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I had already sipped, I had fought quite a few times: with gazes, squeaky fools, good-natured comers, who - perhaps - despised the moral fruits of the tree of knowledge at a cheap price, and yet stored in their brains, the sacred fruit seemed to get worse soon! I would speak more boldly, with a silly, prophetic childish voice and a free mouth if

I could have understood the word more scientifically - which is why with wise people! - I was looking for an alliance of scientists, friendly spirits; they all buried my good humor, the secret atmosphere, with their flirtatious, honey-glazed hymns of praise and gallows humor: what could have made me - if my linguistic stuff hadn't

they succeed - so that with groping possibilities I can find eyes like a blind kappa in the land of yellow *****! What was a toy and a weapon for them was an evil in my eyes: “You! Because you don’t have a universal linguistic examination, you can’t listen to grammar lectures that’s why - No one has teamed up with my uncompromising soul!

Sober, prestigious morals should be created, not by doing business with meanness and vulgarity, human dignity will sink, if it does not flicker as an unshakable candlelight in the heart of the Moral trusted!

Because we dared to believe and hope that the flame of the intellect would drive fresh and modern sprouts, - but we had finally seen it with fragmented self-confidence: in the exterminating campaign camp of Roast Conservatives; Inquisition is a gift for innovative spirits!
They are like salt
That has been poured on my wounds
Open up my wounds and I hurt all over again
lately my stomach has twisted itself into knots
because of my self deprecating thoughts
like a root forced to grow after rain
my stomach twists in revelation and pain
perhaps to wisdom I am simply giving birth
and if I wipe away the tears I’ll see worth
but for now it’s just twisting and hurts
every time I think “I may never be loved.”
Where have all the flowers gone?
Their delicate petals have withdrawn
They’ve curled up, like they are scared
Their bright colors no longer flared

Where have all the waters gone?
They no longer gleam at dawn
The river and the streams run dry
Leaving the many fish to die

Where have all wildlife gone?
The subtle birds and the baby faun
The chitter and chatter leave only an trace
Of the wonders that have been erased

Where has all the sunlight gone?
It used to wake at morn and yawn
Only a memory of warmth upon my skin
A ghost of what things have been

— OrcasTogether
Nature is failing and we must save it.
Hamies 8h
drinking my sorrows
crying my pain
smoking my anger
can't stand the blame
inescapable ice
freezing off my lungs
so i stop feeling
and start being numb
James R 8h
have you ever felt a friendship die,
gasping for its last breath between scattered texts and awkward compliments?
each wincing inhale a deliberate pause
to find the words you force
yourself to want.
you may need each other but the knife
between the ribs didn’t.
time won’t heal what’s already dead
but the memory of it may be beautiful
and kind like ocean air before your lips
are parched, a firm kiss you want to linger (and does), a lightning bolt against the ****** that reminds you of their warmth.
Here I rest;
Admiring this strikingly sanguine rose
As the skies above sing their soothing chorus
As if in response to the tears streaming down my face.
Color 12h
there is so much living to be done
so much love to be felt
so much sadness to overcome
I have everything I want. But my mind still visits times we had together. It's melancholy really. A beautiful time shared between us when we  had been so lost ourselves.  But yet we found some type of hope inside our wicked bodies.
Vallery 15h
he loves me...
he says beautiful words
he tells beautiful stories
he looks at me with adoration,
at least
it seems that way...
he loves me not...
he doesn't always remember me
he doesn't always acknowledge me
he doesn't always keep his promises
it seems like
he loves me...
because his bright smile shines when he sees me
because his eyes shimmer when he sees me
because he told me he loves me
don't mean anything
he loves me not...
because he hurt me
because he scarred me
because he told me he hates me
don't mean anything
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