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Emotions make you weak,
That’s all everyone has ever taught me.
I’m like a broken clock,
Standing in one place for what seems like forever,
Deep inside I still crave love and affection,
Although cruelty is all I’ve ever known.
Some days are bright,
And some are colored in darkest shades of night.
Emptiness is echoing through me,
The mirror is my worst enemy,
Reality in it I can clearly see.
that moment
laying on that couch
I wanted to kiss your lips so badly
dying to feel
your lips on my lips
my heart ached
and I desperately needed
it's about you this time.
Wolf Dec 2018
I can't tell what is empty
My stomach
Or my soul
They both hold similar sensations
Craving for something, anything
Depending on how desperate I am
Longing for food
Hungry for love
Both have the power to sustain
Everyday I tell her
Not to remember your dimples.
Everyday I tell her
Not to find those crinkles,
Your eyes created
While the smile wrapped itself,
Intimately around your lips
And the first nail of my coffin was hit!

Your heart is stuck in someone else,
And mine I have left in your closet.
After all the time that has passed
I am still staring,
At the empty mug to hold just a drop,
A drop to satisfy this craving
Or maybe just to forget this thirst.
Thirst,quenched not even by the elixir,
Elixir that saved the life
But could not fill the emptiness in it
Could not give it a meaning to be lived.

All I need is  a bit of you,
But sigh! I can have that never.
Yet I love you
Just the way you love her
Someone said it right-
One sided love holds an alien kind of peace,
Peace in the pleasure offered by pain,
Pain that I, so passionately chase.
Leah Jan 9
I'm craving something I no longer have
Craving something I miss deeply
Constantly running towards a temporary fix,
Knowing it won't last
I miss the warmth & security of  someone's arms
Feeling at bliss, my heart rest
Now, here I am restless
Always searching for something
I know it won't come soon enough.
Leah Jan 9
I miss it
I sit by the window looking for it
I wait for it
My mouth is open waiting for the words to spill out
I want it
My arms are open, welcoming it
I need it
My body craves & bones ache
Constantly waiting for,
Rowan S Jan 4
Match me in fire
Match me in pain
And if my heart stops
Bring me back
Let's change where we've been
What we've been
To roam and find that all along what we both sought
Was present in the mirror of the other
The same, but completing
Match me
Match me in desire
To hide away in the church of Shakespeare's beast
A sanctuary of ***** truth
Unclothed worship
Amen and Hallelujah
Private Bacchanalia
To praise us
Match me
Match me
Save this soul
Anneli Dec 2018
I just want someone who,
above all,
craves me,
wants me,
desires me
and my perfect imperfections

A passion expressed in love,
not one that turns into insecurity
and disbelief
I can't stop thinking of you.
You're a trespasser in my mind and I don't want to send you away.
Your eyes are light, they are mine when the light shines upon them.
Your lips are experienced, it taught mine to treasure the time.
Your tongue is out of sync, but it still found a way to connect with mine.
Your eyes see me, but our souls don't want to align.
---I want to feel your lips again J.M
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