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alexxa 6h
certain things are special things
whether it be a song you love to sing,
or your mom's special ring,
it never gets old.

maybe it's a quote from your favorite book,
or, from your loved one, that special look.
it never gets old.

but sometimes feelings start to fade away,
not as special when you're old and gray.
and ****, before you know it,
you're getting old.
i'm feeling too much that i don't feel anything at all
sara May 2014
You cover yourself in a thousand tattoos
and then claim you're afraid of commitment
but they're there to stay, they're not going away
and you see the word 'love' as no different

once it's been said there's no taking it back
so you must be completely certain
that you'll feel the same way, the day after today
when you can't hide behind bedroom curtains

you ask to go slow
and say you'll let her know
when you're ready to for this to progress
you don't want any labels
just to someone to cradle
as you both quickly begin to undress

drinking and smoking to take off the edge
moaning and groaning whilst lost in the bed
your breathing is heavy, your back is all scratched
this is the life of *"no strings attached"
sara Jun 2014
i will watch as you walk away with pieces of my brittle heart lodged into your palms
and i hope they sting every time her hand slips into yours

i will watch empty promises tumble from your mouth as you exhale  
and i hope you choke on them

and as you breathe in every molecule of her perfume
i hope the scent stings your nose

i will watch you kiss her and kiss her and kiss her
and i hope it's the best experience of your life

so i watch you fall from grace as she discards you like a jumper she has outgrown
and i taste the same sweet satisfaction you did when she kissed you

i watch as a drunken mess
because the hangovers hurt much less than even a fleeting thought of you
once again:
whoever you think this is about, think again
Mute 1d
how we used to be
back when
I couldn't breathe
call me breathless
bc you were breathtaking
and mine .

you were like a rose .
beautiful yet dangerous
with thorns tipped w poison .
grew up through a ***** in the cement ,
felt nothing but continual abandonment
and an ache
for something you know nothing about .

maybe you were more like an onion .
each time you pull back a layer ,
there's always another
in its place .
had heart of ice ,
one I tried to unthaw .
I wiped your surface ,
and it just froze back over
immediately after .

an imperfect flaw of perfection .
someone in need of affection ,
commitment , attention and direction
you are someone
who would've died
saving me .

and that just can't be .
"I like it. The first and second paragraph (stanza) make me think of my ex."-SB
Masin 3d
Hey you, heart
I notice that different beat

“Yeah, are you scared”

I am, but it feels great

“It’s ok, I got you”

Ok, I’m all in

Hey gaby! (flaking) Could I,
Get some barbecue sauce

About an ex girl. You were my badfish.
Only love Kapa, you now that better than anybody.
Old people
Have had more time
To develop a concrete set of ideas
Of the world
From which they are not prepared to budge
And cannot either

For once concrete hardens
It is never softened
Love, Knowledge, and Faith
Come in.
Early 2018
Everyone takes life differently as some people have unconsciously decided to take life this way.
Amanda 1d
Where there is mistletoe and twinkling lights
There are also memories of me and you
It kills me to know that I'll be spending
Christmas this year alone and blue

Life had not been so kind to me
Since harsh Winter decided to come around
Kicked me out of your life and then
Scattered our love over the ground

We do not talk very much anymore
Seems like you're happier now
Without my sour attitude
To hold back and keep you down

Everyone is critically whispering about
How long it is taking me to move on
I don't care because they don't know
The way it feels to be consumed by a presence long gone

Holiday cheer is in the air
Yet a scowl adorns my pale face
Too haunted by ghosts of the present and past
Too many memories time can't erase

To enjoy the decorated trees
Or the music falling on my ears
It seems like my disdain for Santa
Only strengthens through the years

Don't wish me a Merry Christmas
Because it's going to be anything but
The irony is too much for me to take
I'd rather you just keep your mouth shut

I don't want any presents or cards
My grinch-like heart is bitter to the core
The only thing I want for Christmas
Is to not love you anymore
All I want for Christmas is to stuff my face with cookies and cocoa.. interesting story, I stumbled upon this one by happenchance and it was written exactly six years ago on this date. So crazy that happened to be the one I pulled out to post.
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