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You are my dearest posession,
The one I keep in a locket around my neck.
But you see, the thing is-
No matter how beautiful the locket is,
I'm still allergic to silver.
Facts. I'm still going to wear it though, **** my skin.
All my old writing was as accurate as premonition, as if I wanted a tragedy to JOLT ME from my sleep.

The silver lining is I suppose I got what I wanted,
it just wasn't the tragic self harm I dreamed of.
More like a tragic mistake that destroyed the boy I once was, and the girl I once knew.
Premonitions are old tales now, time keeps on moving.
IshQn Sep 24
You were a
passing cloud.
I was the Sun.
You left.
I stayed.
But you colored my skies.
Love breaks, then makes.
Ray Dunn Sep 23
softly in the moonlight,
your silver hands on my cheek.
eyes with flecks of silver
you drape me in silky starlight.

i touch your arms—
golden sparks trickle up my fingers,
heat flooding my vision,
as i melt into your embrace.
gold silver dynamics and stuff
Arthur Blank Sep 21
Silver moon how you look tonight so blue,
Waning wistfully over winters ashes,
Reflecting that wan shade that is your hue.

Whispers of wind shake the barren branches,
A sordid symphony that sings so clear,
Your soft gentle voice, while above passes,

The restless clouds that shape to me the years;
Memories drifting by my moonlit room.
I loved once watching the falling snow here,

All is grey and I’ll be leaving here soon,
To forget your words, the world and this place,
Turn around down a new path and never look back.

Will it be vain? Even if I do pace,
The moon will cast always to me your face.
A sonnet.
SmallKid Sep 21
Time is golden
and you're my chosen

Time is silver
and you're my lover
Ya Boi Sep 15
Thoughts of you sing softly in my head
Ringing in on silver horse
Crashing in the room around me
Bringing down my marble home
Lashing at the darkness  now around me
Screaming in my ear the thought of you
complete regression to who I am
shattering my chest like breaking glass
I shrink down in part of rubble
Instinct to crack crash and burn
Your singing torturing me with every rattle in my skull
The only memory that doesn't ****
Only a voice
Amanda Sep 14
Babe I hope you know
Every silver lining found
Is shaped just like you
My silver lining forever
Maya Duran Sep 12
He reminds you that you may never be loved
In the way that you are supposed to
His heart opens as it should
A halved pomegranate
And the jewel flesh spills forward
In effortless bounty

Yours was wrapped in butcher paper
With care, long ago
It lives in the freezer
In the way, way back
Ice crystals form slowly
Until they resemble a silver blanket of moss
"Cavetown wrote a song about your ex and we played it all summer long" pt 3. This poem isn't about what you think it is, but I don't think that that matters so much. The feeling is the same at its core, even if the circumstances are not.
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