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Seanathon Feb 8
It’s not about romanticizing the failure
But realizing the redundancy
The struggle to be thankful and kind
In a world full of fleeting feelings blind

Mind you

Encouragement often flees from truth
And the staying therein of proof
Is what's easier said than done
Not to mention most often true
Originally titled Weary Wide Eyes...

Why I'm not sure.
Kyle McAfee Jan 24
I do not know why things happen as they do,
But I do know that people exist
To teach us only two lessons
Which we cannot learn elsewhere;
The ability to truly enjoy our lives,
Regardless of how insignificant they may be,
And how to weather the storm,
Left behind in their absence,
So that we may live to see them another day.
GreenTrees Nov 2017
By the toaster I stand and I wait.

Both eyes open but barely awake.

Patiently I listen for that familiar pop.

Out comes my bread so toasted and hot.

Dry and thin with a light crispy crust.

A thin veil of butter that melts to the touch.

A  kiss of marmalade but not too much.

Golden brown perfection to satisfy that mornin' ****.
Mister J Dec 2018
Papers scattered all over the table
Like the thoughts jumbled in my mind
Pens out of ink, pencils' lead littered
Like this tired heart in broken chaos

Here I am, broken and tested
Twisted by fate to fall in love again
Here I am, fighting yet bested
Twisted by fate to fail all over again

You are the object of my affections
The one who gives me sleepless nights
You are the sunlight in this dark life
The one who sheds life in my sadness

No amount of words can paint you
A picture of my deepening emotions
No amount of broken pens can suffice
A poem that is meant to embody you

Please give me a chance to fight
No matter how long it might be
Please give me the will to endure
No matter how hard it might get
A mix of emotions and words

Instead of a rhyming scheme, I tried a different pattern, but on the first words of the sentences

It feels a bit unfinished, I may edit this soon if new inspiration comes, but for now here's my first draft.

Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think

Hannah once again with tears streaming from hazel eyes silently praying, "Oh Lord I need you desperately to show me how to make the best of this situation." Using her delicate hands to cover her face and trying to reason with her own heart. "Josh deserves a wife who can return his love, a wife that can be madly in love with him. I want to be that kind of wife. I want those feelings. I would hate to spend a life time in marriage where there is no love."
Hannah looked down at her hand and remembered his words when he'd given her the wedding rings. "I will wait a life time for you to love me if that's what it takes. I love you. There's no need for you to force feelings for me Hannah."
Regret hit her hard at how easily it seemed when she foolishly gave herself to Jake.
He showed her a different kind of attention that she needed. It dawned upon her right then that Jake didn't love her nor him. She confused it for love. She'd found a stand-in for the attention she craved from her father.
She was more naive but Jake was more crafty. There had been a great hole in her that she thought Jake could feel... an emptiness that only God could fill. Perhaps now she could love Josh as God intended. Now that she set her selfishness aside and forgiven her earthly father and would be right with her Heavenly Father again. She understood love and all of it's honesty now. Maybe it wasn't too late.
A tinge of fear seized a moment making her wonder how she could ever forgive herself. Then questions filled her mind as if to tell this wonderful, loving husband of hers of her betrayal and sin. And if she did would she lose him forever. Wondering if she could keep it hidden from him but if she did how could she feel good about it?
"Oh dear Heavenly Father," she tried once again to pray but only heart breaking sobs came out.
~Author Ven J. Arnold (rough draft).
This is an excerpt from 1 of my short stories. Just a rough draft. I'm having problems with figuring out how to go about getting published. This is a fiction piece.
acacia Dec 2018
he is one of the greatest dancers of all time but you only look at her
sage short Dec 2018
My hands caress

They are the caterpillar
I am the cocoon
They are the butterfly
My empathy is the remnants of the home I gave them

When will I wrap myself in Love?
When will I protect myself so I can transform?

God watches all these butterflies dance
While I’m stuck in the tree
Too scared to jump and try
Afraid of breaking my own soul

I want to be like them
Like a bird or even a mosquito

Free to roam and fly to Heaven
acacia Jan 2
searching for the colors used in me
i look through palettes
i look into mirrors
i pray but there is no use:
god won’t answer me or call me beautiful
acacia Jan 2
the christmas lights
but through the sheet of snow that blanketed the ground,
the sky, my windows
though, i didn't need to see any because
i saw you
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