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Chris 4d
Venomous retina
Attracted me like a trap

Brillo copper in the glass
Seventeen on the couch

Call my best friend
Share the minds thoughts

Curiosity got the best of me
And the trust
I put into my idles hands

Heart beat
Vanes thumping
Down down down

Mind is up
Thinking what the ****

This is my life now

Future you crying
Hanging his head low

Cooks up rocks in the *** death reborn

Resurrection of death
Being cloned over and over again

Yellow cake on the menu
As the flame kisses the pan

Ain't supposed to be done
But not for the father
Not not for a mother brother sister or son

******* smoke
Heart dancin
Tunnel vision
Two steppin
Jaw gliched like a movie disc
***** walk
Leg locked in this ****** house
Home is if this is where the cake is...
Home is if this is where the cake is...
A seventeen year old son & his idle cross the threshold....
Could you smell my perfume
As you stood beside me
With him on my arm
I was hurting so badly
That was the last time we spoke
You only said "hey"
I responded with a smile
As my heart beated away
The months have flown by
This has gone on too long
I can't control my feelings
I've done nothing else wrong
Why can't I end this
I need to let go
I fell in love with a man
That I don't even know
Genre: Reflecive Art
Theme: On Closed Eyes, Beyond Poetry

6 Pathfinder Questions:

1) Are you sure?
2) Where are you going?
3) Does the Sun get warmer there?
4) Does your wishes get closer?
5) Will you be happy?
6) Will you be in peace?

Even if a single answer is doubtful, stop where you are. Face the Sun, reconfirm the path and keep moving towards the goal. It’s never too late to follow the right direction.
Curiosity killed the cat,

But a cat has nine lives,
And I have none.

What can we lose but time?

I've already lost my mind

~Robert van Lingen
Do you understand
All of this is your fault
Vindication is all that I want
Except you’re still on my mind
Filling my head in every space for thoughts
Unexpectedly is how this started
Curiosity sparked an interest
Killing me as it lingers
Implicating me in guilt
Nothing can cure this conscious of mine
Going down with every thought
Suspiciously I clear my mind
Pencils and pens create my thoughts
Illustrated with curves that turn to letters
Variety that turns to words
Every one has a meaning and place
Yet I let them remain nameless
I wonder if you see me as fragile or strong. I wonder if you think that I’ll break your arms. are you careful with my heart , are you afraid that I will fall apart?

Or I wonder if you know that I am strong, despite the fact that I have been wronged? Do you know that I have strength  despite the fact we both know I can break.

I wonder what you know.
gracie Mar 4
he's a careless night drive, beautiful
but deadly, his laugh intoxicating
like plum wine, a smile masking
the scent of desperation.

I followed his tracks through the smoking
streets like a stray cat chasing
Moonlight, cursed with a curiosity
that’ll **** her in the end.

dazed, she dances with the devil
to the electric hum of city
lights that gorge on the
fragile glow of the stars.
Blessed with a sky of waterfall
I let my thoughts run amok the greedy raindrops
The beats, the trickle and the gush
  Resting on concrete sand
With nothing but thin fabrics that clung to my skin
It's a silence of pleasure
Being caressed by the cold
Surprisingly peaceful
To let the wind slowly, at a leisurely pace
Invade your body's temperature
Humming in your ear
A songful of promises
That faith never fails
And patience rewards
Tempting you to stay seated
Wait out the storm
The clash of waves a raw entertainment
And a rumble of applause
Somewhere beyond those thick clouds of uncertainties
Words unspoken
I let myself listen instead
Letting the mysteries solve themselves
Unanswered questions
Offering crystal answers
And found it rather enjoyable
Some say real
Is what you see
Some say
It's what you feel
Like a man down on one knee

Some say real
Real does not exist
That if we really open our eyes
All we see is a cloudy mist
And it's there we go when we meet out demise

I wonder
What does real mean
Is it what we see
What we feel
Or something else
Right under our heel?
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