pendulum petals
pieces of flesh
fall of my bones
faring gravity
the closer I get
the lighter I am
my right
my left
          He loves me.
          He loves me  not.

and then we came across each other,
he didn't even throw a glance
He seems happy, better
It felt like he never knew me,
that he never seemed to like how my dimples formed when I smile
that's when I realized--
I never mattered to him,
not even once.

i'd want to say
that you're my happiness
but i'm scared, mostly
of this temporary bliss

we both don't want ourselves hurt.

A foolish heart knows no bounds,
falling over and over
like a gentle whimper of a child
but yet,
still looking up with a vulnerable hope
a yearning questioning
for the affection
of the averted gaze.

A foolish heart sees no truth,
staggering in a room full of thorns
only to proclaim
that the spaces between
are whispers
silent expressions of
a secret love
that they wish to see.

A foolish heart hears no rejection,
for its all a projection
of a nightmarish confusion
while the truth
no matter how sought for
at the seam,
and the foolish heart continues
on with its caramel dream.

A foolish heart does not fear pain,
for that is where it sleeps.
No, a foolish heart,
fears the end,
it fears the death
of its very own breath.
Where the illusion is broken,
and all that remains
Is a plain human being.
A foolish heart wants to stay foolish
for it’s the most alive its ever been.

I hope I'm not too
I hope you're not too

12 words I wish I could say to him called jul

Bare feet grounding firmly
Distant whistles of soulmate songs
Your name still playing in the back of my head.

It's been a month.
I would have kissed you by now.
AC 6h

It's twelve in the morning,
these thoughts don't have enough space
It screams for a peaceful life
yet craves for endless ideas
I'm not crazy, I am just aware
That people will leave
when they are tired of you
Believe me,
they can and they will.

unnamed 7h

I have lingered in the shadows of deceit
Where the bonds of love and kindness never meet
I have tasted every tear ever cried
In the face of honesty I have lied

I have let love slowly fade away
And arms stretched out in need I kept at bay
Acts of kindness and forgiving I did deprecate
Links to the past had sealed my fate

And I have cried alone

unnamed 7h

His seas of melancholy
Washed the pain up on his shore
And offered up to him
Only thoughts of his abhor

All the things he hated
He spoke with his last breath
As I sat and waited
For time to bring his death

unnamed 7h

There’s a place where flowers grow
And a mark the footprints never show
Where a falling leaf will float on down
To be laid to rest on a hallowed ground

Darkness fell and then moved on
Dewdrops glistened at the break of dawn
The love I thought would always stay
Whispered goodbye, and went away

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