Obscrea 9h
Clock ticking, time passing
Laughter and memories;
We are getting older and
Growing more each day

Feelings change but I still
Find myself thinking of you
And I keep wondering if,
You ever think of me too.
Baby skin, dough like softness
primped and primed
unbeknownst of the furnace
you'll soon be thrown into
where you'll grow a tough shell
to combat the fluffy spring inside
i would like to thank my parents,
for raising the best liar,
for teaching to not give in to my desires,
for showing me that this world is an open fire,
that i am just walking through the shooting grounds,
that i am just trying to make it past the bounds,
that for some reason i showed you my accomplishments,
but in the end you ask if that’s ever going to be enough
they say strict parents raise the best liars, and for once i realize that it’s true. It’s become a thing, a sort of addiction, that lies easily flow through, and deceit seems to be my best personality. I’ll change, i’ll try, and i hope someday i’m able to tell them the little truth hidden behind this huge lie.
There is a feeling of loneliness
Because you wanted it
You dreamed it and wanted to
Feel what it’d be like to lose

But you had everything
And nothing was taken
And nothing could be given

Now you’re older
Dumber and uglier
And you have the tongue to ask
Where did I go wrong?

It isn’t what you didn’t do
It’s what you thought you needed
To be you

But now it’s over
And you can’t go home
Wash out your eyes little boy
You blew it all
On a selfish thought
Your life depicted on a grayish film,
With an ivory wand that sees through cells:
Two legs, long for such an age as yours,
Yet thin as winter sticks.

I could not predict that swelling of the heart,
And soul, felt long before other signs,
And even then, your soul hung in the balance,
For two or three heartbeats of mine.

Then it was decided by my lover and me
To keep you with us,
Through pain until, perhaps, eternity.

Now you are grown, surprisingly apt,
Pupil of ourselves and you,
Thinking on your own, you are prone,
To tell me things I never knew.

Your soul fills our world with joy,
Even in the darkest frame of mind,
Your longing songs about the boy
Who loves the girl he left behind
Fill the air with hypnotic ambiance,
Soothing the listener,
Making happiness a trance.
This is a reflection of my reaction to seeing our son on his first ultrasound. Then later, watching him grow and being entranced by the things he does.
Your roots is your foundation
Don't droop
Stand onto your roots
Believe in your your self, get rid of boundaries... Try to stand onto yourself and your knowledge, as I am also trying to.
I remember long ago I used to thirst for life;
Never did I worry about ticking time or strife.
Now I see before me, sweet life I used to devour.
I take a reluctant sip but now all I taste is sour.
win 7d
step into this house
this house of broken mirrors
where the turns are unexpected
and the views couldn't be clearer

left first right last
beg your heart to follow
but nothing done when asked

up once down three
there are things you can't escape
i only want to be free

let me tell you this house that stands
a metaphorical mental cage
population of one in all the weird lands

some can maneuver their way
dance with the energy that is their thoughts
to find the radiance that inspires them to obey

to obey the rules of this universe
and follow the perverse requirement of time
perhaps one day maybe i'll speak my truest verse

i've emerged on the other side
and life couldn't be clearer
that this house
was just a house of my own mirrors
rosie 7d
he wants the respect
he wants the privileges
he wants the title
but has he earned it?
does he have the maturity, intelligence, and strength of character that comes with it? or is he exactly what i thought...not a man at all, only a little boy.
just a short little thought today...thanks to any readers xx
CommonStory Jul 5
Perfection is a virus
You have to survive it
Flaw by any variant
whoever  makes it apparent
Misery loves company
Sorta like an infection

Oh boy oh boy
Are you listening now
When I was young and misunderstood I made my vow
When I got older and grew bolder
I became a clown
And as things headed south
Well they are still headed south
Im just old enough to know better
Whatever better is
And still young enough to not really know what to do right now

They say love is many things
And you can love three times
They say its a chemical reaction
Then after that it takes time
I dont think I've loved like that before
So i don't mind

I've been hurt by my past infatuations  
I'm human
So there's a hole in my heart where that part use to be

And i know there's a hole in your heart that's filled with the very part of me

I don't mind this thang
I dont mind it at all
For anything to bare it's fangs
We all just get older

Growing pains...
Copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald 7/5/2018
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