Gathering leaves of our tomorrow seasons
Falling to earth on the breath of a breeze
Till comes the day when she sits here beside me
Sharing the beauty her smile does inspire.

Nomie 1d

Slice my heart with your silence
Roast my brain with your memory
Sprinkle  2 pinches of regrets on my story
Saute my waist with traces of your arms till i'm crunchy
Lay me on a burnt slice of Should Have Been
Lay me there medium rare, with my scars on display

There you have it
A masterpiece  dish,
In need of a fancy french name
Of what love looks like
When its too much

Gentle golden leaves
Brushes autumns chilly air
With really sweet dreams

The branches hung, leaves long since
vacant of there mooring.
All had wept like tears, but beyond
their holdings had become decomposed
words on the ground,.. "Death lies this,

But beyond, within the reaches of
exhaled breath, travelling further than
that which had expelled it,  fallen on the
ground of ill given recourse, open mouthed.

This lingering tomb of wooden effigies,
collecting fallen moments beneath their
husks of bark, only feeding on the fallen,
but never showing life, dull branches hang.

There is a path that is naked like a virgin,
but this offering bled its curse within this
place, and everything is now exposed.
Feeding on those of frail thoughts,
who collect like berries crimson on the ground.

i wish our love could have unattached itself and fallen as gently as the autumn leaves do in the breeze; like a ship sailing smoothly at sea.
i wish our love had ended on a winter's day, so the memories would feel like icicles ready to fall on my skull, rather than fire creeping up my back, like the blazing summer heat.

Carson Sep 9

Wind kissed cheeks and blood blushed.

Hazelnut brown, Maroon, forest green, and sunset yellow are the leaves.

A soft crunch, half witted twirl, and I fall into the pile carelessly with my breath heavy and cold.

It's Autumn in your eyes and I'm in love.

Salome 6d

yellow, orange, brown
leaves are falling on the ground
trees are weeping...
winter's coming...
days are passing...
i'm slowly breaking down.

i thought of georgia and its lake
i thought of you and the love we made
i am weeping...
you're not coming...
the nights are fading...
i'm slowly breaking down.

"David, where are you?"

Love, Emmanuelle.

I wrote to you, love.
I hope you got my message.
I am leaving here.

Listen to me.

When life is scattered like
fallen dried leaves,
someone collects,
sets on the fire and leaves....

Love yourself composed in yourself...
Otherwise people will take you for ride....
Mono Sep 8

A fresh breeze of  summer hits my face
as your comes up short without water to embrace
and as the air turn up swiftly
clouds began to appear suddenly
makes rain to quench thy thirst
and yet you have grown drunk
that thou couldn't drink a drop

So as frosty air fill up by snow
leaves colored all soft and white
and you no warmth sent to freeze the night

Then comes the bloom of your secrets
some bright flowers and fruits
coming to those who are needed
to bear more everlasting loot

Lastly, it was the peak of death
when everything dying was beauty
you held strong to give out your last breath
to leaves that have fallen
stepped to a crisp
an eminent way to go out like this
thus you shall live forever being
You from the very start your own sapling

For nature lovers
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