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Daivik 28m
Never by a house far from the school
I've learnt in these 17 years
Mine one's quite far
It's good though
Least they say so

As bell rings to dismiss our tardy souls
I run and hop on the van
Bigger boys crack crude, sexist joke on the way back home
I sit silently
Revolting within
Wonder if they'll change

The van stops unexpectedly, punctured,
On a crossroad, I'm on my own now
I walk towards an auto
He says 15
I sit in the one which costs a rupee less
Great savings!

In front of me is an old, poor man
Blind I presume(not the driver)
I wonder how he gets by
Somehow, definitely
I wonder how they live

Next me sits a boy of same age
Staring at the formulae
In preparation for his engineering exams
Since he was
I glance at his doodles
Whether he'll pass I wonder
Whether he wants to....

I stop at the park near my home
That's the farthest they'll go
He checks the coins diligently and vrooms away
I amble
Beneath the summer sky
They cut a tree for the cable
They always do
I guess that's more important

Posters of manifestos
Of various parties lie round
Selling dreams
To those who'll buy

***** stenches as I near the street
A Mercedes goes by
I look round
Ignoring the girl begging
Like everyone else
'They'll buy drugs'
My mom says
'So what?'
I wonder some days

The lanky mad dog
Who's nobody's
Never will be anybody's
Welcomes me
As I open the gate

The rest of the days less eventful
Internal turmoils
Seem vainer
In the daylight

We get by
Hanging on a thread
Of unfulfilled dreams

Everyone strives
For something better
All don't get it
I'm reaching the end of a tunnel,
but it doesn't matter
if I can touch the light.
J Valle 2h
A heartbeat frettles under my skin,
upon my eyes, a darker tint,
this body, not more than a shell,
for all I know, I might be dead.

Along it came with my first breath,
this yearn, to paint the walls in crimson red
an everthought, my resting place,
for all I know, call me obsessed.
Alice 3h
but now that I've found you
and you're millions of miles away
it hurts worse

come home
I laugh at the things that aren’t funny
To hide the heavy burden inside
What can’t be bought with money
Replaced by a hole both deep and wide

It’s a feeling that suffocates one’s soul
Weighing down her shoulders
Tugging on her lips
And tearing apart her thoughts

Always conscious of what’s seen
And never showing what hurts
Because the truth is mean
And the lies are worse

First it’s a possibility
Next it’s insufferable loneliness
Then it’s a destructive personality
And finally it’s numbness

Those are the stages
of this endless game
Those are the wonderful wages
Paid to those who it names

You can try to avoid it
But it only grows stronger
You can try to ignore it
But it only holds on tighter

This is the crushing
And the choking
This is the greedy
And the needy

This is depression.
I will never have the privilege to call you mine.
I will never hold you in my arms.
I will never kiss you.
I will never have those long talks in the middle of the night with you.
I will never wake up laying next to you.
I will see you being happy without me.
With someone that isn’t me.
And I just have to accept that we were never meant to be.
riri 13h
it's unfair it's unfair
she has a heart of gold
but they treat her like she's just like anyone else

it's unfair it's unfair
she pours her soul into everyone she cares for
but they just leave her to rot in the flames

it's unfair it's unfair
she still has a heart after being wronged so many times
but they just keep doing it to her
maybe the universe is telling her that she should just turn cold.
i feel you touching me
the way i felt
the skin on my head
knitting together
right after my brain surgery:
not much at all
in fact so little
that it fills me
with fear
riri 13h
oh but you lied
i guess the spark was never there for you all along
i saw what you said to her
it's been her all along hasn't it?
not the first time it's happened to me
i really thought you were different, but i guess not.
Fianzy 14h
A slow painful death
but even then it would not compare to all the pain and suffering I had to endure.
I don’t want to waste my breath on you,
Neither my ink so I’ll stop writing here
before I say something I won’t regret.
You make me so sad, you don’t make me angry. Seeing you like this makes me sad.
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