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I've been training so hard
to walk in these shoes
They look good
They look nice
But they got no clue
That they are a little too big
a little too wide
I can walk in them
But the shoes aren't right

But as long as I can walk
I must go on
How many people have shoes to choose from?

I must not complain the tiniest bit
about wearing shoes that doesn't fit
I'm just scared rightf I'm ready to grow up and its scary but I have to.
TG 4d
When you´ve never been the chosen one in younger years,
And you still aren´t the chosen one in adult years,
It feels like a lifelong grief
That´ll never end...
It can leave you traumatized. When you´ve never been chosen. You´ve always seen ohers taking the lead, being prioritized, while you never were the important one. This pain lays real deep and will never really go away. Failure after failure the you´ll feel more empty and believe more and more that you´ll never be the chosen one. But you know what, you can always chose yourself. What if the world didn´t see your beautiful soul, but you did. You matter, you are important and you are the chosen one. As long as you would pick yourself as the chosen one nothing else matters<3
Juliet 6d
To all the laughters that we shared,
Smiles that we tried so hard to keep,
Mean things that we blurt out that we did and didn't mean,
Tears that we wish never existed,
Fights that we fought,
Hearts that we've hurt,
Stories that we lived together,
And ties that we thought would bind us forever...

I'm sorry.
You will be missed,
But that's all where you'll be.
The past that I don't even want to see.

To all the forced laughters that we've had,
Conversations and hang out sessions that feel like an obligation,
Beliefs and ideals that we no longer share,
Inside jokes that start to feel old,
Priorities that we no longer understand,
And plans we no longer want to do,

Thank you.
For making me understand,
That some friendships doesn't always last.

My world has gotten bigger,
And so as yours.
I've met people whom I have connected better,
And so as you.
I've learned to laugh louder,
Cry harder,
Smile wider,
Speak wiser,
And act in foolish manner.
So have you.

So here's to you:
To the acceptance that we would no longer be friends like we used to,
To the curiosity that will always linger,
Wondering about what-ifs and what-could-have-beens,
To embracing the fact that we were always bound to end from the very beginning,
To waving goodbye to the only kind of friendship I knew growing up,
And to loving the growth,
That we both had,
As we fall apart.
Have you ever outgrown any of your friends, for sole reason of growing up? Because I have. I went to a different city for college, and understood what friendship really is to me. It's supposed to be easy. Not scared. Not awkward. Not pretentious. And most certainly not judging and jealous.

But regardless of everything else, I've learned to thank that difficult friendship for it was all I had back then.
There are no children laughing
Playing hopscotch in the driveway
With a manicured lawn and pretty
Flowers in boxes attached to the windows

There's no degree framed in my office
Actually there isn't an office at all here
Inside this lived in two bedroom flat
Where I spend as much time as possible

There's no sleek foreign sports car
Candy apple red glimmering in the sun
Or vacation home nestled somewhere
I can't pronounce to go once a year

There aren't six figures in my account
Or country club lunches with the girls
Black card shopping sprees in the city
Or box seat opera season tickets

There is glitter on my eyelids
And an immense feeling of gratitude
When I wake up happy and free
Unapologetic and authentically me
I'm sure we all have/had extravagant plans for ourselves when we got (older). I find myself content with the here and now, which isn't something I ever thought could happen. I am 30.
Johnnyqu33r Apr 29
Etch an eye between my brows
So that I may see further into
Deeper within the whirling vortex
Of abyss cooing to me softly

Gentle requests that I not
Drop my pebble down the well
A splash will never echo back
And I'll fall until time is decimated

Not that I'm entirely dedicated
To keeping things linear
But the universe has been strange
And I'm a good listener
rig Apr 24

q birthday ‘luck’ w/ xv mgs of pj zen:


home – a house, really.
good weather. old bed.
sugar intervals,
paramore feelings.
one more special day... right?


right… my
kid was
born when
she was
my age
now – and
laugh when
i don’t
know stuff


when will you find a girl, they say, get married, they say.
[cut to a vase] i work part-time. i wear overalls.
(it's not my birthday)
Rob Apr 17
sometimes i wish i was six again
when you would hold me in your arms
and sing me a lullaby.
i miss how close we were,
you were always so loving,
and so kind.
i remember the days i would stay in your bed sick
and you would rub my back
and sing to me as i fell asleep.
i miss those days
i want to feel sick again
so you can make me feel better
is it weird i want to be back in your arms?
what if i asked you for
one more lullaby?
kainat Apr 17
Let’s jaunt to the golden time of childhood
when days were blithe, life was colorful
peers were guileless, words were sweet
simple was the life, above all worries

juvenility brought its own jiff
which turned into teen with eye blink
yen of being adult started vanishing
As the real face of life revealed

clay castles that were made in nursery
perished with the wind of bleakness
worldly needs displaced naive wants
bitterness took place of sweet words

the Wisdom of youth is vital too
perks of being conscious have their value
still miss that innocence of good days
whose charms are lost in this whirl.
every age has its own charm but some childhood memories are unforgettable
You were happy.

And I was supposed to be happy.

My gold leaf covered hands danced through every key and every scale.

Every symphony that you threw.

I gave you all that I could give.

The golden spotlight and rusting trophies that decorate your shelf.

You always wanted more.

But I'm afraid there was nothing more I could give.

You always wanted me here so why?

What did I do to deserve your shame and hatred.

Maybe you finally realized I was only plated with gold.

But thank you.

For scraping my dreams, my mind, and every hope I had for myself growing up.

Now I know that steel only bends under unimaginable pressure.

And I can walk away from you.

At last in the deep but soothing uncertainty that lays straight ahead of me.

Only having the hope that things will cool down eventually.

Let me leave.
If oppressing becomes permissible,
Law already is underrated.

If colors mean more to you than life does,
My condoleances on your gritty being.

If water turns into money,
Fruits will eventually stop growing.

If you are constantly busy comparing your body with someone else's,
Your soul becomes a slave of the wrong embodiment.

If immorality is the trend of this era,
My style is out of date.
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