To old for drawing
To young for politics
To stupid for physics
To smart for construction
To valuable for videogames
To uncreative for art
To egoistic for friends
To friendly for happiness
To tired for school
To active for sleep
To lazy for sports
To involved for realtionships
To busy for books
To bored for YouTube
To overwhelming for strangers
To empty for gatherings
To sober for church
To drunk for science
To fat for beach
To thin for gym
To handsome for prostitutes
To ugly for sex
To afraid for life
To afraid for death

You  cut  me
    But I'm not mad
You  stabbed  me
    Who can blame you
You  shot  me
    But really it's my fault
You  hung  me
    As I am dying
You  pushed  me
    I realize
You  poisoned  me
    I gave you my trust
You  crushed  me
    And you used it to
Kill  me
Sitting, where winds cut through my face
No reactions
Where black and heavy rain drenches trees in mudgreen
Only alcohol
Where cups fill with tears and lungs with smoke
Can't breath
My minds in a diffrence place
Where? Between your arms
Only warmth
Where? Between your legs
Only pleasure
Where? Behind your lips
Only truth
Where were you
All the time
Where was your mind
We kissed
Where did you belong
Not there?
Where do I belong
If not here

Just 15; Just pass 3 am
Moma sleeping, daddy working
Minds racing, boy sneakin' sneakin'
Rain dried, hearts desire

Anonymous soccer jersey walking dog
Lonely street light illuminating lonely boy
Don' wanna go home, Don't wanna desolve
Rain dried, love too

Cigarettes and ice tea
Familiar sidewalks, windows closed
No friends awake, air is wide
To much space, to little thoughts

Night is freedom, night is dead
Boy is running because he can
Boy is crying because he can
Who counts boys when stars are endless

Boy just passed 18; Boy is still there
Awake while night, drunk while day
Boy still loves the same, but not at night
Night is dead, but dead means freedom
EP 1h
Move on,
               M o v e  o n ,
                              M  o  v  e   o  n  ,
                                             M   o   v   e    o   n   ,

because, you were yesterday,
and the clouds are already passing by,
they've lost their longing for you
as should I do,
because you were yesterday.
I, I am tomorrow, I'm looking forward
to the endless possibilities.
I am where the birds go to fly,
and you? you're just where they've gone to die.
However, together, we are today,
and today the birds can be freed
but no promises can be made for if tomorrow they survive
or if they'll even last the day.
So for now, just let me nest whilst I

Move on,
               M o v e  o n ,
                              M  o  v  e   o  n  ,
                                             M   o   v   e    o   n   -   .   .   .

Just a poem about a boy-...
lilhadi 1h
Me, you, at an aquarium, holding hands & looking at sea turtles
lilhadi 1h
"I want to love you, really I do.
The connection we have is extraordinary, and we both prefer tea over coffee.
But I’ve felt the heartbreak. I’ve been witness to the shattering of friendships, loss of friends, loneliness of the aftermath. And I can’t go through it again.
So call me self-destructive. But I’m not the type to risk it all when I just taped my soul back together."

j. e. b --  ((About Being Afraid to Love))
There is no gold for the best deeds,
Sometimes, a thank you isn’t even present.

We commit virtue because it’s right,
Not for a very special prize.

There are no points for entering heaven,
Just strive to be a good person every day.

It starts with small gratitude,
Like helping the needy across the street.

Making a difference based on selflessness,
Not for earning a seat into paradise.
Blake 2h
My love go to your nearest sea,
Once there close your sweet eyes my love.

Then leave your porcelain bones and skin,
Let your elegant precious soul drift over the deep blue sea.

I’ll leave shore too my love,
And my lonely soul will float towards you.

We will meet in the great clouds of blue,
You will have one forbidden touch and I’ll have two sips of your gold.

We just can’t mix my love,
They will know when we get back home.

Just embrace me until the tides pull us away,
I promise we will meet on ground one day.
My Love x
Distance is worst than time. But both play devil games.
Mikko 2h
A man wakes up get up and get dressed

To go outside is what this man had in mind

To see all the beauty this world come around

To pursue a dream to see all beauty in this world

But then he wakes up realizing it was all a dream
He cant get up stand up and get dressed
Because he already saw what the world is
It's cruel violent forgetful and full of greed
No motivation to move around
No motivation to go outside
He does not care about himself anymore
He cried inside
For he thinks there's no hope anymore

Because to get up stand up and get dressed
Is the most difficult thing to do
It's about a guy who wants to make a difference about himself but ends up that he cant do it alone
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