Autmn T 1d
And the Universe sighed. "This too you shall revieve as a blessing, all in time, my dear."
An old friend I used to have
We were sisters, bonded together
Sharing company every chance we had
The sweet and funny demeanor she kept
Made me blind to her dark side
She pulled me under her spell
I was amazed by the way she carried herself
I wanted to be her
As days went on, her dark side started to show
A rude comment followed by laughter
A stab wound covered by a bandage
I began to see
The true colors
No one else could see them but me
And I became the one with the dark side
Now and then
I want to forgive
I want to mend the friendship
I remember the good times we shared
Some things
Just can’t be mended
Some people
Just can’t be changed
I wrote this about my ex best friend that I think about too often. fun fact: I almost wrote this as an acrostic poem spelling her full name but I figured that would be too shady dhdhsjs
Caprial 1d
What do you do when the person
you’ve called your rock all your life
dissolves into sand?
as she disperses her soul amongst
the guys she knows won’t treat her well
and the substances she knows won’t fill
the hole that’s been in her heart
long before we were best friends
I tried to do everything I could
I truly did
but now she’s become the dust
she snorts to stay awake in our conversations
zero 1d
The moon in the middle of the day,
dogs when they look at you with feeling,
too many coffee granules to keep in balance
the harmony between coffee pot and grain.

Finding Atlantis in your bath tub,
or solace in enemy arms,
the image of flightless birds that
are waxed too close to the sun to stay afloat.

Having a sleepover on Saturn,
or laughing through stomach cramps under water.
The feeling of salt burning your nostrils
to get back at your own humility.

Teachers living at home with their parents,
teddy's with one eye and patchwork smiles.
Wearing a pink dress to a funeral,
watching a loved one slip, slip, slipping away.
A balance of both the possible and impossible seem so far away.

Dear depression,
I know it's been a while,
but right now your back in style
don't be afraid,
Deep inside of me I can see you,
so just come out and I'll show you what's all about,
don't be afraid!
I know when I need a friend you'll be the one I while trust until the end,
but till I see you again,
Dear Depression,
Dear Depression!
Still putting this poem together ;)
Asonna 1d
How did we get here?, how did we fall?
Plummeting through the universe.
Taking each other down with the ship,
trapped and drowning in silence.

Damaged pieces welded shut,
we're empty on the inside.
Suffocating in hatred feeling,
turns out we were not good to each other.

You used to say hi with hurried goodbye,
the black bird jets its wings.
Decayed trees linger the walls,
and leaves entrap the heart.

Hurting bares a mark to each,
Souls escaped in breath.
Innocence once pure and pledged,
has darkened and hardened in edge.

Molded, shaped. Nothing new.
Neither one can change.
though I can try hard each day,
I'm sorry I wasn't good to you.

Black bird flies through the night,
Perched itself to the tree.
While the tree is sad and decayed
The heart still feels like home.
don't let my feelings take me down sober
It's late at night, and everything's over
Disconnect, and let's have it over-

What's the use in telling you how to be my friend
I remember saying silly things, like this won't ever
Now I'm sure we'll each hear it all the time but right now

I gotta just let it out

So I swallow pride like an overdue book
I bet I bought every line, hooked
But this is how it'll be-

I don't need to hear the words, they don't change
Signal's down, went out of range, and I
Got the skid marks to prove it
But I wish you'd try to say them anyway, shit

When the rain falls down it makes a pretty mist
With everyone we've kissed, could you even miss
Well I'm sure the next one will at least remember my lips-
Until the next one

So I tell all my friends I'm testing around
Shooting game, jobs and boys and doctors
Who won't remember my name
Well, if it's all the same-

I'd rather you dropped me like a stone,
I'm skipping here, and I'm all alone
But I've grown fond of the lake and I've made it mine
Come on in, the water's fine!

But maybe I'm not-

don't let my feelings take me down sober
It's late at night, and everything's over
Disconnect, and let it be over

I let the sticky fingered kids grab me
Collected forced fingers like candy
Again turned away from the bottle,
Trying to leave this me and us behind full throttle-

I'll be a social butterfly in the house of a lepidopterist
Be another number on a manager's list
Talk to someone I pay to hear me instead of you
God I hope I do as well as you

Hiding out my pain somewhere else
Because it's not easy trying not to be myself
Until I wash it all away with pain and time
Well, my worries shouldn't be yours.

Why don't I tell you everything? Or how about how I'm feeling?
I don't share that much with my friends, of course.
If you want more, you open your door more!

Lord don't let my feelings take me down sober
I'm chill as fuck, so now this sad poem's over
It's behind me now,
I feel older somehow.
Because my feelings take me down and they will take you down too. So don't worry about me.
I’m done
I don’t want to talk
Your face makes me uneasy
Your name makes me queasy
You come out of nowhere
Saying you miss me
It stings
I feel guilty for what I do
And what I don’t do
It hurts
I apologize
Though there’s no need
You say you understand
But you don’t
You really
No one really does
But you
Do not understand
So stop pretending
If you think we could talk this out
It’s crystal clear
You don’t understand
The emotions you spill fall on me like bricks
Weighing me down with every syllable
Making me wish I was not myself
Making me wish I was a past me
A me that wasn’t tired
A me that wasn’t sick
A me that wasn’t hurting
I mourn my past me
And you do too
This can’t work
I can’t deal
Left on read
I’m sorry
someone I really don’t want to interact with texted me last night and it made me emotional woot woot
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