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Mahpiya 45m
This country was built on broken backs
yet we still have to crawl on broken glass
Beg for mercy and thank you warmly
when you lift the boot from our throats
lest we come off as uncivilized--
your comfort is worth more than our lives
My mind is on fire,
And I'm out of control.
The choices I make
Wreak a heavy toll.

You learn in life that
No one gives a ****.
You learn that in the end,
You're **** out of luck.

People are full of empty promises,
All talk and no action.
Dividing you into broken
******* factions.

No more mincing words,
I am ******* ******.
Your lack of transparency
Will not be missed.

I hate you.
Thanks for nothing.
Seema 13h
Most hearts
Sink in an ocean of pain
Most minds
Spill thoughts stress and drain
Most eyes
Cry, till the tears are no more
Most sit
And watch the sunset by the shore
Most beg
For the old love to stay
But then,
They all find way and ways to go away...

©Seema Sen, 2020
Seema 13h
A tear drop
Waves by
Unable to erase my thoughts
Drop by drop it tries to wipe
But it doesn't stop
An eruption of painful feelings
I do feel the pain
But the hurt is just too much
I cannot love you again...

©Seema Sen, 2020
I swallow the snake’s tail

I dine on the patterns of chaos

that emanate from each flicker

of the tongue.

Whisper death into my eyes,

dream hatred that sputters

like a dying flame;

moment of regret I incinerate you again,


Light years in my eyes,

a bevy of desire outracing the sun,

a mixture of parting elements,

happiness departing my body like

plague vomited into the stars.

Strangle sprint spirit sin crush;

crumble this edifice as I am demolished

by your sultry stare.

Shred this shell,

**** these lips;

oh the wailing,

the stutter of despair in my shoes,

the crimson kite flies under stealth

of evening light.

DarkFilthyAngel bring your bare *******

into the firelight. Tempt all that I am

with your welcoming lips. Center starlight,

follow the moon to the home in your stare,

where I shall drink your reflection in like

a starry night in whose arms I became no one,

a man without a name,

a teardrop falling through nothing at all.

I, Zephyr, Walker,

Soul Magnet, Mind Obliterator,

the black-hearted yes-man feverishly nodding his assent.

Sychophant, weakling, everyman,

unquenchable demon misfit, runner of mazes,

follower, sickly supplicant;

I create the swirl of oblivion in your pupils.

It grows as the light dims,

as knowledge beams outward.

And you collapse and I am the fusillade,

the burnt butterfly, the charred carnage,

the soul’s goo, overcooked consciousness set ablaze.

I crush it. I crush it. Unholy invasion,

glitter of night. Splash! Redirect agony and

fire my art into your oblivious sky.

The tendrils of heat build rings

around my pounding heart.






crumble this flickering

snake’s tongue edifice

demolished like being

****** by your sultry stare,

torn into one,

released from THIS.
Talks are useless,
Cause you don't want to,
Masked as fearless,
You put up your defences

I am not your enemy,
Your faults are not permanent,
But they leave marks,
Hurt and pain

Shall I suffer in silence,
Leave you to revel in ignorance,
For fear of losing you,
As I slowly fade
Owen 17h
These days,
being in a better place
means having suicidal thoughts.
The rain welcomed me, as it was
I am to be this gray day.
Unending unraveling, seemingly,
corona's as the concrete, grey.

My roots always reaching
the rich brown Earth beneath,
strengthen my stride,

as walking through it am I.
To where or what I do not know,
for, discovery of life is stalking.
Yet, I'll be in the moment so,
if and when I can I will fly.

In each day I pray to be that I,
what, where, how, when,
who and sometimes why.
For, uplifting life isn't a task.

So, though the Sun's light is masked,
this night that's the virus' day won't last.
As it's direction, clear and bright,
does glean through the clouded
cover of covid's night.

Still, this walk that's walking me,
is what reality is to be.
And while these flaming embers glow,
I'll walk this path with life so ....

Yet, to you I do entreat,
if and when you two meet,
will you allow for the you to be,
and not recede from reality.

So, that to this day all that have gone,
leaving you this to carry on,
will have their potential realized as well,
let evolution be the bell.
(Fore soothed by All.  Thanx to Orleans for the title lyric of their great song, quoted above as title)
I am trying to move on. I'm doing my best. I think I'm doing ok given the circumstances. But I just can't shake you the way you shook me. I just don't know how it's possible. How do you go from being someone's forever to.... Nothing. I just don't know. I can't do that. I keep rolling things over and over again in my head. Did you even love me in the first place? Was all that joy and happiness and love.... Was it all just one sided? I really don't know. I didn't think someone could fake that. But maybe you could. I don't know.

I keep hoping that one day I'll just wake up, look at my phone, and there will be a text from you. There you'll be, telling me how sorry you were for everything that happened and that you just needed to do what was best for both of us and separate the emotion away, and that you love me. I don't know. But to think that you stopped loving me, or that you never loved me in the first place... It's just unbearable. Because I could never do that. I can't.

I just can't shake you.

I just don't know when it became too much. I don't know the point where you just... Turned it off. Where it faded. It never faded for me. Not for one fraction of a second. Even at my angriest, at my most hurt, my most devastated, I just wanted your arms around me. I wanted your hands in my hair. I wanted to burrow into you like I always have. I wanted you to tell me that you'll never let me go. I wanted you to tell me that I'm your honey. That I'm something else. That I'm your forever. Because you were mine.

You were everything to me. You were the best thing in my life. My favorite person in the world. I would have given anything to you, done anything for you. You held my whole heart in your hands. It was yours. And I don't know when you decided to throw it away.

I just can't do the same with yours, although I'm not sure it was ever truly mine in the first place.

I just don't know.
What I would tell you if I could.
Hannah 20h
I just want to let go
of all the weight on my shoulders.
Forget the past and all my problems,
so I can throw away the pain.
I just want to be free from it.
I want to let go of it all.
Forget the past,
forget the pain,
that all my problems have caused me.
To let them go,
as I say goodbye.
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