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Aurora 3h
I followed my heart
And now I’m in the bottom.
Laura Nov 25
I want to believe you were scared
because I was nothing you ever knew
when you laughed and asked
"who even are you?"

the newness of it all and you couldn't help but fall
for the girl who has spirit
but answered days apart when i called
you couldn't stand to be near it
magnetism above all

but I've been in your shoes enough times to know
that's not the case and you were ready to go
so i'll sit here and wonder where i went wrong
but not for much longer
i hear my favorite song

your silence spoke to me in screaming whispers
but now i hear it as a roar
it's not your voice, it's actually mine
"let go of the people who make your heart sore
and give you no time"
I play hide-and-seek with my demons,
They count to ten but always find me again,
I try to cover myself in secrets,
But they peel them away and uncover my face

Starts with a scratching at my door,
Told them that I don't want to play anymore,
I try to hide behind my walls,
They always find a way to make them fall.
Tayler 1d
You promised to stay
and never leave my side.
You promised to listen
and never guide me wrong.
You promised to help
and never let me fall.

You promised to love me
and never did.

Is it really a promise
if you swore to do something
you knew you never could?
Belt or boot,
U didn't care,
It would hurt,
But still you shoot..

I cried and tried,
To lift myself high..
But stumble and fall,
Prayed almighty,
That day save me..that's all.

I will blame,
Because there is no shame,
Pain had accumulate,
When u did humiliate.
Journey till twenty,
Harsh was reality
Full of cruelity.
No love no peace
Was torn piece by piece.
We anyhow all survive ,but we rarely live. I wanna live now  ...
Star BG 2d
Oak trees crown of leaves does sit,
reminding all of its sacred stature.

It stands giving shade in summer,
and beauty with leaves of color in Fall.

It’s rooted in Winter season of sleep
with snowflakes that sparkle in splendor.

And its eminence tall sends out fragrances
against showers that bring Spring flowers.

Yes, Oak tree you are a prince I bow to,
as you have my allegiance forevermore.
Inspired by Paul Hansford Thanks
Just a spray of Helen's
perfume upon my
before I fall to
Bring so many memories that I can see to send me gently of to
In beautiful dreams of our days together come dancing through my
Whilst I sleep, creating Illusion visions of how we
loved each
Together forever and always that how It'll be for we had It
Spay my pillow with Helen's perfume before I fall to sleep
Illuminating dreams
chipped painted toes
fly off the door to nowhere
she is blinding as she flies
just as the mania makes her blind
she knows, in her right mind, there is no flight
for man

it took her head that night
she felt no fear that wasn’t exhilarating
it got her blood pumping
she was living yet
she burned like a live wire
her **** for movement and heat
and she set a fire

branches crackled and embers took to the skies
she saw them and believed she’d soar
up and up, high, so high
and she did
but not with her body
not in her right mind
We fall in love
like we fall for
Rei Coman Dec 7
October 27th, 2018

The leaves have fallen
from the trees,
the sky is grey, like
the ancient, monolithic
glacial boulders.
A soft, chill breeze
blows from the lake
and freezes my
breath in the air.
Summer is fading
into winter,
dying slowly like
a grandmother with
dementia. Mother Nature
no longer remembers
the joyous heat or
the tender leaves of before,
instead giving us
the frigid winds of change.
Like the seasons,
everything changes,
everything fades and dies.
Like the green forest
winnowed down to twigs
by the cruel North Wind.
And it is as grim
as the storm clouds
coalescing ex nihilo
against the horizon.
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