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Brumous Jun 1
A tear slipped
down your cheeks
so, I asked ​if you were okay

but you brushed it off
and didn't answer
Celestial May 17
So much magic and mystery in,
only your tiny spark.
what is there to pin?
But that devious shot in the dark.

Already lit it's growing.
So fast and hot,
I wonder what's not showing.
For that not everything you got.

You may think this a goad,
It's just nothing else fits on this road.
Would it be a fantasy?
To think of a courtesy?

On your way,
I hope your light never fades.
Only to grow by day,
Showing all the shades.
Seeing through to the good. Moving past all the darkness to find it.
Natalie Apr 13
Skin dislodged
A bone in the wrong place
Just the wrong size
Can't we see what's underneath?

Cold, empty air
Wind winds through the tunnels
And here and there and there
You can see the ****** funnels
Brendann Apr 7
Do you ever sit and think
About what goes on above?
How something could happen
Within a blink

But it’s not like you can tell
Or see what goes on
Between the stars above
It must be so swell

This begs the question
What IS up there?
What could be looking right back at you?
Do you have a suggestion?

It rattles my brain
Turns my stomach
Pulls at my soul
I can feel the curiosity crawling through my veins

The everlasting void of our galaxy
There’s so much
Yet we know so little
Free Verse
Zywa Mar 31
There is a drum roll

behind the quiet houses –

everyone is there.
Collection "From Sacred Scriptures"
Lee Aaun Mar 30
curiosity alone
can cause problems,
but when it mingles
with resilience
you create a different story
your story, you create it
You can't know my dark past
If you were to discover it,
our relationship wouldn't last
Yes, it is something I want to conceal
I was the one hurting somebody
I don't need to "heal"
You need intimacy, you need to feel
but don't focus on fleeting memories
focus on what is real
His3Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people.
PV Mar 25
It’s Funny, I see you looking, from all the way over there
And I wonder
What are you thinking
And why do I care
But then you lean in
And I listen
Then you pull back
So I watch you
You’ve piqued my curiosity
I think I’ve piqued yours
I watch you watch me
And I wonder
What are you thinking
M Solav Mar 20
When within my cells there rages wars,
For a second breath I’d stare at the stars;

The old world thickened under my feet,
Yet across my sorrows the ends would meet;

So to renew these aspirations of ours,
Perhaps on a missile on its way to Mars.

  ("We are past the third wave,
   past the coastline,
   past the coral reef.")

No I haven’t always been there for you,
In these gardens we’ve walked around and through;

From green to red, vice-versa and so forth,
We’ve gone past Saturn many times before;

Now I’m on my way to a distant shore,
Paddling the bloodstream of my heart.

  ("We reach through the gate,
   the gate of no-return,
   far beyond Saturn.")

Amidst curiosity and its pulsations,
Of skies infinite, a stubborn astronaut;

It’s time to decline and lose it all
Or time to rise up and answer the call;

Fractions of a split-second, a trigger;
Wings spread to the dark yonder.

  ("Gone past the point of no-return,
   Cicatrize our scars as we sail
   Far into the night.")
Written on April 19th, 2018 - for a song that never was.
M Mar 17
I have six of them buried deep inside my head
I could just pull them out one by one if I wanted to

But I tell myself "don't dig up the dead!"
"It's for the best!" they echo..
Might continue I'm not sure yet
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