There is a burning sensation
deep within my soul
it pains and aches for only one

This fire is swells and burns
with great passion and desire
it boils and bubbles in idle wait

The fiery love,
the overheated temperature
your touch sets me ablaze

The smoke fills my vision
blocks my view of the dragon
but your body I will never forget.

As ashes fly and soar
my heart cries and utters no more
In the end there is blackness as I hear your wondrous roar

Even death cannot stop
the depth of this burning love
upon the grave time brings us together once again

We connect a fiery rampage
Passion, need, and instinct at work
A testament of our love never forgotten

This is dedicated to a friend of mine who I was talking to and the imagery just came to me in a blur.

Tell me that you still look for me in a crowd out in public. Tell me I live in your mind, that I don't just cross it.
I wrote down the times that you were eating me alive. The times I couldn't breath the times I did more than cry. I wrote about the passion, the love, the hate. I wrote about sidewalks, the movies and cake. I miss the moments we would meet eyes, I miss the moments we went on nighttime drives. I think about details like the curls in your hair, the way you stared. Your eyes lit a fire I have yet to put out. A fire that's destroyed me So just tell me you understand, this way that I feel. I need the closer so maybe I can heal.

Please let me heal.
MyDystopiA May 26

I’ll meet you at sunrise
in a past life
amber moon burns the sky,
I await dawn,
the changing light.
I think of you
and I smile inside,
deep with passion
you make me feel
so alive.


I have no words
in my mouth to say
they take shelter
within my heart,
hiding in the darkest place

I have no voice
to call your name
this burning noise
chased it away,
cannot put out the flame

my lips are dry
my bones are thin
tears blind my eyes,
cut into my skin

my core has closed
starved of your soul,
my words have died
my voice is cold
your name
sleeps in stone

Mims Sep 3

My anger twirls around my fingers
Like burning rope

I'm grasping for something that's disappearing
And hurting me in the process
Why do I cling to this
Why do I hold grudges
My trust has been healed and so have I

Its getting farther from my grasp
Because now a body is attached to the other end
Pulling it away from me while it burns

Who is on the other end?
Refusing to let me be angry
Refusing to let me hate

Because this is okay

I whispered into his ear,
"I love you."
I whispered again,
feeling his moist,
burning breath
against my brittle neck.
Our souls came together
across the vast ocean of breath;
He touched me,
softly, deeply,
touched me again
fell deep into me
as I was consumed
by him.

And it was during the time of the burning rose that everything started falling.
Petal by petal, kingdoms fell, monarchies crumbled, power….
continuous loss,
grief and greed consuming the same people.
vulnerable and selfish, people looked desperately.
the search of the century, of their time.
it was pain.
a new time, they wished for a new time.
How soon?
rose, come back.
looking for ages. they looked for ages.
all they wanted was the rose.
burning rose.
they discovered
a burning rose.
petal by petal, hearts began to break, families came apart, love….
burning rose.
burning rose.
it destroyed their lives, loves.
burning rose.
come back rose.


My mind can change from a beautiful sea,
into a place full of monsters just between hours.

MyDystopiA May 11

I got a song in my heart
I can't help but sing.
The moon shades me blue
black then red stained
can't maintain, can't contain
the heart apart
got a pain there won't depart,
can't restart.

I smash my universe
and crash into the stars
hopes are dashed
a future trashed
I walk alone
on broken glass
haunted by the hourglass
and how the time does pass.
I thought she was the sun
I thought she was the one
but she turned out
to be the moon shaded
out of view.

Now I live my life in blue
locked inside a heart filled tomb
anticipating my forever doom
throwing rocks into mud
dripping out my love
in ink and blood.

Eleanor Aug 13

The moon a fire ball
Burning in your hazel eyes
The sky coated with stars
And my skin
My poor cold skin
Coated with shivers
You send down my spine.

-- Eleanor

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