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Reflections of our time
together flow so smooth
effortlessly through mind
at night whilst sleeping
Beautiful moments of
thing we did now past but
those memories will
forever last for they can't
die while I'm here to see
they don't I'll keep your
flame alight just case you
Spirit should come passing
Spirit I'll keep alive keep a flame burning
bright In case your spirit should come calling
The long walks along the green meadows of Wastorwan ...
The long spiel of old man at sward..
The blooming tulips at foothills of Zabarwan
My soul forage whereabouts???
The days catching the stars along the Empyrean ...
The days making clay castles
My soul forage Whereabouts ???
The flames of hot Nunchai,
From the Konforka of Samovar,
Once laden on the old woman's Head
The Whizz after butterflies,
The chords of Gazals,
No more Heart Enthrall,
As all dark and grey !!
Still Here I Lay !!!!
Still Here I Lay !!!!
In the country of Dead
Where everything seems Red
Where everything seems Red
Walking along the banks of jehlum with u
Jagged blood running through my veins,
The clouds that loom spelling nothing but doom,
No single one with the magical line of silver,
Acid raindrops falling from the black sky,
They burn,scorch and char my skin.
Leila U 5d
Tell me about the wicked witch of the west,

Tell me about her black pointy hat,

Her black screeching cat.

The night she flew thru the sky,

The night she touched the stars and danced for the moon,

Her dance a gift and a goodbye.

Tell me more about the wicked witch of the west,

Tell me about her auburn hair as it turned to dust,

Her angel voice, her last scream through the air it ******,

Tell me about her godly form in the flame, her last words whispered

A deep cut through our chest.

Tell me more about my sister,

Tell me about the Wicked Witch of the West.
Brynn S 5d
Blood has risin
Fallen under the demise of gluttony
Throats shutter in a flourished gleam
Spilling out their smokes; the evil stream
With closed eyes the horizon did strike
I was the one who favored spite
Invisible to eyes the mind grew thin
Wearing down from the mask of sin
Oh sweet child have you strayed so far?
In the final moment did I become a star
Ripples of triumph
I have fought death
Swimming towards light
For one last breath
Decrepit old sun burnt out and cold
Heart wondered beat less
Fortune favored the bold
One fire looked and said to another fire, “ look do you think you’re burning as much as I am?”

The other fire looked up and said, “ haha actually I am”

Ambitions and dreams
Kings and Queens

Fire burning seas

If you think your dreams are scary and unachievable, close your eyes and dream new dreams

Fire burning seas

Here is the trick dream bigger than the previous dream, our dreams only seem insane when we stop to dream

Fire burning seas
Dream big and bigger
Build a harbor in a burning sea
Keep burning more
Keep dreaming
Megan Nov 4
My Heart is a never ending Fire.
My tears ash
My blood fuel
And I will keep Burning
     And Burning
          And Burning
Just try and put me out
Im honestly tired of seeing all this ****** injustice around me.. what can i do? I have all this fire all this passion to help and i dont know how to start
PS Nov 1
I sit in the cold air on New Year’s Day
Oíche Shamhna or so they say.
I wait and wait for a strange delay
Witch’s brew or so they say.

I wish that I could sleep so tight
So soundly like you seem to do
When you say the soft ‘night night’
As if your conscience is clear and true.

I shiver in the air this day
It’s New Years now, or so they say.
My resolution was to change
And bury all the old timed hate.

To forget, forgive and start anew
To resolute with witch’s brew.
To toast the past and future too
To somehow live on without you.

I wait inside the freezing cell
All for the ringing of the bell
You made my life akin to ****
And from that low I found myself.

I sit in the cold on New Year’s Day
Allerheiligen as they say.
I live for getting through today
For I know you have **** to pay.

With you and everything I’ve seen
I can’t trust the moon on Halloween.
With you and everything I know
You’ll have what you want and then you’ll go.
With you and everything we’ve learned
All the minus points you’ve earned
All the witches that have burned
I have a right to be concerned.

I sit in the cold air on New Year’s Day
Oíche Shamhna or so they say.
I wait and wait for a strange delay
I wonder what form I will take.
Sombro Nov 1
I walked among fire
And felt the heat,
The hearth the life,
The world a barren canvas

I took those steps
And found white light my pure feeling
Shared smiling lips amongst ourselves and took on lovers
In feelings we took for each other, bundled
Like reeds so thin

We walked together, arm in arm
Pebbles scattered at our feet in the red dirt,
And thought blood, blood
blood can be our cry from now

We took those days in hand
And led them on
Dried their succulence in the sun
Tasted never
Not for their promise.

And that promise wilted, like so many flowers
Those white lights grew dimmer
As we walked towards them through rushes, our fingers
Spider-like on the veil of what we wanted.

We got there, and saw the light was out
The candle never burned, the feeling never lived
Our eyes for what could be
Wetted with what was
And we lived on in the world of short, long days.
Qwn Oct 27
Fire is an art form
Burning is a passion
Smoke holds
my hopes and dreams
And I am the flames.
you put me out
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