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sky Oct 11
Day 1
it's raining in my room.
it drips from the ceiling
onto my bed
onto my floor

Day 2
it's beginning to flood, soon I'll have no air
the rain won't ever stop
it's like he never cared.
I must turn my desk into a raft,
just to survive.

Day 12
The water is everywhere
I'm close to the ceiling now
and soon I'll drown.
I'm hungry and cold
but the rain doesn't want to stop

Day 15
i know i won't make it through
the night
it's still raining
it's still pouring
there's a hole in my raft
and it's sinking
and i'm still thinking
about you.
Amber Oct 8
problems flooding in
as i drown in it
tried to swim and overcome it
but i sank too deep
a short poem?
D Letwixt Oct 7
Sometimes when I speak
The words don't come out,
And the sounds just sort of echo in my head for a moment
Before I forget them.

Then I try and sleep, because being awake is no longer interesting.
Constant anxiety tends to make one numb.

Later on
All the things I forgot to feel
Rush in like a flood
And I go to sleep
Because the water filled my lungs.

If I wake up
And there's fog outside my window
It's no surprise at all.
Because it's hard to make out anything in fog
And if I speak
I don't know who's going to hear it.
The rain came down
The river rushed,
as was warranted for flooding.
Prayers are wing's to envelope our thoughts spoken or not to ***'s ear,
Every word He does indeed hear,
It can be a plea, a question, or just a statement or two, So lets lift one another up to ***'s loving ear's,
A prayer can erase your every fear, help us carry one another's burden with care,
So let's lift those uP feeling defeated because of these floods. In Your Holy Name I Pray, amen
I wrote this during Hurricane Florence along with several others. Let's lift one another up! © an hour ago, Venjencie Arnold ~SacredInkedBlood
I wrote this during Hurricane Florence along with several others. Let's lift one another up! © an hour ago, Venjencie Arnold   spiritual • friendship • society • hope • love
Nayana Nair Sep 26
The tissues I have cried into
are my excuses,
to hide the clutter of calls and love I forgot to return.
Sometimes it is too late to clear the mess I made.
It is more difficult to retain my will to clean it all up,
which sort of made me guilty
of creating another sad person.
But what is another tissue in another sea.
Everyone dreams of sailing into a brighter morning
leaving behind their darkness in another’s mind.
What if I am as selfish as them.
What is another ship, another selfish wish
amidst thousand such others-
all stranded on a water-less heart
all looking for a flood, instead of directions.
CJ M Sep 23
Pieces of my pride shimmer on her skin
Dressing her in my ***** words
I love her so much that none can have her
I’m all that she deserves.

Being so greedy has got my mind confused
I never thought I’d hurt a heart or make her feel abused.

Now we sit together with adrenaline in the air.
We are love no more.
We are flooding streets.

Murky waters
Vinegar and salt smile
Sweet intentions with a sour escape
Hearts burst in the palms of the other

Drowning passion
Dagger kisses
Angry love

Water-wrecked minds
Hidden fears
Little communication

Tensions have risen in our tsunami of emotion
I found this on my old E-Drive and decided to post. Don't remember if or why I didn't post it earlier.
It rained so hard tonight
A flood of water forming huge puddles on the ground
Lightning shot through the sky
Illuminating everything in a purple glow
People yelling and running
And you don't even know what this means

But I walked out into the rain with a purpose
And the drops caressed my pale skin
I was soaked in seconds
And I could've been struck by the bolts in the stormy sky
But the only thing I could think is
"Is the ocean touching me right now?"
Left in the church yard
Watching under the old oaks
Waters over head
© LadyRavenhill 2018
Haiku #61
The Lenora Sep 13
Ignore the water
Seething within

Hide it in the room
With all your lies

Tuck it away for
Some other day
When the floods
Come in and out
written 5 August 2018.

by The Lenora.

All rights reserved.
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