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Claudia 7h
It's like that feeling
When you're a little kid and you've lost track of your parent at the mall
Running around aimlessly
Tugging at the sleeve of anyone who might be them
Who might be the one you're looking for
Might be safety in the lawless crowd
Might take you home

The escalating panic with every new face, every wrong face,
Every judging gaze
And seeing that the worst case scenario, you might die stuck right here and hopelessly alone

All I can think of now
As we walk across the bridge
Discussing feminism and things they never ever understood,
As you opened your mouth to catch a snowflake on that holy tongue

Is that I found you
You caught me on the tip of your tongue and I found you

I always hated how people say they "clicked"
But now I get it,
Not a click but that soft sound
Of the the last jigsaw sliding into place
That's what happened when I met you

I made sense

dear best friend,
Twin soul,
When they mistook us for lovers,
Or siblings I only ever felt flattered
To have you in my puzzle

You are the prettiest part of my picture

You are the best "click" I ever heard

You are a sincere "*******" to anyone who ever crossed me

You are everything I owe you
Just Ty 21h
I went to go text you three times today
For all I wanted was my best friend on such a bad day
You are the only person I can turn to when I want to cry
But your no longer here so I must turn to the sky
***** which is where I seem to been turning to the most
I wish this emotional muster was over so I can tell my feelings to post
I thought leaving would make them all go away
But it seems rather that they are back to stay
The worse part about it is I don’t even know why
All I know is that I wanted my best friend when all I could do was cry
chloe 22h
It was 8th grade
I was sitting next to her
She noticed something wrong,
I looked pale
Little did she know that,
The morning before school I took 7 pills
I wanted to feel pain
I wanted to die without my mom knowing
She asked me are you okay?
I simply turned around again without saying anything
I wrote a note saying I was broken
She got up in the middle of class and gave me a hug
That girl told me that life is beautiful
She told me how ****** up her life was
I felt some reason to live again
Little did she know that it was my 8th time trying to die
She didn't know me very well
That broken girl was an amazingly kind person
She didn't think about class
Just me
Thank you for loving me without knowing me
I wrote this about a friend I met on that day. I am so grateful for her and I have not tried to **** myself since that day. She told me to keep fighting even though I was hurting. She told me that I have so much to live for and don't stop fighting. Thank you friend.
blake 1d
one hundred days and nights
i want to spend with you
my love, my friend,
i want nothing more
than to see you grow
and become the man
i always knew you could be

right now it seems pointless
that you're stuck inside this loop
but don't fret, my friend, as t is helping you.

one hundred poems and songs
i grant and give to you
as you are my love
and my world belongs to you
I like him
But I'm inlove with someone else
I want to talk to him
But I might get hurt the one that I love.

I thought he was the one
But he isn't beside me,
he was my childhood friend
he cared so much but that's it.

This is part of loving someone
at the wrong timing they said,
that moment when you know everything
but it seems I have to let go.
The silent echo of the night
Just one flickering light

Whisper of two friends getting along
In the Silence just hear their cheerful song

Like the flow of the ocean
They were full of emotion

In the Silent Room
I still found him talking to the Moon

                                                           ­     ...Michael J Fourie
Sometimes when the world puts you down,you just need to take a breath and talk to the Bigman.The light of hope will always flicker whether it is in a light,lamp or the moon.You will find light in your darkness.
I can lie here..




    Regression to the
    Fetal position.

    Like some sort of child.



          Hoping someone saves
                     But no one will.

I've suffered many dreams about you.

           I've endured a lot of
           torment for you.

     I've felt the phantom pain.





   ­       Meaningless.


How could you allow yourself to become a ***** to the pain?
I needed you and you were no longer there for me.

   He needed you, dear.
      And you let him perish.
          He will always express.

             Because he believed
             you deserved care.

But I presume you didn't think the same about him.

        Or at least..
        It looks that way to him.
        He doesn't really know,
        to be honest.

Yet you come back and notice my distress.

And put me into conflict once more.

How am I supposed to feel?

My left trapezius hurts.
My heart is surrounded by darkness.
My soul cries out in agony.
My spirit surrounds me and protects me
in ethereal might.

I'm in ruins.
And it's like you don't care.
It really hurts tonight. Yet I'm thankful I can feel now. Spent a few hours very numb.
trapped inside a prison
confined by your brown eyes
your icarus mind longed for freedom
so your lips took to the skies
you embraced thoughts and poetry
because they were so sweet
but now sugar's turned to acid
and it's rotting your teeth
you cry out for a savior
but everyone's an enabler
they strike your match and pour gas
then run away from your flames

your echo chamber notebook
just rephrases the same old pain
you're scratching looking for an escape route
but the scratches will never spell your name
"the sun will rise tomorrow,"
the innocent bystander cries
he stands eager to help carry the sorrow
and to hand you a sponge soaked in wine
and the sun begins to set;
the sky resets itself for the next day
it mourns for a dozen hours
then it wakes up and begins a new day
the best people suffer from the worst pain.
be the listening ear or the comforting voice.
nothing else could be more important than helping a friend
Loving you feels like the closest ill get to see the blue of a flame.

From the inside...
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