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You are putting on a fur coat while watching your building burn down around you
Around your sweating body walls collapse in flame but you still won't jump out to be saved!

I'm here!
Waiting at the window with a trampoline
Waiting for you to get out of the scene
But I see you just look into the same horizon and stare

I guess you like the view from your window,
but soon you will burn down with it
don't save me
Troy 4d
The days that pass nights that follow
Times of laughter pain and sorrow
None of which I would love more
You are my soul mender

My Soul mender
The sweet passion you bring
Like the blossoms in the spring
Ever so gentle ever so kind

It all brings me peace of mind
You are my soul mender
My soul mender
To piece together a tender heart

Instantly knowing just where to start
Loving gently beyond compare
Always taking away my air
Gently holding the love so tender

You are my soul mender
Holding gently my soul in hand
Guarding it from the dangers ahead
My sweet and loving soul mender

How can I thank you enough
For what you have done to my soul
You mend the damage
Of this once broken fool

Now completely fixed
Not a scratch in sight
I ask of you my sweet soul mender
Will you stay with me

Stay with me
Forever more
For this I ask of you
Will you marry me
I wrote this a LONG time ago when I literally met my one true love. Things happened before I bet him that completely destroyed me and he somehow put all the pieces back together and made me whole again. So I will always love him. Even if he pushes me away, throws me in a cage and locks me up for all eternity. My heart and soul will always be his.
D Sep 10
Kiss me with your hot breath, lick me with your tongue.
Make me bite my lip, and hide the mark after you're done.
I want you in the morning, I get you every night.
Then I keep the proof of you hidden out of sight.
Hunter Green Sep 4
I can’t stand it,
It’s like a constant pressure,
A destiny that may never measure up.
Why do I feel this,
Where does it come from?
Does my mind make it greater than it truly is for a reason?
Because that would be the greatest treason.
You run, you hide, you follow me, and hurt me.
Nothing but the end, if it even exists, can stop the burning.
Jme Love Sep 1
crumbled up pieces of paper litter the bedroom floor.
wasted thoughts.
nothing less.
nothing more.
engulfed in the flames of my own personal hell.
as if the devil winked and said thanks for the sale.
escaping gets harder with every try.  
cant see clearly with these smoke filled eyes.
every thought enters with ease. coming in like little balls of gasoline. thrown to the flame they ignite like some sort of game.
i write hoping to get out of my head.
i cant make sense of the soot and ash that come out instead.
crumbled up pieces of paper litter the bedroom floor.
wasted thoughts.
nothing less.
nothing more.
thoughts spread like wild fires. they can not be tamed. with tiny explosions over thinking everything. flames ignite one after the other. stuck i can go no further.
Décio Aug 30
in the morning I feel burned out
a tossed match, colored with shame
I count all that was once mine
the shore, the lake, the forest
even the flaws that hit my arms and my legs
they were a blessing and a curse
and I remember when I was alive,
ablaze, catching fire, burning bright,
I felt it all at the same time, and I was
i have been burning my whole life.
encased in immaculate flames,
flying too close to the sun
on these fragile wax wings.

— an image of icarus
Kelci Aug 23
Bloodstained sunrise
Slices through deep blues,
Pushing aside shimmering jewels
Lighting the way for grey ghost wisps,
Listless drifters warning those around
That red claws grip the earth
Dragging death in their wake
With all the wildfires spreading around the US and Canada right now, I was inspired by the red-orange sunrise this morning.
Delilah Day Aug 22
He is hot

(Not like that -I mean- yeah like that oh god most definitely like that but that's not what you mean when you say that-)

He burns

something muzzle-flash bright, eyes like stars, catching your stomach on fire, catching the whole goddamn universe ablaze with the ease of someone





(A game you bet your heart on, a game you bet your life on, what's the difference)

And you love him
Oh god you love him

You'd let the universe burn and cover yourself with matches

Just to see him shine
He contains the intimacy of a forest fire and you love him for it

The words that
                          ­    i

off your serpentine tongue
dissolves the flesh            r
                                     u    n      n
                                  b         i        g
my lungs

breathless gasping at fetid air
reckless in this never ending nightmare
derelict and disrepair
death wish traveling nowhere

under­ a mound of stone and flowers
twirling aimless in  buffet showers
leaving flesh devoured

by passionate winds  
soul left caged in

self-indulging bones

left to wither to dust
this is the final price
of a wandering lust
a real fool's paradise
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