You said I was a good person
The saddest part of it is that that's the main reason why I'm in pain
I am always the one that the others rely on
But when I need them suddenly they're gone
and then I'm lost in vain

When I love I love forever with my whole heart and I would do anything in the world for the people that I care about
And I expect that everyone is like that too
but usually that's not true

I trust very easily I only see the good
And then I crush hard when I learn the truth
This is the curse that I have to live with
It's in my nature and I can't change it

I am heading towards another disappointment with a heart on my sleeve
I will try to be more careful this time since I know how it feels when it bleeds
I'll be the one who sings You praise,
for You are the one who changes my ways,
You light the blaze, deep in my heart,
You have been here, right from the start,

I'll always be ready, to thank you again,
for the greatest sacrifice, that day on the cross,
You guide me each day, through all pain and loss,

Driven by your love, I'll never let go,
I came a long way, and learned so much,
One thing first, I came to know,
That everyone is healed by Your touch.
A small thank you to God
My snow-covered grave,
Cold as the frozen ground,
Here I lie in my casket,
In which peace I have found,
I dug this grave myself,
I dug it six feet deep,
So that I could lie in it,
And forever sleep,
In life the sun never shined,
There was only snow and rain,
But now I’m gone and buried,
Where the cold numbs my pain.
spring day,
sweaty sheets,
haven’t looked out the window
for days on end,
forsaken to this bed
like a casket,
still alive
but barely,
dad once said
i’d rather feel pain
than nothing at all,
so i guess i’m feeling
but honestly,
it feels more like nothing
than anything else.
Full glass
We blow our feelings away
Parallel tracks in the end
die on the same burden

And appearances and duties
They never meant to die
And these tight walls never did too

Someone needs to drown and
Someone needs to contaminate
«Are you pleased to intermediate
I just need to throw me off

All my pain, all my rage
Won’t stagnate, won’t accumulate
Today, tonight»

Empty glass
We blow our feelings away
Parallel tracks are clean mirrors
We blow our feelings to fade
And we fade, and we fake
And we fade
Sand 14h
You used to sing me to sleep
No more.
You used to listen to me sleep
And I listened to you
No more
I watched you blush
No more
I saw you laugh
No more
I love you still and
Forever more
Gun control sounds like it'll work
Take away the weapons so we don't get hurt
Aurora's father would most certainly  agree
Destroy the item that we view as deadly
But evil doesn't like to follow helpful rules
That's why they take guns into their own school
Why give up your gun when you don't care for the law
When innocent people won't have a gun at all
Think of the damage that criminals cause
But if they hold the power, the innocent will fall
Take away guns and you weaken the innocent
Give an advantage to the killer and a tool for violence
And when they strike, they're hard to stop
They can kill more people when they can't be shot
Aurora slept for 100 years
Victims could Rest In Peace forever
If you could get rid of guns altogether
I agree that solution would be better
But I've been taught to view universal statements as false
And if there's one gun, you haven't saved us all
Gun control reminds me of the story of sleeping beauty. The king saw that an item (the spinning wheels) would kill someone, so he tried to get rid of it. But maleficent was still able to make Aurora "die" with a magical spinning wheel. In the case of gun control, it's likely that the law abiding citizens would give up their guns and the criminals would not. Then the criminals are more powerful than the innocent people. There is always a chance for criminals to disobey the law. (I'm not saying gun control definitely wouldn't work, but I think we should start with only selling guns to people who have taken tests (to see if they are likely to kill people) and possibly making it so you can't shoot the gun without the fingerprints matching the owner of the gun.) I know there are flaws in my logic, I just feel like something should be done so we are protected
Sand 16h
What was my misstep?
Where did I go wrong?
I played this game perfectly
Obeyed all the rules
Yet I am suffering so much
Why me?
Sand 16h
You shall bleed!

No Milord, please

You shall harm yourself!

No Milord, please

You shall love the one who does not reciprocate!

No!!! I beg you Milord, no! Don't do this to me!

You shall suffer!
You shall suffer!
You shall suffer!
Till death comes for you!

Y-yes Milord
Tkpoet 18h
I was out last night
Her smile attracts the loner
I wish she could hold me tight

Daughter of the angel
I tried my best to forget
The way she tangle

A sweet slaughter in my heart
Understand my situation and feelings
Although I was not enough smart

Devil eye's
Ready to give me surprise
Put me in dark cage
I found nothing in my ribecage

Give me my moon back
Did they hack
That flower is no more
I cried more than four
It's about a boy..who loved
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