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I want to inscribe this piece with a red ink like the blood
For I want people to know that I scribbled it from the depths of my heart
Perhaps, they must discern the sacrifices that I make to mix these words into a cup like tea

Or, let me write this piece with a black ink like the crab’s blood
For they must know that this came from the beliefs of a black man with history, values and culture to protect. Alas, someone must be willing to tell our story the way it was, is and will be
For western civilisations have wiped away the classics of our time embossed and engraved on our hearts across the sea

Or let me write these few words with the blue ink like we used to,
For people reading this must know, like blue is to the sky,
My writings cover the entirety of the human race.
Wait, let me brew fine words from the lexicons of the old, for within their thoughts lies philosophies and secret elixir of life, immortality of the tongue.

Wait, let me write this piece with the utmost level of sagacity, prudence and wisdom, for my children must grow to appreciate my intellect.
I wish this piece  brings  some plagues to my desk, and a travelling ticket to roam the world
So where and how should I start?

Wait, I must make sure these arguments do not offend the big men and the highest
For they clench the keys to my door of no return
Wait, let me write about the contemporary issues in town, the trending news that all are discussing, for that will sell fast and put some few bugs in my pocket
Wait, let me read wide and re-examine my dictions, for issues of copyright and plagiarism can cost me my lifetime savings.

Wait, I must examine when and how I place my metaphors, ironies and oxymorons to fit in this piece, for literature students must study my works too.
Wait, when the power comes back, prompt me, for I did not save the last paragraph I just typed.

From the chest of a writer, comes the greatest dilemma of life, like Nelly or Kelly.
Words that are sharp and powerful to divide the flesh from the bones. Within the chest are graving issues of national consent, issues that matters the most.
From the chest of a writer lingers the verdicts of our time. Words that can make or unmake a nation.
Arguments that have the potency to divide and unite the entire universe.  Peace and War.
Poetic T Apr 21
It was my birthday, the year
   of a curse I never asked for..

         ****** from the temple
of solitude.

Now I just breath
that every 365 days I'm meant
                to celebrate the
incarceration of life..

Its overrated..

Blowing out memories,
       smouldering resentment
Inhaled when I've lived another
                   moment to the finish line..

Why is it taking so long..

Happy Birthday Day to me,
          I'm another year older
                       of my lame existence ...

I'm the candle burning out,
my breath smouldering as I
                   hold my chest..

Oh' well least I don't have to wait
another year..

My only regret...
                          I didn't get a slice of cake..
Pyassa Lias Apr 17
She hums to the beat
Of my racing heart
And my deal with the cousin of death
Collapses and at once I resurrect
With her laying on my naked chest
I transform into a playful child
Fingers travelling at a snail’s pace
Through the traffic of her hair
A world stricken with war
All my life, I’ve run headless
In pursuit of the look of peace
And there it wore your face
And it’s beautiful
A Apr 2
It's a hurricane in my chest today and that wind is howling so loud in my mind, so I'll just lay here on my couch and watch how the storm twirls inside of me, turns me inside out, and wait it out.
r f laurel Mar 26
clawing at my chest
my fingers, through ribs and flesh
to feel if it’s there.
Zack Ripley Jun 2019
I need to get something off my chest.
When it comes to friends, there's no second best.
And when it comes to people I love,
every time I look at you i forget about the rest.
It's amazing how your words give me so much hope.
Like a street lamp guiding me home in the night.
And yet when I finally find the words I want to say,
I look at you and it's like I'm being hit with kryptonite.
I don't know what the future has in store, but as long as you're in my life, you make me ready for more.
You appear as a stranger
Though your behavior has become perpetual
Assuming the next two moves
Before they are even used
Predictable patterns I could easily call check mate
Prove me wrong as I quietly wait
Such a fool I’ve become on the game of “Who is playing who”
Let us put down childish matters and forget what we’ve put each other through
A Mar 8
My heart
in my chest,
trying to stop
my tongue
from destroying this,
from destroying everything


"I can't..."

and just like that
our hearts stop

and it becomes too late
As I observe my memories behind me
I see fate gave me no hints
As to where shall I find meaning at all
Purpose was beheld deep inside me
A sensation pulsing zest above them all
But pain paints life with inexorable ink
And when my tears are mixed with blood
Melting and pouring into my chest I finally find my heart
Then purpose buds and breathes
And I know what I ought to do
After the final everlasting blink
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