’s hard

I don’t expect anything giving my hopes up too far
Don’t text me to make up then cut me off

I’m not scared of dying I’m just overwhelmed
I loved you more than I’ve ever loved myself

I don’t get too far before I waver off take as much as I can before I get caught
more than I have ever been the sky is full of your embrace
Your eyes are filled with fire and cold
I drift away again

I don’t expect anything giving my hopes up too far
Don’t text me to make up then cut me off

I’m not scared of dying I’m just overwhelmed
I loved you more than I’ve ever loved myself

And it makes my kinda quench the true things about me late at night you know when you can’t sleep
And I’m sorry that you said that I can’t do anything for you anymore

Sun Jun 18

Can you see your shadows
   getting far each dusk
      A little by little
         From me?
           Can you feel my breathing
             with fear of being lost
                on your shoulder?

             Do you hold your breaths
        With empty promises
   For someone else now?  
Do you still dream
of me?

   If you are sad in a dream,
        Do you still smile when wake up?
          Do you still listen
            same songs        
              for weeks?  
              Do you know  
                I don't draw the map
                 on silver sands
                of my way back to home?

              Do you walk on our
            favourite paths in the twilight?
        Do you see the memory lane
     Void in the neon lights?
   Do you know
      We won't wake up
          in the same lands?

             Will you look for me
               admist of strangers?
                Whom will you blame
             When I am long gone?
         Who will trade freedom
    In return of your love?
        Who will leave the world
               for you?  

                   Will your hearts cry
                 For me ?
              when the city
          Will wake you up
       I will be
 In a distant sea

have lost words
in need of writing;
speaking in hushed tones,
around corners,
in the alleyways of crowded cities,
in the shadows behind closed doors,
behind the backs of those
in need of hearing them the most.

as well as many others,
have words,
many lost words,
in need of writing.
Fetching my journals,
my pen,
I hault ...
hand shaking just centimeters -
Centimeters -
above the smooth curves of the papers edge ....

It is here that I fear
those lost words,
though spoken oft,
may ne'er leave my fingertips

© Shane Leigh
The thought of loosing all creativity. So sad, but then again is inspiring.
Trent 16h

Can you be a has been if you never were?

Can you even compete, when you've already lost the war?

Can you make your soul bleed if you're made of stone?

Can you speak the words without your words coming out like tar?

These are questions I don't know
I guess Ill find out as things unfold.
I hope for the best.
And wish nothing but love.

Hopefully more is to come.

the tips of our fingers almost touch.
But we're pulled to the opposite side.

I can feel your breath on my nape.
But when I look back I found darkness beyond.

It's the agony of losing you,
From warm flesh to dust
Beneath the ground.

Is it cold in there?
'Cause my whole body is numb
Though I'm still breathing.

Is it happy there?
'Cause my eyes can't see anymore
Due to tears flooding my cheeks.

Can't you comeback here?
'Cause I lost all reasons to live.

Losing someone dear to us is truly an agonizing feeling. Giving hugs to all who are sad out there.
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