I think what troubles me the most is how different we three are
Sure, we look alike, talk alike, but that's just because of our DNA
We share that. We share our laughs.

But those are symptoms. What we really share is our origin
But how far away have we grown from that place?
Or how have we failed to grow?

When we were younger, we'd sing songs written by men called Matt
About how they'd struggle with forward motion, we all struggle with forward motion
But did any of us really struggle?

I can attest to my struggles. They are many and so very arduous.
You've never been in the house with the monster this long;
Neither of you have

The middle is a good place to start. And the middle finds us at the start.
Middle, you never left from where we all began. Something stunted you
And you never even made it to the second stage

We left you there in the first, knowing that it's impossible to
make someone do that which they don't want to do.
So we up and left you

And you, the oldest, here you are. You have no idea how much I looked up to you!
But now I look to my left and see you, still at that second stage
The one I left a few years ago

I still held up small hopes that one day you'd leave that stage like I did
But then you started dating a girl from a strict Baptist church
With stricter parents

You and she sneak around to give each other kisses and maybe get to second base
But you are cemented, old friend, in this conventional wisdom
At least you got that far

I always wanted to take you with me. I always thought we'd be on the same side forever
But while I've realized that there are no sides, you're still against me
So I silence myself so no one can hear me

Finally, me: Who I really am is someone no one in my immediate family has seen
And that's so goddamn heartbreaking and lonely
But it's this or they toss me to the sea

The way I think is dangerous. The way I talk is slanderous. What I believe is incredulous.
And yet I stand on the other side of this journey, incredulous at the way they are
My whole family, but especially my parents

You two are the two I still have to see from day to day
In the mornings and the evenings, I see you
And you slam liberals

Unbeknownst to you, I stand there, shameless but broken, like a vase that shatters
And reconstitutes itself every day, only to be shattered again tomorrow
And have no one notice it

I'm lucky enough to have any ally, but I can't count you and dad as one of them
I've tried so hard to learn how to communicate with you without showing
Everything about me

I can make you laugh again. I can make you smile! We can joke and sing again!
I've tried so hard to make peace with you because you are my mother
And I will always support you

Obviously, I've saved the worst for last; my father, I can't count the times
You've brought me to tears without you even having realized
The words you said hurt me

You and me? We're men. We don't cry. Fuck, we don't have emotions.
And you don't have to tell me that's the way it is
You just have to consistently not show any emotions for 19 goddamn years
And then I'll understand.

And how I understand, father! How I know that I can't talk to you about "being a lib"
How I can't tell you anything about my art because I’m too honest in it
How my heart aches as you attack it with long, pointy spears

How did we get here? How have you gone this long without knowing who I am?
How have none of you understood that my Calvinist ex-girlfriend broke up with me
Because I supported gay people?

Am I that good at living a lie? Am I that good at hiding myself from you?
Once this goes on the internet, I suppose it's free game
But I'm betting on you to all struggle with forward motion

Last night I showed one of you a blog post of mine, and you enjoyed it.
I talked about a safe topic: grammar, one of the few things that I’m passionate about
That I can still talk about.

This is the cost of growth: following the intrinsic DNA of the universe
And leaving behind those who can't follow it with you
No matter how close they are to you

Regardless of whether or not you've spent two years or five years
Or your entire goddamn life building relationships with these people, you must grow!
And that involves making peace

God, be real and help me do that.

This is another spoken-word poem(that's why it's so long). This one is about growing around people who aren't growing with you.
JAC 6d

I wish beyond wishes
To remain human with you:
We'll change and grow
And age and slow
But in the end, we'll prove were just

For a favourite human of mine.
Wyatt R Apr 20

When we were kids, I'm sure
we had our own naive ideals.
We had aspirations of being
superstars, heros in the making.
As time flew by us all,
I watched you all grow colder.
I've been weathered too,
but I still kept what was in me.

Now is it out of line for me
to ask who are you now?
Am I in a place where I can say
you're someone else now?
As time flew by us all,
the age began to set in.
I've got a lonely life ahead of me,
you all left and now you're
one with the world at last.
Did we all conform to the
concepts we deliberately defied?
Will our dreaming youth
stand the test of time?

I still dream everyday.
Nora Apr 19

We cannot maintain
Twenty years of change
Hoping things still might
Be the same, even when
You and I well know how
Far apart we’ve grown

We cannot pretend
That our love didn’t end
When I ran off without
Goodbye, wanting nothing
But for you to thrive even
If I struggled to survive

I cannot return
To what we once were
Ill suited from the start
Older man and the young
Bright lass, the dame
Who stole his heart

insp. by goodbye, my fancy (1951)
xerez bridglall Apr 14

When we were young we are told to stay away from the edges,
That if we fall we'll be hurt.
As the years pass by we inch closer to the ledge,
Curious of what we were warned against.
We sneak peaks,
Eyes searching, hands jammed defiantly into pockets,
Breathing heavy with red cheeks.
We are taught to search our closets for monsters,
Snuggled between our clothes.
We were never taught that monsters lay in the contours of your face.

