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Jovanni 3d
Unexplained rivals and verbal confrontations
first contact as opponents and second as curious strangers
exchanging smiles and bewitchingly smitten by the lock of our eyes.

Equally being matched as conversations proceed
Are you friend or foe?

Tell me, how shall I judge you? Or shall I not judge at all?

Many mistakes were made by judgements and lessons learned,
Life would be so simple if we forgive and forget,
Yet many don't do as we do
Imogen 6d
It pulses and twitches like a nervous heartbeat,

The throb
Of your fingers

Tapping an absentminded concerto
Against the mahogany,


With the throb of my own

Fluttering disquiet ⸺

Palms outstretched
Taut, tense, and waiting
At the bass-line below the table

To catch the tempo of your consciousness
On the harp strings of my fingertips.
A combination of some random jottings I made awhile ago and reworked into one text.
Madison Oct 10
My curiosity got the best of me
I chipped away a hole
It was just big enough to let in air and light
And an eye to look through
Part 3 of my incompleted poem thingy
Madison Oct 9
I wonder what would happen
If I started to chip away the walls
Just to let a little bit of light in
And some fresh air too
Not complete. I’m gonna write this poem in parts.
"Curiosity kills cats, you say?
Perhaps.  I'm curious every day.
And of my nine lives,
I have left
A single life's breath.
And soon I'll satisfy
My curiosity
About death."

Nigist Oct 5
The devil dancing in plain sight
When your eyes
glamorize mine
Makin me fantasize
Bout your face between my thighs
Straddle up
From the side
Hips peak high when you choke me as I reach my
I love when you ****** it from behind

Let me, keep you in mind
As I slip into something more casual
Grind, wine
Twisting my tongue letting you unwind
Where my throat flirts with the tip of your boat
Slip N Slide until unified

Let me, take my time
I'm talking knee pads on Valentines
Tryna elevate our vibes
Gates Wild Ride
Rotate on cloud 9
Body attentively inclined
To tell you all my
Hung to air dry
- ****** dominance keeps me in line
- Kiss up along my spine
- Grip me right, tight
*Like, be Curious & **** this cat nine times
Now pay those crime fine
****** deep in my walls
Rock it til waterfalls
& watch me flood you like high tides
Meet & Greet our *** with sunrise
& bittersweet goodbyes...

I finally found the courage to speak my mind
I'm not so sure that I'll be yours but baby you could be mine

8:47 PM

#TheHIMCollection #DarkMagicCollection
*Dark Magic is not the real title; That's my abbreviation/shorthand for it.
SC Kelley Oct 5
Why is it that when I start to feel alive,
It feels like the wrong thing to do?

Why is it that I am convinced that I don't deserve the greatness I'm gifted?

Why is it that the warmth I feel is always quickly faded and frozen?

Why is it that when it feels like the final victory, the war is just beginning?

Why is it that I am secretly the monster I swore to despise?

~S.C. Kelley
When will my soul be freed?
AS Sep 15
The chronicles of the mind, connected,
           shooting across         its organic

A spider web of curiosity,
is only how
                 it can be defined.
         A search vast, with no straight
                                    answers lined to cast.

With science speeding along fast,
          Maybe the fascination of this
    task won't                   be passed.
Maybe       answers     at last,
  a hope of what we find,
Will not set off
             theoretical         land mines.
          Scarring the tissues
will rely on,
              For preserving sanity of


© 2018

Abigail Sheard
Madison Aug 16
Just when I think

I've known the world

I come to the realization

That I've only seen it

Through my own two eyes.

It eats at me

Though I shouldn't be bothered

And yet

I can't help but wonder why.

What do strangers see

When they watch my favorite film

And what do they hear

In their favorite songs?

What do others girl feel

When they knowingly fall in love

With someone

Who's stringing them along?

What do my parents know

When they look at the roads

They've walked down

Many more times than I?

What do babies think

When the world's so unknown

And they can only use their voices

To cry?

Where is the truth

In others' opinions

So very different from mine?

Where lies the inspiration

Of other writers

As they steadily type

Each line?

In the end

There's not much of a point

Unless reincarnation exists.

But frustration prevails

Knowing my eye's the limit

And my curiosity

You see

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