Rett 7h
Do you ever feel like you want sadness?
Like wet wood that would like to be lit
But it will burn to death if it was
Do you ever want to have a feeling
With tears running down your cheek
Because it is the only way to know
You can still feel?

Do you ever just want to feel like
Your jumping into an ocean of ink
Because it's better than just feeling "fine"?
Or "good"? Or even anger, because you know
That anger will eventually turn into shame
For the things you said
Or the words you didn't utter

Do you ever just hunger for a feeling
of choking on emotion that left you
a voice mail and you were too scared
to answer but your ready to call back
Do you ever just want to crumble into
The flames of depression because
it's more comfortable than the feeling
of your emotions withering away to ash

Do you ever just want to drown
in your tears, because its better than
feeling numb to the events in your life
Or lack thereof, so school and therapy
are the only interactions with humans you have
And going out of that room will be
meaningless because you have no
plans today like always so the only
Event you can have is
A panic attack or feeling suicidal

Do you ever just want to be depressed
Because it is easier to identify
Like wet wood that would like to be lit
Because burning alive is better than the chill of just surviving
Wrote this a while ago
Amanda 5d
I love you in shades of orange and red
Passion burning like a flame
In my heart a wildfire spreads
Impossible to tame
I felt like writing something short and sweet.
Vick Mandrake Feb 14
Have you ever touched a flame?
I don't believe I have.
My body has burned
on coals and embers.
My fingers have scorched
on stovetops and lighters.
My hands have followed
sweet candles and incense.
And my eyes have danced
with the flickering dames.
But I ask you again,
if it isn't too much,
have you ever touched a flame?
Can a flame truly be touched?
Charlotte Ivy Oct 2017
Thoughts race through my mind like people running frantic in a burning building
The sound of a constant tapping pencil fills my ear drums
Everyone is so silent yet their thoughts are so loud my paranoia screams out at me "GET OUT!"
I scream back "I can't, I can't, everyone will know I'm nuts if I leave now!"
So I stay and I tell myself shut up you are okay
I close my eyes and hold back the cries because with each tear another memory will reappear and I can't relive the past ...
I'm afraid I won't come back
maya Feb 8
.1. Your eyes glimmer and beam when you talk about something you're passionate in. The rest of the world needs to view that beauty your voice speaks when the potential flows out of your mouth like tiny ballet dancers frolicking over your lips. Those lips touch together every time you say 'M' and now you're trying to see if you can say it without closing your lips. The curiosity of a young toddler trapped inside your body that must be discovered so before that happens, you will stay alive.

2. Your feet spring around from time to time because you're either excited or anxious; or both. The ground has savored every single moment your feet taps its skin, the cracks in the pavements have relished the instant your feet stumble against the stone pelt. Even so, just the movement of your body in contact with its exterior is appreciated.

3. Your hair bounces when you bob your head to music. Those perfect waves and curls, those bangs that hide your delicate face understands your sadness; why you're listening to that song or that rage and anger that persuades you to yell and cry. It's just a moment and you will get through it.

4. Your hands, as they write rhymes and comments and stories and virtues about life. Your radiant but soft complexion reflects the silence you have brought upon yourself. Your voice tells you to pipe up but nothing comes out. Promise yourself that you will not suffer in silence but paradise in flamboyant noise.

5. Your stomach that metabolizes; constantly at work to process the fuel that keeps you alive. The same stomach that plays perfect outside but loosens inside. The one perfect enough as you are, but displays your decisions.

6. Your arms lift you up each and every day.
7. Your waist who reminds you that you are perfect and worth it.
8. Your knees, elbows, and wrists that help you move; leaving you in pain or lively motion; or in relaxed gestures.

9. Your heart; your heart is on fire and you would need not one, but two buckets of water to even try extinguishing it. Burning with eagerness and love, no hate settling within. That heart, that keeps pumping and pumping, never allowing you to weaken and perish.

10. Your body; that does everything it possibly can to keep you alive.
Sanjali Feb 5
It’s not anxiety,
My heart’s beating pretty slow,
Yet my cheeks are on fire
And my ears won’t lessen the flow.
It’s all burning,
But I’m too tired to move.
Please burn me down if you want,
I won’t complain if it’s all gone
Too soon.
soul is on fire
every loss is a flicker
sparking new Light in you
with galaxies for wound-beds
your scars shine with CosmicTruth
the darkness was made for dancing
and your Soul knows how to move
there’s no way to fall off track
when every path leads
back to You
I am a witch burning at her social stake
Who has spent too long just striving to breathe
And so I’ve managed to teach myself
Some people can’t be trusted
Can’t be trusted at all
I’m done letting myself waste time with all this hurting
So I’m finished with all this blindly optimistic trusting
Instead, I think it’s time to show them what a real witch is.

I am a witch burning at her social stake
Who has spent too long dodging the pitchforks
And so I’ve managed to get good and things
Like running, and hiding,
Reading people and situations
I’m done letting myself hide from the light
So I’m finished with this blindly fearful trust
Instead, I think it’s time I took over my life.

No more fear and no more trust.
If I’m supposed to be a witch,
I will be a witch for them,
And however I want to,
I will show them what burning is.
a fire spiteful
raced across lands clad in trees
a fire spiteful
burning with a vengeance dreadful
boughs weren't spared from high degrees
flaming the rule to its decrees
a fire spiteful
Artistic Muse Jan 23
I am the beautiful, optimistic sun
I am the giver of hope into someone's dark world
I give happiness into the ones that I love
But I'm also an unstoppable, burning star
And it makes me stand out from the others
Could you love and accept me, please?

this was one of our home works in school and i'm honestly glad because we are able to make a bio poem and this was the assigned format i enjoyed making this ♡
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