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Cox Jul 13
Feeling cold,
Feeling dead,
With nothing else but dirt beneath my head.

You fill my ground with seeds,
This was all that my world would need.
Slowly I feel them tangle,
Their roots start to mingle.

Flowers bloom and grow from my skull,
Further resting me in a peaceful lull.

Sunflowers, daisies and tulip buds,
Lay all around me brightening the mud.
Slowly, slowly my ground is beautiful once again.

Slowly, slowly my body is repaired,
But yet I am still questioning the when?

Wanting to live again just like them.
hear, hear
through your skull
stuffed with thick tears
i burned into myself a way to remember your laugh
flushed cheeks that raised flags red to your eyebrows
skimmed over in the heat of thinking "this is it"
and it was
nothing more than the sounds of joy for milliseconds
that echoed for years in one's head
it was like the sea had flooded my cranial cavity
i was drowning cerebrally
Hunter Green Mar 13
Into this cloud of canvas I could fall,
Shaping my emotions like treasures on the wall.
Like a deathly hunger I cannot ignore the roar,
It deafens with its deceiving grin,
So loud in silent reality,
So bright in dark decree.
Fleeting forests fountaining, feelings flourishing,
Sacred sunsets sadly singing salutations.
Nimble notes noticed near nassaus nothingness.
Is it evil that paints this mural of my heaven?
The paint on the inside of my skull never dries,
before another coat drenches the lofty skies.
btp Mar 12
Crack my skull,
Feeling so dull,
I was feeling so full,
But now I lost it all,
I wish you would call,
But I know that I'm feeling so small,
I feel like I'm lost while I crawl,
I know that it isn't your fault,
You make me numb and yet feel so full,
Feeling so dull,
Cracking my skulI,
I want to hold your hands so I just hope I haven't lost it all.
s Willow Jan 9
skull’s lit.
Teeth chattering.
Amanda Dec 2018
Thoughts are eating me alive
I feel sharp bites as they gnaw
Bleeding out pints of sense and reason
From conclusions I draw

I am glad to drift to sleep every night
Even with precious time flying by
Happy to experience any relief
No problems behind closed eyes

Conversations filling free dreams floating within
Attempting to be understood
Have no interest in indulging opinions
Hanging silent in my head, engraved in 'would'

In efforts to turn around my thinking
I stuff my mind with different distractions
Put hands to use with various tasks
Only substances bring satisfaction

I need to unearth the causes
Responsible for lack of peace
Little by little learn to be happy
Sorrows burning my brain will cease
Thoughts can cause more damage than anything else
Anne J Dec 2018
Chattering yet still
Frozen and wrapped by venom
Decayed by sharp fangs
I'm a junior in HS, but I take a senior class. One of the seniors recently got a tattoo of a snake, said snake's end tail erasing around a skull. The tattoo quickly made me in a mood for a haiku. I shall end my period on haikus for now on this eery 3 stanzas
Chicken Oct 2018
Headless Chicken,
Headless Chicken,
Oh boy,
You lost your skull.

... and in return,
You get to know,
That you ain’t lost nothin’ at all.
Nothin’ to lose, nothin’ to gain :]
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