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Void 50m
All this hate, and the regret
Even the anger and torment
All of these feelings I don't get, because I bury them deep inside

All of the times
I should have lashed out
All of the pain and tears have dried out
All of these feelings I don't get, they haunt me

While all of this time-
On the inside
I'm screaming
To be let out
Our last Christmas as a family
the day I'll always reminisce
they robbed you of your innocence
there's so many things i always miss

Our last Christmas as a family
before the drugs took you away
I saw the way you smiled
I wish i had screamed at you and said

Our last Christmas as a family
was the best we will ever get
as i know your still abusing
you're too difficult to forget

Our last Christmas as a family
i saw the look inside your eyes
i saw the future of the pain
they had already taken over your life

Our last Christmas as a family
i held you in my arms tight
for if you knew the pain i was in
would you have put up a harder fight?
Void 2h
Do you ever feel guilty when you walk all over people?

Do you ever feel ashamed when you lie?

Do you ever think that maybe you should care about your child?

Or does everything always have to revolve around you?

Do you ever get tired of manipulating others?

Do you fall asleep with a satisfied grin?

Tell me, what's it like to be you?

I never knew, I never knew
how painful it would be
for losing you. Outta sight,
outta mind,

Flowing from your words pouring
down on me, am I becoming your

Advert your eyes, please deny me
the temptation of this pain,
that I can't let go of.

From your words pouring
down on me, am I your own
brand of poison?

The spaces between us are
empty and to walk away from the sun
your world became cold.

Am I your poison
can this be real or
just a hallucination?
oo whoever stole my happiness
I wanted to leave you a note
You see the sun has now stopped shining
The flowers refuse to grow

Too whoever robbed my happiness
My body wont ever look the same
I have no way to let this melancholy feeling out
And feel I deserve this pain

Too whoever thieved my happiness
The fog was my only silence
It enveloped me in the only love i know
The love that resembled violence

Too whoever swindled my happiness
I'm hanging on by a thread
For if you take this last piece away
I'm good for nothing but death
nothing but sadness
Daivik 9h
Many years ago
One man killed another man
& everybody died.
I remember telling you i loved you
As tears spilled down your moonlit face
As the crack in my heart has been filled
However yours where a different case

You were my best hello
And now my hardest goodbye
My heart is filled with sorry
Yet my eyes still remain dry

Im just not wanted nor needed here
I have explained this all before
I said i would never leave you
But now you're crying on the bathroom floor

Im sorry my love, this is it
The bittersweet symphony
When you're looking for my love
Its right in your heart you see

For the holes you filled in mine
Are passed to someone new
As the time slowly passes without me
Someone new will heal your cracks too
Your name still stings my tongue
Like an early morning coffee
These mornings feel more difficult to overcome
Most days i stay in bed
Nursing my battle scars from the night before
I cant remember a time when it didn't sting to shower
As i think of you
A gentle teardrop rolls silently down my face
Im left to think
When did it all go wrong
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