cher Jun 5

it’s not real because they
say it’s not physical and
      not diagnosed it’s not             real
because they just can’t
understand the pain i
      feel every
  night with liquid sorrow
that tastes like honey just
pouring from my face                 puffy
red like beets from the
garden you built in my
       desolate empty
  of course they wouldn't
care know or even try to
       raise my blade to their       thin
skulls only to scrape the last
bit of sanity left from the
      weak and
  insides of the mind.

old piece, first try at this style
Kevin M G Apr 13

My eyes

are sinking back into

my skull.

They leave two gaunt


in the skin beneath each lower


each which now darkens and

dissociates itself


a healthy pigmentation—

much in the same


as that in which I


have darkened

and dissociated

from reality

Regan Collins Mar 22

I don’t know what it is,
But my mind is flooded:
The waves splashing
On the inside of my skull.
I’m drowning in thoughts of you,
Daydreams of what we could be.
I hear my name on your lips;
You say, “Come with me.”
And I feel how I’d feel
If only I knew you,
If only you knew me.

Chloe Chapman Mar 17

I like the colour purple,
     as it blooms across my skin,
The delicate spread of lavender,
     dappled with yellow and green.

I like the smell of iron,
     of copper pennies and blood
As it oozes form a scab
     or drips from a fresh cut.

I like the feel of my ribs,
     the bones beneath my skin,
The curve of my skull under my cheek,
     Or the joints of every knuckle.

Wrote this on a whim..
(and yes Colour is spelt right, that's how we spell it in England.)
Solaces Dec 2016

" The good deeds we do can help us on our path.  They fill the soul with hope and joy,  at times I look to that power.  But today I dive into a small part of my darkness. "

Sometimes you gotta go in a different direction.  All which lead to the same place.  Of course this little back road will lead through an area without street lights.  The only light I see out here is the silver pale moon light.  This is where I summon GlOW skull.  He is a small dark part of me.  Dark enough to dim the light I need to fight.  You see certain individuals are standing to close to the light.  Wanting it all for themselves.  In this case they are standing so close to the light that they do not realise how big the shadow they cast is behind them.  So I need a little bit of darkness and shade to dim these big lights.  Just for balance, no more, no less.

Call to the shadow and shade, remember darkness was there first before the light got there.  -G l O W
Wejdan Nov 2016

Walking in these poor streets.
Where you hear guns every half an hour, kids crying, skinny parents.
I remember when Raneem used to run around here, her smile was so delightful.
Now that you arent here anymore,
I will find hardness in forgetting you
Afiqah Nov 2016

is it time already
is it time for me to blow off the dusts
cut the long tresses off my skull
that's been braided by words written on your typer
ever since
I've had dreams of people falling
while I stood there,
feeling helpless
I know what it means
I can't help this stubborn part of me
black out the comma every time
my ink poetizes your name


Jacob Scott Sep 2016

an ivory orb of milky rot
i found and held
as my friend--
my own pubescent totem

i was held down by
something like shame
and though i am the same,
the world ever darkens
in the sharing of moldered dreams
and a burned-out visage,
flesh separates under broken teeth
to feed the pit

my wings in a dirt cocoon,
lost to bedlam and amore--
i cannot fly
or dream of my own death,
but cut out my own skull
for another
while, in dreams,
i visit hells i have not earned
and for a token taken,
nightly burn

Arcassin B Sep 2016

By Arcassin Burnham

will you dry my bones,
will you rip my heart,
will you leave me alone,
is this when we part
will you take my spirit in the middle of night,
while I'm begging to cry, while I'm die,

Dealt with quite a lot of bull in my recent years,
You gotta be a man , you gotta work just to face
Your fears,
Dying of thirst like the guy at liquor stores begging
For money,
Thinking it's a curse when things go bad in my past

I'm falling
soul searching
find nothing

I've got dirt in my eyes,
And blood on my knees.

will you dry my bones,
will you rip my heart,
will you leave me alone,
is this when we part
will you take my spirit in the middle of night,
while I'm begging to cry, while I'm die.

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