Fire 2m

She was beautifully broken
Her voice was not spoken
Her tears stained the lining of her cheeks
Her life could never seem so bleak
With news like this
The world has now become a dark abyss

Take me now
Take me far
How can you
How can I

You leave me in pieces
Beaten and bruised
Just then all life just ceases
And all your turns have been used.
Check mate, you loose

Take me here
Take me there
How could he
How could she

A heart so brutally used
So with a scar it can be fused
Don't leave me here
Oh can't you hear
The devil cries out to endear

Take me back
Take me up
How dare you
How dare I

This pain will not forfeit it's prize
It only wants its disguise
It hides in broken futures
And cries in broken lies
I seem to not recognize my face anymore

Take me out
Take me down
How dare he
How dare she

The mirror reflects your face now
Your obituary will be my vow
I'll keep you close
I'll keep you near
Maybe you'll find me here

Take me
Take me
How could you die
Take me
Take me
How should I die

And what the heaven
And what the art
Could heal the sinews of my heart

ChrisE 22h

Why do I keep checking my phone for a message I know I haven't received
I do I keep waiting for something that is non existent ?
Why do I keep hoping for a miracle ?
Why do I keep loving you ?
Why is it when I want to move on your always there with an outstretched hand drawing me back to you ?
Why is it that whenever you call I keep running back ?
Why is it that whenever I'm around you my face that usually says nothing is like an open book ?
Easily read
Why is it that you can see through my soul?
Why ?
Why do u do this to me ?
Why do u make me hurt ?
Why do u make me think ?
Why do u make me cry ?
Why do u make me angry ?
Why do u make me jealous ?
Why do u make me feel ?
Emotions I'm not used to cause I've been emotionless for years and haven't realised
Why are there so many unanswered questions when it comes to you ?

So many sad faces.
Sore eyes and broken smiles.

It seems the older you get,
the more your eyes become dim.
The more your smile sags.
The more your eyes ache to close.

Why can't we all just take a moment?
A moment to look around
and enjoy this world we've been given.

There's a lot of pain in this world.
But there's so much joy as well.

A child's laugh.
Feeling the flowers.
Staring at the stars.
Falling in love.
Dancing in solitude like a maniac.
Laughing at yourself.

So much joy,
but we focus on the pain.

So many sore eyes and broken smiles
on seemingly happy faces.

I look at that girl,
the one in the mirror.
Is that really me?

That girl with the sore eyes.
The one with a broken smile.
What happened to her?

Then I remember all the pain.
All the nights she cried herself to sleep.
All the nights she couldn't even close her eyes.
All those days spent looking at a screen,
envying the girls that were living.

She longed for that,
for a connection.
But she feared vulnerability and honesty.

So she stayed cooped in her tower of her making.
Spending her days in deep sorrow.
Is this how to live?

Banan 2h

My senses
Were lost
Cannot flow
To the branches
Inside my lungs

The pattern of
The breakage
Of my heart
to the rhythm
of the steps you took
walking away

For so long i've tried
To mimic the stillness
In the nothingness
But a way, i could not find
to rise
Without choking
on your name
Only finding myself
gasping on memories
In tries to bring the life
back to my essence

sophia 2h

maybe in another universe,
where the sun and moon
would seek comfort
in each other
every once in a while,
there was an us.

in this universe,
i wouldn't have to wish
upon a shooting star
for you to be next to me.

the only galaxies
i would get lost in
were the ones
in your twilight eyes.

we were nothing,
but star-crossed lovers,
patiently floating away
in the endless milky way.

maybe in another universe,
i chose you,
and you chose me, too.

The horse o the noble creator
the animal that bring us joy and piece.
An animal that always forgives
a animal that helps old war veterans forget their sorrow.
The horse that is our friend,
our teacher.
Someone who will not judge
but only love.
We seem to not be returning the favor,
we get angry at our loving horses when they do not please us
even if it wasn’t their fault
or if they didn’t understand.
WE lock horse up is small stalls
Until their feet rot from standing in their shit all day
and they start turning in circles out of pure boredom.
Then WE put up electric fences so that they cant even do that.
and we leave them in these hellholes
Till WE feel like riding then.
Then WE stick metal pain devices in their mouths
so that we can control them better
WE force horse to do unnatural things like jumping
which hurts their legs an damages their joints
THEN we get angry when they don’t want to jump.
We hit them, make them run.
Till they are to tired to stand up for themselves
Then we beat the last resistance out of them
Till they give up
Till they are broken.

I am personally a horse rider and have seen some serious horse neglect and i am only 14 and have been riding for 3 years
mimi 3h

You dance in lavender colored spectrums,
Causing trouble with your lover,
Playing cops and robbers.
He asks her, "Babe, you wanna?",
"Let's get high on marajuana.".
So you both drive through the desert,
The place that has become your home treasure.
Be careful with the boys your mother told you to stay away from,
Because the evil in him is what you've now become.

Love twisted minded devils,
Turning the world into blindsided rebels.
Don't hide your gun,
Because you know the fun has just begun.

You're still dancing in lavender spectrums,
But you're running out of time,
The boys in blue have declared wartime.
Summertime is ending,
The thrill of the desert may seem never-ending,
But surrender your gun,
Before they chase you toward the sun.
You should of listened to what your mother said,
Cause now, you're about to end up dead.

Love twisted minded devils,
Turning the world into blindsided rebels.
Don't hide your gun,
Because you know the fun has just begun.

Now you cry in red colored spectrums,
Alone in the desert.
Maybe you remain unhurt,
But your heart bleeds for him.
He's somewhere in the dim,
Screaming your name locked in an empty cell,
Now you're stuck in a never ending carousel.

Love twisted minded devils,
Turning the world into blindsided rebels.
Don't hide your gun,
Because you know the fun has just begun.

This poem goes along with another poem I wrote which is callled Electric. It's not necessary to read electric but it's a good background/introduction to everything.
kayla 4h

Some days I'm ok...
and some days i am not.

Like waking up and seeing I got an F
because somehow I forgot.

I dreamed of you last night,
just like each night before

It's only been a week,
but i'm broken at the core.

I don't know how to explain,
you left me, i'm in pain

Some days I'm okay...
but mostly I am not.

It's been a week today since I broke up with my boyfriend of three years. And I can't stop thinking about it. I see him every night in my dreams. I'm starting to forget what it felt like- him sleeping next to me.
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