you're never too young
to have dead friends.
we take it in turn to read
every headline and obituary
just in case you turn up
while the police are out searching
for your body.
we tracked you to a train station
at five fourty five am this morning,
clearly leaving.
we'd spoken on the phone
for as long as i'd known you
but now dial tones don't
mean anything.
i'm almost certain every photograph that
you ever sent was of a different person
so who am i supposed to miss
and which face will i mourn?

i believe my friend killed themselves this morning. going to be hard to digest. it was a complicated relationship but they helped me through a lot.

Come to me my friend!
sit beside me someday.
In the depth of my heart,
get a plunge someday!

Fly with me my friend!
holding hands someday,
The height of my love
conquer someday!

Talk to me my friend!
at a length someday,
The lonely world inside
explore someday!

Be with me my friend!
in my night and day
Be the light in my dark and
shade in sunlight someday!

Enough of shallow meet,
from a distance my friend!
We are the soulmates,
be mine forever someday!!

rose 1d

At least now I know
Their are people with
' , '
' - Fireworks - '
' , ' 
Going off in their soul
One day I hope to find them


When things get rough
and I feel as alone as I have lately,
I want to come running back.
and It hurts deep inside when I remember that I can't.

Why did it take me so long to realize you were the sunfish in my ocean?
Grace 2d

I wouldn't mind
doing anything for them,
placing their wishes before mine,
forgiving them when no one else will.
Who are they?
My love and my pals
When I realize that
My sacrifices were taken for granted
Or that they had never deserved it,
They will lose me that very moment.
And the broken tie can be mended never.

It's been a year since you
took your own life away
& left a note for me
telling me that you're
sorry that you broke

I wish you would have called
tried to talk to me before
you took the pills
but we were complicated
another friendship too far

I'm sorry you fell for me
when my heart was for
somebody else
who ended up killing me
yet you're the one who died

Your gravestone rips me in two
& the fucked up thing really is
if you had stuck around a few
more months then maybe
we'd have had happily ever after

It's been a year since my friend took her life, in part because she had feelings and I didn't... she had nobody and I feel like I let her down... she was the first friend to kill herself, but there's been four or five more in the year since... fuck...

Living a way,
Is it my destiny?
God will make a way
It's better to rest, not to worry.

Walking to the sacred path of Glory,
Serving my God Almighty,
Happy as I can be.

Bounded by profound dignity,
and then it formed a misery,
That's my life meant to be.

Yes faithfully,
Living to the master's serenity,
Beyond God's love without infinity,
That's my life dreaming into reality and solemnity.

Who am I reflects my through characteristics as a warrior of God. God is the center of my life for, his mercy and compassion is endless for us sinners.

Large dark pools
morning dew,
and lush lashes
red, blurry eyes.

Your fingers look
flower stems,
trying to spread
their roots in
a burning cigarette.

Your lips quiver
your breath releases
and all my thoughts
go out the
with the

For A
From B
Mims 3d

tiny sparks of electricity
I grab your arm
you turn to me
"Maybe we should walk"
maybe we should talk
You mean so much to me

We like to walk at night
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