The sensation I miss most about childhood is the blissful freedom
We could have left this town and ran forever
I had my first kiss in a bowling alley snack bar
Within a Christmas morning star

I associate you with the winter: your shining black hair and cold words
We were both numb and it felt so strong
Could I return to the frozen bridge we would walk over every morning to school?
Making our way back to my house in the bleak afternoon

The best memory I had with you was when we tried to install a ceiling fan but it broke and destroyed the floor
Reminders of words, sharp tongues, and broken nails on trial
I go back to the feeling of my head split in two
I love the winter but I love you more

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I see you dressed in wool,
My mind unwinds,
I feel a definate pull,
To see her struggle against her binds.
Tall and thin she towers,
Headphones cover her ears,
Red and yellow leaves spiral in showers,
Can I speak and overcome my fears?

Intimately we look up from the ground,
And walk our separate ways without a sound.

Fall is my favorite season
A prettier sight you'll never see
It would be fun to take a walk
And have you right beside me

A joyous laugh
Rings loud and clear
I makes me happy
To see you near

I love your smile
Your infallible grace
You've got beautiful eyes
In a wonderful face

Your hand slips into mine
Walking together
Hoping so desperately
That it lasts forever

This is for the special someone in your life
Olympia 1d

when i talk to you
i sound crazy
my words don't add up to what i wanna say
so i sit back
i watch you slowly slip away
you fall through my grasp
you drip through the gaps
and now i really miss you more than i did before
maybe because i realize how far away you are
maybe because i realize you'll never hold me
here you feel so close
when i see your face on my screen
and when you type out easy words
and when you leave me helpless in the middle of the night

One foot over another, another after another
I could feel the coolness against my feet
Under my weight the grains compress
As I walk, following an unknown beat
A look behind caught sight of the wave
Erasing my tracks on the summer beach
Once, I left my mark on your heart
But I guess you’ve erased it when we part

I lay down on my back, breathing in the sea breeze
A heart empty, my mind drifting
Like a raft alone in the vast ocean
Drifting without an end in sight
It’s cool and calm, and I could hear the ocean speak

Like an autumn leaf falling to the ground
Reddish brown hues all around
If you didn’t look closely you wouldn’t know
Which leaf had last fallen
When I had disappeared into the crowd

I used to like falling, mindless falling into the arms of strangers
Dangling my heart for others to see, pouring my thoughts out of me
I guess the game was too easy
And now I keep the words in me

Pretty words for myself to read
A loneliness like a single fir tree
Withstanding winter alone in the falling snow
If you didn’t look closely you wouldn’t know
Where it was under the blanket of snow

ella 3d

Let me stand at a high cliff
With the ocean 100 feet below me
The wind a little too harshly blowing my hair back
Feeling my dress talk to the wind
Letting my arms move freely
As I jump into the air
And scream out with adrenaline
Watching the birds fly around near me
Let me feel like a fairy as I dance around near 50 feet.
Once I hit the water
I want to breathe it in.
Bubbles form and it's almost as if music faded
And I slowly sink down to the bottom of the sea
My hair casts down to the sand, moving swiftly
As I look up to see the sun beaming through liquid.
I reach up for air
But my lungs are filled with water
I wanted this to last.
I want to breathe in this phase

Nylee 3d

I walk on a thin wire
of this very delicate life
right above my grave.
a slight imbalance and
death waiting down
like a cozy bed
waiting for me
to fall.

As snow descends unto the earth
With a calming, soothing, effortless ease

So you my friend should be like the snow
And settle the horizon beyond the trees

No snowflake was ever meant to last
Or to live to see the newborn leaves

For we are uniquely designed by God
As unique and beautiful as these

Not into special snowflakes. But everyone is uniquely designed. What we do to our selves after that is up to us. (:

When I fly I fall.
When I fall I find.
When I find,
   I fear that I am found.

I flew with wings of pride.
I fell to depths I feared.
I feared what I would find.
I found a grace abundant in Christ.

It's ok to be afraid. Christ is sufficient.

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