zeebee 1d
it's one in the morning
and i have so many emotions
swelling in the space between
my lungs

the space where
i imagine my soul

i don't know
why, but i feel
i know
that my soul is a tangible
expanding, moving
trapped in my ribcage
my fragile bones are
a birdcage for
the paper bird that is my soul

it really does feel
like it can fly
like now
the darkest hour of the night
or when
i let certain songs
permeate my skin
and sink into my bones

my soul is an organ
visceral, necessary
for my very survival.
a comforting weight
in the space between my lungs
when i lose my grip
or my breath
i can feel it, always there
it grounds me.
KM Hanslik Apr 14
You're running numbers in your head, but
the thread counts don't match all the things you tend
to spit out when numbers fail your tests,
like how I tell you we're all just floating
here, and you tell me maybe I should go
find someone else to pass time with, because if this all has no meaning anyway, then why
should I care what we do together in the dark? Only I lie;
I crave this like I'm dying and I need to feel
something now before it's gone, and we
are just molecules floating through time, without reason
to aim for any particular thing;
I like to pass time with you. It makes breathing
easier. It makes my lungs
lighter and I like to tally up our thread counts
If we are still breathing when
the sun comes up, remind me
to add your name to the list of people I would scour the earth for and plunge
my existence through the darkest of realities to give you
a piece of the beautiful things
that escape your head when you need
them most. Remind me,
how much time do we have left?
Kat Apr 11
I know you've already heard this.
I know that you already have.
This is a simply a PSA when I say that smoking is bad.
Maybe it's stress
Maybe it's a dare.
It was a stupid decision to even light the cigarette
But one day you'll realize that because of your decision,
you will stop your air
They'll kill your lungs
The lungs will rot away.
Your lungs will have to undergo surgery if you're lucky I say
I'm not making this up
I've experienced it first hand
I almost lost someone close to me because of smoking and their still slight of a hand
You think that's a metaphor that they are still recovering
But no,
it's not
It's a literal
They actually can't use their left hand.
It's been almost paralyzed because of smoking.
You may not know this about cigarette companies
They target the lower class citizens and genetically modify the nicotine to make it more addicting.
No matter what the labels say
No matter what the companies promise to do
They honestly don't care about your health and if there one thing they want.
It's your money.
So if you decide to even try smoking
you automatically lose with a small chance of hope.
Everything I've written is true.
Also, do you have any feedback?
This is for an English project.
Kit Apr 9
I make my homes in
flesh and bones,
No wonder why my
World crumbles
When you ignite
Fire in my lungs
Amanda Apr 7
My ears are exhausted.
Do not say those words.
I turn the music up louder.
Screams fly out like weightless birds.

Lungs fill up with air, still and stale,
They will burst with one more breath,
I sit beside you on my bed and sing.
A desperate song that may be my death.

If you utter the phrase I have been hiding from,
Black magic words spun into a lullaby,
We will both have no choice but to accept..
The love we have been trying to deny.
This is an old one. I dont even remember who it is about it is so old.
The tears
They never tell you
How many tears you will cry
Or how painful you heart will be.

You have hurt me
More than you could ever imagine
And I don't even think
You know that I like you.
The thing is my lungs
Are screaming for air
And the butterflies in my heart
Won't go away
And I like you
But that's not enough
Not ever enough for anyone
Oh it hurts
Sarah Levene Feb 7
The edges of my heart
Cut my soft fingertips every time I try to put the shards back together
Shattered, it struggles to not beat itself into pieces once again
It feels as if my heart isn't the only point of origin for the blood Pumping through my veins
My lungs
Have become nothing but collateral damage from the
Razor sharp "I love you's,"
Their causalness
Serrating my gentle, slowing breaths
Stopping my heart's beating
Every word holding a little less meaning
"I love you?" I say back, confusèdly
Exactly what percentage of your heart you think you poured into your words
Because I
Didn't hear any of it.
Cold, Callous
sandpaper tongue
Licking at the firey feelings of Doubt in my mind
My quieted voice can quench my questions
Smother the slivers of vowels lodged in my lungs
Trust me when I say you cannot hold in the blood flowing from my wounds
By holding My hand.
Shorter than I yet
Somehow your lies stand taller than my inner knowing truth.
Your heart is flawless and filled with youth
So you
Cannot see the end as being anything other than mutual
Like my heart fingers and lungs
Are mutually bleeding
Sometimes, it is hard to tell which is bleeding more
It is hard to tell if I am holding myself together or continuously falling further apart
Not like you would know the difference
You only ever held me when I didn't need it
When I smiled
Your mouth was filled with i love yous
But when I cried
It was never filled with questions
Did you never try to see through me
Or even simply into my eyes
I thought you knew I wouldn't let you drown in my tears
Your reluctance to talk about my fears
Only shoved my own head under the steadily rising waters of sadness
And despair
My dear, how did you get so distant?
Moons, planets, light years away
Your heart
May as well have been located in the andromeda galaxy
Because i
Could never truly reach it
Did you really want to become so distant?
When I just wanted to reside by your side
I guess I'll dont really want to know the reason why
Or if it would have even been worth it to try
To fix us.
My girlfriend and i broke up. She says it was mutual, but if one person isn't ready for a relationship, and the other is willing to try, is it really mutual?
katelynn beth Jan 20
drowning in a mirage
the pool so deep
i feel my lungs filling
and without a doubt
i know my sins
are finally showing
the fatal cost.
Em Jan 19
I wish it were for attention
or an accident
or a phase.
It would be easier that way.
Maybe then
I wouldn't be scared
to love what I love
Who I love.

You are reading this
as I am navigating
my life and
my newly discovered
what has always been.

Trust me.
I'd much rather hide
behind her hair
and in my room
tucked away
alone, together.

But my heart yearns
to scream at the top of
my lungs
that I love her.
And to say,
Fuck the World
and whoever is not ready
for Us.

would be attention.
And I don't mind.
jas Jan 19
drug me up
ice in my veins
chills down my spine
a twitch in my eye
like a fire
burning slow
filling my lungs with a leftover residue
towards a suffocation
of my body

I'm sick..
day 17 of 365
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