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We sizzle our skin
To burn away the sin
That breaks our bones
And tears us apart
From within
My heart has always been skeptical,
and sometimes I think that it's waiting.
waiting to go back to being hollow,
like that old church in Vienna,
after mass on a rainy day in October.

I stood outside in the garden:
extracted my rib,
ground it down on that stone,
shaping it into a knife
so that I could dig a small hole
to bury my treasonous heart.

You emerged into that dark wood,
and we found a path together
through moonlit streets and storms
until we came upon a tavern-
your laughter sloshing like
warm bourbon falling into a glass.

I'd watch you when you lost your self,
and I could see the fire burning in you
warming me, and in those lost moments
I didn't care at all that I might get burnt.
my mind has become a burning city
there’s no escape
the smoke is taking over
whispering lies
filling my mind with all these dreadful memories
not even the firefighters can extinguish it now
overwhelmed by all the trauma in my life
all i can do is hide
someone come and save me from this wildfire
that wants to take my life
Love is for the heart
The sun is love for the soul
Love can also burn
Haiku because your
Memory burns awfuly
Hurts in places old
Aseel Oct 4
I light a small candle
Thinking that you might notice me
Maybe you’ll remember
I’m here
In the dark
But instead
You come
And Pour gasoline
On me
You use my candle
To set me on fire
And watch me
In the dark
You like it when I burn
Sumairupoetry Sep 27
I realized that we are
 burning the Earth down
 because of the printed illusion of lack,
that we created.
For the love of money is the root to all evil.
JT Sep 27
My breath
Forming clouds
In winter air
Of the flames
In my stomach
The fire
Running through my veins
Melting snow
Sticking to my eyelashes
Blazing eyes
Freezing hot
My cheeks
On burned lips

Aseel Sep 26
I smoke
I burn my soul wrapped in a paper
So you could see that I’m burning

No one believes you’re on fire
Unless he sees the smoke
Anastasia Sep 24
you're on my mind
and my hands
s h a k i n g

and even though you hurt me
i still can't help but
o b s e s s
over you

i'm burning
it's like fire
s p r e a d i n g
over what's left
of my heart
Alexis Sep 24
would the sun
still shine the same,
if it’s own tomorrow
was never promised?
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