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Heidi Johanna Oct 14
When my foolishness
Turned into wisdom
I was in love

Even the sunset
By the evening
Held my flaws

There was certainly no way
I could have left
Without a burning heart
The fire burns
Too greatly for me to handle
Yet I crave it
So much head back into the pillow.
She quickly straddled me.
She began a gentle rocking motion
with her hips,
with subtle glee.
Her thick, precious long hair,
hung down like curtains of night,
around my lust-flushed face,
until I was in perfect darkness right.
She then began caressing
my nakedness with her feathery-locks,
along my silky, trembling body,
from up my heavenly hips,
my tight, tender, heaving tummy,
my aching, stiff-nippled *******,
my entire being erupting in goosebumps,
chilly and blazing,
spicey and tasty,
aching and burning,
burning -******!
begging for quenching,
which she does
I'm done.
Norman Crane Sep 23
Bodies jostle toward the heatsource,
Foot stomp, elbowed in the rib,
Muttering voices hoarse, exhale mists
That swirl like deadmen's ashes in the wind.
Pale lumina saturates the cinder skies,
Under which the aged remember
The suns of former lives,
Their memories the glowing solitary embers
Of a world we've left behind.
Ahead, a mother veils her babe with rags
From a passer-by's ravenous gaze.
A man automatously drags
A rattle-bag of assorted human remains,
Leaving trails in the dirt,
Leaving trails in the dirt.
We have splintered apart the frame
Of this landscape of hellpain,
Against smokestack sequoias and asphalt seas,
We stumble toward the crematoria.
My God, the coldness hurts!
As upon the canvas of this frozen Earth
We enact the terminus of human innovation,
The burning of every breath,
The engineered suicide of civilization.
Out, out, brief candle,
said Macbeth.
Into the cull chamber I step,
Hoping there at least I will find warmth,
In death.
Slime-God Sep 18
Like a tiny moth
I am drawn to these pages
To perish in flame
White Shadow Sep 6
White shadow isn't just a name,
It's the place from where I came.
And it's a display to the world what I've became!!

People think that anything as such doesn't exist,
But people don't know that it is the shadow of a person glowing from within.

So, it's not just a name,
It shows the inner flame
That's burning inside me and
I adopted it as a name.
I drank from the well of shame
And I still feel it burning inside me
bloodKl0tz Sep 2
Im standing in front of a forest that is on fire
Rose colored glasses
The same tint as the flames
Theres deer fleeing, raccoon skittering into backyards
Growing red moss advancing on the trees
Blisters form on the pads of my hands and fingers
Something much bigger than the deer, is advancing
Its getting hard to breathe, my throat feels like it is on fire
Squirrels pair off, try to find their fleeing mates
Burning hair
Burning paws
Encumbered with fears
My home is charred and I cant go back
Only forward, fleeing forward with the shadowy unknown advancing in the forest behind me
Traveler Sep 1
Over the years the notes play on
The music gets old so we write new songs
Practice our words and keep them in key
Times to change then repeat the beats
Patterns I hastily strum
Unique precisions I pick
I am but a fungus in the forest
A back woods hick
The flower, the ****
***** my guitar
I am an ember in the fire
Music is indeed my greatest desire
Traveler Tim
Why do you do a bad karma?
Burning them to ashes
By telling your happiness and achievements
Sometimes do good karma too
By telling them your failures and trajedies
So that their souls get peace and happiness!
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