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A heart of gold
Silver is sold
Bronze is told
What diamonds behold
another ("populas")poem where each lines describes a person and then the last one kinda sums it up
Tizzop Oct 14
winter holidays and you become snow
between glaciers and silver towers
among apes, wizards and goons
you become snow in the winter

as you turn into what you dread
as you turn into this being
a viking, werewolf, you name it
may the games begin, you may die

beneath the surface of your dreams
beneath red heavens and families
in times of hunger, you stay focussed
you become snow in the winter

as you turn into another, an: other
snow is flooding the news flash
sinners, brothers and sisters
burning sandstorms, playful twisters

elijah's path is covered with thorns
roses **** the innocent and they cry
wild roses turn into winter snow
raise your head, watchin' them grow

clocks, the same time, worldwide
remember the oaths of the old ones
remember them praying in the snow

...and turn into this being
Maria Mitea Sep 29
When lost in giant thoughts
and mumbling lips don’t hear
how divine prayers fall
on puppets on the walls
In vain you pour your soul,
Is all in vain, my man!

When darkness bends the light
and you hide from y’own eyes
and you run from y’own voice
and force the cogit shut its door,
In vain you pour your soul,
Is all in vain, my man!

When lazy sky transforms
the clouds into boomerangs
and crippled stars pretend
to be white angels of your lies,
in vain you pour your soul,
Is all in vain, my man!

When houses are cold
and candles are not burning
and tears are pervert actors
that never listen to the silver bell,
In vain you pour your soul,
Is all in vain, my man!

Promises it has kept

In fine latticed silver chain
Cascading, tiny silver bells

The paisley leaf hook, embellished with
pearls and semi precious stones
Antique and pure, the melody
The charm and chimes of the bells
Sparkling silver anklets
Held memories of occasions prime

Bespoke vintage jewellery

From silversmiths of old repute and times
Generations of happiness
Strengthening bonds
hiraeth Sep 13
We fade like silver dust
Into the universe
annh Sep 13
Twirling, taunting,
Fluttering, flaunting,
Silver with optimism,
Wishing on a star.

Sitting in the park this evening watching the sun go down behind the nor’west arch.

‘Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.’
- Marcus Aurelius, Meditations
daycrow Sep 13
silver fingers, golden toes
copper wire between my teeth
it shocks, but
i suppose
it itches more,
like tears in your eyes, or dust in your nose
november rises
and though fall is still falling
and desert sands shift slow,
it's getting cold
(and old)
sorry for what i said when i was lonely
Even the shade of my hair changes
And arriving in bared eyes, to darken a room
Curious over the name of a voice that has
The time, with a risk to turn long looks, of doom...

Into a vanity of sorts
The walking upheaval or the heed of a share
We find too much more than a pace of distance, and mores
Of a clash with sincerity that has the look of simple care

Wall's, begins the voice
Have two names for it, et. al.
Heroine, we see your destiny, the total of choice
Made to order and select its own, as if flowers predict well

Dourly, the notion of implied faces, and their new nature
Of a waiting star, some were about, some were now
Some were a hero, to know seldom with a such, a curiosity
In the spare tastes and freedoms we make a romance, so how...

Turns of light into a sharing heart?
The sacred in a wondering heat, is a creation to view a need
With the solemn, to say with a new voice, shall and part
Let the day save its wealth in our hands, the person and the deed

Beauty so let, daring a legend
Have a soul for a second, something to do...
With a season to say when, a here after in tradition
Is our blessing come from the beginning, we knew...
Into every person's life, some take to heart, a rain is the next, rainbow
Lane O Aug 15
barn swallows take wing
cobalt streaks in the gray sky
over fields they fly
Colourful tattoos lingered your arms
Showcasing your past
Full of mistakes and moving on
Imprinted me with soothing warmth
Tugging me towards the dangerous art
Falling for you was never the part
Sitting behind those silver bars
Holding us hundred feet apart
Both serving mistakes, they took part
You tearing apart innocence
Me falling for your dangerous art
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