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If I fall down a rabbit hole,
once or twice,
is it deliberate, or a mistake?
Am I being too nice?

I peer over the edge,
and throw my feelings down asunder;
hope it floods the rabbit hole,
as clouds rumble with thunder.

But it floats to the top,
and now, I have my own wishing well,
with bunny carcasses, snakes, egg shells,
oh well.

Empty it, bucket by bucket;
burry each skeleton in a bed of flowers,
until there is no evidence
of the feelings that I cower.

And rumble, comes the next thunder,
before I even wake.
I've stumbled down the rabbit hole
again, it floods the gate.
i've caught feelings for someone right across the world from me. it's time that i crush those feelings once more.
Cheyenne Oct 10
I'll be like the wetlands
I'll take the brunt
When the storm rolls in
Let the flood wash
my skin
I know how to survive being drowned
So I'll stand my ground
-elixir- Aug 7
The plane was her last ride,
back to her home
from the deserts of dreams.
The modern plague of her times
drained the last bit out of her.

The ride began as she huddled
her child and spouse close
as if the she knew it was their last
embrace and warmth.
They fell into the indefinite slumber.

The rain lashed it's fury and
winds howled death.
The pilot's last breath was put into
stopping the airborne casket of hopes.
As it skid and crashed them.

Their hopes to live remain immortalized
in their indefinite sleep,
as we mourn their loss,
through the tears of pain that
tear out our folly.
My soul grieves for the families of the plane accident in Kerala. The stranded children make me cry as they try to find their parents. The landslides and floods add up to the worries. Not to mention the covid-19 virus.
The blast in Lebanon was also another terrible mishap, a huge number of people have lost their home and belongings and have become homeless in a matter of seconds. My heart is laden with sadness, is there any hope at this point? where is the world heading to?
Amy I Hughes Jul 14
I can't stop cleaning
My knuckles are dry
Rivers of disinfectant fill the parched cracks of my skin
A storm in a gorge
There's too much dust
A sandstorm
I swipe it away
It comes back!
Dark grey tufts of storm clouds
That I, with my
Mighty Hand
Brush away

But it's not nothing
I know what it is

I tear the filled pages
Out of my notebook
Cast them away
They're impure
Scribbled on
Clean white pages are all I need
The purity of sacred bleach

Smell the chemicals, the cleanliness
Destroy the dust, keep order
Tear the paper, fall like rain

It's never nothing
I know what it is
When I'm emotionally blocked, I clean. I clean like I'm being paid for it.
i refuse to evaporate into thin air.
my being is powerful enough to condense into dense clouds,
drooping with the weight of fervour in the heavens above.
i rain down with the intense energy of an Elysian poet
and i promise you
i will flood
-elixir- Jun 24
The salted whispers
Run through me,
As I dream of the
Inevitable gore,
Of my fears.
That flood
My mind.
Dreams strengthen the conscious
Jae May 18
I like the door open in my room
I don't know why but I don't like it closed
Maybe because there's no escape
All this open space but the walls insist

That I am alone.

Or maybe it's these feelings I can't fathom
The ones that I hide
The ones that I imprison behind my eyes
When the door is closed there's a creaking and cracking
And then there's a flood

The unknown swallows me whole.
Haley Apr 27
The elements;
They're coming to surround me,
They’re engulfing my everything.

First there came fire,
It locked me up and took everything I once was.
It burned me up until all I had were scars.

Next was air.
It picked me up and swirled me around and everything I once loved was swirling too.
It dropped me down and all I had left were broken bones.

The third was earth.
It dug a hole beneath me, buried me inside just to close again.
It suffocated me until all I had left was a limp and numb body.

Last was water.
It flooded the gates of my feelings.
It drowned me until all I had left was a broken heart.

The elements have surrounded me;
They’ve taken away my pride and joy,
Until all I had left were scars, broken bones, a limp and numb body, and a broken heart.
What have they done to you?
what have they done to you?
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