While silence is golden,
our speech is silver
Use at the appropriate time
because they are killer

From a silvern tongue
to glittering silence
Both can be peaceful
as well as defiant

Vexren4000 Jul 7

The mirror exposes,
The flaws of man's face,
The mirror is where vanity spawned from,
The words of a fable,
Telling of the power of the mirror,
How it reflects or even steals your very soul,
Your essence of being,
A mirror for memories,
Faded away,
A multidimensional World,
Crafted and forged,
By the hands of bending light,
The mirror,
And the powers it holds,
The silver like surface,
So pristine one could jump in,
To be consumed by the world,
Held within the reflection.

denise Jul 6

I will paint these scars,
Silver and Gold.
For these are the wars,
With stories untold.

something i wrote a little while back
Chan S Jun 22

I'd given it all to you at the start
My time, my energy, even my heart.
Guess that's where I went wrong with you
But what else was I supposed to do
I gave you everything on a silver platter
But my love for you didn't seem to matter.
You took it all with a grain of salt
Leaving me with this end result
My time forever lost to someone idk
My energy's faded so idk where to go
Heart's locked in a tight fist of deprivation
I'm breathing in air at the highest elevation
Everyone deserves a second chance
but loving you is a dangerous dance
First I think that we're dancing together
Only to find you'd found somebody better
Better at this dance that you sucked me in
You used me up until you needed a win
The things you told me hold scars unseen
So how do I learn to love you all over again?
When your fingertips burn with a simple touch..
When my heart used 2 hurt bc I loved u so much
I'm so afraid bc I barely feel anymore
Mostly this suffocating pain to my deepest core
I used to love you no doubt about it 
Now all I wonder is Did I deserve it.
Bc you reap what you sow is all I used to hear
So what did I do in my younger years
Have I forgotten about some horrible task
Or in this case dare I even ask
You're a good person ringing in my ears
But my heart still won't let me hold back these tears.

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Humaira Khan Jun 7

the second i see him all i want to ask is why,
and before he can answer the silver plated bullet,
with the initials NT engraved it and it will pierce his heart, maybe then he will feel half the pain she's been feeling
for the past few months, and spill blood out a quarter as much,
as the tears she has spilled, and just as his last breathe flies away he will understand,
the truest meaning of what he's done,
but by then it will be too late.

Haydee Jun 1

They're on administrative leave like they asked us permission to leave our bodies... Lifeless
They should have gotten permission to be dismissed BEFORE they left our bodies... Lifeless
Land of the free....How about Land on our Knees
Where we should be until we all can stand as tall as a tree.... Not hanging, from a tree

The noose has been replaced by a shiny black casing, The broken neck has been replaced by blood freely flowing The tree has been used to make OUR encasing.... The result... [hashtag]this [hashtag]that [hashtag]blacklivesmatter
but... [hashtag]itdoesntmatter because apparently we are not all made of equal matter
Sterling Silver used to be considered quality , but apparently...that's dead.

B stands for bold. Beautiful. Brave. Boisterious, without the B in black there consists just a Lack of color, creativity, attitude...
Lying to us daily, telling us our skin color isn't a crime only that it cuts short our time to be

Alive. Breathing, Heart beating, Lub Dub Lub Dub Lu....ve you are the two words that you may never hear. Are the two words that they don't get to hear because

Crack. Pop pop pop Hands up Don't ..... Blood flowing on the streets, like road kill, except I'd hoped by now evolution would have taken us to the top of the animal kingdom, but there's still more outrage over Harambi the silverback than Philando Castile, violently attacked...

Pronunciation please: Blac (black) B-L-A-C
is still the same pronouncement without the

K.....K... K . Still afraid to wake up day after day after day... Not knowing if this could be our last where the blackness on our skin becomes our permanent surroundings
Or Not knowing if this could be our last where the blackness on our skin becomes the ghost of Christmas future, the past and present left to rest in peace...

We should be praising the Lord when we wake up on the land of living, breathing, heart beating, lub dub lub dub....
HANDS UP ..... But you asked for my license's I was already reaching...
Don't shoot.... But I wasn't planning to, my four year old is in clear view.

Silver and white,

free me from this chaos
that dims my light.

Silver and white,

punish this girl
who can't seem to do any right.

Silver and white,

take me away
to the dead of night.

pluviophile May 11

Trade me some beauty,
and I will give you silver skies.
Speckled with lusty gaze,
of stars,
like silver glitter spilled in a river,
yet in a world above,
it seems not tainted by life,
only a still galaxy
of perfection.

Trade me some beauty,
and I will give you silver skies,
so you can gaze into a different world,
and start your own dreams.

alan May 8

A gold mine of poetry that I have read,
a rusty silver coin for some things I have said,
and nothing but corkscrews up in my head.

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