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lovejunkie Apr 12
love is still the answer
to all of my questions
only the object of my
affections has changed

i've never been scared
of getting hurt, i'm an
expert at that, impervious;
realizing my fear has always
been instead of letting people
down, that realization, that
was the breakthrough, that
just enjoying a torrid love affair with myself for the first time,
when she's gone for good, and good for gone.
I cannot wait
I really can't

If I ever get married
If God has that in my stars

God, will it be great

There's no distance I wouldn't go for them

Pain now is temporary
And those eyes will always hold a glint for me
I will--am chasing that glint
Until I belong to them,
And they want to belong to me

Until that silver shines through me
My eyes, my nose, my mouth,

Until that light reflects back
Brighter to them
Than my open, vulnerable, enamored,
Eyes received them
Though I know I'll never believe it if they say so


I can see it now,
Can you?
The flash from their eye?
As quick as their breeze walking past,
But twice as warming
Now their smile!
A smile
I would bear the rest of my life
If only at my final conscious sight
I would see it
In person
Silver Raven Mar 24
Grab a hold of what is precious.
Clench it tight or else you will lose it.
With all your strength and heart,
Do not lose to Restart.
Quick! It’s slipping away!
Oh dear, you have gone astray.
What happened to your shine?
Was it released
To the hands of Time
Soon to be deceased?

But! You have a chance
To fly high
And search wide.
No matter the stumbles
Never give in
Hurry now empty vessel
Get your precious back.
Fill your purpose with
Your true version you currently lack.
Always return to retrieve what’s yours
Star BG Mar 20
I wear a medal
received in the Olympics of life.
Gold for family
who has run the mile with me.
Silver for my perseverance through
challengers of self-worth.
And Bronze for my gifts
of writing that has expanded over the years.

Yes I wear my medals proudly
as winner in life
moving in the breath of gratitude.
Inspired by patty m thank you
Black moss and flower pots.
She cometh not, she cometh not.
Lonely and moated,
Rusted nails broken.

Dew with tears,
An hour before sunlight.
Cold winds wake,
A greyish mourn.
Clustered marish-mosses,
Silver green bark.

In a dreamy home.
Among wainscot,
Door hinges creak.
Like a mouse,
She shrieked-
She cometh not, she cometh not.
دema Mar 16
You gift me gold,
bringing back old habits,
remember though that
I never aimed for the stars
nor the way they shine,

I wear the gold around my neck,
with no sparkles in my eyes,
wishing it was silver instead,

you see;
gold bends and stretches,
but silver reflects and deflects,
it can handle reality,
even when things heat up.
remember that personalities shine brighter than any star
Rowan Jupiter Mar 11
my bones were formed from salt and stone
to make me strong and balanced

my fingers shaped from doves' feathers
to give me the lightest touch

my hair was spun from cirrus clouds
to always keep me dreaming

my lips were molded from rose petals
to speak your name so sweetly

my heart was forged of gold and silver
to keep me pure and worthy

there's beauty in what I'm made of
i was created for a purpose. i will not destroy myself
Cameron Alix Mar 7
Faith is a golden coil
That fits so greatly in the binding
Of texts that
Dictate a non-universal
Faith is a silver coil
That wraps around you nicely
When times are hard and
Faith is a copper coil,
Cheap, commonly used and
Slithers, a bronze snaking cloud
Seeping quickly into
Permeable minds
Faith is an aluminum coil,
The easy way out.
Steals from your conscious
What can be found in
Faith is essential
Needed to man
And to man armies
Unable to feel soft,
Cotton-ball faith

Cameron Bell, Copyright © 2019
Feedback, please! I'm trying to develop my own style and eventually want to independently publish my own book. I think that humans have an innate need for a sense of deity; it's a neural pattern that has circulated throughout civilizations and we all still grapple with it individually.
Jenna Feb 28
All I could see,
was a fine silver
it was so quick,
but my heart was
even faster,
for this silver
it could not outrun
me in this race
But, sadly I could
not replace me for you
as my regret
falls with your
leftover tears, reflecting
back at me
rofan Mar 2018
like gold
like iron in my eyes
like silver heart of mine
like sky's we don't see
and still we get afraid of
like as the unknown of the stars
and as many empty spaces
and as many holes in my heart .
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