you are splitting me open like
a ripe pomegranate
my back arching beneath you
I am nothing but you
(and come and go and here and upside down)
you say your chest feels like it is exploding
and smile at me half naked in a sweatshirt
sinking into nothingness (everything)
you are garganta do diabo
(my eight year old self feeling a breath of
endlessness for the first time)
and Utah Beach and Mumbai at night
where I am breathless (breathless)
(I am raw here)
twisting my throat splitting
me open like I have never closed up.

my heart burns within my chest
yet I hardly know how the flame was lit
I try so hard to hope for the best
But his breath rekindles the heat within

I cannot conceive of why I cry
when I think of your tears raining from the sky
I don't understand why the stars seem to speak
They whisper the secrets of love that I seek

these words are too pitiful,
my heart is too weak,
and yet I won't let myself
crumble or break

my mind screams within my head
for the smoke in my chest blinds all that I've said
I try so hard to hope for the best
But this spark rekindles the dream within

Sarah Parker Nov 24

my chest heaves
from poor health
or heartache
it’s hard to say
what I do know
is the weight
of your absence
feels heavier today

Anna Nov 19

As feelings get deeper,

your heart gets heavier.

You feel it in your chest.

As they will burst
                 ˚  ·   like a star      ✫ ·    
.       ⊹
    .      ·   
       ✵   in the universe.     
·  .    *     ✦
   .  ✵  

Dovey Nov 13

I am disgusting now
My heart is a pulsating sore
Oozing pus into my veins from the inside out
And leaving me
Aimless and on edge

I can’t stop this feeling of
Wanting to tear apart everything and anything
-Especially my own skin-
Anything to get my lungs expanding at the normal capacity
And my adrenaline
to stop boiling up in my skull

My head hurts
My head hurts
My head hurts

I think I need a moment.
Mrs Robota Nov 11

Hand on my armor, Hand on my chest
Asking me “Where you going?”
I got to get off this planet before I fall intoxicated by your lips
This armor’s not enough to protect me from your…
Hand on my armor, Hand on my chest
Asking me “What’s your name”
Take a seat, enjoy the show
But I know this armor’s not enough to protect me from
Falling into your vortex

I know I shouldn’t take a chance, sneak a peek at you
From my side of the couch
But I find myself wanting all your attention
Guess I’m just selfish, jealous
This must be how it feels to be in love
Think I like that I won your favor by just being myself
Tear off my armor, Unlock my chest?

Seanathon Nov 10

A surgeon reaches down a path
And walks out with the heart of the woods

Be it beating slow or beating fast
The hikers pray
That the woodlot surgeon puts it back

In the heart of it
Where the woods still belong they once grew strong

Indeed they once grew strong
Mims Oct 29

You cannot die from holding your breath
Eventually you just lose consciousness
I cannot die from this
But I can have a sharp pain in my chest

This is absolutely no where near the end for me
I am just no longer concious
Of a point with you..

Coping mechanism ex machina

often times

when I am laying alone at night

I feel his presence with me

and my love for him is overwhelming

it beats in my chest

so hard I worry it may break my heart

This poem may be unfinished, I don't know completely yet
Thomas EG Oct 5

My first alarm goes off
I savour the last of my broken sleep
My eighth alarm rings and I moan

I drag my heavy body up
And into the bathroom
But I make a mistake

I glance at the mirror
As I finish undressing and...
Is that me ?

I don't know the answer
My eyes linger and I turn away
Into the shower I go

Rushing, rushing, rush...
I run to catch my bus
I do not catch my breath

My chest burns as I try
But, to no avail, I slump in my seat
And give it time

I close my eyes and fill my ears
I focus on the music
And let another day begin

Opening my eyes now
I catch sight of my reflection...
When, oh when, will I recognize it?

Dysphoria, my dudes.
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