You are so small, so petite
I could almost pluck you from this field of flowers and place you in my shirt pocket, just to see if you could possibly get any closer to my heart
I already feel you crawling from chamber to chamber
But fuck, if I could feel your physical touch inside my chest, would it really feel so different ?
You are so warm, so gentle, so sweet
Always fresh as a daisy
And your hands,
Always busy as bees
And your lips,
As if carved from rose petals,
Remain forever on mine
Because I cannot stay away
Opiates are nothing compared to you
But, alas, I am addicted
My lil sunflower
Emily Miller Jun 29
My chest is a clay pot,
The kind with the round body and small mouth that your abuela hangs on the porch
And some obscure thing grows from it,
Brown in the winter,
Green in the spring…
My chest is a clay pot.
It holds in everything it needs to,
And it seems perfectly sturdy,
But when the insides get to be too much,
Or the weather gets to be too bad,
It shatters.

My chest is a clay pot,
And inside it is a growing thing.
I don’t know when it’ll become too much to contain,
Or when I’ll have to reach inside and take some out
In order to survive,
But I pray each day that its chalky exterior doesn’t become brittle
And crack.

My chest is a clay pot.
Simra Sadaf Jun 9
your home is built and
constructed in the shape
of her arms,
your home is in her
voice when she
whispers your name,
your home is in her
vanilla scented fragrance,
your home is in her touch
that fills you with warmth,
your home is in her honey
glazed eyes and the way
they light up when
she looks at you,
your home is in her
giggles and laughter,
your home is in her
perfect smile,
your home is in her fingers
when they intertwine
with yours,
your home is in the way
she leans on your shoulder,
your home is in the way
she ruffles your hair,
your home is in the way she
rests her head on your chest,
your home is in every beat
of her heart,
she is your solace,
she is your home.
Amanda Jun 5
I let you in, you let me go,
Guess you're better off alone,
You have no reason to text me,
No reason to come home.

Heard you say you're doing well,
I'm sure youre happy, I can tell,
Want to act like I'm okay,
We both know I'm going through hell.

I want to skip to the part,
You say you're sorry and fix my broken heart,
How long do I have to wait,
Til you wake up, realize you made a big mistake?
I don't understand how you are so strong,
Ready to kiss and make-up -but you're gone.

I've been a mess, falling apart,
Trying to repair my broken heart,
Sleep is the only relief from sorrow,
Wish we could go back to the start.

I would run away with you, or fly,
Just us and the open blue sky,
We'd be happy like we always hoped,
That wasn't destined for you and I.


I wish I was kissing you now, hands on your chest,
Out of all the love I've seen, ours is the best,
How is it so easy for you to let me go?
This hurts me more than you will ever know.
This was written 2-8-13
Seanathon May 31
The hollow sound of heavy rain
As it beats upon an empty chest
No leaves to tear or lives to end
There is only rain
And storms unrest
Sometimes you have to feel empty in order to remenber what make you fulfilled.

I'm just selfish.
Sarah Parker May 26
a heart is wild
a beating, throbbing beast
held prisoner by the ribcage
hardly contained
within this bony enclosure
ready to leap
right out of my chest
and consume you
She Writes May 26
Scratches on your back
My fingers in your hair
Body to body
Laying bare

My head on your chest
Your breath in my ear
Hands on my thighs
Your intentions quite clear

Dirty thoughts
Wandering lips
Shallow breaths
Teasing fingertips

Take me to the edge
Make me come undone
Cuddled up again
But we’ve only just begun
anon May 24
and stare into my chest
never at my chest
never at my body
cut me open
and look inside
find my beating heart
touch with all the desire
you have trapped
within the walls of your own heart
cut me open
and stare at my ribs
my lungs
my gall bladder
my intestines
everything the world
cannot oversaturate
or sexualize
cut me open
and let me bleed out for you
let me show you
what's inside of me
I don't let anyone see
cut me open
and pull out parts of me
you want to keep for yourself
take my lungs that breathe
for you
my heart that beats
for you
my stomach that fills
with butterflies
whenever I look at you
cut me open
and plant flowers
in my chest
let them grow in me
like my love grows
for you
cut me open
Deep,sturdy roots that never let you fall,
A bouquet of exquisite  flowers that bring fragrance  in your life,
A chest of treasure that money cannot  buy,
A strong safe that guards your secrets through thick and thin,
An ATM card in dire need,
A support column for your body, mind and soul,
A life saver when misfortune befalls on you.
The most desirable thing about them is that they gift you your defects in order to reform you.
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