Z 1h
They say that there are times in life that are longer than the others

The first time i met you,
I took a bath for 3hrs
Sprayed perfume all over my body
To make sure I'll be perfect for you

The first time we held each other's hands
My heart stopped beating on its own
Coz it began the rhythm same as yours

The first time you kissed me good night
I froze like time never existed
For you've become my whole new world

The first time i notice you have changed
That i am not enough for you anymore

You don't want to be my world
You value your freedom

You don't want a single rhythm
You want variations
You love to party

You don't want perfect
You want something new and unique

I spent a lot of my time for you
I'm even willing to give you the rest of my life

The first time i saw you with someone else
That's the longest second of my life.
Sometime in the future, people might ask me, "Why don't you ever write love stories like you did before?"

I can write about love. I can write stories. But to write love stories...I guess I left that with you.

I don't write love stories because maybe I've broken hearts before I've had my heart broken.

I don't write love stories because maybe I've seen the magical illusion of a happy marriage shatter before it could cast its spell on me.

I don't write love stories because maybe I've seen the falling out of love before the falling in love.

I don't write love stories because maybe all it would be is a sadly ever after.

I don't write love stories because maybe all I'd write about is you.
Excerpt from my red journal entry 15/9/17
the absence of you
leaves me aching
for more of your touch
i never thought i’d miss
just a little short one
donnie 5h
with a soft red top

he stood, face glistening in the spotlight

his character was funny, however

i couldn't bring myself to laugh.

i was in awe.

i, a lowly peasant to his acclaimed king,

was in awe of his greatness.

he leaves the stage, exiting left.

must he go?

he walks past me.

"shit, don't look."

he goes past, turns in my direction

i turn redder than his hair, i move slightly to the left

and in that moment,

every bone in my body said



i heard a song about laundry in the taxi on the way home. it was a pretty song that made me feel shades of pastel pinks and blues, muted green and bright yellow. i know how much sundays hurt, how peonies and bouquets with sprigs of baby's breath make you sad. they remind me of when you said roses were too mainstream. across the carpark from my window yellow flowers like alyssum montanum grow towards the sun, contrasting the floors of dirty white. and a song about mind fields plays after i wake up late on a sunday thinking about that weekend. i think of indie music and when we fell out.
i think of dream pop and soft rock.
Bret 7h
i met Sharon buying christmas trees
for a four bedroom house
full of college boys
that could barely afford to eat.

she said my name's Sharon
and im here to help you
make sure you don't split
these trees in half.

i barely caught a word
that Sharon said
got too busy
dancing in her eyes.

she smiled a bit and said
lets move along,
im sure we've got some trees left
that youll want to take home

i swear to god
it was the most beautiful thing,
she cut the whole tree down
before i could blink

she laughed and turned to me
and said that should do
i said theres no way in hell
i leave here without your name

she said my name's Sharon
and i already told you that.
but we can talk about that later
if you want.
this is my 100th poem on this website.

thank you all for reading.
Sometimes it takes an epic fail
To ultimately progress the tale.
Or even to make progress at all, which is sad :( but it is also the catharsis through which our protagonist evolves and learns, right?
Jacey 8h
I thought I knew him.
I thought I loved him.
But I was wrong.
And he was wrong for me.
I've lost the words to convey what I feel.
I've gained the wisdom to see what is real.
I've lost the courage to believe I will heal.
I sing a song to calm my soul.
To forget for a moment all the pain I know.
And I feel myself slowly becoming cold.
So I sing that song to find some peace,
but this throb in my chest will not cease.
Until I am numb, and I'm almost there,
for this pain I endure,
I cannot bear.
im starting to lose the will to fight battles i always lose against evil that always wins
My thoughts were a mess in my old letter,
And you probably agree.
So here’s another one that’s better,
that hopefully you’ll read.

All I want for you dear,
is to be happy.
Maybe that’s a lot to ask,
Or maybe you want more than that.
But leave our hardships in the past,
And move on with the memories.

I’d be lying if I said it wouldn’t hurt,
To see you happy without me.
But I know one day we’ll speak again,
So don’t you worry.
Like the true friend I always was,
I’ll be here waiting.

I’m angry too. Did you know that?
It may not make much sense,
But you chose to push me when I was down
And left our nature tense.
How could you be so cruel to a cry for help
From someone you once loved so dearly?

I’ve said I’m sorry all too much,
And I won’t say it again.
You know how sorry I am,
All I wanted was a friend.

So friends we shall be,
In the near future, hopefully.
But most of all, what I wish for you,
Is a period of healing,
That is the best gift that someone could receive.
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