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You thought that I was easy
                  to smoke,

But you vaped my lyrics,
    now I'm stuck in your lungs,

Cemented words that you cant exhale,
                          cremated within you.

Your drowning
                         now comatose verses,
           that you thought were strawberry


But when you swallowed,
                                              you never chewed.
Now you got razor wire cuts
                                             lacerating you inside.
  With every inhale of my lyrical chemical cloud.

You think I'm easy to swallow,
     breathing my verses that never leave you,
my words are like asthma on your generation.

Making you wheeze when you don't inhale
          enough of my lyrical verse.
   They tried to ban me,
every one wants to breath me in.

I'm like a exhale that clouds your thoughts,
         but you'll still smoke my verses till

you got tubes huffing and puffing.

             Knowing that your last breath

will have my words clinging to your lungs...

                               Me in in liquorice

kisses that will last on your lips.
       I'm the last kiss you taste,
                             my words will be

on your deathbed..

                                    Here lies verses
                                    that were simple
                                    but never left you.

                                      cremated with the words
                         ­            I choked on the lyrics.....
                                     but I'd smoke them again.
Osiria Melody Sep 29
Pods detonate nuclear explosions of nicotine clouds
Laced with addiction and withdrawal symptoms,
A pair of lungs work in conjunction with Death
And so, even tobacco cigs achieve the same effect

So what? My lungs are my lungs
Let the vapor consume my being and let me be
There's no reason for me to reconsider this
Because I'm living a life filled with wonderful bliss

Why not give it a try?

"Y'all smoke to enjoy it. I smoke to die."

I'm not promoting smoking in any way. The final line is a quote from the novel "Looking for Alaska" by John Green. I came up with this piece on-the-fly after thinking about the vaping epidemic.
I've built on desire
My lungs to respire
The whole world entire
Till it goes down in fire
Freestyle written in 2 minutes.
BeLoved Sep 16
This **** hurts
I can't feel a thing from my chest down
Please don't send for help
Please don't object
Just let me fall
Let the dark side of the night latch onto my body
Give it room to cover me give it space to surround
For I will either grow accustomed to these
dark currents
Or as the pressure increases in my lungs
I promise I will remember all the nice things for me you have done
All the laughter we shared when we were Young
And how I couldn't tell the difference between your love and the sun
Orion Sep 11
in holding silence,
a ripple of something smaller under the surface
i have never flown over bodies of water so large i could not see land over the horizon
holding my breath as i momentarily watched waves lap at sands i will never see in person
lips parted in a strange smile, still unaccepting of the reality encased in framed glass
assurance living under skin i still have yet to inspect in the mirror with its sharp corners
pinching past until blood vessels break and nails bite through further
flickering flashes ingrained behind closed eyelids
programmed performances repeated recorded in the chandeliers
twinkling lights reflecting refracting a dance of hands, memorized scripts

air becomes thinner as altitudes rise,
meaningless numbers to someone still choking on the sighs trapped in their own lungs
breathlessness tasting like ***** on tongues that drip in honey
beauty pressed between perfectly manicured fangs

in holding silence, in holding breath

air expands as altitudes rise
soon this fantasy will break like accidentally shattered ceramic plates
unreality sinking further into sore muscles and rattling ribcages
rinsed out with surface seawater,
clearing out the seared wounds that unbridled practiced passion
singe into hands not belonging to the celestial
sweat pooled like wax at collar bones
placing wicks atop ballooning lungs
waiting for the flame to reach the bottom
Zane Smith Sep 10
6:15am, early start
full with lots of love in my heart,
a cup of coffee with a swirl of whipped cream
a book about compassion and generosity.
step out on the balcony
brisk beautiful air
messy tangled hair,
sun beaming
skin gleaming
peace and quiet.
birds waking up to make their music
where's my bookmark, try not to lose it.
sitting and sipping
take in the new day
new start
new beginning.
reminder : you are growing and flourishing everyday whether you recognize it or not :)
Anastasia Sep 2
the inside of my lugs
the petals
i can't breathe
but i don't want to
in the youth of the morning

a glass figurine grasps rays of light

the sun graces his soft contour

radiant colors bouncing off the

***** surface of the table

the dust does not near his skin

his lineament is something i saw once

in a dream, across the ocean.

do i brave those tumultuous waters?

to what end?

so that my fingertips may keep their distance?

so that we may breathe the same air?

so that our eyes may burn under the same sun?

my wistful dreaming knows

not reason but the desire

to witness the distant diamond

glinting like the stars

that beg me to drown in hopeless ventures

yet my lungs would happily fill with saltwater

if only my skin could know

the touch of an untouchable
Tamera Pierce Aug 24
Soft vibrations
waft through the air and
touch my ears like water on the edge of the pier.
They caress and ******
as if they know that I'm close to shattering my own walls.
I can barely feel them press against my teeth
barely taste the copper laced with sugar as they slide down my throat
and can't even feel them wrap around my lungs.
Artemis Aug 13
everything you say
resonates with me like a

the pounding of your
against my porcelain skull
shoots fire and lightning
down my cracking spine.

my lungs are glass
and your name shattered them

and broke me.

each breath rattles.
each breath chokes.

what's the point of breathing
when there's no air?
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