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I keep trying to live right
But then I'm faced with things that just bite.
I can't remember a time I was actually happy
Because of my accident that destroyed me physically, mentally and financially.
The guy didn't even have insurance, leaving me to seek out other compensation
It is all such BS and I'm left with all this frustration
Hospital bills just keep piling up because of his choice to drink and drive
Due to his idiocy his girlfriend isn't even alive.
And I was left with a broken leg and arm and collapsed lung
Leaving me bitter and the opposite of highstrung.
No one wants to financially help me
even with me promising to pay them back indefinitely.
It just gets to me every once in awhile
Like is there no one that can grant me a smile.
I wish I could get a 'restart my life' card
Everything I'm going through: it's just so hard
In May I was hit by an uninsured drunk driver and every lawyer I've had since then took my case even though i told them he had no insurance and they acted like they could get me money back but they couldn't leaving me with such distraught feelings
I'm sorry for my insensitive question
But what's done is done.
You didn't have to go to your daddy
You could've just told me
You didn't have to escalate this
You took away my morning that was somewhat full of bliss
Now I'm feeling all emotion
I already deal with so much with my own situation
It was my own fault for trying to be a decent human being
I'll just go on carrying
Carrying all the negativity i experience on a daily basis
If it's not one thing it's another bringing me no kind of solace
I've already been through so much
My heart is already hobbling around as if on a crutch
It's been battered so much by what people say
It may be cliche but no, I'm not okay.
I joined a car accident support group after my car accident and a couple days ago i made the mistake of asking a sensitive question to one of the members and she ended up telling her dad but thankfully the dad and i hashed it out.
Why do women have to be so heartless
They think nice guys are weak or "simps
Thinking they have the right to walk all over us
Keep treating us like **** and soon enough we'll retaliate
We'll take our kindness elsewhere
You'll be left with no one caring for you like we did

You can't treat us like ****
That won't phase us a little bit
We'll grow strong
And You'll realize you were wrong
Kindness is not a form of weakness
We will NOT be called useless

We will grow from your hurtful words
Your words won't keep us depressed forever
That power you thought you had over us will dissipate
You thought you could break us down
Well sorry but we're stronger than that
We'll repair our heart
Coming out stronger than before
Stronger than before you showed us your heartlessness
Just all the hurtful women I've been 'encountering' spurred this poem
Gary Cuming Jun 2021
Tap. Tap.
Distant sound from above
Kept silent within a fragile soul
Tap. Tap.
Drowned out through fear and love
A wind beyond a persons control

Tap. Tap.
The baying of the storm
Branches frolicking on every gust
Tap. Tap.
Long shadows start to form
Fickle weather displays it’s disgust

Tap. Tap.
When will it cease?
How does the window not shatter every time?
Tap. Tap
Darkness within, fearing a release
As the peace is shattered in my mind

Tap. Tap.
Glass explodes within its rage
The storm whistles through empty eyes
Tap. Tap.
Anger escapes its fiery cage
Smashing all that it touches with its cries

Tap. Tap.
The storm is let loose
The fire, the fury, the furore
Tap. Tap
Through insatiable abuse
Frustration angrily reaches its glory

Tap. Tap.
There’s nowhere to turn.
No escape from the pain it spreads
Tap. Tap.
As the world starts to burn
All placations are torn to shreds

Tap. Tap.
The clouds roll past and the winds subside
As tranquility restores the mind
Tap. Tap.
Regrets form like tears and fall like pride
Promising no more, promising nothing. No next time.

Tap. Tap.
Keep me away from myself.
It is not safe to exist in this body.
Irritation is the dragon
That breathes fire and destruction
Should I dare to open my mouth.
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2020
What can I serve you?

"Your brain"
"For a time being"

Nothing more
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Irritation
Josephine Wilea Jul 2020
We're best friends.
Doesn't matter that
I'm a high school junior and
you're a college freshman.
Until it's time to go dorm room shopping,
and then I'll "get there someday."

We're best friends.
Doesn't matter that
I live in New York and
you live in Connecticut.
Until I can't be driven to you,
and then I'm an irritation.
Age DOES matter.
Joseph Rice Sep 2019
Torrential downpours of raw
Regret swirls with loss into
Whirlpools of rage, desire, and hopelessness.

Smiles guile miles between isles
of disconnected people.
Eyes see ******* butts ***** and big *****….
Missing hearts….
Missing the empty arms of long alone longing.
Reasons and reasons, seasons and seasons.
The flow continues and we cannot stop for what's missed.
Wrote this on a rainy day.
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