Oh dear, my friend, you are but one of few;
you are but one that has a bridge to burn,
for time would help our bridge be built anew,
and all these ashes be inside an urn.
We can’t just fix that is unfixable,
like how we use up glue to broken glass;
Commitment to such thing’s unbearable,
for one can’t put the same soil by the grass.
But still, my precious, it’s irrelevant
because once we repeat, it just repeats.
Oh dear, my friend, I’m but your little ant;
you are but just a pile of sand that heats,
for this will just decay, decay in pain,
and all these ashes be reborn in vain.

For the time I tried to change our relationship to one another

Frozen and numb,
Unable to comprehend the next move,
Everything moves in slow motion.

Suffocating on air,
Words clogged up, unable to break free.

Her elegant hair sprawled across,
The surface of my thigh.
She had such a gentle smile.
Oh, how at peace she was.

As each breath of hers was precise,
My was ragged and silent,
As I kept my gaze straight but my thigh burned.

As her muscles were relaxed,
My spasmed and tensed, like her violins strings.

I was hyper-aware, senses buzzing,
As she allowed hers to be silent.
She was in a delightful harmony,
While I yearned for the thing that came to her so easily.

Everything hurt and I was drowning,
Her solid form was more of an anchor,
To help me sink in my own sea.

I was caged, and she felt like debris blocking me in.

Her touch was overwhelming, though she never knew this,
So hush hush, don’t tell her,
Despite you wanting to beg with tears streaming down,
You keep yourself restrained even though your disintegrating.

Don't ruin the moment, because she is having a grand time, and you wouldn't want to be cruel or ruin it for her, now would you?
m e l i s s a Nov 14

the only one
we need in order to
shift the Light back toward
our own "b r o k e n" pieces

     is ourselves.

we are not obligated to fill our Soul up
with other people's worn out pieces


You do not have to pick from gardens
outside of the forest already thriving within You.

for when You do;
Your head will fill with leaves that fall from autumns breeze when all You needed to breathe was spring, winter will come in june, and soon You'll lose sight of the moon... because you lost Yourself inside of somebody else's fire, gasping for answers.

When all along, all You had seeked, had been burning up in You.

and the only way out is to fall in Love
with the smoke rising in Your own eyes.

like You could before You jumped ship,
like You could before You began
                     f e a r i n g
the possibility of finding out that Your pieces
may not ever fit together in the same way again.

      but what is life if we always float where the water is calm?
              what is life if our pieces never changed?

i don't know about You, but i prefer the rapid descent of water falls and milky way skies that can only be achieved through the most demanding environments; the ones that leave You filled with

                                      P u r e  L i g h t.

               You are enough energy; all on Your own.

Your Light is what leads You back hOMe.
back to Your own field of wildfires where You can see
                         c l e a r l y
again, since Your broken heart's eye now knows that Your vessel alone holds enough Light to fuel all the stars in the sky, that it burns enough fire to warm the hearts of millions.

& as You breathe:

You can feel the Love of countless stars who all
         e x p l o d e d
to fill Your body cavities with all the strength You will ever need.

and next time You feel alone, put Your hand to you heart
and feel the rhythm of the
listen to nature sing You melodies
of the Truth: that You are not a "me"
You are woven in to the cosmos
as an integral part of "We"
and every single
thing You

you are all you seek, all you need;
all the Love that seeps runs through
the veins and the heart that is
beating in You.

The sun is forever shining
Calling out to us
To listen to the secrets of the universe
Receive his all knowing light
Within an unforgiving glare
Blazing fire that burns to the touch
We remain adamant
That the truth is only what we know
Only the facts and numbers
But to know if anything at all
We need to understand
To banish the idea
That truth is just about numbers
Fractions facts and statements
Truth is what the universe has to offer
That we blatantly deny our next generations
The truth is creation and imagination
Intensity and insanity

It's feeding time.
Put your favorite food on the stove,
But don't you stand beside and stir as there's lots left to do:

Like drying your eyes with a light of meaningless information
Like running laps between choices to make, never quite reaching any
Like watching herds of dust cats growing in every corner
Like ignoring texts
Like drifting away
Like feeling dead
            or fearing you will be
            or wishing you were
Like covering your skin's imperfections with pure red
Like decorating walls with scratches for every time you've ever:
            inconvenienced someone slightly
            thought ill of anyone or anything
            made others worry
            failed to take care of yourself
            burned your food

Now that you've taken your time with these routine steps, your meal should be ready.
You've done well. The charred bits serve as perfect fuel to the fire that consumes you.

The resulting smoke signals a message:
"You were right,
you truly are worthless.
Here's what's left,
only a few bites from what's unburnt.
You deserve nothing more"

A memory of my days spent living in a college dorm. I'm glad these times are over.
Rachel Peake Nov 8

The world is frying
My skin is burning
The light is blinding
The earth is drying
The plants are dying
Temperatures rising
The roads are melting
The concrete is baking
The ground is cracking
The grass is sizzling

No point crying
No point praying
Just lay here, waiting, waiting

Yep, it's nearly summer! And I hate summer.
Svode Nov 2

This fire,
which burns so freely.
Welcomes me to where I belong.

The fire burns so calmly.
Nothing worries it,
and nothing stresses it.
It can be extinguished at any second,
at the whim of those who overpower it's might.
I will allow it to stay,
as I don't want to lose another.

I can get a torch,
I can strengthen the force of a candle.
I can remove it's relaxing abillity,
and let it grow uncontrolled.
However, I can't lessen it's burning without extinguishing it.
and I can't calm it without killing it.

Burn on, you wicked fire.
Burn on.

I burnt my finger while writing this. Candles sure are fun things to mess about with.
Olympia Oct 24

stamped with melted wax
burning the edges that were once kissed by you
i feel the fire burning inside of my lungs
i cant take back the love i gave to you
i cant extinguish the flames beneath my glowing skin
the pain is already apart of me
im used to bleeding
but everyone think im ok and that it will all be ok
but never has it been ok since my heart left with you
now i feel the scar where you stamped your impression on me
im sure i wont be forgetting you for a while
im sure i dont want to forget you for a while

Kim Johnson Oct 24

This is the story of burning horse,
Burning his desire and inner soul,
He gallopes so fast to sooth his soul,
But couldn't calm it; instead it rose.

He met a shiny water horse,
It matched it's desire with burning soul,
It cooled him up with liquid soul,
And almost removed his burning soul.

He run away from water horse,
And met a new shiny horse,
Wings so cool and dashing soul,
He matched again with shiny horse.

He burnt it's wings with single touch,
It lost it's shine n beauty of course,
Now he regret his burning soul,
Burning his match like a beautiful curse.

He finally met his matching horse,
Fire horse aka burning horse,
Nor soul is burnt neither desire,
Only the physique burn with fire.

He touch the fire horse with his lips,
No desire rose in that fire horse,
He waved his tail to set a chance,
Still no feeling rose from fire horse.
No use was meant to meet his match,
No desire fulfilled of the burning horse.

It's a story of a person ( burning horse) encountering ppl in her life but all unmatched.
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