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Be as the leaves
of one tree dappled
by shades of light
that are never
in the same
pattern, floating
as stardust or
leaves, dream
as a poet
and hear the
words of
small things
in existence,
they are ways
of home for
the lost one,
an elusive
dancer of
the infinite.
B Nov 2023
The harvest is done,
a blue moon hangs from a string of silver
North wind found summer,
and has stalked and killed her.
I'm sending out puffs of ice cold breath
tender stream gathering in the frost
watching bejeweled leaves reach their final death and fall amongst the lost.
hyun Nov 2023
whatever i touch
turns into tragedy—
Midas wishes his hands
were made of mine.

i dare not touch
trees and their leaves—
their old age
will not matter
once i graze their skin.

i do wonder
if everything good
that comes are worthy
of my ruin—
they quickly turn
sour and ugly
once they,
rest their heads
on my lap
and i am left here,
once again,
picking up the scraps,
telling myself
nothing incredibly,
or inherently, bad
has happened yet.

but what if it comes?

what if the world
decides to put
the blame on me
and punish me
for simply being alive?

should i keep
crawling back
to life?

or should i
accept the fate
i have been given?
Savio Fonseca Sep 2023
Our Lives are not always Pretty,
rarely it's coated in Colours of Gold.
A few bask in Rays of Sunshine.
While others, shiver in the bitter Cold.
At times, Life pictures joyful Faces
and at times, it has a empty Past.
Someone One Day, will fill your Spaces.
But see to it, your memories Last.
Tears like Leaves, will fall to the Ground
and your Memories, will turn Cold.
It's Love, that makes Life worth Living.
See to it that, it's never Sold.
Heidi Franke Sep 2023
One more before I go.
Into the wilderness of parts and dreams. A happy send off in the cool morning.

I will be back in a new form perhaps, a more rounded crown of a tree, after years of pruning.
A "wild and precious life" with untold horrors, spoken dreams, and wandering caravans of thought.

In yellow abodes loving kindness which is yours. Maybe it will seep in like a root gives to it's leaves. Traveling through twisted currents. It's fragile rose petals. Short lived. But remembered.
It's almost mid September and the Julia Child rose bush pushes out it's last rose for this year. A year of waiting, trauma, wandering untethered.
Savio Fonseca Aug 2023
Count the Raindrops,
falling in a Rainstorm.
Count the Leaves,
that are there on a Tree.
Count the Stars,
Up there in Heaven.
Count the Fishes,
Swimming out at Sea.
Take the Happiness,
of the Universe.
and Add them all,
to a Love that never Ends.
Her Heart,
will taste only Laughter
and Her Eyes,
will hold U until the End.
When nothings wrong,
I dont write well.
I try and fail to think of a word besides 'filters' to describe the light coming through the wisteria leaves.
Soak up the light-filled air of the early morning,
And call this a day of few words.
Eloisa Dec 2022
Like a red-crowned crane, she is not bothered by the cold
She chases the last tints of autumn
She hums as she hears the sound of the leaves under her feet
She has not forgotten all her dreams she has in her heart
She continues to live
Mark Wanless Dec 2022
fat squirrel move slow
warm sun brown leaves food close now
ignorance craving
Eloisa Nov 2022
I started to float
and I’m ready to fall
But I’m not frightened
I’d never cling to your branch
I’ve memorized
the happiness you gave
The nourishment we shared
I will always be a part of you
Worry not my dear
I’ll be back again
to find you

                          Another autumn leaf
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