Strolling on the bridge
above the lake
as the boards shake
rumbling under your feet.

Shades of autumn glow
in the midst of the nightfall
paints of trees so tall
around this lovely land.

Take in the scenery
as it glares off your eyes
bringing a pleasing surprise
each and every color.

Colors so florid
all around her.
Flaming hot, torrid
causing emotions to stir.
Breathing autumn mist air
with pine and subtle oak trees.
She glares and stares
as her hair brushes with the breeze.
Her eyes partake the flamboyant
sights straight ahead.
On to her voyage
where the colors have led.

Slush and stirring
Flakes sprinkle down and
Brisk winds bluster and
Crisp piles of ice
Sparkles in the sky
A wonderful winter we


and there you were
in all of your broken beauty
under a blanket, covered in music

Dori 1d

You sit there on the edge of your bed at seventeen wondering where the hell it all went wrong.
Growing up didn’t seem so awful until you realized that eventually you’re going to fall in love with a beautiful girl, and she’s going to tell you she loves you back but not until she loads her gun.
So you keep sitting there, at the edge of your bed, praying that she loves the color of your eyes more than she loves the smell of the flowers she’s going to place at your grave.
But she doesn’t.
She never did.
So at seventeen, you decide to jump.
You jump off your bed and the fall seems to go on forever.
But your bed was never a bed, it was the pedestal she had you on for fifteen months and you finally had the courage to take that leap of faith and free yourself.
Except freedom isn’t freedom if you’re still shackled up and chained at the bottom of the oceans in her eyes and helplessly addicted to the satin feel of her skin. You scream and scream, but nothing can break the silence.

That’s when you realize she pulled the trigger and didn’t even kiss you goodbye.


The key does not fit
And the lock does not open
For this place I called home
Is no longer my own

Will they know the feeling
As they gaze from
The second floor window
"This draft gives me goosebumps
As the rain dribbles down the glass
And the dog is howling
As it thunders over the veranda
But it can't touch me
I am safe
I am home"

The season has changed
And you've moved away
Now the rain's pouring
And I don't feel safe

Truth leaks from your fingertips
Shadows spewing from your cracked lips
I hold out my hands to catch it all
Let it go, darling, let it fall

Roots of nightmares reach down deep
Show through your thickest layers,
Make your knees go weak
I open up my arms to catch you,
Guard you from the dark around you
I sing into your soul,
Let it bleed

Let it heal,
Let it bleed,
Let it crumble
At your feet
Let it go,
Let it breathe
Until you feel

I'd rather die
In your arms
Than fall apart
Your whispers touch my
Deepest heart,
Your eyes look just like

I'd rather face
The darkest hour
Than stand in the light
By myself
When you hold my hand
My Love
I clearly see

As fawns become stags
And leaves, fallen gold,
As lakes freeze to rinks
So our hearts turn to stone

For our love has left us
With the geese in the sky
But we'll remember September
'Til the day we die.

- p. winter

a bittersweet month, perfectly resembling the fade from summer to winter

crickets & cicadas
chirp the silence
as good morning
tries to peek
from skies of grey
then all of a sudden
it goes quiet

as if they have
just nothing
left to say
as a breeze comes through
the curtain
an the trees an leaves
softly begin to
dance an sway
clapping for their sweet sunshine
for her love has been so long away
they wish to burn in chlorophyll
soo they need for her to stay
Ma Cherie

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