I'd rather fall

in Love,

     with your


Than fall

    in love

           with your Smile.
Smile doesn't always mean happy, mostly, it conceals the fear of scars.
My love
is lonely
my loneliness
is breathing
my breath
is free
my freedom
is sleeping
my sleep
is Me
finding myself
amidst a
bunch of
leaves or
souls that
fell in
love once
and never
recovered from
the fall
or falling.
ever since i was a little kid i had always wondered if i had felt love for someone other than my family. i used to look up the signs that you're in love and read books upon books about how to fall in love when i realized that the books and magazine articles don't define when you can feel love or ways to make you fall in love. you do it all yourself. when you meet that perfect person that's when you fall in love. not in a certain time frame. it is all about who you meet and sets your soul on fire and makes you feel love. you can't force love to come by eating healthy for two weeks and listening to slow jazz music. it all comes when your heart whispers to you that you have found the one.
I have run through snow
and heat before the cherry
blossoms have fallen
a haiku for the heat wave
Mike D 2d
From ashes I arise
but ashes I still remain

Carried away by Nature's kiss
The fragility of it all
Written: February 21, 2018

All rights reserved.
The rumbling of fall,
calling my name.

The burning smell filling the air,
leaves sweeping me off of my feet.

Calming and hopeful.
forgot to post this one, oops!!
We had a spark that dazzled the two of us.
The spark that set me up in flames.

I struggled not to burn.
But the more I did, the more I burned,

Spreading like a wildfire within me,
Devouring everything within its path,
Incarcerating my hopes, my dreams,
My everything.

I feared the fire consuming me,
But I realized that it’s not.
Instead it’s purifying me
So I surrendered to its flames.

You see me burning down to ashes
And dying a thousand deaths.

But from these ashes I shall emerge
Clothed in nothing but my strength,
More beautiful than ever before.

Watch my resurrection…
I am Phoenix… rising.

©Penchie Limbo
Strong women fall, but they do not stay fallen on the ground.  They get up, dust themselves up and rise again and become stronger, wiser and braver than ever before.
Pecans cracking under the weight of the world,  
and Chimney's left to fight the good fight against tyranny.
And Reni is still here, rapping on the brunt of the neglected woman,
who has no face, but for the bruises, and no name but for the statistic.
They feel like unpeople
less real than Atlas holding up the bough of the sky,
more ethereal than the stolen fire of Prometheus.
But I'm born from it all: the sky, the fire, the fist of the immigrant,
the gun of the lover, husband, father, mentor.  

Charcoal leaves remain, shredded by a mower's blade.
And crimson hedge trimmings, glittering with the Fall dew,
and the sanguine spray from Eddie's cleft finger.
His contribution to the job; his payment?
Possibly. Were it given willingly, rather than taken,
forced by the circumstance of winter and fatigue,
smelling of Cheetos, tortillas and coffee.
Written after a long day of work, and a lot of bad news.
some seem so easy to fall for
some seem so hard to fall for
why do i always seem to fall for
those who seem so hard to fall for
but so easily
February 18, 2018. Why.
let me fall asleep,
before i fall in d
                              ­     e
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