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Peyton L May 20
I'm usually so good with words,
but falling for you is like
having an ocean inside of me
and only knowing the language of raindrops.
It's like waking up and falling asleep
and waking up and falling asleep
and wishing your breath was on my cheek.
It's like driving home
and craving you so deeply
I can hardly breathe without shattering my lungs.
It's like shattering my lungs
and shattering my lungs
and shattering my lungs.
It's like forgetting how to breathe
for all of the split-seconds when your name
pops up on my phone.
It's like talking to you
and never wanting to stop.
You make me want to pour myself
out of my skin to fill all of the places
you feel empty.
I'm usually so good with words,
but you drown every single one.
There are no mouths that speak this language
that are large enough to explain you.
for The Girl, as all my love poems are. this was originally actually not even a poem, more of prose, but I decided to switch it to stanzas.
Alex Mars May 9
I want to improve
I wish I was better
please, someone, help me
understand my pain and suffering
please send a doctor
I am from perfectionists
but they haven't  fixed me
and I'm sad that I'm not ok
and it's not ok that I'm sad
I just want to feel something
when I can only feel nothing
why does Salem haunt me
why do witches follow me
and ghosts love me
I just want to feel safe
I just want to feel perfect
i wanna feel ok
Giver of Breathing.
Would adam recognize You?
Filing up five lobes.
Ella James Apr 12
I want to breathe.

To be able to fill my lungs with air,

without them exploding with a bang.

We live for a breath of fresh air,

gasping so that we can live another day

When our lungs are full, we need to breathe out.  

Exhaling out the pain and the past

Our breath is a symbol of moving on
I love You because
you're like
Poetry to me -

filling up my lungs
with fresh, thin breeze;

I love You because
you make my Heart
skip a beat -

for it can't take
this drumming - crazy -
that's growing inside of me.
© 09/07/2019
Lilly F Mar 29
one day, earth will take it all back
and you'll be wailing under her vines, as they tie down your limbs
gasping for air as her flowers grow in your lungs,
drowning as her salty waters fill up your throat,
until the only word you can stutter from your helpless, desperate lips
is sorry

inspired by the quote: "she will take it back someday, slowly but surely"
-pink floyd
Every exhale, a little bit of you leaves me.
Like poison leaving my body.
Every day, it gets a little easier to breathe again.
I don’t know how long I’ve spent holding my breath.
But I feel it.
I feel the air fill my lungs.
I feel myself learn how to breathe again.
To be me again.
At one point I thought you were the air.
It turns out you were the smoke that filled my lungs.
Cristina Mar 23
I wish this world we both stand on wasn't yours, but only mine
you took so much from me but we still have to share the things I love the most
The moon in the sky I ponder at is also yours to look at when you please
The air that fills my lungs and allows me to breathe is also yours to inhale
The same water that flows from my faucets is connected to yours allowing you to drink
The earth i stand on is also yours to walk
The sun that basks me in its light and warmth is also yours to enjoy and savor
so far away...but never far enough
When it settles
it clings to my lungs
and I breathe in,
until it becomes me.

Whether ash or rust I can not say
but it binds to me either way.
What I am becoming
from setting sun to dawning day,
be it man of dust or man of clay;
I do not know
I can not say.

mercy forfend,
the breeze will carry me away.
Cast down the street in piles and droves
spread out to where other humans stay,
forgotten like scattered salt,
or neglected ashtray.

Flakes of prayers
left to swirl about,
and gather in the storm,
or lay sleeping in the gutter.

There might be a day
in my sojourn,
where it shall be
my humble priviledge,
to renew the ground where youth can play.

But with arid lungs,
without mouth and tongue
I do not know
and I can not say.
CONTAGION, Copyright © 2020
Andrew Layman
All Rights Reserved.
John Glenn Feb 23
Perhaps the reason why
there are vices
is because people pay
hospital bills
on the heart, the lungs,
the liver, and the kidney

And people
are willing to pay
the price
to know
in them
is valued
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