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Anne J May 2
A roaring fire
A cold snap
Colder pins and needles
Winter plummets
Icy flow
Soooo I had an art project where we had to do blackout poetry a few months back and I uploaded the rejected poem on here but not the finale one until now. Enjoy.
Yenson Dec 2018
What's wrong with you?
Who do you think you are?
Look, he thinks he's tough,
he thinks he knows everything
Seriously who does he think he is
Do you think you're Prince Regent
You think you're a hard man, yeah!
How dare you, how ****** dare you
You wanna mess with us, do you, big man

Don't you know who we are!
We the business, we're more than you
We ****** rule the ******* ****** world
We rule your ***, we make and bend the law
We take and we give, we are the ****** *******
We block and you're finished, no ****** ****, no life
We come from the South, East, West  and ****** North
We are gangsters and we got the contacts and the contracts
When we say jump, you ask, how ****** high should I jump

Look this ****** small geezer playing with us
How dare you making us feel frustrated and stupid
We'll got all kinds of mind **** ready to do your head in
How dare you not play ball, a woman set up to wind you up
Now we're not getting inside gossip and juicy stories to use
Now all the women waiting eagerly to hear bedroom gossip
are all disappointed cause you are not following the ****** plot
We can't bend your head and frustrate you and stress you out
You ****** small man, you're not even tall and you wanna diss us.

Who are you you little ******
We spend all our valuable time taunting you
We try and depress and torment you and you laugh
What do you want, do you wanna mess with People's Power
We can make you disappear if we want, do you know that big boy
We put all kind of moves on yer and yet you struts like a king
We harass your ****** mind and try to demoralize you
Listen sunshine you better stop being such a ******* smart ***
You think you ******* know everything, making us look stupid.

You better watch out, you better watch ****** out
Cause ain't no Santa coming for you, we are the Rulers
And we hate you and your big ******* ****, you ain't got *****
You are costing us ****** money, time and energy, you effin ****
Do you know some of us sit all day thinking up ways to get at you
Do you know some wait in the ****** cold to watch you all day
You think its easy having to think up nonsensical things to write
Or making up all kinds of scenarios all because of you *******
You think you are superman, Atlas and Einstein rolled into one!

Do you, George, Answer me George.....answer Me!!!
hahaha   hahaha    hahaha.........
Persephone Dec 2018
Dear Child,
When you howl at the moon
Roaring about lost loves and broken parts
About the stories that ended in shatters  
And a scissor snipped life  
Know that I hear you
And that I am always here for you

When you glance at my stars
And wish a wish that resides so dearly within your heart
Know that every whispered wish has been delivered
And someday soon it will be answered

When you notice the darkness between the light
The one that seems to mirror your screeching fright
And reflect your own life
Know I will soon fade
And that the day always comes after the night
With Love,
Your Night Sky
crystal holly Mar 2018
rocks held my troubles
& got tossed in the ocean
where they sank deeply
in the depths of the roaring cage
that couldn’t arrest my soul.
i thanked the moon
& watched as her body glowed
and waned to a milky curve –
crescent, like the smile of a satisfied lover.
the waves met me at the shore
longing to embrace
but instead whispering
in between tender crashes,
you are hallowed, not hollow
you are hallowed, not hollow.
i understood.
E McNamara Mar 2018
The sky
A reflection of the sea.
Is that what I am?
A reflection of who I want to be?

It’s wrong
That my words are gentle ripples.
When I want them to be
Roaring oceans.

My reflection is a sea
Trapped inside a raindrop
I’m going to break free
With crashing waves inside of me.
to me
me make
your periods

she came to me
my eyes had been stale
she seemed to have
enough life

we were confused
she set my eyes ablaze
with her *******
she has
measurement requirement

aside from poetry
this thought makes me
she thought
like that
no piece


now she is no peace in meet

how repentant

if the truth hurts
to make her cry

not to be mean
perhaps show her
what we mean


they clang

be an
or be
Dimitri Ali Aug 2017
She is wild!
Isn't she?
With the eyes that capture,
Her smile is simplicity!
Who is she?
A question so profound,
The gods had no answer,
She's left she's right she's up and she's down.
But she is who she is,
Driven by passion her joy is like music,
Her laughs intoxicates,
Her being is amazing yet so simplistic.
She's wild isn't she,
A soul that can't be tamed.
Trapping her a sin,
She is beauty as a roaring fire but death as a bottled flame.
rose Jul 2017
How unsettling
Now I'll rest
The roaring waves
roll down
Complete stillness
Lark Train Jun 2016
The world is quiet here.
Woes are never near
Because someone here
Will always lend an ear
Or give a cheer
And never leer.
So even though it's roaring, dear,
The world is quiet here.
Äŧül Jun 2016
You need me in your boredom,
I can calm down your roaring,
Fill up your emptiness with love,
I can spice up your bedroom,
And love your unlovable soul.
This one's for someone special.

My HP Poem #1085
©Atul Kaushal
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