i've never been one of you
let's face it
maybe it was he way i did not laugh at your insensitive jokes
or the way that i was not as cool as the others
i've always given more and more and more of myself
never got anything in return
truth be told
i've always secretly resented you for it
i've always hated hated hated hated hated you for it
the bubbling bitterness at the base of my stomach
like bile
burning rising
i choke it down
and say hi babe thank you for being such a great friend
the words leave a bad taste in my mouth.
the worst part?
by hiding these true feelings of mine
and being so incredibly fake
i'm just as bad as you are
maybe we truly do deserve each other

Bjorn 13h

The man gave him food to dine
But he rejected it and said he's fine

The man comes back, gave him clothes to feel comfortable
But he folded them and returned them to the hands of fortunate.

The man tried to offer an of belongings for him to live well
But the poor man rejected and said, "This isn't fair."

Confused and offended,
the fortunate began to question the other.
"Poor fellow, Why do you choose to suffer?"

He took his hand before saying,
"why do you need to offer your belongings
when can you teach me how to achieve such things?
Teach me not how to beg, my friend.
But bring me to my senses to be responsible and let me mend
All broken dreams that I once saw in my slumber,
Teach me how to strive
So I could bring you pride."

Seeker 1d

im glad i never kissed you
im glad we never had that moment
im glad nothing ever happened

i thought you were the one
and we shared so many memories
but what was it for

we grew up together
and confided in each other
we helped each other
and said we would always be there

wow how much we've changed
you decide to come up with made up conclusions
about thoughts and ideas you think i have
and i decided to not put up with shit i don't need

I'm through helping you
since you no longer help me
since you no longer care
and no longer keep me in mind

you wouldn't believe the things I've said about you
that make you seem like a god
that would make your confidence and ego beam
but thats all changed now

now you're ignorant
now you're cynical
now you're a narcissist
now you're so far removed from the world

why couldn't you see what you had
right under your nose
and inside the deep valves of your heart
because i know you loved me

I'm happy its done though
i don't want that negativity anymore
i want someone who makes me shine
and i finally found him

he makes me thankful you're no longer in my life
that you're done with
and that i decided to move on
because now i can be who i am

you made me mad
and scared

the man of my dreams now makes me happy
feel respected
feel confident
and he makes me be myself around him

we have disagreements
but they never end in a fight
just a simple lesson of communication and compromise

thats something you could never do
it was always your way or no way
you were controlling
just like my father

i couldn't handle you
i never tried to change you
i only tried to understand
and now i understand completely

you are not the one after all
and i don't know if you were
at some point or another
but i know you are no longer for me

but i wish you well
and hope you find someone
just like i have
because i think you will feel how i feel now

H Weeks 1d

I miss my best friend. I miss being able to talk about anything and everything. It was what I lived for. I leaned too far though. I depended on you to cheer me up and lie and that was wrong of me. I am so sorry. I am sorry you have not had an easy life and you feel so alone sometimes yet I'm even more sorry that you still feel the need to lie and put others down because you're so insecure about the great unbearable truth being revealed. We have gone our separate ways and nothing can be the same as it ever was. Nor do I want or need that. I do not need you. I do not need lies to give me confidence. I have me and that's just fine. I have done great without you. I cannot tell you any of this though because it does not matter. You never truly did. You ruined me

AJ 1d

You've forgotten why you lost contact with your closest friend but you haven’t forgotten the days you invited him over to play video games and instead conducted two-man airsoft skirmishes in the forest behind your house

nor have you forgotten the short films you created, in which you portrayed a murderous Bosnian chef who cooked toxic meals, and he played the fourth-wall-breaking cameraman who hurled plastic bananas at your head as you ran through your unscripted spiel.

You still can't forget the weekends you’d bike to his house to point and cackle at comedy television, nor the nighttime drives during which you two would talk about where you wished to be in ten years: he in a log cabin nestled in a Finnish forest, you somewhere in France.

The younger you believed you’d grow alongside him and build those dreams.

Now you hope you’ll one day find him sweeping through the Finnish glades and he’ll ask you to walk with him.

nadine 2d

you never had hands and arm
to touch my heart
you never had the ears
to listen to my tears
all it takes is a paper and pen
to have you as my friend

this has been

A sweet smile,
A cheerful laugh
full of glee.