Dallas Apr 12

My one wish,
is too meet Peter Pan.
He'd come in the night,
and take my hand,
and off we'd go to Neverland.
Without a care in the world
we'd play in the sand,
sleep under the stars,
and dance hand-in-hand.
We'd play in the woods,
fly through the sky.
Just him, the Lost Boy's, Tink and I.
We'd battle marauding pirates,
push Captain Hook off the brink.
I would be his missing link,
and he would be mine.
It'll be purely divine.
We'd live without a sense of time.
We'd fight with wooden swords,
We’d sing in celebration, and not care about the noise.
We'd never grow up,
and always rejoice.
We would explore the land,
find hidden treasure's, big and small,
hidden by the waterfalls.
We would climb mountains,
swim in lagoons.
And sail in the sea,
Peter, Tink, the Lost Boys and me.
We'll chant with the indians,
trick mermaids.
We’d live a life of oblivion.
But unlike Wendy and Jane,
Who left to presume,
a lifestyle full of gloom.
And while they live life like a masquerade,
concealing every once of their pain
Neverland is where I'll remain.
And after all these years,
I'm still waiting,
for Peter Pan.
Still dreaming,
that he'll come in the night,
and take my hand.
And we'll never leave,
until forever ends.
Me and my Peter Pan.

Noah A Baker Apr 9

I really wish I was a kid again,
But, it's really shocking,
because I've waited so long to grow up.

I was so wrong to believe
that adulthood was a great place to go hiking.
I really wish I was a kid again.

However, all my goals I've yet to achieve
Make these unknown trails so very enticing,
because I've waited so long to grow up.

Even though I was incredibly naive,
If I said I wouldn't go back, even for a day, I'd be lying.
I really wish I was a kid again.

Time is a thug in a band of thieves,
Who always stole, but I was never crying,
because I've waited so long to grow up.

Aging is a quilt some will never want to weave,
But I want to make more than one. Honestly,
I really wish I was a kid again,
because I've waited so long to grow up.

first attempt at a villanelle, but I've found as I've gotten older, like most, I wish I could go back to a more simple time. However, I'm excited to get older, as new opportunities become available and I'm able to chase my aspirations and goals.
Leigh Marie Apr 5

Growing tired of the present I
Fear the future cause she is
My next door neighbor
I am reminded of her everyday
I pass her in the hallway
She waves hello but I
Do not want her to move in with me
I'm happy alone

Austin Bauer Apr 5

I long for myself
and for those I love
and for those I lead
to be like the
wild sequoias.

Let our reach
be high and vertical.
Let our roots
be firm and intertwined.
Let us be
strategically planted
in deep reservoirs.
Let our bark
be thick and resilient.
Let our seeds
be released
and germinated
when the fire comes.

Yes, let us be
an enduring grove,
outliving difficult
seasons and enjoying
the plentiful.

Jenna Lucht Mar 30

I remember snowy mornings
As a kid before school.
You left before me to catch the bus,
And I remember staring
At your footprints in the melting walkway.
I used to step in the same spots,
Mimicking the trek you just made;
Even though my legs were shorter
And I stretched them what seemed like a mile.  
I remember how close
That made me feel to you.

I remember this one time,
This one snippet of a moment,
When we were in our old basement
And you were standing on that old couch,
Your legs bent in a wide second position.
You were laughing, your face framed in silver wire.
Your hair was more red then, and your face more freckled.
You were lanky and tall;
To me you were a giant.
I don't remember what day it was
Or what we were doing,
But I remember you wore a grey shirt
And smiled wide like an idiot,
Standing on that old, second hand couch-
For whatever reason that's now lost in time.
I think until the day I die,
I will always see that image of you
When your name crosses my mind.

I remember this one time,
It was sometime in the Summer
When I boasted to all the kids in the park about you.
Bragging on and on; endlessly
About how my brother was going to be an army man,
And that if I jumped off the edge of the jungle gym
You would be there to catch me.
You stood there the entire time while I ran my mouth,
Trying to pluck up the courage to jump.
After what must have seemed like ages,
I leapt and you caught me.
I don't even know why
But I remember that so clearly.

I remember the day you came home.
That entire year seemed like a blur,
But the day you came home
Was like a kaleidoscope of color and taste
Returning to my previously dulled senses.
The day you left was grey and blurry-
If I think about it long enough
I can feel the same strangling lump in my throat.
When you came back,
My heart was pounding out of my chest
I though it was going to leave a bruise.
My eyes darting in every direction,
My breathing quick and shallow
It felt like a dream I was afraid to wake up from.
I remember finally spotting you walking off the bus,
And then all of a sudden catapulting myself onto you.
Your uniform scratched me
It left a long scratch for weeks, but I didn't care.
I could finally breath and smile
Without holding back a pained expression
Every time someone asked me how I was-
I must have been holding my breath for months.
If you as a child is how I will see you forever,
Then hugging you in that moment
Will be how I remember feeling pure joy,
For the rest of my life.

I remember so many things
About how it all used to be.
How you let me sleep in your bed
When I was having a bad dream.
How Mom would send us to our rooms,
But we'd only put our toes inside
And stretch out in the hallway,
Just to talk to each other.
How you would wake me up
On Saturday mornings to watch cartoons
On that big yellow and brown blanket you loved.
Those are my favorite memories of you,
They're simple- and admittedly mundane-
That's why I love them so.
When I think of how things are now
I see those moments in my heart.
And for a bittersweet moment,
I remember we used to share so much more than DNA.

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