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George Krokos Mar 2021
No matter who you are or what you have been doing
at some stage an obstacle appears without choosing.
It may be a person, a thing or one of nature's forces
that can just set you back on your forward courses.
It could also be a sheer lack of available knowledge
called ignorance, about what to do next or to manage
that activity or certain thing you've been involved in
where any progress forward seems unlikely and thin.

There may be other factors as well such as motivation,
issues of health, self confidence and lack of inspiration
which could be affecting or stalling the overall progress
of the situation at hand causing some undesirable stress.
A breakdown in one's personal or business relationship
will likely be a major setback causing a backward flip
especially where the parties are involved in a litigation
and the legal processes stretch out beyond expectation.
© 2021 George Krokos
This would also include writer's block. Written late in 2020.
इस सृष्टि में हर व्यक्ति को, आजादी अभिव्यक्ति की,
व्यक्ति का निजस्वार्थ फलित हो,नही चाह ये सृष्टि की।
जिस नदिया की नौका जाके,नदिया के हीं धार बहे ,
उस नौका को किधर फ़िक्र कि,कोई ना पतवार रहे?
लहरों से लड़ने भिड़ने में , उस नौका का सम्मान नहीं,
विजय मार्ग के टल जाने से, मंजिल का अवसान नहीं।

जिन्हें चाह है इस जीवन में,स्वर्णिम भोर उजाले  की,
उन  राहों पे स्वागत करते,घटा टोप अन्धियारे भी।
इन घटाटोप अंधियारों का,संज्ञान अति आवश्यक है,
गर तम से मन में घन व्याप्त हो,सारे श्रम निरर्थक है।
आड़ी तिरछी सी गलियों में, लुकछिप रहना त्राण नहीं,
भय के मन में फल जाने से ,भला लुप्त निज ज्ञान कहीं?

इस जीवन में आये हो तो,अरिदल के भी वाण चलेंगे,
जिह्वा से अग्नि  की वर्षा , वाणि  से अपमान फलेंगे।
आंखों में चिंगारी तो क्या, मन मे उनके विष गरल हो,
उनके जैसा ना बन जाना,भाव जगे वो देख सरल हो।
वक्त पड़े तो झुक  जाने में, खोता  क्या सम्मान कहीं?
निज-ह्रदय प्रेम से रहे आप्त,इससे बेहतर उत्थान नहीं।

अजय अमिताभ सुमन
एक व्यक्ति के जीवन में उसकी ईक्क्षानुसार घटनाएँ प्रतिफलित नहीं होती , बल्कि घटनाओं को  प्रतिफलित करने के लिए प्रयास करने पड़ते हैं। समयानुसार झुकना पड़ता है । परिस्थिति के अनुसार  ढ़लना पड़ता है । उपाय के रास्ते अक्सर दृष्टिकोण के परिवर्तित होने पर दृष्टिगोचित होने लगते हैं। बस स्वयं को हर तरह के उपाय के लिए खुला रखना पड़ता है। प्रकृति का यही रहस्य है , अवसान के बाद उदय और श्रम के बाद विश्राम।
M Vogel Jan 2021
Selmhem Naise

What would you do  
if you knew there was a light source   whose
very nature  could illuminate the back
sides of molecules and atoms;  as if
the source did not come from its point of origin
but instead--  permeated all-throughout  
    from all sides at once..  in all directions--
    at the same time;  simultaneously..

    yet also perpetually

..and if so-- where could one hide  from the
knowing-ability  of light of this nature
that chooses to have "known-ability".

What if
by chance,  in life here on earth
we are given the dignity to choose,  through
autonomy.. the freedom to hide--
the power to place, even if through illusion;
and create shadow from a light, that knows no shadow.

What if,  the nature of love  that is also light
chooses  through muse, as one of its loving ways,
to pierce through obstacle  created
by autonomy's oftentimes, need to hide-

What if.

Wouldn't that then be an act of kindness..
and also a beautiful act of honor  towards autonomy
to not force its way in through power
but instead.. coax,  through heart-persuasion?

..And that much more a gift  muse would be
if one were to know  that at the end  of life
would be the complete and full removal  of obstacle
      in order  to know  
   and be fully known?

Without loving acts such as muse
what would be "knowable"  within us
if obstacle were never penetrated,  

in the land of the living?

What if.

Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
You make me wish I was as hollow as a feather

Believe I could ride wind directly to your palms even in a blizzard with enough will and small enough density

I would fold limbs over one another to form the shape of a paper airplane
A postage stamp on my face for good measure
And leap off porch railing to be carried away by spontaneous currents

Soulmates do whatever it takes to draw near one another
There is no obstacle larger than love
Written 4-17-20
Elle Vee Apr 2020
The wall was up high
No one dared to cross
But we both tried
I got stucked in the middle
Saw only darkness
You fiddled
A wail from me
a scuffle from you
I already knew
One thought to understand
One ought I'd understood
I slowly sank
I quickly grabbed
A rabbit above
Lilies, my favorite, at the top
A brokenheart
One hand held me up
Struggled for breathe
Forced me to go forward
Now I look at the sunrise
Alongside him onwards.
Bhill Dec 2019
Your barrier is closing in
How far will you extend your measure
Your measure will be the limitation
Your ONLY obstacle

Brian Hill - 2019 # 307
Have you found your limits?
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
I know you're hurting,
and it seems everything is breaking
apart from every angle.

You feel your thoughts,
and emotions are weighing
your mind and heart.

You feel the days
are dragging you along with it.
You want to be alone,
you push away everyone around you.

I know your contemplating
between giving up,
you feel there is no light.

You feel it's tough,
overwhelming and draining.
You feel the darkness in you
is growing, consuming you cell by cell.
and you just don't fight anymore.

You just want it to stop.
But, I just want you to hang in
there a little longer.

I want you to hold on to the people
who love you even though you feel
there aren't any.

You are loved.
You matter.
Even when you feel
no one can save you,
even when you feel
no one can reach you.

But there is hope as long as there is life.
I want you to breathe.
Just have faith.
Because there is
something greater within you
than the pain or obstacle
you experience and encounter.
Jack P Mar 2019
\                                                     /
  \                                                 /
    \                                             /
      \ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /
        \the brain would be a  /
          \ glass half full were /
            \it not for this,        /
              \ stupid and        /                  
                \ persistent      /
                  ----------------l /
                     ­                    k
may the formatting gods shine down upon me this day
Pyrrha Oct 2018
There is an uncomfortable stillness in my mind
When my eyes you bind
You've attached them to you
As if you tied a knot between us
I frantically try to unravel all the tangles
I get so mad when wherever I go there you are
When I turn a corner
When I enter a room
Anywhere my thoughts may bloom
You are always in the way

You prevent me from all the things I want to say
My limbs are numbed and I can't move
You are to blame for this humiliation
How dare you make me feel this way?
You no longer deserve this power over me
So I revoke your control and take back my will
Instead of removing myself by untangling the mess you've made
I'll snip the strings that trap me
Free at last from that fraying pain
I'll leave you to tangle up in those strings like chains of shame
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