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clever Sep 24
you spill an ocean of secrets
hoping that i can keep it for you
hold me down
and hope i won't drown
forever wasn't meant for us
You practice non-attachment
Yet you  wouldn't want to do
Without water.
You let water own you like a lotus leaf
You allow it to hold you in its never ending cul-de-sac
Flowing between the total bliss of nirvana
And the joy of samsara.
You practice non-attachment to desire
Yet you're wanting
Water. Ponds. Lakes. Streams. Seas
Your thirst is inextinguishable
Wild awake rain
And as you drink that unquenchable flood
Your lips are watering springs,
Sipping fountains of primordial tears.
vern Sep 3
the first flash of lightning blinded my eyes
just a slight flicker of what was yet to come
the crackle of the thunder shook my world
the smallest shock that was ready to ripple out
a storm of torment and chaos was brewing
I felt to overwhelming waves of despair flow over me
drowning me in it's tight waters and strong hold
I knew what was coming
it was a scene I was all too familiar with
the storm was coming again
the rising of the waters and the cracks of the sky
were coming to ******* over
I wasn't ready the first time
however, this time I will remain strong
I will no topple over, nor drown from this storm tonight
I've been feeling super overwhelmed with life again.
A B Faniki Aug 17
Friday the 1st of August, 2019 started with a
Little drizzle of rain but by one o'clock pm
Of that day -huge sheet of rain was falling
On everything in my sight, this
Droop lets as little as they are began to increased
In number and in no time began to carry everything
Not tied to the ground those tied down, the break down
And carry the pieces, I could have sworn I heard their voice
until the lapping of water drown the voices.
Giving oder to each other as the go on doing what the do best
under the sky finding their way back home to the ocean,
Sea or river of their choice. This August visitors have
Taking many lifes and things worth millions in less than 24 hours.
© A B Faniki 8/17/2019 acrostic poem form . This work is about flood in august the Acrostic reads FLOOD IN AUGUST front vertical..  All right reserved part of banal tell work I hope u enjoy it
I find myself angry with life.
A low, simmering rage
only too close to a boil.
Once, my mind was
the sharpest of blades,
nothing could stand before me.
Now, it is but a vestigial sort of thing,
a relic of times better remembered.
I am rusted by the monotone
my life has become.
The repetition of every day
comes on as a flood;
I will succumb.
Ray Dunn Aug 3
take me to the nearest mountain.
i’ll bring snacks, the blanket,
you’ll bring you and a map.

we’ll sit and eat snacks under the stars,
all until the floods make us chew
with our mouths closed
i’m in a weird mood tonight idk i’m kinda in love with the moon and the color green so i’m gonna roll w it
Steve Page Aug 2
'Of biblical proportions',
a once in a generation
full flood and lasting devastation.

'Of biblical proportions',
an inheritance double portion
from love given in the first person.

'Of biblical proportions',
a full to the brim immersion
after a throwing off of caution.

'Of biblical proportions',
a holyspirit-father-and-son
embrace of all that you have done.

Of biblical proportions
sweeping-up-anything- head-on.
Come Holy Spirit, come.

[We have a biblical proportions kind of God.]
News of floods in northern england
Flint Holcomb Jul 24
the scorching summer sun
makes the day almost unbearable
even the plants agree
the sun needs to *******

I guess its not the sun's fault
it's just doing its thing
but maybe it could tone it down a bit
since our sunscreen was washed away

it could be worse though;
the summer storms could roll through
flooding the countryside in a muddy wave
and leaving us trapped underwater

the floods didn't use to be common,
but now they happen every year
sometimes i jokingly wonder aloud
who forgot to turn off the hose

so I'll just sit in front of my fan
wishing we had ac
and longing for ice cream
that has already melted
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