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rk May 9
despite knowing
how it ends
despite the loss
the emptiness carried
over hundreds of moons
despite the ghosts
haunting these halls
i would love you
and lose you
a thousand times over
just to call you
once more.
Jeremy Betts May 6
Throw your stones at me
Those of you who've never sinned
My past a bit hazy
I don't know where I begin
You think I could get lucky?
And one day catch an elusive win
Something worth sharing with a loved one or a friend
Forget the knowledge that hindsight's 20/20
Didn't know I'd have no one in the end,
Not even one that's pretend
Hopefully I can find a sticky type of happy
But until then
I'm just a puppy
Chasing leafs in the wind

Jeremy Betts Apr 30
If you care promise to never let me know
Never turn around, never let it show
Don't point out the stretch that turned friend to foe
It's far too late to pray it ain't so
But nothing was nurtured, allowing nothing to grow
So, if you want to stay please, for me, tell yourself no
And just go

ross Apr 29
and so i had fallen for her
just as day becomes night;
quietly and patiently
without knowing
too then all at once.
the sun sets;
birthing an endless
array of stars;
in that darkness
in their audience
i confessed my love for you.
the universe held it’s breath
time stopped
planets wept
for i had been here before;
i would love you and lose you
in a thousand lifetime’s
if it meant i could have you
for just one.
rk Apr 25
you said
we were a destined love
just right person
wrong time
and so i loved you
in that space between
sleep and awake
where the weight of your kiss
still lingered
like peter losing wendy
wondering just how long
i was meant to wait
for you
to come back to me.
Malia Apr 22
I’ve got a friend who has
Words like a drum,
Words like a drum,
Words like a drum.

You’ll feel it pass through you
With a heart-beating thrum,
Raindrops’ pitter patter echo
All she has done.

I’ve got a friend who has
Words that come down,
Heavy like leaden-footed
Giants abound.

She’ll take your breath away
And you’ll feel it in your bones,
It shakes down the mountains
Wherever she goes.

I’ve got a friend whose words
Land like a punch.
Staccato but it always hurts
Far too much.

She fights every battle
Like it’ll make her enough
For words filled with love
While hers are cold to the touch.
rk Apr 22
you placed a crown
upon my head
making me feel
like i was the queen
of your castles
little did i know
they were made
of nothing but sand
then the tide crashed in
and swept them away
hushed promises
forgotten by morning.
- my kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder.
Jeremy Betts Apr 21
I thought you'd be the one to make me whole again
Not take another piece and leave a hole again
Maybe we shouldn't have taken it further than friend
Maybe I forgot to tell you that I break, I do not bend
I kept from you that being with me comes with a price
But only because I thought not destroying a love for once would be nice
It was never going to be easy, mostly due to me
I thought I'd made every mistake, turns out I did just didn't learn from any

ross Apr 16
if i told the sea
the way in which
I feel for you;
she would leave her shores
abandon her waves
and follow me across
the endless horizon
in search of you.
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