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Of all the mothers in my life,
     Mom, you're the very best of all.
I thank You, God, for my very good mom,
     The bestest mom since mankind's fall.
I once stood on the edge
and dared to look down,
spread my wings, but never
let the feathers ruffle my crown.

Pretty bird do you feel safe?
I guess we'll never know
because falling feels like flying
when both of your eyes are closed.
From my thoughts. Enjoy.
Zack Ripley Mar 13
"Don't run with scissors."
"You have to walk
before you can run."
So many things to teach us.
So little time.
I'm not a parent.
But if there's one thing I would say,
It's that "it's OK to fall."
Because, if nothing else,
Life is repetitive.
First, you learn to crawl.
Then, you stand.
Then, you fall.
You stand again.
Then you walk, and finally, you run.
And just when you think
all is going well,
Life knocks you down
And you find yourself
back at square one.
Falling will always be painful.
But if you can remind yourself
"It's OK if I fall,"
it'll be that much easier
To get back up and over the next wall.
Leah Carr Mar 2
You can say I'm weak
You can say I deserve this
But you can't claim to know me
Or my life
Or the battle I'm fighting
Every. Single. *******. Day.

I may sound angry
I may look angry
But that is just another lie I've told
The truth is, I'm tired
I'm so tired of surviving
And battling
And standing up for myself
And just standing

I want to let myself fall
Please, just let me fall...
julius Feb 24
well yeah man, it's like-
you take a drag, inhale.
your eyes sink and i watch your lips
part slightly and let out a trail of smoke
but your words get lost in my mouth
because i sit up and kiss you
it's sort of slow and feverish
and i climb in your lap and chase it
automatically like a moth to a flame
twisting i almost smile, i lick your teeth
-like this ? i not quite growl
you forgot everything but this moment
but you nod anyway
and i see some indescribable want or need
some days i can't tell the difference
i guess i like you like me
i watch you sit and smoke
every breath you seem a little farther
when you're done you grab me
pull me away into your room
i lie on the bed and taste incense
you look back as music plays
then join me silently and pull me on top
i rest over you like a misshapen blanket
and you get too hot
you look so far gone deep out in space
floating somewhere under me
your eyes glazed and our thighs
it must feel so great to be treated like this
someone to keep you safe
and do anything you say
and selfishly i tried making you mine
but your and my bruises healed
sometimes i wish they had stayed
i miss u
Nora Sayed Feb 17
My mind was bleeding, I was in an ordeal
The snow, my drained soul, it would conceal
Stranded in that hollow lifeless space
Lost I was in his embrace
I saw it somewhere, that light
One that, through the hard times, held me uptight
A beauty and strength of some sort blossomed
And that horrid pain yielded and succumbed
Then came in the punch of reality, so full of heat
And in the ocean I sank forlorn with defeat
Lost in the waves without his protection
It ached me to see my choices’s reflection
I saw it all those 3 years and then
I fell but here I am, I rose again.
Chris Saitta Feb 15
There is in sadness a sense of Fall, of spacious leprosy where crippled thought like the outmoded nymph dies behind each tree, and childlike peeks out to let at least childhood disbelieve in its unhappy end.
     There is in sadness, a branch that holds the once-upons, the happily-evers, and the destined-to-bes, a sweet find for all in grief.  Each stem lends momentum to their pluckings.
          There is in sadness, a young man who cherishes dead leaves.  He lately held waxen happiness and knew this as his permanence.
The Earth trembled
As the rabbits marched down
With strange twisted muskets
and fangs in their Cowles.
You can hear the cry’s of crows lost crowds
who have obviously sent them around
to hop one by one
to lead you into the cold lonely ground
Where you can only watch
As the works of man
Are razed to the ground
Odd mind
Mark Wanless Jan 8
can you hear the voices
shouting out of nowhere
always saying live or die

don't listen to the others
walking on forever
blindly till they fall
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