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N May 29
I feel a fire starting under my ribs
It is swallowing everything,
my heart, lungs,
and memories too

Or I may just be missing you
to the point where I set myself ablaze,
Tell me, does my cloud of smoke not reach you?

I suffocate with a burning longing
Do you not understand?
I burn, I burn, I am burning for you

Be with me
if only for a moment
For soon nothing
will remain of me
Carlo C Gomez May 25
find your torch
light me up

brittle and cracked
I like feeling this incomplete

I hope the nightmares don't start
without me

but if they do
let them stir
as the crow flies away
on dangerous days

with a host of stars
fiery god-smacked
in the vast well of night

where I could play king
for an hour
to a wounded land

and a pair of queens
kept in high dudgeon
lest they sing

their burning song
in rich hues
and deep tones
painted on the warm
analog tableau
on my skin

happiest when sad

with time and space, some
of the intricacies
can be airbrushed out

but I don’t think
imperfect love
can take too many fires
like that, because then
a renaissance heart
would certainly go black

CIN May 10
Gods arise and i hide behind the sun
What could a soul like me do in the presence of divinity?
Eyes of gold cut toward me
And i know the message they hold
But i, the coward, simply look away into the flames

Its fitting here, lying on the sun
I pretend my agony is from the flames
Even though a soul has no physical body
Yearning has scarred me like glimpses of the moon
And i remember life in solitude

****** hits like sinking deeper into the sun
I look past the sky into the heavens above
Clouded by a lazy orange haze
I watch the gods weep to make rain

Sorrowful existence with no real meaning
A star burns in the distance
I pull fire over me as if i could feel the heat
Like comfort could ever come to me

And when a god sends way for me
They lift me from the flames like a leaf on water
Like a shell from the sea
They mold me a body and toss me away to the earth
Says ‘come back to me, my child, when you can feel bliss’

And i grow up desperate for love
Desperate to feel pleasure in the midst of pain
Learn a thing or two about happiness
And false hope of a single god
Wander the earth and revel in its beauty
Scar the skin they so gracefully gave me

And when i have lived as much as i can
I become cowardly again
I see their face in my dreams
I get old yet stay the same
Die in my sleep one day

My soul rests on the sun again
And they come to greet me
Says ‘did you learn what you could be’
Hugs my scarred body
As i nod timidly

I learned of pleasure
I learned of love
I learned to feel
At home in the heavens above
sometimes i'd rather believe that this is my purpose rather than anything else. It feels like i was born in pain, even though i know i wasn't. Sometimes its nice to just pretend im a child of the sun. .
Jaxey Mar 14
I was stupid to think
I could put out a fire
with the wave of my hand

You ignited me too
when you told me
my touch burned just a bad

I knew by the lack
of wavering pain
despite the tears I shed

And now I know water
would have done jack ****
against the fire in your head
N Dec 2021
I swore not to write you,
but I cannot sleep
because I envy your pillow

How it carries
your curls, dreams,
and tears too

Your old bed sheets get
to inhale your scent while
I suffocate from your absence

I still remain in mine
burning, yearning,
dreaming of you

I will set fire to your bed,
so you would rest your
head upon my chest

Lay with me tonight
till you find your peace
on someone else’s
I S A A C Dec 2021
my mind is going to explode
not sure how much longer I can stay on this rope
my arms, legs, and hands are giving up
my days blend into weeks, there is no living up
no laughter-filled dawns or innocent wrongs
all so mundane, just a playing pawn
in a losing game, just losing weight
it's depressing this depression, I wish I invested but now I am stressing
they say it's a blessing which is distressing because I feel like I am suppressing
underneath the weight of academics, surprised I made it through 12
first-year almost broke me and second year is not discerning
my mind is going to explode
the candle won't stop burning
my cup is overflowed
Jay eM Nov 2021
My hand outstretched, reaching for your closed heart
Reaching down, hoping you won’t fall apart

In your palm stands a candle burning
The warmth and light you’ve been yearning

But it’s light is abating
And it’s warmth has been excruciating.

Now the light is long gone
And I couldn’t go on,

The candle and I left you in the dark
With the remains of our spark.
Sometimes I feel like you’re holding on to things that hurt you instead of reaching for the ones that are trying to help. But time can and will run out. Eventually that helping hand will get tired of waiting for one that is too busy hurting itself.
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2021
Awake all night
but there was
not a single word
on either side.
Between me
and the spectators
a sky of stars!

Well what to say
is me fell for the Moon
being a dwarf.

If love is blind
then how
the fault is mine?

Don't know who can tell
why the Moon
won't touch the sea?
This bit I can tell
'To quell a burning
loving heart
a sea is not enough'!
John McCafferty Sep 2021
It feels like our sun has split, temp is turning route and stoney grey white light now dips sooner still.
No burning haze, nor warmth caught in open play and less so the golden rays from evening shades.

Darkened days will cling to run amongst us, when there's no fire blown above the hills. Age displayed as others ill now start to wilt, and aloft the silence drops without response.

Our sweet retreat returns from deeper dreams, before the fresh breath glimpsed in brand new air gives us this good grace of green again. The sense of death keeps seeping in resolve, for future stories to reflect as we continue to unfold.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
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