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ebh Jun 26
oh my darling angel you are the reason i’m still a person with skin
you are the reason i wake up in the morning and smile sometimes
with teeth sometimes without but smile nonetheless//you are the reason i eat
with such gusto because i know you would laugh at the way i wolf down pasta//you are
the reason for the hole in my chest in your absence i collapse like a dying star//you are the reason
i’m trying so hard to be better and//you are the reason i called my therapist’s office and said hi
yes could i please have a listening ear//you are the reason all my cuticles are picked ragged like
so many spiky sea animals warning you not to touch//you are the reason for my writing
the note you left me to write calling me “stinky” still sits on my shelf untouched//you are the reason i’m
insecure about my taste in alcohol//you are the reason i’m not insecure about my laugh anymore//you are the reason that my hair is soft and//you are the reason
i’m shaving my legs again//you are the reason i care about *** at all and//you are the reason it
scares me so ******* much
you are the reason for much of my life as it stands now proud and tall and shaking
like a fawn still wet from her mother’s womb
i kinda like how this turned out, it needs a lot of work but honestly i'm just gonna post drafts on here and see how it goes
ebh Jun 26
ME: I’ve called you all here today to ask you something.
BROTHER 1: [looking sideways at the door]
MOM: [smiling widely in that way that says she knows]
DAD: [smiling widely in that way that says he doesn’t]
ME: To be frank, I don’t think you all like each other very much. Is that true?
MOM: [smile gets tighter, hand reaches towards phone]
DAD: No, it’s not. [scratching side of head nervously]
BROTHER 1: You all bore me.
ME: We know we do.
MOM: [typing furiously]
[silence punctuated by dog licking his leg]
ME: So, now what?
BROTHER 1: [rolling eyes slowly and obviously] What do you mean, now what?
ME: Well, I mean where do we go from here?
MOM: We don’t. We just stay here or nothing at all.
DAD: What else can we do? How do we know doing anything at all would be better?
ME: I am tired of writing poems in my head about us. We have to do something.
[silence punctuated by dog coughing]
BROTHER 1: ******* and your poems. Do you want to hang out?
MOM: I love you all but I can’t stand any of you.
BROTHER 2: Can we be done now?
ME: We’ll never be done.
ALL: We’ll never be done.
[dog sneezes]
i cannot post this on my poetry instagram bc my family might see it so have this… thing… idk
Evan L Jun 10
I used to trace the acne scars down your back
Like a blind man reading a poem in braille
PhoenixTetra Mar 23
I think the kind of love I crave doesn’t exist in this world,
I believe the kind of love I yearn for is out of this world,
and that’s probably why,
I stopped searching for it in people’s eyes,
what they see when they see me,
and in people’s hearts,
what they feel when they’re near me,
because honestly,
I’ll never know what’s real and what’s just a fantasy.
iamtheavatar Mar 9
How do I feel about this?
I'm just too tired,

I guess.

I can't really blame myself,

Can I?

But I can't blame you too.
You're perfect.

My life—

I'm having trouble
Organizing my—


Thousands of drafts have been rewritten,
Over and over inside my head;
But I can't let myself put it on paper,
Simply because—

It's not perfect.
You're perfect.

I guess in the end, I'm ruined.

iamthe_avatar ©2021
My first poem after four years.
I'm just tired.
Leo Feb 5
When many aeons turning stones
Did find you muddied silt

The rivers coursing from your veins
On highway sides
Of Grecian ilk

What coils must I shuffle from
To find the fatted milk

And taste the salt which binds to you
In hiding places built

Before the turning of the spheres were
locked inside your gaze

Here, so many ages past
And still to seek a name
Palpebra Apr 7
I see, I see
those cold cold girls
who hide behind hoodies
and bun their curls
who line their eyes
smoky with darkness
that circles their mind
resulting from their cries
who's lips are red
due to a temper
that's so **** short
-on thin ice they tread,
who glare at every guy
just so they back off
waiting for the one who'll
dare answer their why
why? would someone
like them and love them
why? would someone
want them and need them
but everyone
keeps their distance
but everyone
stays away
and that's the reason
these cold cold girls
never let anyone in.
Josephine Wilea Feb 2020
Eli S.                                  10/3/17
To: Eli S.


Are you here yet?

Sincerely, Eli S.
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