If tomorrow im not present
Remember my past
Remember my pain
Remember the love I gave you
The one you threw away

Remember that burning love
The love that killed me
Without a gun to its hand
the story of how I died
Your words cut me like a knife
No. Not quite
Less like a knife
You are not precise
You hurl your words at me
Fast but no control

What is your aim?
To hurt
To motivate
Do you even know?

Your words slice me like a saw
A blade oxidised into rust
Your wound isn’t clean
It doesn’t leave a straight red line
Or a quick way to heal
Like a zip
Or a trail of blood
To show someone else my way
Your words tear my skin
An impossible jigsaw
An empty space

Your words leave a scar
Like my favourite colour of lipstick
But it is angry
It burns
It rips open
Any advice is welcome
Serena 5h
I’ll let you see me. You can be one of the few. I won’t let the past disappointments dictate our possible future. What? You came out of prison? For drug dealing? That’s a lot to take in. But that was your past, I won’t judge you on your past. You seem lovely now, you seem lovely to me. I love being in your arms, you taste so good. You’ve slept with over one hundred women? As long as you’re not still promiscuous it’s okay. You miss your old life? But you won’t go back to it right? My eyes close as you kiss my neck. Can we hang out in the day sometime ? Yay, like a proper date, I can’t wait. I have to go now, I miss you already too. I met someone, I like him very much. He makes my heart flutter so. His name his Adam, he’s great but... he’s an ex convict. What about him? Charged for physical assault? No, no, no. I’ll have to ask him about that next time I see him. I can’t see him tomorrow because he has to stay home due to probation. I’ll ask him another day. How are you Adam? Hello? Are you there? Where are you? Hello? Oh hey, where have you been? You went to a party? I thought you had to stay home due to probation. You said that last week too, but you went out and partied anyway. You don’t really do what you say do you... I’m being unreasonable? No, I’m just respecting myself. You are a liar, and you do not have true intentions. Yes I think this is the end of us. I still feel you but I don’t think about you anymore
I overlooked a lot because I liked him so much, I saw the best in him. But he disappointed me like everyone else in the end
I began to regret every breath
Not feeling worthy of the air that filled my lungs
In an attempt to satisfy an unquenchable thirst I turned to deprivation
Starving this physical body and mind of all that it needed to survive
A twisted perception of obedience and selflessness clouded my vision
Believing the illusion I carefully created
Robbed of my free will as I became a salve to a broken minds bidding
I taught myself to be nothing
Programming this brain to think a certain way
Belittling myself until I finally cracked
Succumbing to this insanity
japheth 8h
‪you broke my heart‬
‪multiple times ‬
‪it turned to dust;‬
‪to ashes.‬

‪i scatter them‬
‪unto the sea‬
‪which i formed ‬
‪using my tears‬

‪slowly adding‬
‪more sand‬
‪to the shore.‬
Mercia 8h
Sweet, sweet broken mirror.
Shattered we both are.
You've seen all who have stopped by
None know the secrets you hold
I see myself, my broken self
I tell you my secrets
I show you my tears
I trust you.
Broken pieces, still work
Broken me, not woke
I sing for you my sorrows
Only you know how to sway in silence
Sweet, sweet broken mirror.
You show, what the world fails to see
You show what I refuse to see
I stand before you, Mr Shattered
I wish for your embrace
I wish for your words
Broken mirror, I trust you more than myself
Thank you mirror
Thank you for taking my heart
Sorry for shattering you
For now I see, you reflecting my heart
tempest 9h

poems contain pieces of my soul, captured by clicks of fingers on phones
the scratching noises within my pen
the giving ups and the starting agains

i wasn’t aware that when i shared some with you
i wanted a piece of you in return
not an applause or a compliment
perhaps an acknowledgement of what you learned

did you feel a melting sensation? did my pain seep into your soul? did you become more educated? did i help you become more whole?

quite literally, my poems are a book,
a journal, a diary possessing bits of my life
moments that cause you to emit a giggle
all the way to experiences i hate to give light

tldr, it kind of hurts
when you ask to go beneath my skin
from now on, I’m wearing a jacket
to keep the careless from within
emotional vulnerability with the emotionally invulnerable is rough
Coral Red 11h
Do you ever just think about death? Like it can happen anytime anywhere and you don’t have any control over it but yet you do?
Özcan Sh 11h
The pain
It’s stinging  me
And forces me to sing with him
But when i saw their smile
I feel alive again.
How can I know what can I do
just how to make amends
the strongest trees don't break in wind
but, they always bend

A song with soul and heart
the tune in every ear
popular in every way
a smile a kiss, a tear

I can't forgive myself
the guilt I suffer now
just the cards we've been dealt
feelings that we allow

Pain a mere sensation
we bear it every day
the lows of the sensation
for scars we've caused
god knows we'll have
too pay
Like a cut you've made, regretting it and realizing, it's forever :/
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