Goodbye, my dear friend, for now.
I’m gone for only a day,
But I know that you know how,
for our next minuet, I’ll await.

Goodbye, my dear ol’ Chickering,
‘Til the next time I’ll sit and then
I’ll listen to your diamond ring
Bless my ears again.

Thank you, yes you, my dear,
For offering your friendly counsel,
For lending me your patient ears
Over years and through tears as well.

Just a day, my dear, lil’ piano,
Until I’ll peer again into your musical window.

I realized today just how... much... I truly do love my piano. Even if I play the same, singular song over and over again, I just love to stop by the piano in my few free minutes of down time and sing and play. I often revisit the same songs just because I know how to play them while singing and do it well (or at least fairly decently in my mind) during those few short minutes. I’ve often been so overwhelmed with happiness that J’ve just wanted to play, giving me an excuse to belt the lyrics as loud as I can (lol) or play to finally release any restrained or built up stress from throughout the day. I suppose I use it to cope with many things. I suppose I use music in general for this purpose: to cope. It’s either that, or to motivate or inspire me to do something. Also, sometimes, I suppose a “Disney princess” just wants a dramatic background orchestral acccompaniment to what she does, lol... I may not have an orchestra, but I have my piano... and that’s all I need. ❤️☺️
dewdrop 1d
i’ve noticed all of these things about myself
and about him --
but i haven’t really seen him (i don’t even know you)
but i know that if i wasn’t in his home, we could be more than just friends.
but it seemed like he was scared. (are you scared?)

how could i share something like this with you?
you would never accept this part of me,
you would never love this part of me.

he wears a gold chain, a cross (always);
a white tee shirt, navy fitted pants.

straight brows, bleached teeth,
strong hands. honeycomb skin,
dirt colored eyes. he notices the highlights in her hair,
he sees the new way i tie my shoes,
then he swallows his tongue. that’s just the way he is.
because of that, i hate him.
i hate it when he looks at me
because the electricity that runs through the school,
runs through his wires,
runs through his stares and fries my circuits.

(he notices me and everything,
but he’ll never say anything. that’s just the way he is.)

you said you didn’t want them,
you only wanted to ask me.
you like them every color
but i’m sure there is a certain spice that she puts into
her chicken;
but why do you only talk to me when you’re in a horny state?
but you swear to me you aren’t that kind of guy.

now, i can’t help but wonder what those charged looks were for.
since they meant nothing and you weren’t feeling some type of way;
i’m just dreaming. you won’t even tell me in my dreams.
i think it’s just the fascination of you playing hard to get --
hard to get, you’re hard to get -- at least to a girl like me.

(would you be really embarrassed to hold my hand?)
(would it be the end of the world if we hugged?)
(would it really be that bad if we kissed?)

a gold cross that would swing the more you grace my body,
and the more you behold the body i possess.
you don’t say anything, so i’m sure you don’t seem to mind
the flaws.

you want to smack me, i’ve got you blushing.
backhand me across the face;
stop staring at me, you fool.
don’t give me that look.

you make me feel bad,
and i want to kiss you but i’m mad at you
and i hate you because you know how you want me to crawl to you.

but i like you and i want you.
i dreamt about you during the weekend, and early in the week.
i got really mad and sad because you didn't call.

but you say you don't talk to anyone like that.

now you think i’m weird because
i want to reach out to you. i’ll give you a few more hours, a few more days.
i want you to get to me, i’ll let you get to me.
i want u 2 want me 2

(dont worry about this)
Amanda 2d
Distance a temporary challenge
When I cannot see your face
The restraining miles longer
Without your peaceful embrace

I hear your voice
Cannot help but smile
It makes it better
At least for a little while

Your words get me
Through another hard night
Memories of you and I
Always burning close and bright

I miss you more my love
Every second you are not here
Spend each day wishing
I could hold you near

Time will come and go
Soon I'll be with you
Until then I sit and count the miles
I don't know what else to do
One from high school
Amanda 3d
Please tell me friend
What way I did wrong
Our fantastic friendship didn't
Last for very long

I am sorry I hurt you
With whatever I said or did
I apologize for not
Noticing what you hid

Can you forgive me?
Do not cry anymore
I hate to see your tears
And not know what they're for

Say you are joking
Do not ignore me today
Can't live without you
Alone I'm not okay
Amanda 4d
Didn't I make you feel happy?
Didn't I cause you to smile?
I am sorry that it didn't work,
At least I had you for awhile.

