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that girl
she stood there
for hours
on the sandy beach
the waves meeting her toes
her outstretched arms
begged to be free
a bottle full of suicide notes
prescribed by the doctor with love
she popped them into her mouth
one by one
tiny time capsules travel to her brain
and she tilted her head
up to the sky
and said, "take away the pain"
she collapsed sometime later
at the same moment the sun hit the water
and they both died
to turn into something brighter
Ijla 10h
Love is a bit like driving
You spend all your time
learning the theory
Practicing over and over again
But when you get behind the wheel
You can't help but freeze up
'Cause you already know
that you can't be ready
Not for every single scenario
that'll come your way
You might just find yourself
losing control
Hitting an obstacle
so suddenly
it sends you
crashing through the windshield
on to the open road
Pieces of glass
cutting into you
Blood seeping through your clothes
onto the heated ground
A ringing in your ears,
pain so intense
You'd wish for it to end
without a hope for survival.
But maybe you'll drive just fine.
Get to your destination with ease.
Drive past woods and waterfalls
and all places beautiful.
Listen to birds chirping,
the rustle of leaves.
And if you are lucky
Maybe you'd get a glimpse of
rare lenticular clouds
over coloured mountains.
Or fire rainbows
over dozens of frost flowers.
And that's why
we love anyway.
After all, love is just another leap of faith.
I’ll play ***

I’ll play ***, I’ll be ***.

I’ll be *** today

I’ll sit in the tub

Slit my wrist

And watch the blood run

But playing *** can’t be healthy for her

Oh, Opal, I’ll still be there for you

For you’re the one person I can’t bare to leave

We can be alone

And you can help me

Find control


I’ll find you when I need you

Oh, Opal, I love you

Oh, Opal, I’ll be there for you

You’re the one person I can’t be away from

Oh, Opal, I’m not crazy

Oh, Opal..

I’m sorry that being like this hurts you

I’m sorry

But I must be ***
A girl that I knew O.D. and has been declared brain dead. I’ve cried so much today. I wrote this because I battled with cutting and opioids like she did. The only difference is that  I overcame them. The girl ‘Opal’ in this poem is referring to opioids and ‘playing ***’ is me trying to unhealthly take back control of my life. Today has opened up some scars, but my thoughts go out to her family. I’m not suicidal in any way, today has made me reflect on my past.
There are too many
too too many
they fill my head
and pound at my skull
begging to be released
but they can't escape
I can't let them escape
They could hurt
and they could damage
those around me
so I hold tight
to my truth
to protect everyone
even though
its slowly killing me.
Claire M 17h
Uttering your blurry words
I cannot hear them drone
Instead the melodies of birds
Replace our conversation sown
And so we speak, alone.

Residing many miles apart
Lain in bed, you in your own
I lie with my wicked heart
Quiet, chilling to the bone
And so we lie, alone.

The world dissolves to static
A face made out of stone
Perhaps I am erratic
But you've become unknown
And so we are, alone.

Cast away all friend and foe
Make sure that they are shown
This beating heart belongs to woe
To it, you can't atone
And so I weep, alone.

Nothing can enroach this place
This kingdom and my throne
Everything shall be encased
In wryness I have grown
And so I am, alone.
elle 19h
is across the room
welling in her eyes
as she thinks of her country so far away and burning
to the ground every night

grief seeps in and
under our skin
burrows tunnels in our bed sheets
mapping the places we tried to forget

he lives on the tip of my tongue
a language I can’t speak
but mindlessly hum

grief is the anchor in my grandfather’s ocean
the sky and the sand, the captain to his call

spreads like vines
a yawn across the bus
stitching together our string-thin lives

grief has touched us all
sophie 20h
There are times when it hurts real bad in my chest..and i wonder if anyone else feels that way too..

for so long life has poisoned my heart, i have felt wounds embedded in me for so long black roses might bloom..it hurts more with attempt to heal, to hold the remains of my heart together...

some mornings, my heart is happy as though it has known no pain but some mornings my heart is a shadow that has known no light.

Times without number ,i've lost hope to feel happiness. Pain has drowned the memories from the times i felt genuine happiness.

I could **** for the days when everything feels right, when some one smiles because they are happy to see me, the times someone hugs me because they feel like its right and the times someone thinks am special and beautiful, the times i've been kissed while i thought i wasn't loveable. they have no idea that a part of me heals from the beautiful little things they do for me.

Sometimes my heart heals because its loved but it hurts more because it loves. It loves and forgets all possibility of brokenness. Yet everyday i still think love is everything, everything.

To me love is the greatest gift this life has to offer...a treasure unaffordable. but yet love has been my demise, it causes my chest to ache when i dont want it to..

Much as i want love, i feel like my heart is a sieve and love is a liquid...and i think I'll struggle to keep it forever.
Trial to draw feelings in alphabets.
A taste like a hay,
Nothing satisfies
No one can save me
From my ability to realize.
Internal combustion takes over me,
As I stand on my own;
Trying to keep me down all the time I had myself shown.     
So, save me from this, make it end? I thought I'd say;
“No, I’d do everything to keep you breathe instead of to live.” It said.
the unbearable dullness of life.
Annie 23h
Some nights I feel like
this sadness has made a home
out of my hollow heart.
On a tipsy morning, it woke up
and forgot to leave.
Or maybe it just ran out of places
to exit through.
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