Life can be like a seesaw
With it's highs and lows
And sometimes at a low point
You hit the ground hard enough where it bruises and hurts
And sometimes you shoot into the air in a wild rush of euphoria.
Love can be similar.
Except with you on the other end,
You stay at the bottom
Holding me in the air
Feeling as if I could touch the sky.
But you can easily just get up and walk away without looking back
Leaving me all alone
To fall.

Needs editing

I tried to surrender
But you needed better
And I couldn't ever
Just give you forever

But I tried to give all
And I tried to fall
And now I can't sleep
As I'm weak in the knees

And I choose to please
But it's never for me
And now I will dream,
You surrender to me.

I tie your breath into knots without a doubt
you gotta work it out
you have to break the bond
your voice is a wand
shaking all your hair out 'til you fall to the ground
hear it on the round
then you fall down
jump back up and let it bounce
you gotta pounce
use every ounce
grab it,
dumping all those thoughts out.

I dunno, this was fun to write

a rhythm along
the stoned walk
and beneath
my shoes,
leaves in between,
dry, brown, or green,
singing the hymn
of this wicked heat.
Shadowed paths,
arching trees,
a chorus of relief,
A shower of leaves,
a season to live.

A story told
with a handful
of drinks,
a wisp of air,
and a sheet
of faded clouds.
No one’s sad and
no one’s left behind.
The crash of waves,
shores awash,
footprints on the sand,
and even more are stars
up above.
Pillows on our backs,
my head on your shoulders,
sometimes reversed.
a memory that lasts.

a scene played
by you and me,
under these trees,
above this stoned walk,
showered by
falling summer leaves
and yes,
summer leaves,
then rains come pouring down…

a canvas colored
by nature’s beauty,
orange, yellow;
the summer’s hue.
your laughs,
your words;
my summer is you.

I miss you.
I miss you.

If only the Roses in me would not wither,
slowly losing all their leaves,
how crumbled they look - like old leather,
longing for their Gardener

latenightss Jun 17

he wouldn't show his scars
neither a glimpse of his mind

he wouldn't let her in
because he's too damn scared to fall

or it's all about her;
he fears she'll be the one to fall

and if she did,
he'll leave her
and simply
break her heart

because it's too heavy
of a feeling
to carry around

Star BG Jun 17

In the arms of SUMMER,
I’m caressed with birds song,
and rolling green hills that grace eyes.

In the arms of FALL,
I'm cuddled with a breeze,
and colored leaves that tickle eyes.

In the arms of WINTER,
I'm embraced with brisk wind,
and a grand snowfall scene for eyes.

In the arms of SPRING,
I'm held with energies,
and new born ducklings swim in eyes.

Eyes that open heart for gratitude
to echo as every season is a gift.

StarBG © 2017

Kim baker inspired this poem
Demmi Joe Jun 15

Falling in love is like
being on
the precipice
of death.
Maybe thats why
they call it falling
in love
because when you
you don't know
whether you'll survive
you'll splat on the ground
and break all your bones.

lil ponder
Gabriel burnS Jun 14

Drunk on liquor metaphors
High and falling fast
No direction in the clouds
Why does winning feel like losing
Why does your image burn
So extraordinarily
On the inside of a skull box
I am tossed away from answers
I’m a coin in the fingers of the sun
The last hundred flips were
The white puffy scarves
Only swirl into themselves
Sympathetic, yet,
Not bothering to reach out
They know they aren’t strong enough
To catch me
Or break the fall
But my lips are wings
Stretching into flight

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