A H S Jul 9

Your wings flutter and flap
As you struggle to keep up

The water pulls you down
It fills your burning lungs
Telling you to give up

But you don't

You push and pull
Against the strong current
And fight your way
To the surface

Only to realise keeping up doesn't matter
Because it will always push you down
Its where the water takes you
That counts

Flow with the current
It will bring better things
Into your life

So stop your struggling little bird
For you have great things still to come.
Hold on pain ends

The battle if society  constantly  pushing us down, telling us to give up, that we will never be good enough.
A H S Jul 8

the first thing i saw was your lips
the pale rose skin
that makes the shape of your lips

the skin is dry, peeling at its edges
crying out for a companion

your tears satisfy the parched skin
from its raw burning
for only a second

before they begin to cry out again for
my succulent lips to comfort
your aching soul

Noné Billi Jun 28

You know what you do
When you say “I love you.”

You drive me insane
With the flames
I have for you,
And you make me strange
With the call of my name,
But a whisper
Sets me ablaze
With the sound of you.

How can one
Speak like you do,
And hypnotize me
In a trance
that none can make
Or break the hold
That echos through my head.

But aside what is said
I believe that love is true.
You say “I love you”
And how openly
My heart bleeds out
In a fresh open wound.

But it is not true,
You use me,
As you always do.
And my scar burns
With every tear
When you love elsewhere.

Chan S Jun 22

Burning like a tattoo in the center of your chest

Tears bursting through this broken dam

Cause you've lost your mother and not by death

There's no way to slow this cardiogram

Up in my throat, choking on my own heart

Gasping for air so thick in a cloudy room

Only to circle and find, it's been you from the start

You've always been the strength to help u resume
Always been the warmth for your own survival

But the numbing vibration of her absent love

Will always be there due to her deprival.

Now you've learned from it all,
Time to rise above.

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Sanny Jun 20

Walking away from you on this never ending crosswalk.

You're so far away from me now but I can feel your eyes burning,
watching me as I go.

I'm trying with all my might not to look back,
afraid I'd run back into your poisoning arms.

I keep walking,
with a heavy chest.

Knowing this is it.

With the sun on my face the shadows fall behind me.

And that's where you belong,
in the shadows of the past.

engulfed by a heat
that wasn't man made.
a heat that burns
worse than a burn
or a cut
drowned in alcohol.
a desire to feel pain
a desire to feel nothing.
but a breath,
but a pulse,
but the warmth of a touch.
but feeling is nothing.
it was a drug
and these are just
withdraw symptoms.
and one day
the feeling will return
but not today.
today i am burning
without turning to ash.
today i am
a fire
that can only
be put out
by her.

Saint Titus Jun 18

Instructions unclear

Uncommon is not a word I often choose
Over zealous usage has left it maladjusted
I feel too frustrated and abused
Fear the fearful and opiate the transmute

In terms not so blatant

Put it on the back burner
Pack it up and go home
For a moment
Calculate the risk in murder
Before you know you'll be encroached

You're killing it

And yourself as well
Although I'm not convinced you see it
I know your will is right, heart straight as an arrow
But strung up on the wrong bow

And swiftly you'll be deadly
buried in  the things you used to know
People die and turn to snow
To bury you alive
And leave you feeling cold
It might hurt to take a knife

I know

Your back is riddled
As it goes
But hold on tight
I see the rope
Is burning bright
But flames drive back
The dreary nights
And warming up, going up in flames


Blowing up, reaching out in vain

Endless as the days
Ticking clocks all look the same
Hear them spelling out your name

Is this the way it stays?

Shauna Bendel Jun 15

Help me
Rekindle the flame;
ignite her fiery face
Light her gentle;
Slow enough to feel
Watch her grow,
Change shape,

And remember
If she burns out-
I die

Anivel Aidan Jun 15

There is this split moment
When you realize
Something that
Everyone else has known
For the first time

A crack in reality
White noise in the dark truth

Its like your eyes are suddenly opened
And the lights are stinging bright
Everything you thought was true

You hear the walls all come crumbling down

Am I losing you?
Did I ever have you in the first place?

When it comes to you, L, why am I always the one reaching out? Why do you never tell me anything?
You said you wanted me the way I am.

I was like  
a flaming Tyre  
down a mountain:  
when it hit a rock  
bounced up  
smashed back down  
burning blobs  
on everyone  
kept going

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