I grabbed at my chest,
Wanting to rip out my lungs
as they suffocated my heart.

I originally thought you
poisoned my heart but
Maybe your
Apple pie
Maple syrup
Corrupted my lungs and
Turned them evil.

They squeeze together and
Dis-form  themselves just to hurt
My heart.

I cant breath when I think of you,
No, not in a good way.

Maria Etre Nov 2

I grasped my final
and screamed
"I feel alive"
holding on
to the last

Darkness, my Love
Bleeding into my lungs
Now I cry tears of ink
That you use to write my name
Into your moonlit shadow-heart

Your ice-cold chains,
They love me too much
Every kiss you print upon my face
Breaks the Iron biting through my flesh

She makes me feel so human
And I always feared mortality
But now the thing I dread the most
Is losing the life she gives to me

He makes me feel alive
Like I've never been before
Though his touch is cold as frozen bones
His heart burns bright and warm

Bit of a work-in-progress, but you get the gist. This is from the perspective of both Persephone & Hades, and is about their love. I dedicate this song to those of you who believe that the Dark and the Light can be together and live in harmony. Because that's the only way that wars and hate can end.
Dovey Oct 31

Lungs removed from a withering body
against a victim's will
Sliced away with a rusty scalpel
leaving a body ill

So a girl learned to live without breathing
though she desperately needed air
but as time went on she stopped needing
and eventually forgot they had even been there

She's dying, they claim, and rush her off for operations
Lets return to her, her lungs
White cells reject, deem them a foreign invasion
Sobbing hysterically, this leaves her undone

Ever felt terrible around something you know is good for you? Its like my mental "immune system" is telling me "this is bad, it makes you feel bad" and has rejected it.
Olympia Oct 24

stamped with melted wax
burning the edges that were once kissed by you
i feel the fire burning inside of my lungs
i cant take back the love i gave to you
i cant extinguish the flames beneath my glowing skin
the pain is already apart of me
im used to bleeding
but everyone think im ok and that it will all be ok
but never has it been ok since my heart left with you
now i feel the scar where you stamped your impression on me
im sure i wont be forgetting you for a while
im sure i dont want to forget you for a while

Dark Delusion Oct 12

Your toxic smoke,
burning in my lungs.

For when he appears,
My lungs fill with flowers 
And for a moment I 
Forget to breathe.

The sleeping caterpillar 
In my stomach
Performs metamorphosis
And flutters around
Trying to break free.

The rivers named veins
Fill and rush to my chest,
To my head and
I forget how to think.

For when he smiles,
His eyes come alive,
And I wonder
 Does he thinks of me this way.

Dark was the night in the hour that you left me
I had no idea to bid you a farewell
And in the night that you had left me
I did not know the essence that you had claimed
And on that night my lungs were clear and free of mildew
But at the break of dawn, my heart was not the same.

They said to buy local so I tried to buy Dave Cull’s lung.
But he wouldn’t sell it.
They said to buy local,
So I tried to buy Michael Woodhouse’ heart,
But it was out of stock.
The shop girl told me she would check out the back.
They said to buy local so I tried to buy Lee Vandervis’ hands,
He said he’d sell them to me but I tried them out and they had no grip.
The said to buy local so I tried to buy Harlene Haynes nose,
But it was already in something else.
(she told me it was malicious of me to ask and threatened me with defamation)
They said to buy local so I tried to buy the Highlanders cauliflower ears,
so I’d have enough florets for a salad,
But it turned out they weren’t organic, so I left it.
They said to buy local so I tried
They said to buy local so I tried
They said to buy local so I tried
And I tried
And I tried
And I tried

They said to buy local
-but between the dilapidated hospital and the drafty-damp flats there were no good organs to purchase.

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