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Shifting bruises in unswept dust
Summer whispers to trees untouched
A wind-swept melody
runs through sun-baked weeds
Amber roots seep steadily
Staining the driftless sky
Though everybody falls for you
I fell infront of you
Though It didn't hurt
I will if you leave, I'll hurt
Martin Boško Apr 27
Wind outside
Autumn breeze
Hand-in-hand, we walk around
Among coloured leaves

Together we visit all our favourite places
As we walk, coats keep us warm
In parks we kiss each other’s faces
Love that is chasing away the storm
We watch dogs in the parks
We see a bunch of babies playing
Cupid casts small amorous sparks
And we start with the planning
The future is coming

And in a few years
We are not walking alone
The wind propels our kites
Into the future unknown
But we are together
And that’s the main thing
Spending forever
With blessed autumn wind
There he stood outside the windowsill—waiting for the wind
to whisper in her ears, his soft call of her name
heed the faceless man, there he stood, outside the windowsill.

Her soul awakens and her hand in her chin
fresh from the bathe of her blood—there Avernus,
faceless, standing outside her chamber—waiting for the woman to fall asleep.

The faceless man than wanting to reside by her side,
softly lulling her into death, prickling her thumb with a needle of life and death
through the parallel of his world and hers—there he stood waiting for his muse.

He grows slowly and deeply, his stomach churning—savoring
her blood in his mind, he waits until she falls asleep.

Her eyes wandered through the thin port outside her room—
The trees harshly peering through her window,
It is as if, they were telling dark tales in the midnight dawn of the night.
Avernus then sang in his native tongue; his muse terrified at the sight of him—yet there was
comfort between the wind and the chilly night outside her window.

“It’s cold outside, why are you standing there?” She called out.
Here comes a new poem. :)
Zack Ripley Apr 20
I don't want to rule the world.
I don't want to rule anything at all.
Because eventually, those who rule
Fall and fall hard.
David Naumann Apr 18
Months have come and went,
time left and spent.
Moments of eternity and bliss,
here now to witness.

A blink as blue skies,
turn gray in old eyes.
Bells have began their knell,
and leaves have all but fell.

Hold on,
cold song,
I long to live.
Tomorrow may be borrowed time
She Writes Apr 16
I do not need to be saved
I am the knight in my fairy tale

If I fall
It will be off a cliff of mountains I scaled alone

If I crash
It will be in the waves of my own ocean

If I float
It will be on the boat I built with my hands

And when I fly
It will be with the wings I forged myself
Kyra Embers Apr 14
Panic and Perplex were angels,
                   Until God, grounded them.
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