A temple of leaves
Embraces the lofty sky
Mother Earth worships

Rivers of birdsong
Are enchanting the forest
Flowing through the leaves

Red fox runs across
Rocks carpeted with moss, leaves
Paws move like the Spring.

Saint Titus May 11

It never dies but never stays the same
And I must admit I like to watch it change
Cause the world is empty and I am as well
Skipping down to the sound of a funeral bell
But I still love and I'm still alive
Give it time; I'm sure I'll turn out fine
Lonely only in my mind

Something I can't grasp but
Makes me feel so self-aware
A little bit of sorrow
To compliment an empty stare
That never lies
But truth be told, I've paid my fines
And I've never felt better
Than I do when I

Let it all unwind
Ease the burden of my crimes
And hesitate or meditate on what I'll leave behind
Thinking of the end never made it get here any faster
And if I've got to be thinking all the time

Yeah, maybe
Free will is a little bold
Everyone is bought and sold
The sale is final and denial
Never helped out anyway
Maybe living for a dollar is as bad as they say
But make no mistake
I wouldn’t have it any other way

Vexren4000 May 7

The clouds shaped,
By the hands of great winds,
Form arbitrary shapes,
Some can be this,
Others can be that,
As the clouds drift on wistfully by,
I find a sense of peace under this great oak,
A sense of peace rendered obsolete,
When I wander regretfully back into,
The density of the urban jungle.

lovers never leaves ...

as the soul and body ...
they are ...
as the moos and it's stars ...
always they are ...
as the sun and every morning ...
they are...
never one to leave ...
the other ...
whatever the reason ...
whatever been ..
they can't leave ..
one the other..
and no one can be ...
without the other...
because they ...
one ...
and one lives ...
in one ...
as the body ...
and it's soul ...
could the one be ...
without it's one soul ...
no they can't ...
because they are lovers...
even if they were apart ...
with a lot of miles ...
with a long distance ..
no one can live ...
without each others ..
because they are ...
lovers ...
as me and you ...
even if we got wrong each others ...
never to be apart ...
because we got a same heart ...
the same one ...
which it beats for us ...
beat only as a one heart ...
to get our souls alive ...

never lovers leave ...
never leave each others ...

so, sweetheart ...
could you leave your soul ...
could you live with no breathes ...
sure ...
you can't do ...
as me ...
never ever to leave you ...
because you are ...
the soul ...
the heart ...
and every thing ...
for me ...
that's why ...
we can't be apart ...
and never to leave ...
each others ...

hazem al ...

Sun Smriti Apr 25

I sit with the same old books in twilight
at my grey colored balcony
as if I am there for years.....  
Don't you believe I can dance with the wild wind?

I cry with the sunset when egrets fly home
Don't you know I smile with the morning sun,
forgetting all the mourns for a little while?

I remember all those dead cactus whom I cared enough
Have you forgotten all the dusts and lush green places
where once we sat for years to celebrate moments?

I love from distance like the moon adores darkness
In a crowded place, don't you feel my absence .....?

I  tolerate you like the branches of tree tolerate the unknown birds
Don't you believe in to live a life with one soul who called you mine once?

I smile when darkness occupy my thoughts
When words may not be beautiful than my silence
Don't you know how to appreciate little things in life
that make life simply content?

In return of my every single tear drops, I want the open sky, green field, blue ocean
Don't you know when you break hearts, hearts love you less?
Haven't you learned how to caress a broken soul that came back again and again to you to fix her every damn shattered pieces?
You gave her false hopes, opened the door and drove her away.....

I respect those who knows suffering, struggle, pain
I embrace my flaws and imperfections in a perfect balance
I color my darkest hours on bright canvas
Don't you know chasing rainbows are in vain?

~||April 2017||

TG Apr 23

Scarlet leaves fall
gently gliding in the autumn air
withering away
with the bright hues of our passion
tears fall like petals in the wind.

Beau Scorgie Apr 22

A cloud never
the same shape
from point a
to point b.

And if they did
would we even
bother to lie
in the grass

There's a reason
many of the best
thinkers in history
took off into nature

She never forgets
what humanity
has long ago

We would not
tape leaves
to a tree
to stop her
leaves from

Or barricade
the ocean
to stop
her ride
from rising.

Or push
the sky
to prevent
a storm.

But we do it
to ourselves
and each other
every day.

Jon Po Dom Apr 10

I see your green pastures
Coming back to life
Hear birds singing
The woodpecker moves
To the beat of the tree
Springtime has arrived

The waters rush fierce
Moving fish in its current
Leaves slowly returning
The building blocks of life
Arching over like a tunnel
Springtime has arrived

Water droplets fall off the rocks
Creating miniature rivers
Leading to roaring waters
A stream that flows with life
Washing away my cares
Springtime has arrived

Man made beasts
Move through the paths
Post hibernation
Breathing fresh air
And little ones following closely behind
Springtime has arrived

JM 4/9/17

Went hiking with my son for the first time this season. This is what we saw, heard and felt.
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