Silent friends
Carefree Strangers

Genre: Haiku
Panda 1h
Oh how I miss
Though I know we placed
In a merry-go-round of emotion
Nauseous, bright emotion
That spun your mind
And killed your thoughts
In a confusing array of details
We wish you all the best
Snow makes me emotional, and it's practically a blizzard today
we were so close. we were inseparable. it was always you and me. me and you. if you asked me to do anything i would do it at the snap of a finger and had thought that you would do the same but i later found out that that wasn’t the reality of it all. when you asked me to take a sip of something that i knew i shouldn’t have and you asked me to hang out with people that i knew were bad for me i should’ve said no but i didn’t because i would do anything for you and you knew that but you took advantage of that and manipulated me to two words with no meaning. best friend. best friend is the label that you put on it. when i didn’t want to do something that i knew was bad you wrapped me up in the words best friend and made me blind to the obvious truth of it all it was all just for you and not because you actually might’ve seen value in our friendship. was it? it was all for you when the new boy at our school called you hot and you left everyone for him. you stopped calling. texting. asking. instead. you left me and all of our memories behind and you acted as if we had never shared secrets as if we had never stayed up until two in the morning talking about stupid boys or complaining about our parents rules you act as if it is nothing. that our friendship was nothing. that i am nothing. and when that new boy finally asks you out and touches you how you want you officially leave me. then. you realize that you need a friend but you can’t come back to me because of what you did to me. to us. to our friendship. so. you find the people that are weak and easy to prey on so that you can get what you want and leave just how you did to me. you apologize to me over and over again and i keep accepting you back into my life hoping that maybe you changed. but i was wrong again. because you wrote me that three page letter and said that i ruined you and your only sources of happiness are this boy you swear you’re in love with and this sad replacement of me as a friend. every single word that you wrote hurts. it feels like a slap in the face after everything that i had done for you. i lied for you. i did everything for you. and this is what i get. a shitty three page letter telling me that i’m not good enough for you but after sometime i realized. the reason that you did that was because you are selfish. and you always have been. selfish
Alec 18h
It was an accident
“An accident?”
An accident.

It was an accident
My finger slipped
I tumbled down
Onto the ground.

“Onto the ground?”
Onto the ground.

It was an accident
“An accident?”
An accident

It was an accident
My finger slipped
So the knife tumbled down.
“Onto the ground?”
Onto the ground.

It was an accident
“An accident?”
And accident.

It was an accident
My finger slipped
I threw myself down on the ground.
Wait no-
It was an accident
My finger slipped
I fell down to the ground.

It was an accident
“An accident?”
An accident

It was an accident
My finger slipped
As i bled out on the ground
Staring at my phone not moving around.
Wait no-
It was an accident
My finger slipped
My phone was far away.

It was an accident
“An accident?”
An accident.

It was an accident
My finger slipped
I forgot to lock the door
“You forgot to lock the door?”
I forgot to lock the door.
But i also forgot to push you away more.

It was an accident
“An accident?”
And accident.

It was an accident
My slinger flipped
It was an accident
My flipped slinger
It wasn’t an accident
“I know.”
I’m sorry it wasn’t an accident.
“I knew your finger didn’t slip.”
I’m sorry i lied about it being an accident
“It’s okay
You just didn’t know what to say.”

My finger slipped
But it wasn’t an accident.

Unfold yourself
Let the world see
How beautiful you are
How strong you can be

Reach up for the light
Pollinate your soul
Resurrect her from deep within
Let those petals unfold

Show those you feel stand taller
That you shall pass them by
Feel the earth beneath you
You will get there
My darling
will fly
I wrote this for a girl I work with called Josephine... I wish she knew how wonderful she is
Seema 2d
I have lost counts of your tear drop...
Why can't you make the flow stop...
You know seeing you like this makes me weak...
Tell me what I can do, atleast say or speak...
You are my friend and am here by your side...
Who has upset you? Who has lied?
Please look up and smile...
See I have come across from many mile...
You don't have to worry as am here for you...
With every breath I have, I will care for you...
You are an angel enlighting my world...
Standing by me in withering cold...
Life without you seems wretched and old...
Now cheer up beautiful nold...
I made a plan for us tonight...
Eating, gossiping, playing, singing throughout the night...

on most nights the light is too dim for me to follow,
still I hold on, wishing
but the void inside just keeps getting more hollow

the darkness is humankind's but my heart tells me it's only mine
there are mornings when I can almost feel the sunshine
I smile, thinking "I really made it this time"

deafening the heartbeat of the only one
against my small, trembling hands
He says this will stop if I count to ten
but after three my everything is as cold as stone

Could it be that I'm not trying hard enough? Maybe I need more time

Perhaps, if I hold on
The sun itself will lend me a little of it's warmth
The sunbeams and the skies will be mine.
i was having a hard time, in these past months everything feels like it's too much, so i wrote this. it's simple, and again, english is not my first language so I'm 100% sure it can be polished. but i wanted to express this, it helps.
I saw something today
That reminded me of you
So I picked up my phone
Put in your number
And excitedly waited to talk to you
But with every ring you didn't pick up
My heart dropped lower out of my chest
"I'm not near my phone right now.. that or I'm purposely ignoring you Shanon just leave a message at the beep.. or don't whatever"

And it all hit me all over again
The feeling of choking
On my own tears
Drowning out the rest of the world
Because it had been so long
Since I last heard your voice
Yet it seemed it was only yesterday
We were playing street hockey
And making fun of eachother
And talking on the phone all night long
Just to hang out all day after
We would talk about our past
And what our future may hold
We talked about our demons
And secrets we never told
I remember being so angry
The day you left
After all we've been through
No sorry
No goodbye
Not even a single note
Explaining why
You decided I wasn't enough reason
For you to not climb into that bathtub
And press that razor blade onto your skin
How dare the sky cry
When they took your lifeless body just to throw it in the ground
How dare the others cry
When you didn't make a single sound
How dare the birds still sing
When the world was falling apart
How dare the moon still come up
When nothing in the universe seemed to make sense
How dare they believe poems had to rhyme
How dare they still talk about the good old days
How dare they believe for one second they knew you at all
And most of all
How dare you--

How dare you leave me so broken
How dare you leave me so alone
How dare you call me your best friend
Just to leave me on my own?

The darkness lingering around my past
Found a deeper grip around my soul that day
As I watched pieces of my heart
Leave with you
Now I find myself sitting here awkwardly
Finally being able to string these useless letters
Into coherent words
To ask you if you're still listening up in the clouds
How dare you not pick up anymore
When I call you on the phone?

~Who else am I supposed to talk to when late at night my demons won't be put to sleep?
Who else am I supposed to talk to when all I want to do is curl up in a ball and weep?
(Pieces of a very old, 22-page-long, extremely agonizing memoir that brought me to tears because how dare you, with all this pain you carry in your heart, not realize how much you're hurting me before you're even gone? ~BM)
The thought of growing up is scary.
Enduring the wait of time is hairy.
The stress of expectations and contrasting thoughts bury me.
Reading others lives perplexes me
Waiting on love distresses me.
Will I change. How will I change. Who will change with me. Why will I change. When?

Make the Lord your father and time your friend, all will happen in due time and with due reason.
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