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softcomponent Oct 11
"Curiosity killed the cat."                     

What this really means

is that,

at a certain point of investigation,


can become





Carlo C Gomez Sep 16
in the sand

Laid out
and toweling off

Curvatures to
algebraic form

They define her lines
shape her axis

My island of

Amid summer's long
For more about this
See the related poem:
When Yeshua painted the sky with night,
I sat alone
Upon my bed,
Paddling through digital realms of intel,
To quench my thirst for a forbidden thrill
Established beneath our encoded
Unguarded yet dubious,
Fit only, for encrypted

Shivering at the slanted hourglass,
My expedition was Suddenly
Ambushed by fear,
Who unshackled
Voices of concern
To swirl my mind to the
Path of reconsideration
One last time.

But i persisted,
For stubbornness rushed to still me and
Massage away my fears;
Drowning my sense of reason,
Into a sea of deceit.

Many sites i beheld,
Holding an abundance of
Taboo data, burned
On my mind.

A goal which came to be,
Is thus fulfilled, and now
Crossed off my
List of do's.
Kitten Yvad Sep 2
cherry-stained windbitten lips
and a critical countenance
with nothing but innocence
idealism and autonomy behind
the sardonic look

so many bluebirds and
here we are holding eachother
told innocence is bloodred
took before the stain

finds that love is beauty;
told that beauty is pain

told that purity is pure white
and no restraint
could ever be good enough
high enough righteous enough

to hold us to the straight path
upon which our little girlhands

"i'll climb this in a princess dress!"
not for some pop shock juxtaposition

But because I've done it before
stop i do this all the time
i climbed trees before i had
the binary vocabulary
to describe why I should not

Why the blood on my knees
might not be the blood a dissonant
harmony of virginity fetishizers
hold in honor.

my honor was already there
*****, swinging from the garden

palm fronds on the front lawn
hands sticky  with citrus
and blood from needing the most
sunripe lemon bursting
from sweet friend, thorned tree

I already liked tight jeans
and sparkly things and small
shirts because I liked the way
the Air Herself hugged My body

I already liked matching
periwinkle training bras and
stupid boxy Lei's from the
Boy's section of JC Penny.
So when I am thirteen

and sardonically sweet
cherry stained gloss and
a whole empire to claw to defeat
don't you dare.
Don't try to step to me.

you hurt yourself
Hell hath
no fury like a Teenaged Girl
You ever heard that thing?

Its enough to fall from the
Mulberry up the street
raising silk worms to butterflies
in your dreams
you already know its enough
as you see my

fall my periwinkle blue dress
rip and 10 feet
Its enough to fall from
the mulberry up the street
see the organza sparkle rip
and surprise and laughter
rip from me

Tear from me like so
many gasping sirens
warm and dark and secure
with mirthful sparkling oaken eyes

brown skin and laugh-shut eyes
a natural antidote

Archangel to Decolonize

little demon, SweetChild
lemons and local harvest
faithful, powerful
Empire-Conquering Woodsprite
an open loveletter to gxrlhood. specifically my own, the contradictions of which make me no less human today💞
Void Aug 20
What if it were all down to a moment
What thoughts would remind you of me?
Would it be my talent?
Would it be love?
Would it be pain?

I've always been so invisible, I wonder what others cherish in me
The words left unspoken
The stories untold
I wish I could know what thoughts would provoke
M M E Ronan Aug 17
My weight in walnuts,
cracked open by the use of tools,
with adult digits too,
unlike in the past,
they keep rolling, weighing and discovered,
by curiosity, by wisdom,
no syllables without a match,
sentences make a book,
needle ***** when changing colours,
burn with over boiling,
wrong answer with equation,
exhilarating acceleration,
no need to quit or anger,
this is how it is,
your weight in walnuts.
Alicia Moore Aug 8
The killer inside is curiosity;
past secrets kept hidden by
carrying out a procedure
decried by the own mind.

The killer inside is curiosity;
one digs to find the truth,
but only joins such secrets
six feet under rubble and twigs.

The killer inside is curiosity;
do not paw at the depths,
withdraw immediately—
For curiosity killed the cat,
and many beings after that.
Tora Aug 7
pulls them in like little boys and girls
lost in the woods, in the safe embrace
Of a candy cottage
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