Didn't know you would break my heart,
I fell in love with you,
It's my fault, I should have known,
You were too good to be true.


Will you be mine again someday?
How did this happen? Will we still call and speak?
Please wait, don't go, give me one chance,
Or at least the answers I seek.

Fairytales set me up for certain disappointment
Princes don't exist in real life,
So I was shocked when I realized
I wouldn't be your queen or wife.

Hurts my heart to hear you say
Feelings are fading now,
I can't sleep alone in my empty bed,
Silence has never seemed so loud.


I will be nothing but a memory before long,
You're moving forward without me, but I can't move on.
Decaying from the inside.

Waiting for a better day;
Wishing one would come my way.
But all my dreams fade away
And I am left in my ruins, old and insane.

Times they are a changing, but I am not changing my mind.
Too quickly I am aging; I am running out of life.
Life is too short to have just one attempt;
All this life has ever given to me is a look of contempt.

Why is it all wrong?
Every choice I make is a bad decision.
Forgotten thoughts, forgotten lyrics to a song I cannot remember.
I decided to embrace my lack of memory and my indecision.

Always look on the pessimistic side of life;
Internally my mind is Spaghetti Junction and I am a bundle of wires.
Nothing does what it is supposed to do.
Heart left to by-pass love and cells are reborn,
But I have never felt brand new.

Feet are aching; wrinkles have built an extension.
Why so much frustration because of a part I cannot mention?
Brain on strike at half past midnight;
This is my darkest hour…see the truth in the reflection of my eyes.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Once upon time
there was a shampoo bottle
called Miss Strawberry

All day long she sat
on edge of bath just staring
at washed out tiles

Then one day when she
woke up she notice a white
bottle of shampoo

Hi there strawberry
I'm a conditioner , my
name is Coconut

Together they laughed
and made bubbles and even
had fun foam parties

They both loved water
Sometimes there slide down plug hole
Into a tunnel

Then they went splish splash
into the drain , but really
it's a water park

full of slides and fun
tunnels , lots of drain people
lived down there too , there

was a shaver called
Razors , he was like a dog
And barked all day long!!

And lots of hair dudes
and hair women , they carried
a net to catch hair

to make more hairy
people , they all supervised
the fun water park

Strawberry blew fun
bubbles whilst coconut made chilled out smoothie drinks

When the day came to
an end , strawberry went to sleep
feeling neatly sweet

And as for Mr
Coconut he hula danced
and sang lovely songs

to cheer up Edith
the tap , who cried every night
But by morning light

her tears had dried up :-))
I was inspired with little story I cleaned bathroom today and my imagination had fun and I just let it all go and it was fun x ;, hope u all well and thank u to those who sent me lovely messages I so appreciate very much <3
It's hard to stay away from hp as I love to write but this one got the better of me as it was fun fun fun  , have  lovely weekend all <3 x
Faera 4d
They always sing about
The kinds of eyes they drown in
But you
And your candy cane smile
Licorice lashes and tearstained cheeks
You never seemed an ocean to me
Behind your every shadow stood your fire
Of a volcano
No, not the kind
That erupts and destroys
But the dormancy and the promise
Of destruction, instead
As sweet as
All our hidden lies
Drink the pain that is sweet to the heart;
Ease the ache of what was lost,
With sharp words;
Enjoy the tears down my cheeks,
When I recall with fondness,
The feeling of your heart
Great happiness and pain came together when it came to me and her. A perfect storm of lace and lashes and I loved it and hated it.
Stripped of dignity,
Stripped of reality,
A screw overused,
A life reduced to nothing,
By this reality of ours.
Now just an old man,
Stripped of youth,
A young mind,
In an old decaying body.
The fate of all of humanity it seems.
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