Madison 5d
Just when I think

I've known the world

I come to the realization

That I've only seen it

Through my own two eyes.

It eats at me

Though I shouldn't be bothered

And yet

I can't help but wonder why.

What do strangers see

When they watch my favorite film

And what do they hear

In their favorite songs?

What do others girl feel

When they knowingly fall in love

With someone

Who's stringing them along?

What do my parents know

When they look at the roads

They've walked down

Many more times than I?

What do babies think

When the world's so unknown

And they can only use their voices

To cry?

Where is the truth

In others' opinions

So very different from mine?

Where lies the inspiration

Of other writers

As they steadily type

Each line?

In the end

There's not much of a point

Unless reincarnation exists.

But frustration prevails

Knowing my eye's the limit

And my curiosity

You see

David Abraham Aug 11
You feel that urge again
to let heat lick your palm
just to know how the pain feels when it really sinks in.

Your faces are thrown into ghastly detail
and gaunt shadows rise and fall in the flickering light
on your faces, in your eyes.

Chemistry lab,
sit next to the blue flame
of the Bunsen burner just to capture that smell
without shame.

Light a match
without reason
just to watch the tiny blaze eat away
just to leave black ash in its wake.

You feel a bit too close to the fire,
but your curiosity and wonder do not tire.
My entire lab group in Honours Chemistry likes fire perhaps a bit too much.

EDIT: What was I going with this? None of are at risk for setting random things on fire, don't worry. At least I probably am not.

August 10th, 2018
I wonder what it's like
to be a tree in a storm.
To have settled roots,
that hold you steady.
To have grown so high,
and progressed so much.

I wonder what  it's like
to be a tree in a storm.
Having to bend and lean
with the comings of the wind.
Having to feel parts of you

I wonder what it's like
to be a tree in a storm.
Everything could be taken
with a single bolt of passion.
Or to have to be on edge
for the hurricane season.

I live the life
of a tree in the storm.
But, I must say, it's worth it all
just for the thrill of the fall.
Storm came by and, well, the fall was fun.
Caleb Jagoda Aug 6
the clock

the seconds
through my

and my
of you

they float
and flutter

where there
is no space
or time.

an untapped
of existential

that i wish
i could hold
Nicky Aug 5
Curiosity killed the cat but I want to know why
A thirst for knowledge that I can't deny
A lifetime of questions in search of the truth
Words are just letters, in the action lies the proof

Harsh truth I can handle, pretty lies I cannot
Moralistic minds, traits that time forgot
Say what you feel and act how you think
Keep it real and the connection stays in sync
nabi 나비 Jul 26
why is it that i want to ask you every question known to man
yet not have any courage to go through with the action of asking?
it might be that i am scared that my curiosity may scare you away
or possibly because i am scared of you never wanting to answer
but either way i'm scared and just wanting to know how you work
i want to ask you why you don't believe god and what spiritual path you think you will follow
i want to ask you why you love math so much and how it can bring such a smile onto that face of yours
i want to ask you why you love that one film so much and what about it makes you laugh so much
i want to ask you why you are so scared to let people in and why you apologize for everything regardless of whether it's your fault or not
i want to ask what makes your depression and anxiety worse and what i can do to the best of my ability to make it easier
i want to ask you how you could've gone your entire life without anyone showing you just pure love
i want to ask you how you tick and what makes you run
i want to see your entire painting and see if i ever appear on it, even if just in a form of a hue
i wish i had the courage to ask you these things and so many others
but i don't know how you could ever feel about my curious soul
Isaac Jul 25
Answers float,
never heard, never seen.

Outside the boat
where no man has been.

They wait for a question
to hook them aboard.

Unless asked with intention,
they will always be ignored.

So begin the quest
of childlike curiosity.

The truth will impress,
giving new luminosity.
Written 25 July 2018
bri Jul 19
My curiosity
is out of this world,
my greatest downfall;
The biggest piece of me
that awakens my soul,
but truly crushes me,
I ask too many questions,
I bother too many people.
No one cares like I do.
No one looks for answers beyond
what we have right in front of us.  
We make the wrong decisions,
because we are easily tricked
by charm and wit.
The bad souls make their way in,
but they don't have to break in,
or rob anyone's heart.
They are handed these things,
because love is blind,
and so is the mind.
Nic Mac Jul 18
Here is where you want to be,
where it is dark and quiet.
So eyes are not to witness,
this uncontrolled curiosity.

You want to face a feeling,
that until now had been unknown.
You cannot plan how far you’d go,
feeling the pull, only when it tugged.

Forward or backward is up to stars to tell.
Fate is shrugged off skeptical shoulders,
as curious steps seeked reasons,
before the earths solemn shadow fell.

did you?
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