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Zywa 1d
Out of fashion, out-dated
there's no help for it, so let me be
unattractive, rejected
because I show myself so conspicuously
and attract attention needlessly

That's how I'm seen. I am seen
and the whispering amuses me
although nobody talks to me

And you let me wait again
until the reception calls
that you are there

So I just sit here
looking out the window
I am used to it, there is nothing to see
at the back of the hotel
and it is getting dark

You always were impatient
My make-up took too long for you
and you sat angry in the car

but if I behaved exactly
the way you had conceived
you could really be sweet
"Hotel Window" (1956, Edward Hopper)

Collection "NightWatch"
Ley Nov 12
two's a company
three's a crowd
but what if that crowd
was the most peace you've had?

three's a crowd
then two
then there was one

and years later you sit with nothing but the regret of growing up and growing without
nothing but the memories of love and closeness that you fear you'll never have in friends again

two's a company
three's a crowd
i'd rather drown in the masses
than drown in my solitude
dedicated to the ones who miss their ex-best friends
Irem Nov 9
we were connected to each other
even if it was for a few years
it felt like a forever
before it went away.

we were connected to each other
with a rope that was
made of our happiness, strength, youth
everything that was shared together

what a shame that we all thought
that rope was unbreakable
like our happiness, strength and youth
everything that was shared completely faded away.
This is for my friends that I've lost, even though almost all of us live in the same city we are like thousand miles away. I tried to forget, but I have the curse of a strong memory unfortunately.
emily Oct 12
Like an uninvited guest I have stitched myself to you.
You never wanted my presence but here I am regardless
I am a friend you never wanted
But i have attached my self to you like a wild beast
Ripping and tearing at your skin below the surface.
The control I have over you weighs on your chest  
My claws dig into your lungs, slowly suffocating you.
I manipulate your memories and thoughts into my design
My creation,
My desire.
I feed off your fatigue and ruin all the good times that you never had
I build a barrier between you and the rest of the world
I lock you up and throw away the key
“Your in my head, you can't hurt me” I hear you cry out
Nevertheless I have concocted a potion that will send you spirelling
Locking you into the pit of overwhelming fear and self hating sadness
I am your worst nightmare and your closest friend
I am your anxiety.
emily Oct 8
I keep my love like a dog on a leash
Always at heel, no more than 6 inches away from me.
I don't know whether i keep it love close to me for protection
Or because i'm scared to be alone.
because i'm scared to be alone
We know how this ends,
You and I weren’t made to be friends
you know we cannot be just friends
emily Oct 5
I often imagine that the moon, the owls and the darkness of the night might be my closest friends, they are my trusted companions through the few highs and the many lows. They comfort me when it's 3am and the rest of the world seems like they are sleeping soundly.

They’ve been witness to my tears and plees for this to all stop and comforted me when the four walls of this bedroom felt like a cage. The moon seems so distant yet its warmth kisses my cheek. Someday I might be able to force my body to ignore the protection of the darkness and live in the light of the sun. But I am manufactured to die slowly to the darkness and this body is like an incomplete metaphor for the disease that lives in my head without paying rent eating up all the light.
you walk past me
eyes down, swiftly
behind you follows a trail of shadow
aura of darkness, hatred, avoidance
once transparent, we were now faceless
as best friends we loved, lost
now strangers.
You said you saw me dancing in the rain.
You said I looked happy and sane.
If only you were truly true,
You would have noticed my pain.
If only you really knew
And not just claim,
You would have seen that my tears were the rain.

Dear friend,
If only you were truly true,
Maybe I would still be alive today.
Maybe. Just maybe.

—Abdulmalik Jibril
If you're wondering how long it took for a man to die after crashing a car, five days was how long it took.
The car crash killed him and his ex-wife who was named Stacy Brooks.
He was driving over a hundred miles per hour at midnight, that was really fast.
Stacy died instantly but her ex-husband died about 120 hours after the crash.
Stacy has been dead for the same amount of time that she lived, twenty-five years.
She was a very special lady and her death brought about misery, suffering and tears.
Stacy wasn't stuck up like some other girls who I went to school with, she would talk to me.
It wasn't fair when she died so young, my friend has been dead for a quarter of a century.
Her life ended in 1997 on the seventh of September.
She was a unique person who I will always remember.
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