his eyes held tales i never had known
of worlds and ideas, creatures and such
i hadn’t pondered since i had grown
why did getting older come in that rush?

after looking in his storied eye
i’ll never regret saying hi

the first time we talked
it felt so perfect, so easy, so simple
the road of friendship we together walked
there was i greeted with his happy dimple

after looking in his storied eye
i’ll never regret saying hi

with trust and trust we soon grew
his wise young mind greeted mine
he trusted me with what was hard to construe
a world filled with all that would common shine

after looking in his storied eye
i’ll never regret saying hi

fairies, giants, ogres, even glowing bright flowers
all found in his world awaited me
smiles greeted me in droves and showers
their excitement and mine gave the boy great glee

after looking in his storied eye
i'll never regret saying hi

he brought me there whenever i’d wish
and guided me towards his favorite things
during which conversations would to me switch
for he said my voice gave him wings

after looking in his storied eye
i’ll never regret saying hi

there i was, his only hope
and in a way he was mine
our tie was tough like rope
and our conversations aged like wine

after looking in his storied eye
i’ll never regret saying hi

it was my fault that darkened day
i let myself forget his worrying head
i let him away from me stray
now due to me, a friend is dead

i’m sure after looking in my boring eye
the dead magic man wished i’d never said hi

Unti unti kahit pinilit
Puso Kong dito na lang ba sasabit
Eto ka nakangiti at masaya
Pero ako sobrang pigil na
Hawak ko Rosas para saiyo
Inipon ko Simula agosto
Mahirap lang kasi ako
At gusto ko masabi na tong nararamdaman ko
Tumingin ka sakin mula paa hanggang ulo
Nanginginig nanaman ako
Pilit kong inabot Rosas na hawak ko
Habang nakayuko ang ulo
"Para San to?" Tanong mo
"Mahal Kita" sa wakas naamin ko
Tatlong hakbang palayo
"May boyfriend na ko"
4 na salitang nagpaguho sa mundo
Nabitawan ang rosas na hawak ko
At unti unting tumulo luhang pinigilan ko

sad ?

As I go through life I discover that nothing I have ever done is original
That's not necessarily bad but it is a little heartbreaking
I've always wanted to be special, different, important
I'm just like everyone else though
When I was younger, even now, people don't know me for me
They know me for my family
I wanted to be known for myself
I'm growing to realize that doesn't even matter
The opinions I should really value are okay with my lack of originality and love me all the same

your name used to be
       an intake of cool winter air
    refreshing my lungs
in glowing frost;
  when i speak your name
now nothing happens
      you are a memory
   best left forgotten

She used to be the love of my life. Now she will never be in my life.

You sang the song
I listened
Did I sing it back to you?
No, I didn’t

I heard you whistle
Black bird
Oh it was a sign
For the end written

You’ve lost your light
You do
Do I guide you back home?
No, I refused

I saw you mumble
Black curse
How you yell to stop
Everything hurts

You’re back at it
The noose
Do I untie it for you?
No, I’m a fool

I know you’re doomed
Black note
Oh you wrote your name
Booked for the last room


I saw the mark on your neck.
Paras 1d

since that destined afternoon

when we met, I've failed at every attempt

to script a poem for you

for whenever I drew your portrait in my

palace of conception, it always was

amorphous and white for unrevealed

was what shall light the fire of muse

but last mighttide I poured in

colours and paints I conceived

from our short colloquy.

i saw strange shades

that laign with mine fortuitously

and I crave to see the colors and their shades

that sit quietly, unknown to me.

do not doubt these verses and even

though they intend to smear flattery, I

script no colourless lies when I say

in the world, you're the only poem in flesh.

For the longest time you've and I have been together
Yeah, It feels like forever
And the funny thing is we still don't know where we're going
Like, do you remember all the times I went to school with tears in my face?
Let me tell you I was lost
It was like I was stuck in a maze
But you believed in me
Stood by my side
When everyone else was leaving me
Had my back through everything
You're a part of me, you live in me.

And at times, I'd sit there and I'd cry about my ex
Always been into you, never been into sex
You're more than a friend, that I'd hit up with a text
And things have been hard lately
I ain't gonna deny
Been doing more drugs and popping more pills
Cause I'm trying to stay high
Trying to stay still and watch life drive by
Then I see you on my desk, like I gotta grind
Hear you whispering to my ear like
Jake, we're falling me behind
But the inspiration to write another thing
Is getting harder to find.

I knew, you're not mine
I knew, you had someone
I am self-awareness

But sorry,

I can't handle this feelings
I falls for you everytime I remember you
My heart's envy when you told about yours

I wasn't love you.
Perhaps I just wants to having you,
not only as friend.

Just sharing what I feel inside rn.
tory 1d

I'm not in front of
or behind
I'm always
always next to

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