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Here weeps again, my Willow tree,
You cut its branches 1, 2, 3,
The ones, that touched the power lines
You cut the 4th and 5th long vines

It grows so fast, you'll come again,
You'll cut 6, 7 ,8 ,9 ,10,
But, when you climb down your cherry picker,
You'll see, I made them each, a pricker

I'll carry them to the nameless lake,
I'll plant them for my Willow's sake,
I'll wait for their first spring leaves
Those ones, in late fall, my eyes will please!
FinnleyGabby Mar 11
Only with clear leaves can we see the sky through the trees.
Anya 19h
"It's all your fault" The Leaf Blower complains
"Well, now you've gone and done it" the Rake, my supposed friend admonishes me
My head is buzzing
Says the Leaf Blower, "Always favoring him over me"

Ms. Leaf Blower and I have never gotten along,
Me, because of my seeming inability to properly use her, and the irritation when my dad could and asked me to hold the wire for him
Her, because of my, from a very young age, obvious favoritism towards Mr. Rake, who used to be my best friend until he passed away and my family disposed of his plastic remains

His predecessor, Rake junior, is far sharper than his old man
But rather than make him a better rake this simply adds to his narcissism
Unfortunately, this increases his attraction as well and each time he's swept about it's not just the leaves that are unearthed
Despite this obvious flaw in his being overly sharp, he sees it fit to admonish me for breaking Ms. Leaf Blower
Don't think I can't see the two of you flirting out there!

But indeed I did,
Break her that is, clearly none of the wires were pulled out
yet, she refuses to work

So now,
I'm left with a sullen rake
And a thousand-
Scratch that,
A seemingly never ending yard full of leaves
To clarify I used to really like a plastic rake but it broke and was thrown away. We also had a leaf blower but I could never properly use it. We later bought a metal rake which was overly sharp and has the tenancy of getting caught in the grass. Years later I was asked to blow the leaves but I managed to break the blower in five minutes so I resorted to the infuriating rake.
You were born a seed,
tiny and weak.
Planted in soil,
dark, lonely and cold.
Mind filled with thoughts,
tears flowing, watering each quote.
You'll start to grow,
you'll learn to stand,
and feel the warm sun touch your hand.
Your leaves will drive you
to all that's worse,
then you'll bloom as a flower
with the power of words.
Waves are crashing on a sunny day,
my love for you grows day by day.
Leaves are falling; autumn wind,
my soul is falling without a hint.
Colder than the winter snow,
my heart is freezing, you didn't know.
The spring will come,
our flower will bloom;
an endless cycle, we'll be home soon.
I remember so well coming home from school the autumn leaves golden brown recently fallen from trees
laid on the ground the joy of kicking through them that rustling sound
winter chills whistling around trees
now laid
suddenly I start to speed up at thought of getting home for my tea school all forgotten and homework too until the next
Thoughts of kicking through Autumn leaves golden brown recently fallen from trees then speeding up to get home for my tea
Been long since that paled sunny sky,
autumn winds are drifting by;
magic moving under skies,
never seen by waking eyes.
except for them,
to those who believe
blissfully, beaming autumn vibes.
dreaming as the days go by,
dreamingly, the summers die.
eager eye and willing ear:
a pleasing wonderful tale to hear.
in autumn when the leaves are brown;
reincarnating, a new better one,
take pen and ink and write it down,
till the tale is rightly done.
gabrielle Mar 17
for eternity

so be it,
let the wind pass through.
for my eyes.
be still with,
let them envy your blues.
My love,
With the chapters of life.
With the beauty of words.

Leaves are you.
Leaves are needed.
Leaves that fall.
Not with me.

Leaves are you.
Leaves are being read.
Leaves that are loved.
Not so me.
MJL Mar 15
Brown overlay against blue autumn sky
Dry leaves waiting for their turn to fly
Arched gnarled branches gloom high overhead
Pine needles rust and fall slowly to bed

Winter's sleep wakes as each tree gives stretch
Cracking and snapping with bones of a wretch
Red oaks to white ash do pine for ripe summer
Limbs shake to the clouds to protest the new comer

North's exhale blows to bring change of a season
Kills without warning never sharing a reason
Only the edge of snows skyline is clear
Prepare for life's tapping as winter is here

© 2019 MJL
Nod to GOT and our friends the trees, with their shape, their movement, their sound, their connection to the earth... Like us...
a sultry day ends,
hot, swift wind moves the tired leaves;
early moon looks on!
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