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Let them run, wild in the fields

Your thoughts, they need to breath

They have been captivated

Captivated long in the maze

Of lost love and future that seem astray

Let them go to a place they know

Where they find solace

But don't loose sight, they tend to wander

Go to the places they still fonder

Guide them to come back to a place so safe

Green fields and everything but maze
Thinking about the thoughts
have you left your legacy?
on the land with glimmering hopes
have you ever breathing normally
knowing that you can't even left your footprints on wet sands?

there are two ladies running on the field
cheering each other for many reasons
they had their roughest days

they lived once in the kingdom full of kings and queens
all of them had their own crowns
but most of them had stolen

aimlessly wandering
looking for nothing
that heart was empty
but there's no room to fill

"do you know where the hope is?"
said these ladies to the dark blue ceiling
but nobody's answered them
for two last female northern white rhino who can't leave their legacy anymore, they had lost their hope.
the sky has fallen
I stand here alone
white mist conceals
my tear-stained face
it wasn't fair
but I have lost
this battle beneath my skin

the stars have faded
the moon is gone
am I really alone?
no flames have marred me
no scars shine through
but I have been burned
by the untamed truth

untethered shadow
follows me
stays close to keep warm
but I am
just as cold
as if I had
no body to contain me
no soul to call my own

how have we fallen
I can't recall
but we are all alone
within this mist
a blinding light
fed by unshed tears
Emily R 2h
I mean I used to like you.
I'll give you that.
Used to want you by my side.
With your lips on mine.
Oh *** couldn't have created anything more beautiful.
But now those feelings are faded.
Wait let me say that again.
The feelings I had for you are gone.
Thank you ***.
You no longer have a hold on me.
The things you do no longer affect me.
It feels nice to be certain.
I don't want you or your games.
Just thought you should know,
your poetry isn't enough to keep a girl that gets lost in her own pretty words.
I feel lost, empty like a vacuum,
My mouth dry as my mind is flooded with many thoughts,
Thoughts of how insignificant and worthless I am ,
Unworthy of love.

I want to quit everything ,
Everything that reminds me I'm worthless .

I crave love , I crave a woman's touch
Like a skinny dog longing for a bone.

So I sink my head in poetry ,
Because that is all I know.

If only I could make friends with my poems,
If only I could ****** a girl with a poem,
If only I could fill my void with poetry.

I feel lost like a sheep with no flock,
So I gaze upon the crowds and stare deep into the happy faces,
I don't think I belong.

People say " there's something for you out there"
But really, I am always left out.

My dad never loved me ,
My mom just left me,
Am all alone.

Will I ever be okay ?
she leaned against the back of her car, not sure what else to say.
she pretended this was the end to an old movie, the credits had already started to roll and this was the scene where the boy makes up for all the lost words he never got to say.
it was too late for a happy ending though,
for the both of them.
the sun was setting just below the horizon, creating an orange painting in the sky.
he stood a few feet away, the light reflecting off his eyes.
hands buried in his pockets,
he tried to right the wrongs he had made in the past.
she let him speak
because it seemed more like he was trying to convince himself that he’d changed.
“i’m a better person now,” he said, though it came off as a question.
and she wondered,
if after all of this,
she could say the same.
Oh No One 10h
I don’t know who I am anymore.
I look in the mirror and don’t recognize whoever is staring back.
I don’t remember the last time I saw myself there.
It must’ve been a long time ago.
I keep asking “what have you done with me?”
Or “what have you done with him?”
But I only get a question for an answer.
Somewhere in my travels, somewhere along the way.
Me and myself stopped, and I guess I decided to stay.
So please help me find him if you could,
I only know the name, I just can’t remember the face.
Lost In space an emptiness
of feeling lost a vague staring
at times Into nothing almost
thinking of nothing suppose
one would call this day

To me  more like a new
freedom from lives pressures
momentarily escaping reality
where I concentrate on my
new found loneliness try to
come terms with it

This empty feeling of total lost
the space I creep In to hide from
the world that at times do not
want to be Involved

A space that separates what I've
lost to what I no longer want to
take part In my own special
space my safe haven to where
I dream of a place I was once
so much a part of with my
true love Helen
I hide from the world In my secret hiding place
Sometimes I wander to my broken heart, though,
I whisper the names which used to make it sing,
I take it out to the Ocean
And cast a line out to find the missing pieces
But what I told you, the truth is,
I wouldn't want them back
Because then I'd miss this,
These fishing trips.
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