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chloe 9h
A dreadful thing comes into your life
You might have to go under the knife
It can spread
It's in her head
It is going to **** her
It is just going to transfer
I can’t afford to lose another
I can't lose another grandmother
She beat it before
Can she take more?
you pull the strings of my heart until they break

as if cutting the strings to a guitar,
the metal snapping back and cutting your finger

how much longer until you break my neck and body too ?
Stxlle 10h
I've lost a piece of me. No one took it . No one stole it. I just lost it.
A part of me is missing but I don't know which part.
I'm still me I think but something is just off and I can feel it.
I can feel the beating of my heart and I know it's not beating the same.

I'm lacking something and because of that I'm not enough.
I don't know for what but I'm just not enough.
I smile the same. I laugh the same. I cry the same.
Yet, something has changed and I don't know what.

Am I just overthinking this? Am I just not thinking enough?
Is the answer right in front of me? Or is it something I have to dig for?

I surround myself with people I love and call my friends.
Yet, I feel so outed but not for the reasons you think.
I'm there talking to them and joking with them but I'm also not.
It's like I'm watching myself from the outside.

That person they're talking to looks like me and sounds like me but I know its not. The person they're talking to is incomplete. She's someone who doesn't know who she is. She's someone who is awkward just standing there. She doesn't know how to connect and stay connected. That's not the old me. They don't know that. I don't think they even noticed.  My family probably does but I think they'll think it's because I'm stressed.

I want to be back to my normal self. I want to feel like my normal self. I want to find what I lost. I want to know what it is so I can keep it in a safe place; so I'll never be incomplete again.
I haven't been feeling like myself lately...
Well, I guess it's
just one of those nights
when I don't care if my batteries die
and I don’t switch on  
its funny how i find more comfort
in a cold metal blade than you
a pulse can't be trusted
cold steel can't twist my words
unlike everything else
its the one thing i can control
Samantha 12h
Darkness is part of my world.
You may not see that because
I hide behind smiles and laughs.
I’ll save you and leave me behind because the dark is no fun.

Darkness is part of my world.
Without the dark,
I’ll never be who I am today.
Without the dark,
I’ll never understand people
who also lives in the dark.
Without the dark,
I’ll never know how scary the world is.

Darkness is part of my world.
I cry and hide away from the world.
I blame and hate myself.
I overthink and get sad.
I bawl my eyes out and sit in the dark.
Eden 12h
your pathetic apologies did not
save you then,
your pitiful threats of war do not
save you now,
you are lucky i carry the mercy
of a mother in my soul.
because if i didn’t,
i would pull the rain from the clouds
and drown you in their sorrows.
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