Drop by drop, grain by grain, overnight
the seeds of your love are growing inside my chest.
They spread their roots throughout my veins and capillaries.
But they don't know that,
my poisonous blood enter into their meristem gradually.
One day it will end them up with rotting roots and rusting leaves.
when they fight to survive.
Then please don't grieve yourself
When you did know that-
you planted on the moon's chest.
AD Fox Spirit Mar 13
Locked behind caged ribs,
Left to destroy just the inside,
Left to be my secret; mine to hide.

Buried in but tearing at its prison walls.

Lied for my pride,
Not wanting to be supplied with aid,
No need for some peace of mind.

Little ripples of discomfort,
Form spasming as it slither under my skin,
Leaving a sensation that brings agony in its wake.

Little creature that lives within my chest,
You bring me to my knees and curling into my own frame.

None shall know of this little being,
It cannot be seen by another eye.
All that is known is the sensation and state it leaves me in.
The little being that ripples underneath my flesh, and lives in my delicate form as it tears at it home for no real purpose but just to leave its reminding mark within in my heart.
None can get rid of it permanently, it already has festered deep within and cannot not be extracted, it will be with me till the very end.
Kathleen M Mar 1
I am a lake
I am full of turmoil and water
There is thick mud at the bottom
All kinds of things get stuck
There are bodies buried inside me
My chest is full of corpses
I ripple with every disturance
Surface tension broken by those who do not lightly tread
I tend to overflow I tend to spread the bog
Here is my truth for you.
I won't resent you I never have, not even after or what you continue to put me through.
That's the sad thing because it's true what they say, you crave what you've never had.
I never had love and I never had you, yet here I am still chasing after you.
My mind racing over what made me so different from the rest, the others you clutch to  your chest.
Even if my soul never rests and continues to struggle for you this is the ugly bit my truth for you.
Will Feb 11
He sits down next to me as I continue play my video game.
Poking my shoulder in an attempt to distract me, he asks when I will be done.
Vaguely annoyed, I ignore his poking.
He tenderly brushes his fingers down my neck, smiling as he does.
I shoot him an angry glance, trying to concentrate.
He giggles while sliding his hands up my shirt.
I shiver as his fingers gently tickle me.
Quickly dropping the controler, I tackle him.
He lands on his back laughing, looking up into my eyes.
I look down, my frown melting away.
We smile at each other.
As I hold his arms down, I lower my head.
We kiss gently, our noses bumping.
I lay my head against his warm chest, closing me eyes.
He strokes my hair as I lay there.
Video game sounds come from the television as my character dies.
We both laugh as we lay with eachother.
Happiness sometimes seems so elusive, yet with him it is never far from my reach.
Seems like heart by heart has been broken
none of us wants to be the last one badly spoken
I still breath the dazed and confused air of our past
I've been holding it painfully inside my chest

And who would dare to throw a stone?
while their castle was left undone
tragedies of me, catastrophes without ends
you choosed a terrible way... there will be no amends today

No star will light our coming night
even before the evening you started to fight
I could see in your eyes that you were out of mind
but in the end, I'm your peace sign
Star BG Feb 7
I carry two treasure chests in my being.
They’re engraved in gold
and a gift from soul.

First chest is kept in heart.
It carries love infused diamonds
of happiness and joy,
dreams and song,
peace and harmony,
that when opened dissolves sorrows.

Second chest is kept in mind.
It carries words infused with light.
Verses of rhyme for poetry.
Phases of visions for prose.
Jargon for stories to emerge,
that make pen dance.

How to unlock these strongboxes?
Simple, with the key of breath,
I carry in lungs at all times.
nanda Jan 11
there’s this constant pain
on the left side of my chest
monotonous and never ending
soft but deadly

i feel it when i wake up
when i am about to drink my tea
when i watch the roses fade
when i lay awake at night

since you are gone
this pain has kept me whole
been my friend
my lover and my ex
never truly leaving
but never truly returning

the pain is beautiful
i suppose
because after all
it lets me feel something
inside this endless void

it rythms with my heart
paints your soul
it is the pain i pay
for loving you so
i do have a pain on the left side of my chest... wonder what it could be
Charlotte Dec 2017
I have a sign on my chest
that says "trespassers

It's written in red ink,
the cheap kind that never really dries
and with each new boy
that invites himself into my home,
the letters become smudged.

I try to remove the sign
but it remains there
etched into my skin
and the more I pull at my skin
the stronger the pain
in my chest grows.

Trespassers are only temporary
and I pray that one day
they will stop reading my body
as an open invitation but

until that day.
My chest
will be painted
sweet ridicule Dec 2017
you are splitting me open like
a ripe pomegranate
my back arching beneath you
I am nothing but you
(and come and go and here and upside down)
you say your chest feels like it is exploding
and smile at me half naked in a sweatshirt
sinking into nothingness (everything)
you are garganta do diabo
(my eight year old self feeling a breath of
endlessness for the first time)
and Utah Beach and Mumbai at night
where I am breathless (breathless)
(I am raw here)
twisting my throat splitting
me open like I have never closed up.
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