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Never Look Away

If I could, I would get lost in your eyes
And never look away
Sixth part....
Why is my head empty?
I have a million ideas of what to write
But none of them seem right.
Perhaps just this is plenty.
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Proud we stand, loftily in our ivory towers
Proud we stand, bawling our boasts and feats
Proud we stand, on the cold concrete we built
In shame, I hung my head, fathoming our “powers”
In grief, my quill broke his heart descrying our plight.
Humanity bleeds as his ink flows in protean woe

Love has lost its world, We estranged her away
And the world lost its Love, We chased disarray
All the colours in this world have run eerily cold
Our eyes fixated on a global monochrome gold
To bundles of printed paper, our soul… we sold.
Humanity bleeds as his ink flows in protean woe

Our vermilion blood has thinned, thinner than wine
Onto our gashes, we had to dowse the thickest brine
Blinded by rage, we parried the balsam to our souls
Yet in an unhesitant grace, traces remain in our bowls
Yet... Our calamitous claws yearn to rinse it off us
Humanity bleeds as his ink flows in protean woe

For an endless pursuit, in an unquenchable thirst,
We ****** our heels onto them who cleansed them
The hands which held us taut. we mangled them.
All for an empty crusade seeking the same black
We went rabid, scouring for an immortal fountain
The answer was a drop of Love, now unobtainium.  

Yet I anticipate in the warmth of a spring someday
A few dewdrops and a little fountain emerging…
Fountain so bountiful in Love, her arrival in glory.
That day, my quill shall be healed and his ink resting
Another little work of mine. Another cry to the heavens about the unobtainium that is love.
This poem was recently published in a magazine here and I hope that you enjoy this.
Megan H 1d
She looked everywhere-
For passion,
For whatever meaning to life-

And yet,
She lost who she was
In the journey
Of finding herself.
She is doing kind of **** I would never do
It genuinely hurts to see the way she's treating you
Back when mine I treated you as if you were my king
Looks as if in her mind you are nothing more than a fling
I try to hide disapproval because I don't have the right
To tell who is and who isn't worthy of holding you so tight
But is hard to witness you take any amount of abuse
Emotional and physical
You refuse to cut her loose
Does it seem I am simply sipping on some haterade?
Opinion formed without even giving you a chance to persuade
In gut instinct churns that she will run once more
What is stopping her now that wasn't in the way before?
Despite previous cold shoulder you dove right back into her (eye-see)icy sea
You really believe she changed overnight into the woman you need her to be
Questions swarm my confused mind
You chase what does not care and leave who loves you behind
Rushing to her side again the moment you get the chance
When she pushes away I'm sure you'll repeat the dance
At worst I threw some punches when I lost control of my fist
Appears violent tendencies are something she doesn't bother to resist
I hope under covers she at least warms your body at night when it's late
Waking up by you privilege missed most so I pray that one blessing she appreciates
I wish her to hold you down whether doing good or bad
Because I supported through struggles no matter how little you had
She better carry more weight than I could to help relieve your heavy load
Demonstrating far greater strength then the pathetic bit I showed
Inevitably she will grow tired of the endless games and lies
Wonder how much manipulation she'll endure before she will finally cave and realize
I had given up on promised transformation and pushed for solely honesty
Something tells me she is not capable of accepting that this is all you'll ever be
She does a more adequate job than me at being everything you desire
Does a word exist describing the qualities I lack which you desire?
Inside is excruciating knowing you have discovered happiness with someone new
In presence underneath maintained composure visciously longing to fall for anyone other than you
Unsure how much misery must drown in before loneliness finally sets me free
Maybe it is time to admit that this cage my heart is locked within was created with no key
Perhaps I am searching for something that doesn't exist
Snipes 4d
I’m lost
But my foundation
Is built with a sound system
I’m lost
But my shed is your salvation
The equipment to my home
Stores fixations of healing horns
I shed some light
I’m just trying to brighten your day up
I shred some light
I’m just trying to share the day with you
I should show love right
But my soul don’t feel too right
Break me down
Just to know
How to break me down
Underground light is still found
I’m lost
But my shed still sounds
A better year doesn't feel like coming,
As the winter blast is never ending;
Footprints are stuck
on the pavement I walked,
My body froze, my lips shivers
it's hard to talk,
Thoughts are gone, I got no one –none.

Snows are beautiful, aren't they?
But the algid weather seeking home
underneath my skin;
My heart doesn't feel the warmth either,
A freezing view laid before my eyes
seems to last forever.

Confined me into its frigid arms,
Left me shuddering
by its depressing charms;
The world is filled of black and white,
On wrist a clock stopped on a gloomy site,

Thoughts are gone, I got no one

𝑚𝑖𝑛𝑛𝑎𝑦𝑎34 ✍️
They say you were never in love… it was just a fantasy story …with the scenarios you made up inside your head. Then it leaves you questioning everything you’ve done… asking yourself are they right?
Did I just fall in love with the idea of them… knowing they’d never be mine… always falling for the people I can never have ..

it’s such a travesty….it always ends up in heart break
Trying to put myself back together again
How could I let this happen again
I’m done with being lost and swollen my pride
Estelline Sep 9
Immense insecurities  
Cloud my mind
Like a dark patch of fog
Leaving joy hard to find

It sticks to my eyes
I can’t see past my hands
And buzzes around me like a swarm of flies
I choke on my words
As they get covered with doubt
I cough them out
For all to see

It feels so hard
To be free
Even though it’s right in front of me
I hate myself
For thinking this way
I wish my demons
Would just walk away

I don’t want to feel
Like I’m just a drag
Like I should pack my bag
And leave, never to be seen again

Ah, who knew a little cloud
Could make the screams so loud
Here I lay while it covers me
I don’t know long it’ll be

But please don’t leave
Can you love
The broken version of me?
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