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rk 6h
i want to explore
the hidden depths
of the universe with you
my darling,
you are the only lifeforce
i will ever need.
rk 13h
once i learned
that we only understand
4% of the known universe,
and our lives on earth
are but a grain of sand
born out of supernova
each of us made of stardust,
i understood
just how lucky then were we
to be birthed into existence.
to find and love each other
underneath the silver starlight.
maybe that's why,
i seen constellations
dancing in your eyes
each time they met mine.
rk 1d
i've been asked
what the best moment
of my life is so far
and in my head
one sole memory
dances brightly;
the first time you kissed me
you pulled me into you
with unstoppable fire
your hands in my hair,
moonlight burning in your eyes.
it was as if you had waited
your whole life to do it
and the moment your lips
bled into mine i knew,
i had been waiting
my whole **** life to feel it.
Äŧül 2d
Every tiny bit about you,
I love it, yes, I do.
I feel elated and elevated,
Each night, I promise to hold you tight,
Only as tight to make you feel warm,
To make you feel that you are only mine.
My dear Mitali suggested the title.
My HP Poem #1848
©Atul Kaushal
rk 3d
endless times
you have called me
in and out of your orbit
sharing moments
of melancholy and madness
i'm drawn once more
to the violet light you emit
you stand beside me
and i feel it
f a m i l i a r i t y
you are the constellation
in my darkened sky
your hand in mine
a hushed whisper
during a forced goodbye
a forbidden confession
of an eternal craving

i wish i could hold our memories
tightly inside rose petals
despite the aching
despite the uncertainty
i know only this
if i am to live wholly
i can't do so without you
my fallen valentine
my immortal shadow
and so i'll wait for you
over the hills past saturn
underneath the burning sky
like a wilting flower
summoning the rains.
Sorrow is a pen that is no longer lifted,
                                    static on a desk
until the ink is dry.

    As the quill soars no longer.
rk 4d
i should have warned you
that if i kissed you
more than once
i'd fall in love
but your lips met mine
underneath the velvet moon
and i couldn't help
but ask for more
my lips longing to taste you
again and again
my own demise
dancing infront of me
your sweet kisses
my own undoing.
- i couldn't stop loving you if i tried.
Cyril 4d
Self-loathing finally came to an end,
the stranger in the mirror is now my friend
by Arcassin Burnham

Praying for you that you pray for all the others,
stay with these words for the weak
won't shadow over the strong but to make them stronger,
the key to life is belief and wonder,
I really do , about the things that could bring darkness,
instilled in ones mind to keep them tarnished,

pray for the living and souls that partake,
and even all the evil ones , the rules that they break,
but who needs those,
forever be your own hero,
however this time goes, faith follows.

rk 5d
what if we weren't
so bound by time
what if, like the universe
our thoughts,
our memories were linear
burning, alive and electric.
what if we could swim
between what has been
and what is yet to come,
would our moments
underneath a summer moon
where our souls bled
and our demons danced
be the ones you go back to?
- this routine is all too familiar.
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