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this same robin
has visited
every day
for the past week
as I work
bringing him
and closer
enough for me
to identify
the glowing colour
of his breast
the ruffled feathers
of his crown
and his gentle
inquisitive conversation
as he inspects
the freshly turned soil

i respond
to his chatter
   not caring
that neither
      the other;
there is something
in his presence
that outweighs
the need
for answers
Zywa 4d
I see her peeping --

she looks back to me and then

we are both ashamed.
Collection "Take a picture, now"
You were not my typical knight in shining armor
And I was not your typical Disney princess
You were the guy that was full of mystery
And I was the girl who was full of curiosity
Kassan Jahmal Jun 17
The curiosity of young; is the danger of creativity,
discovery, but at times ignorance.

The fat cat...

Is it curious of me to ask a favour with no return,
I owe the plenty of their time I wasted. Chasing the
clock round and round these late working hours.

The fat cat in a hat, told his kitten to go buy a bat...

Is it curious of me to want what others have,
the happiness it brings them, I too want it's share.
Despite at the expense of my appreciation, I want it all for free.

The fat cat in a hat, told his kitten to go buy a bat,
Chasing a rat...

Is it curious of me to want a love I can't afford,
this love for the things in this world. What fame can
get you, whether in the honest success, or the success
of selling your soul.

The fat cat in a hat, told his kitten to go buy a bat,
Chasing a rat hiding under the mat...

Is it curious of me to get my eyes stuck on the sky,
I'm waiting for Heaven to fall onto this living hell.
How long will I have to wait longer, for the Lords return?

The fat cat in a hat, told his kitten to go buy a bat,
Chasing a rat hiding under the mat. She was battling with her
careless curiosity in daily combat.

Is it curious of me to wonder what exactly killed the cat,
so many lives wasted or not; dependent upon the right curiosity.
We're all curious beings; whether small or big. A question of
where you curiosity leads you to.

The fat cat in a hat, told his kitten to go buy a bat,
Chasing a rat hiding under the mat. She was battling with her
careless curiosity in daily combat.

Ordered the bat online, it came with the vat. The bat was
black in matte, to go chase a rat all around their flat.
She was a sort of brat; with an annoyance that flew around
like a gnat.
  So inquisitive of people's affairs; and nobody
likes that.

In the end, curiosity did **** that cat.
Zywa Mar 31
The buzz of the guests

on the patio lets me --

snoop around freely.
"Vissoep" ("Fish-soup", 2016, Mustafa Kör)

Collection "Shelter"
Jay M Mar 14
When shall we come
To realize that we
Are the masters
Of our own lives?

When will we come to see
All that truly lies before us
The potential at every whim
To learn and to greatly grow
To step forth, to boldly know
Where our greatest curiosities
May turn to lead us?

Grasp the eager thread
Follow it as it winds
As it bends and turns
Follow it all the way down
Down the rabbit hole.

- Jay M
March 14th, 2022
Follow a thought, and see where it may lead you. It was not curiosity that killed the cat, but rather a lack of caution.
Zywa Mar 10
Right after the first

news our ideas start running --

away from ourselves.
Collection "The drama"
Chad Roman Feb 8
My mind cries out for one more memory
I wouldn't  mind it myself
I just wonder if it will happen... soon
we are apart but...
yeah I still love you
Do you know this?

I know the decision was worth it
at the moment it hurts
I wish to see the day you realize what it was for
For now, please escape my thoughts
don't linger in my head

how can I forget?
it took a lot
please understand...
Yeah I still love you!

anyway as the night fades
the sun comes up
24 hours seems like forever
the pain doesn't leave
yet, you did...
wait, I did.
I'm selfishly thinking about you
yet selflessly we split

I await the day we meet again...
To show you how much I love you!
All that is gone isn't lost
A heart break story
happy ending loading....
My Dear Poet Feb 8
”Don’t look!”, mother said
“It’s not for your eyes to see”
So it sat there, that little red box
in-between curiosity and me
“Be a good boy and put it down
promise to never open the lid,
You never un-see, or undo
a memory, you wish you never did”

I traced the edge, gave it a shake
and placed upon it my ear
listening what may mysteriously make
that ruffle from what I could hear
So I sat a lot, wondering what
could possibly be inside
It’s only a peak, I’m much too weak
my conscience I cannot hide

It can’t hurt, no one will know
after all, it’s just a little look
I’ll open and close, see how it goes
no harm, just like a book
tempting as is, a ‘sorry’ can’t fix
I wish to have kept my word
when mother was gone
and I, with the box alone
peeped in and out flew a bird
Zywa Dec 2021
My world doesn't have to be bigger
than as far as my eyes reach
yet they see a new horizon
when I look around over there

.....Give me your hand, wait
.....a while with going and come
.....with me, together
.....we can be at home

I will always stand still
on street corners
looking where the sun is
where the clouds go

.....Take off your jacket, your fear happy here
.....take a bath
.....I'll give you a massage

Indefinite scents
blow over the beach
my feet push
bow waves in the sand
Man and woman

Collection "The migration"
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