Lying so softly.
A hammock in my senses.
You ask if I want better.
Well, what is "better"?

All I want is to be fulfilled.
All I need to be fulfilled,
is a burning bush that speaks,
and says it wants me.

Its fire, a reminder in night,
I can cast a spark and ignite
your primal urge to take,
freely of the thing I make.

I'm no puritan, nor a protestant,
catholic, nor am I Mormon.
I'm no Abrahamic shill, no proxy,
for Justice blind divinity.

Cum upon my tongue, and on me,
or if it applies: fill me up inside.
Make me your favorite toy,
akin to the Slip n Slide.
ph 1d
You always tell me of the
e l e c t r i c i t y
coiled in your bones, and
how I put it there.
But my dear, you are one to talk,
for you've got me
burning like the wire in
Lin 2d
‪I get shot the hell down
every single time.
Everything and everyone tells me
no. No
one feeds my dreams or passions
except me.
I don't know why
this is my path
and why
I have to walk it alone.
But I won't stop until
I have my yes.
I'm squeezing every drop out of myself
until there is nothing left.
Let the loneliness,
the poverty,
the doubts,
the insecurity,
the rejection
and the pain be my fuel.
Let it be the gas on the fire.
I'll let it burn me until
am lighting up the sky. ‬
"Do you love me?"

You feel like vanilla,
Soft, cream limbs draped
Across the crackling embers
Of my stiff timber body

And you whisper sizzling,
Heartfelt sugar
Into smoky ears that
Don't ever,
R e a l l y
Hear you
Or notice your full,
Pure vanilla song.

"Do you love me?"

Your thoughts are iced muffins
That the fire in my mouth
Licks up straight from the tin
I try to force it, breathe you in
Push through the spitting flames

It almost works

And I'm part water,
Boiling, but fluid, flowing,
Natural tasting, complementing
Your vanilla hair
Your sugared fingers

But it can't last

"Do you love me?"

Written only ever in your eyes

And at last I tell them no,
Spreading ashes
Through a bitter tasting speaker,
Needing to take the last of my fuel out
Before it's too late.

And I guess this is how we were written to be,
My vanilla girlfriend
And burning wood me.
I teased my ex about her being soft and vanilla (and it's true, she was rather like ice cream)
In return, she told me I made her think of Georgian fires-
Burning wood is apparently the scent I carry.
Needless to say, my desire burned out...
Don't mix your vanilla with flames, kids.
It's Dusk, See The Sun Is Burning,
And The Flames Of It Burning The Sky Too.
Sun "Why" Asked I.
"That's My Part Of Job, And I Am Done For Today"
Sun Glared At Me.
It's The Moon Who Has To Come Next To Heal  Burnt Sky.

Danish Zia | OldPen
ph Jul 13
It was you who kept
me warm on those cold,
Winter nights.
I had you running in my veins
and your love was a fire that
left me burning
for days.
Amanda Jul 12
I am on fire
Step by step feet scorched by flames
Breath by breath I burn
Let it burn
rob kistner Jul 10

radiant vision silken skinned
translucent alabaster blaze
torrid as a teen's temptation
leaned low here before me

strappened ankles fragile turned
stiletto'd rise
on carpet soft
emblazened vixen
forward bent
availed so boldly

dual swells of fleshen myth
atop two lathen'd stems
they writhe
smooth and lithe
as liquid love
turned by pleasure's gloried angels

stretched taut
raised high on tips of toes
and goddess buff
offered now
for hunger's taking
consumed until
I've had enough

graceful face
brazen aglow
comely raised and tilted back
my fingers tangled in your hair
lifting firm
lusciously slow

swept away in lustful swoon
forearms rest on velvet sheets
eyes aflame in sapphire need
blatant in your fetched seduction

Hedone's daughter lush with Spring
in soft golden fire
that folds upon you soft as satin
'cross nape of neck
arched silk desire

down glistening back
that tempting tapers
to warm and tender
sultry surprise

a wonderland for fingertips
to touch
and tease
and tantalize

to explore
your quivering body

divinely-pleasing sculpted vessel
brought forth by Aphrodite's hand

virgin fruit swells full and ripe
flesh silhouette to hypnotize
enticing in the candle's flicker
fondled by my hungry eyes

I stroke and tweak
the blossomed berries
that burst
engorged with passion's heat

that taunt my tongue to twirl 'round
my teeth to nip the tempting treat
draw to my lips
now lewdly moist
to take
and taste in eager suckle

willful hands
of pleasured probing
wrap slender waist
then slowly slide
'cross pleading hips
to folds of Venus
liquid molten
deep inside

into this angel's fire I'm thrust
to thrust
and thrust
in randy lust

love's raging heart
demands I must
and so I wildly
thrust and thrust
until finally
I'm spent and bust
passion's seed
has turned to dust

and wanton
are snuffed

spring's sweet madness
is full rebuffed


rob kistner © 2010
(revised 2018
Hedone was the personification and goddess of sensual pleasure.
*WARNING! For adult readers only!
rob kistner Jul 9

there is a quiet golden
in this evening as it settles
unequaled in its beauty
by even that of precious metals

it embraces vesper's waning hour
with a subtle gentle heat
lays down upon the eager land
like the roll of amber wheat

it dances in the silken air
strokes your hair aglow in smolders
folds its warmth upon your face
fondles fiery 'round your shoulders

it ignites a special magic
as though dreams are coming true
paints the world in sensual splendor
almost beautiful as you

like a goddess of the sun
in this moment you catch fire
my frail heart a helpless tinder
now sparked by love's desire

caught by beauty's reaching flame
I'm filled with passion's yearning
my captive soul is set ablaze
please don't leave me burning

before I am but all consumed
quench me with your precious kiss
for if I am to be consumed
I pray it be by bliss


rob kistner © 2013
(revised 2018)
Wholly consumed by a passionate love.
Sometimes I think we’re all mere magnets
Pulling towards this, pulling away from another
Getting closer to your grandmother while fighting with your mother
Moving out to find your identity but shielded online by anonymity
I swear we’re all mere magnets
Tired of running towards our goals but happily running from boredom
Telling others we know so much but then adept to play dumb
Wanting a bigger slice of success yet unwilling to gift the beggar a crumb
Aren’t we all mere magnets?
All relationships looking for some big reward
And pulling away if our emotions become too sore
Yet, what if some weren’t really magnets but pretended to be
Could those outliers find one another and stick for eternity
So my dear, are you a magnet?
Searching Seer- like for unfathomable forms of connection
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