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Trying to catch you
Yet you leap fast
Barely touching the soil
As if you don't want it to disturb it
Your hair ripples in waves
Where the leaves
Each carries a scent
And a soothing story
You run in front of me
And time to time you look back
Just to assure me
You're not leaving me
Your hand beckoning
On floating autumn whispers
Ave Sep 27
When I describe the air in the current season I never have the words to Articulate This feeling
All hallows
A Season To Be Thankful
The corn
ready to be cut
Or perhaps molded into a maze for the little ones
Full of spice and flavor for you to smell
Or maybe just to be severed for your porch
The air
Is crisp, refreshing
When you say “it’s nice outside,” this is to what you refer
Is nippy, full
On the edge of Sweaters
     On days I have time I like to lay in the center of the field after practice and breathe
      The air restores my soul, my hope
If nothing else, I love
The air
Ave Oct 5
and maybe you:)
Extension of my last poem
Max Oct 6
As your love fills my woods,
Your heart beats like the heavy raindrops on the street.
Your hair like the movement of the leaves,
Your voice like a the whispering of the wind.,
Your eyes, so gray as the calming sky.
Your smell, the reminder of my favourite moment
Your body as a strong tree, so beautiful and magnificent.

You are my autumn,

You bring the most memorable times to me.
Still love you
Carmen Jane Oct 6
Clasping the foil of your cascading words
I pull as much as I can, then use my arm
To cut in ninja style,only to reboot your vocal chords
I seek the meaning in them,I mean no harm.

There's never time to stay and float on summer breeze
Sunshine touches you  briefly as  you claim the cold winds
It has my skin trembling, has my thoughts freeze
I watch the autumn wind, how my believes it spins…

The autumn wind, that carries all the colored leaves,
It draws with them uncodable, secret messages
The fate  of our love, the fate of you and me…
I pray and try to catch the one that could  salvage  us...
In the autumn leaves they play
The little fairies dance all day
Tinting the trees, the ferns and fonds
Painting the fall with their wings and wands
Before the ponds turn to icy glass
Please hold this fall moment slowly past
© LadyRavenhill 2019
Fall is my favorite time of the year.

You can already tell when Fall is coming near.

The air is cool, and it is so perfect.

The leaves are falling as if they are imperfect!

The colors are changing from green to yellow and red.

I really can almost sense what the birds have just said.

They are chirping away in the trees like a song.

To me,

Fall makes me feel that there is absolutely nothing wrong!
I had written this when I was at a park sitting on a bench :)
Ameed Oct 5
Leave me in the past, leave me, I just want to be where I belong
Leave me in the woods, in the forest amongst the noble trees and sturdy grounds,

Leave me with the leaf that shuffles with the wind and hisses with the breeze,
Leave me in the cornfields, under the golden God that makes me feel different about myself.

Leave me when orange surpasses the green when yellow becomes so seen.

I want to be left alone with my simplicity and spontaneity,
I want to be left there away from the lights, gasps, and whispers …
I want to return to my old self, to when innocence controlled my words and smiles never left my face.

Leave me there, oh time and I’ll be just fine.
Am I more like
The deciduous trees
Shedding their leaves
Like crippled tears
Cast to the ground
As shrivelled fears
Bleached bone branches
Raised to the sky
Begging for an end
To what has only begun
Part one of two. We can post again!
Serendipity Sep 28
She was crisp in Autumn's wind.
Definite lines of beauty
set in stone,
on pavements filled
with leaves.

Her skin is cinnamon sprinkled,
and her oh just as punchy.

She was scented with spice,
her presence never a shadow
or mango-mangled mixture.
It was definite,
it was there.

She was there.
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