O, how she shines
with the sun!

A friend,
if she may
be today
what tomorrow is
to Spring

And as Springtime
you'll be glad to see,
the cheer
you'll hear

As she dances
with the daffodils

And Fall may come
Autumn, it may be
She mellows at the beauty
of yellow from the green.

Winter, with its blizzards
and cold nights,
But a friend she may be;
to a snowman, company.

Her sweet smile
therefore, be Summer;
She melts the ice and snow
as the sun arises.

And when the day
comes to pass:
O, what happy day!
Let this be for me

That I'll be
as ever amiable
as thee.

For Charmain.

And your name shall forever be written in the stars.
Always seen by those who loved you.
Stripped far too soon
From a world only bettered by you.
All we can hope for now is some closure.
Though it won't bring you back, it might bring us comfort.
Whatever the hell that means.

I miss you.
I miss your dopey laugh,
Your awkward stares,
And everything I ever took for granted.
I hope your cynicism about heaven was wrong.
I hope you are forever where you belong.
Because you were far too beautiful for this world.

The best things in life are fleeting
And that is how I shall remember you.
Like lightning, you flashed your brilliance upon us.
And just as quickly as you arrived,
You departed from our lives.
A loss that can never be replaced.
Because of you, our world was blessed.
Please just know that you were loved.
You touched people whom you will never know.
And inspired those who knew you.

You will live on through your art.
Your name shall forever be written in the stars.
And your laughter will remain in our hearts
To remind us all that life is far too short,
To not live every moment to the fullest.
Just as you did.
You taught me how to live.
And for that, I will be forever thankful.

Peace, Love, And Relaxation Tea♥
I Love You, NDW.

I miss you to pieces, Nicky-poo. I wish more than anything that we had a photo together, but I was always behind the camera. I can't believe you've been gone for 4 1/2 years. It feels like we lost you just yesterday. You are forever my best friend, and the Nick to my Jess (New Girl reference). I will love you till my lungs give out, and then some more♥

There's no reward for those who can't take risks.

I am bounded the question "what if"
           Creating fear,
           Creating anxiety,
           Creating misery.
I am a prisoner of my own thought.

But everything is different with you.
You are the key,
you set me free.
It's like you are my symphony
in this world full of anarchy.
You put color to my dreary world.
You bring life to my lifeless world.

With you, I can do everything,
            No fear,
            no anxiety,
            no misery.
But to you, I am no one.
I am not the one who brings you harmony.
I am not the one who ignites the fire in your heart.
I am not the one that makes your eyes spark.
I am not the one that lights up your world.
I am just a shadow,
who will always be there for you
but still you don't see me
the way I see you.

Now I am back again,
Asking the question "what if?"
If I can't win you,
I can't risk losing you.

Just a friend

There's a silence between us
unspoken of
a void,
if I dare say.

There are times
we may be close
but we are more unknown
to each other
than we really think.

why are you so distant?
I understand
that you understand
that people come and go

why push me away?
I want to say
that it's okay
for longer
I want to stay.

I understand
that you're use to losing people
and you're no longer afraid
should I leave you.

I do not know what goes on
in the depths of your mind
in the abyss of this great sea.

I do not know
the battles you've faced
the demons you have fought
the nightmares that choke
the reality out of you.

I may not know
what it feels like
to have severe anxiety,
to have panic attacks every once in a while,
to have social problems,
the list will go on...

I may not know everything about you
But I know this:
you are the most honest person
I have ever met.
And this honesty,
honestly, I must say,
It is bittersweet.

Truth be told,
I may not like everything you say
But I accept it.

What is truth if it doesn't hurt?

I don't know
why you are silent.
Maybe you figured,
without me
or anybody for that matter
that you'll be strong.

Don't get me wrong,
I know you are strong.
But you are also wrong
about one thing.

You may think I will leave you
Maybe, but still
not immediately
not yet.

I will keep waiting
right here, if you need a friend.
If time should separate us,
or you push me away and grow cold,
I'll still be here.

I'll still be
your friend.

I'm still here.
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