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Artem 1d
I'm losing my mind,
How i've been so blind?
Almost losing my heart
Why can't i just depart?

"Everybody gets their heartbroken,
Get off your knees and start again"
My soul will never be open
Love is nothing but bane.

Scream of my feelings filled up my mind
I'm just too weary to do something right
i am just too tired to strive,
i am just too tired to live this life.

I curse myself everyday
There is for me no other way
Only to go through the dismay
And never i become astray;
Because I know all the his roads
And never i become a lost.
humanity assaulted by the sucker punch of the corrupted
drunken from the bottle, anti-venom switched out for more vile
vexation arises from our actions as we are
broken marionettes once admired
Lynn 4d
tilted roses,
tilted vases &
tall titled book cases
the world is crumbling
and i'm just mumbling
to myself under thick blankets
i guess ill just sleep for a while ...
words can set me free.
words can bind me.
words can help me see.
words can blind me.
Nava Um Oct 6
A man with a plan
To change himself
To find hes made of wicker
To realize
The path has always been to burn
Imagine a man
Blind to himself
Only a flicker
Through hollow eyes
Shining outward
Attack and retreat
Again, there was an attempt
Unwillingness to see
The path is sometimes awkward
Unable to admit
He holds his own eyes in contempt
And can no longer
Be trusted with his own lantern
Hey guys!!!
How will you feel,
If you are stopped from entering in kitchen for next five days???
What will you do,
If you are ordered to sleep on mat leaving your comfortable bed for next five days???
Will you not have a fight, if they stop you from entering in a temple saying you are impure for next five days???
How will you feel if you have two big  fights every month,
The fight with bleeding pain,
& the fight with society...
I can easily defy the pain,
But tell me how to fight with this society,
How to answer this question on my purity???????
Cause if this is impurity,
Then the one who made these rules is himself impure!!!
& you all are also impure!!!
If it's impure then God is also impure!!!
The problem that we face is thought to be pain, but actually the main problem is the poor mentality of people...
Cause girls have enough strength to fight with this pain, but how to fight this fight with society, the one who didn't know this pain made the rules mentioned above, & my anger is for the ladies who followed them blindly, without asking "Why?" , but I'm not blind & also won't follow anything blindly, so now I'm asking "Why?"
I've blind emotions
Feeling for the guiding sounds
Music is my cane
Jack L Martin Sep 27
"I see what you mean!"
signed the deaf lady,
to the blind man,
who replied,  
"I'll pretend I didn't hear that!"
Justus Chan Sep 25
Right in front of me            She’s there
Yet I could not see     I could only look
Dark when it’s              Silent when it’s
Bright                                          Noisy
Covered in leaves   Covered in sheets
Intense staring       Cupping ears hard
Only at nothing               Only for nada
Immense focus     Extreme meditating
Depression             Sadness becomes
Sets in                                          King
Hope floats away               Nothing left
It leaves me hanging       Only wanting
Searching for                  Searching for
Stars               Soft gurgles of streams
With fingers                          With eyes
A pause.                                    A wait.

Please do not end
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