adira 1d
the noise the noise it hits me like a speeding car

the light so bright it turns me to tar

blinded by light and deaf from sound

I feel a ram of loss dig me into the ground

the intensity of the senses mushes my brain it flings me around and

around bringing me chaos

every single day
stuck in a time that has long since evaporated
as the lights dim even further you're faded
it's time to run
disappear with a wave into the sun

as you wait for the bus
you wanted too much
a walk of shame down the isle
fake a smile to forget it
big concerns
you've never been one to live that lie
you never realized it

you go around ceremoniously
arms to the sky but i thought it empty
you said it yourself, so why are you so transfixed?
parading around
i thought you were unbound
but you're like the British bombarding Alexandria
with fire, sword and cross
it's always been about your loss
broken down bitter on the curb
i thought you were damn sure

this was a mistake
you shiver when you 'wake
you fill the pitcher
and start taking your last picture
forever you ride wildly and enraged
you never cared what they say
we were just vigilantes crazed with drink

pull back the curtain
it could never be then
Birth of Colours
Inherited tints of supremacy
Affection Vs. Perfection

White, Yellow, Blue  
Alters a life view
Colours fighting for identity
Where, dead leads the living
Trophy, password of trust

Scarlet, Purple and Red
Colour of grace

Dark Hue,
Always a contradict to blame

Live by choice
Seeds are too young to fight
Affection overcome perfection
Purity in being colour blind
Think of, Black and White
Genre: Abstract
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Your love is deeper than the oceans
Your grace reaches through the valley below
So much more than just a savior, more than just a friend
So much more than just a power that I can't comprehend
You are truth, you are grace, you are joy I can't contain
You are love, you are life, and I'll never be the same
All the stars shining down on a clear night sky
You came to save a wretch like me I can't imagine why
So much more than just a light you came into my life and now I glow
You made a home inside my heart and softened every hardened part and I start to grow
I once was lost adrift at sea the wind and waves grew wild
Afraid I prayed and through the storm you heard and you found me
For years I was blind I could not see your face
But with open eyes I see the depth and power of your amazing grace
You aren't just a man who was born who lived and died
Son of God and son of man you were crucified
You weren't just a prophet a teacher or a king
You are the author of life and creator of everything
So much more than simple stories the parables you shared
Your death to show us just how much you really cared
You aren't just a healer a doer of good deeds
You tended to our spiritual needs
You are so much more than surface going right to my core
Satisfy this longing this hunger! It's you I'm yearning for
A reflection mirroring part of Amazing Grace
Audrey Feb 16
Your arms were open like a book.
Dealt paper cuts but you don't look.
Your firm touch lingers on my skin.
As my heart trembles deep within.
Sorry I've been inactive. The next few poems will be ones that I wrote in rehab.

This poem is about my experiences being raped. He lured me in with "open arms" using lies and deception which lead to metaphorical "paper cuts". He ignored the pain he was causing me. I was very scared but he didn't stop.
I’ll Know…by Jessie 10/05

Sitting and waiting, watching and learning
Sizing you up as I go

Hearing you talk as I dissect your words
If you are lying, I’ll know

Look in your eyes and watching your face
What will give you away?

Can you remember the stories you tell?
Or will you forget what you say?

Talking and laughing, relaxing yourself
Forgetting, you’re talking to me

The others don’t care; they see what you want
But I’m not blind, I can see

It bothers you so and I understand why
It’s like walking a verbal, mine field

Blame yourself; you planted the mines
Don’t ever expect me to yield

Some say it’s a gift; I challenge the thought
It’s hard to ever have friends

Never get close; the view will get blurred
For this my safety depends
"For your heart's sake, avoid to drink of the love poison,
you can not control the damage and its proportion"
There was an angel's voice singing it loud in my ears
and telling me a revenge way to scare all my fears

I walked through a journey profoundly made of scars
while above my sky there were plenty of shining stars...
Lights there reignited so bright, it even risks to get me blind
As a fact, I never stepped on dopamine's trail
since believing in true love can gives me a badly fail

While my consciousness told me "to be careful" as a reply
I was falling in desire for every stranger with a clouded eye
You were my windy rain, pouring of hapiness with every gain
But if I survived during all of my dreary life
why wouldn't I cicatricize my coming lonely night?
I am everywhere and everything.
You cannot escape me, I surround
you and you’re completely unaware of it.
You turn a blind eye to me.
You’ll regret that.
Blind dates don't bring us the desired results
Especially the ones others planned
Blind dates are like somersaults
No definite or softer way to land.

Blind dates aren't like real dates
We get to meet very strange chicks
Many come wearing a lotta faked cakes
Some capable of giving you the kicks.

You never know what to expect on a blind date.
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