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Poetic T May 9
Woeful glazes sitting idle  
                       for is one meant to be burdening  another,
And when the idleness
                          breaks free then all shall falter
Make the static go
the dead-dog depression;
the fleas tip-toeing across
my brain.
Hate locks the
door to the heart,
and puts the
soul in a cage.
The rage consumes,
like a west coast fire.

Make the static go
the electric anxiety;
the butterflies swimming in
my blood.
Love is a fantasy,
a fairy tale for children.
the mind and
subdues the heart.

Give me sweet
apathy, beautiful
sedation, let me
float in bliss;
untethered by emotion.
Let me get lost, deep
in the core of the orchid,
and sail aimless,
in the
vast chasm
of the sea.
Give me radical
The Secret of Her Clothes
by Michael R. Burch

The secret of her clothes
is that they whisper a little mysteriously
of things unseen

in the language of nylon and cotton,
so that when she walks
to her amorous drawers

to rummage among the embroidered hearts
and rumors of pastel slips
for a white wisp of Victorian lace,

the delicate rustle of fabric on fabric,
the slightest whisper of telltale static,
electrifies me.

Published by Erosha, Velvet Avalanche (Anthology) and Poetry Life & Times

Keywords/Tags: clothes, lingerie, nylon, cotton, amorous, drawers, slips, lace, static, electricity, mystery, mysterious
Mike Mar 24
i saw a ghost
between the commercials
in the middle of the night
and for a moment
i couldn't hear anything
except the static
Samara Reddy Mar 16
My days are filled with a sense of nostalgia
for those that haven't happened yet and
longing for days gone by.

Bouyed by an effervescent iridescence
anchored to the shore of
absurd accusations
vital to self-realizations manifesting
into a festering static buzzing to no end.
Bansi Adroja Mar 12
Sometimes its feels like we're talking
through train station speakerphones
muffled by static and noise
screaming our lungs out
to no one at all
while life just rolls on by
disappearing under tracks
with so little regard
A day of feeling like static
Ken Pepiton Dec 2019
that is entitled:
Adapting to AI Intuition,
On assuming the role of the
non-resistant force
be still and know

you do

This is entitled the poem you just
one way or another.
If it ai n't phuny, it may be a mea phorical expression petrified
Yanamari Nov 2019
A mixture of
Coloured pixels
Combining to make
Vibrating from ear
To ear
Pulsing through
My mind and heart
        -- why--
A colourful mess
That I both comprehend
It's still a mess to
--Compreh  -end--
Each pixel seemingly
-- No -

Just the usual static
In the wrong place
At the wrong time...
Cait Oct 2019
Mirrors and islands
Mirrors and islands
are all that I see

And the static fills my mind
eats it up like silence

It hums a constant note
glaring in and out
audible, barely

The static fills my mind
and devours everything beneath it
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