Özcan Sh 54m
I see a tear
A sad tear from her eyes
A tear that ignites the fire in me
A fire that can burn everything
But I do not let myself be ignited
Because she needs me and I need her.
The words you told
Made me feel bold
Now I’m alone
“Please don’t go”
You’re already halfway out the door
we’re drastically different
To be in love
With you, someone who is half in love with me
This is a fucked up game
Of feelings and heartbreak
Georgia 1h
Home is so alone sometimes
Here you can enter the deep depths of the Ocean
The body is your haven so it is to said,
So why in my head do I feel fully dead?

The head is core
On the surface we are simply
a bag full of organs
Crunching bones  fragments of skin
56% water fat or thin

Yet above shoulders lives
a creation no man could  form
Blessed with memories inscribed
tiny details no living being could replicate

Yet they try
No mechanical AI could share what we do
Tainted by misery, heartache, misfortune
That's what makes you, you

For if someone asks why am I here?
Just point at their head and say no more
Eventually they will come to see
We live for the memory.
One of the first poems I ever wrote. I think I was feeling particularly sad.
Georgia 1h
I've been thinking a lot about
Last summer chilled at southbank
Perhaps spring sprung won't last
stabbing ourselves on paper blank

As you do
As we do
As we always did

I was the only thing then in our little clan
Providing that safety net
Needless I was pushed so i ran back
Solitarily watching the sunset

Soft, coarse, stroppily kind
Regards my friend
Subconsciously blind
For me this is the end
A friendship that tried to stay. But still felt altered.
Ricotta 2h
you make me feel whole

I fear the day I'll stop loving you
just thoughts. I love you and I never want to hurt you, and that scares me so much
Such darkness there
You find yourself in solitude
Who are you to disrespect your mother?
And be so impolite and rude
Your demeanor must change
If you are going to get somewhere in life
Or else, the clouds will remain in the vicinity
Filled with corruption and strife
Grey 3h
Trauma isn’t pretty.

She wakes up at three am with short breaths and panic in her chest.
my skin is covered with the marks of my own creation,
and I am afraid of them.
She is too.
Cause those marks show what I am actually, truly, capable of.
I am a creature of mass destruction,
made of fire
and iron and
sharp knives.
Not many people would understand this feeling and I guess that’s the sad thing.  

                      With love,
The Silence is louder than anything.
It drowns out my thoughts,
holds me hostage until I can only see you.
You're not one for words,
expecting me to know how you feel while you brood.
I'm exhausted.
Every time I open my mouth, all I hear is white noise.
I swear to God I heard your name in the feedback.
Please come back,
i'll sit in Silence if it makes you happy.
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