After months
My love, my friend came back..

Drowned in depression
I was for months.
I felt little less
But what a surprise!

The feeling of love
The gift of love..
Got back my laughter,
Got back the tight hug
Which I used to get,
Creating more memories.
But something was missing,
I guess my soul
Which was unable
To believe the reality!

My friend for whom I waited for months, came back today. I was shocked to see him after months. It was a delight to see him. But couldn't express the joy as I am still unable to believe that he came back..

I want to tell you of a special man
Who looks after me, and holds my hand
You may ask "how can this be? "
"When he loves so far across the sea? "
It's very easy, As you will see
I was sad and scared, the next I knew
I was recieving a file over Yahoo!
As I opened the file my eyes filled with tears
I've never recieved such a gift in all my years
There on the screen was a picture of his hand
One that he had just recently scanned
I looked at his hand and of all the gifts I have ever recieved
None have compared to the thought
Of him sending me his hand to hold
It was better then diamonds
Better then gold
It was sent with love for me to hold

Yeah, driving through the city, and you all up in my mind, babe.
Looking at our past , trying to leave it all behind, babe.
You got me thinking about all of my mishaps
And hate to admit it
But your smile
Yeah, I miss that.
I thought you knew, but you didn’t know
All this constant fighting got me feeling real low
Even when I’m high

And now it’s just back to me, myself, and I again
Thought I was used to it
But I guess I ain’t
Sitting here
Reminiscing back, to the both of us laughing
Talking on the phone for hours, and our jokes were a classic
Talking about the future like, damn that could happen
But it couldn’t, not one in a million

Going through my phone, deleting pictures of the times that we had
Thinking to the moments that I’d probably take back
You’re someone I wish that I always could have.
But lately
I’ve been so scared
Whenever people come out and tell me that they care
Cause when I really need them, they never been there
And I know that sometimes, life ain’t fair
That’s just how I feel

But if you got somebody, that makes you happier than I ever did.
Let me tell you, that’s that’s fine, babe
I ain’t really been the one, babe
And you never really been my babe.
My babe.

Say Yes!
I got no planned  d u o l o g u e
Coming empty  h a n d e d
F a s t i n g  my seat belt
Placing my heart
F r o n t  &  C e n t e r
N a i l i n g  it to the wall
We are  F l e s h  &  B o n e
Lets lose the  d i s c o n n e c t i n g  screens
Time for the barricade to fall
Speculation arises...
(He knows something is up)
We  all  t a l k
Your friend is my friend
Got questions?
I'm really to answer them
The tables have turned
You will be my first
D e c l a r a t i o n !
Will you be my first
R e j e c t i o n ?
Call  me  c r a z y  or
Call  me your  b a b y
I'm ready to be stripped
Wearing only a smile
"Was it true, all along?"
"Yes & Yes."


Haunted whispers in lonely hours,
numerous blames to her stars,
she herself laments on her very presence,
deepening the scars!

How wide and numbered her reasons,
she is stuck in numerous dungeons.
Not yet ragged, why was she thrown?
But time gave her wings, into the kind lap she had flown!

Caressed with love, wants immersed in fear,
the wizard dropped his silent tears.
Into the enigma of 'is' and 'will',
he kept back his entire thrill.

How magnificent is she?
Eminent in my pages of heroes,
With her childish talks and endless smiles,
She made a life alive!

Once so distant, now so near,
the wizard to her is now so dear.
Together the team of dad and daughter
have planned for fears' slaughter.

The black sky is now not so dark,
numerous stars are creating the spark,
She is the very queen of the Nivecian world,
One of her districts have my flag unfurled!

Keep back the past, strive with a will,
She taught-"life is not an easy deal"!
Spank the fears, dry the tears.
Awaken the smile, live lengths of Nile!!


It hurts when you look others
But no one looks you back
It hurts when you care others
But no one cares you back,
It hurts when you love others
But no one loves you back,
It hurts after you know that
Whatever things you are doing for others
Aren't going to be valued and appreciated
Is useless to do, But still, you do
Because you are not same to them
You are different,
That's why you are you,
A true exquisite pure life.

Do you relate to me?.

Title: "She"
She's beautiful, I believe
Like a dawn where the Sun's behind
Comes out & shines when it's time.
And thy beauty will forever live.

Thankful is the One who's writing these words at 10:01pm of a Sunday night.
'Cause the One met she.
She inspires the One uniquely;
She puts a wonderful smile to the One effortlessly;
And more than this vast universe, She's a beautiful piece of the One's life.

In as much as the One wanted to put into paper the million words in her mind to thank and make She happy. (the One hopes so)
The One's told not to sleep late in this cold and windy evening.
However, the One just wanna end this saying "I love She"
And prays a happy birthday to thee.

i'm a frozen tempest
there's nothing left to bleed
my body is hollowed
emptied of it's essence
a frozen burn from my touch
fire turned to cold ash
spin me
out of control
for i am cold and weary
a broken sculpture
i cannot hear your whispers
my head is split
the veins trail to my heart
where you left your mark
oh how you killed me
with torture
before the killing blow
you said you would grow old with me
but that turned to a lie
you're a desolate soul
looking for hope & love
yet you killed me
i turned to ice
frozen solid
but melting
i still miss you
i still love you
i still hate you
what can i do?
poetry is the only place
i can speak to you
your face reminds me
not to trust so much
keep my love at a limit
say "fine" when i'm not
i locked you out of my life
but there's still a draft
that carries your scent
& it lets me know
i'm still hurting
from you
you were my best friend
oh you killed me...

For all my words, I'm still speechless when people ask me why she left...

You broke my compass.
Don't just stand there,
Pretending you didn't leave
My arrow a mess.

Like you didn't push
Your magnet closer and closer
Until it spun out of control,
Like an ambush.

Like you didn't grind
Your knife into it,
And watch me scream
As we would forever be entwined.

Every time I look down at my compass, you see;
The lost arrow,
And your wicked smile,
Are staring back at me.

you know who you are

If only I had the chance to kiss you,
At the times even I felt your own breath.
Don't know you now much as others know you,
Past of our youth shows your grand innocence.
You, the soul of our time passing us on.
The youth and vigor of life shows it all,
The smiles you shared standing with us tall.
You, the soul heir of this time and of joy,
Left now this young man a world to rejoice.
Where to now our paths mend on by you,
Crossing our paths always lived and loved?
A shinning jewel in the rough to unfold,
Found like nothing before ever to shine.
You - forever cherished - remembered - you.

For a lost friend who has always been themselves.
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