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it is small and has
a coat of fur
on this fact we'll
all concur

a dozen or more
were kept at the lab facility
where a researcher  was
testing their reasoning capability  

these animals are prolific
they're extra-ordinary
off spring seeders

they can be problematic
to growers of grain
many years ago there was
an infestation on the western plain

if you see them running
around your house
you'll say unto yourself
them critters ain't grouse
Abigail Hobbs Mar 25
Golden boy, tell me you love me
under the distant, golden sun
In a golden grained field
where we can explore this love
Amidst the grained plain
where wildflowers roam
where wildflowers it has gained.
Poetic T Feb 17
skimming the surface
upon celestial deep ponds

universal tides
Space travel Haiku style
ForgottenRhymes Jun 2018
How to describe this feeling ?
What name does it go by?
Does it even have a name?

The answers to my questions
Remain unanswered
But with absolute certainty I can tell you this

I never want to let this feeling go
I'm on this insane rollercoaster of happiness
And I never want to not have this feeling

Cloud 9 seems like childs play
Sky high is where I'm at
It's like being in love only a thousand times better

The sun and the stars are all in one frame
Both shining at their brightest
Someone tell me what this feeling is !

I take that back.
No one tell me.
No one utter a word.

For if I was to categorise this feeling
It would be sure to escape me
No one tell me.

Let me drown in this moment
In this feeling that is like no other
Allow me this one pleasure.

No need to name the feeling.
Just watch on by as I sink in it.
Grant me this one request.
Poetic T Nov 2017
My reflection is here
               but my thoughts
           are dissipating..

Like an hourglass broken
                my conceptions
                       are dust...

And yet I still try to
             every grain that fell...
Sorin Lascu Nov 2017
Somewhere, in a hidden mountain village,
Where only the initiates could find,
Bards have never found this muse,
A goddess of grain and wine.

She lives in eternal joy,
Dances, sings and plays all day,
With her sadness hidden,
Deep in her,
For mortals,
It is too far away.

Many court her,
Yet her heart belongs to the faithful,
That can unwind,
The many mysteries hidden,
Within grain and wine.
Maria Etre Oct 2017
Take it with a grain of salt they say
little do they know
that one grain
I'd silt there beside a barb wired fence
and once praised these vagaries again
then yesterday at daybreak  
as aft-dew came this flow-r  
and hit hers in between rows of attire
where her beauty was herd in raindrops today
and altogether was something very big
with milk and honey in a market of wares.
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