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JJ Inda Sep 4
you cast upon me
doubts and flaws;
not a single virtue
as resentment creeps.
Arcassin B May 5
by ab

Not the poster child for torture,
It's hardly enough.

Turning people crazy exposing
them to greed and madness.

I've seen all this happen when suicide comes into play.
the voices will linger , but they play no part anyway.

The mind can not take it,
Transformation ensues.

Depression creeps up on your
Shoulder and intros sadness.

Brains are like paper crumbling infrastructure.
I would not ever wish this fatal fate on another.
by Michael R. Burch

Thirty crept upon me slowly
with feline caution and a slowly-twitching tail;
she waited three decades for the winds to shift;
now, claws unsheathed, she lies ready to assail
her defenseless prey.

Keywords/Tags: thirty, age, aging, maturity, time, creep, creeping, ambush, feline, predator
by Michael R. Burch

after Baudelaire

Lynx-eyed, cat-like and cruel, you creep
across a crevice dropping deep
into a dark and doomed domain.
Your claws are sheathed. You smile, insane.
Rain falls upon your path, and pain
pours down. Your paws are pierced. You pause
and heed the oft-lamented laws
which bid you not begin again
till night returns. You wail like wind,
the sighing of a soul for sin,
and give up hunting for a heart.
Till sunset falls again, depart,
though hate and hunger urge you—On!
Heed, hearts, your hope—the break of dawn.

Originally published by Sonnetto Poesia. Keywords/Tags: Baudelaire, cat, catlike, cruel, creep, creeping, claws, paws, talons, huntress, heart, prey, hate, hunger, alliteration, sonnet
I name you Pygmalion
because between
my skin and delusion
you have carved
an ivory woman. You
have carved her
with your eyes. But
for all your looking,
you can’t see, little
blind man, that
I have no need
of Aphrodite’s blessing.
In the strength
of my spine
and the flash
of my teeth
and the skill
of my hands, hands
you did not hew,
I hum with
power, ferociously
The only thing of mine
you will ever be king of,
King Pygmalion,
is the likeness
you sculpt
in your dreams.
4 Dec 2019
abby Nov 2019
orange dewdrops chase your tail
follow you oh so quietly
the stone fox creeps into your world
trails behind you ever so slightly

your message waits for you to pick up the phone
you need to know so you may reap what you have sown

you are never alone.
Nylee Nov 2019
Every good is dying species
It is rare to find something nice.
It is too late in the living
And I have stopped believing.

There is a creep around every corner
Comes out when naive comes closer,
Changes them to face harsh facts
No one's innocence is intact.

It is lack of justice and law,
Not fast with many flaws.
Lack of security in many places,
discrimination in gender and races.

Everything to consider even,
Odd to think as human.
For a difference of opinion,
No need to show the gun.

Very easy to sit on sofa watching TV
No consequence and no liability
I say my thoughts out loud
I have lot to complain about.

Every beauty is filled with ugly
Covered up nicely
Beneath the skin, an unpleasant view
We sell the same old as brand new.
Arcassin B Nov 2019
By Arcassin Burnham

The universe waits for no one,
now its time to get out of bed and breathe that fresh air,
the external lifeform without experience is a cry for help,
dies for wealth,
flu comas , mistreated health,
think for no one , think for yourself,
jump on the elevator and reach a light,
I don't mean death but whats inside,
I got nothing to hide,
I got nothing to hide,
But if you keep being asleep Imma have to step
a mile and call you sheep,
damaged interior when you reach your peak,
The soul is light but you do not speak,
And you do not open your eyes just to see,
And you know you got the vultures that creep,

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