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Jeremy Betts Nov 6
This angers taking over
I'm a fighter but a loser
Back to a devil on each shoulder
I'll have no one if I lose her
Standing at a crossroad
Trying to remember what I've been told
Not the first time, might be the last
Caught up in the days of futures past
'Till it's over
I know I shouldn’t fall for you yet, but how could I not when you look at me with those piercing eyes and that friendly smile. You make me feel so safe, a safety I have never felt before.
We talk for hours, but when we say goodbye it only feels like minutes, I could spend days talking to you and never get bored. The first time you held my hand I knew I never wanted you to let it go, and when we shared our first kiss I couldn’t stop smiling the whole drive home.
I promised myself I wouldn’t fall too hard too fast, but here I am just hoping it all lasts.
Jme Love Apr 2021
Im no stranger to this. Submitting a poem hoping to join. Clearing my mind one word at a time. On this keyboard i type. In my journal i write. A note here or there on a napkin square. Never revealing how i truely feel. Never knowing whats fake and whats real. Checking my email hoping im accepted although its not expected. Thank you for your time if it was in fact yours. If not thank you algorithm and the info you store.
My first poem to hello poetry.
Esther Sep 12
i met you when i was 14
and like an addict with their first dose of ******
i had a taste of you, liked it
i grabbed and hooked on to something
way too soon

i met you when i was 14
had my first kiss on a train in the sunset
something so strangely intriguing
it was beyond perfect, felt like home
and i thank you for that

had my first kiss on a train in the sunset
i gave my body to you
i thought that one day i was going to marry you
your fingers and lips traced every inch of my skin
our love was naked and raw

i gave my body to you
you were there in my room
we shared a playlist of stolen lullabies
i could see you up against the closet door with me
i closed my eyes as the moonlight washed me through

you were there in my room
i reached for you and you pushed my hand away
in the darkest crowd of the busy station
i saw you cry for the very first time
as the unforgivable words slipped out of my mouth

i reached for you and you pushed my hand away
we danced under the christmas lights
we never made it 'til the season
the decorations were put up too early
just like us

we danced under the christmas lights
you left me like my soul had left my body
phone call, 19:35
i guess you were relieved
but nobody else would care for me the way you did

you left me like my soul had left my body
i was a **** mess
no food, no shower, no friends, no life
i couldn't leave the couch due to my fear
that even seeing the littlest something would've reminded me of you

i was a **** mess
you had blades running down my skin
we were toxic
our love had both of us walking on a tightrope from the very beginning
i guess you fell off first

you had blades running down my skin
i found myself
you stold my highest passion - taylor swift
we were going to see her show later this year
but i was left with a spare ticket

i found myself
i was getting over you
sleeping, crying, dancing
until the music came back into my life
until i saw the sunrise for the first time in 6 months

i was getting over you
in the end, you were just another poem. i don't want a man who became 11 stanzas. i want a man who's my end game.

Jeremy Betts Aug 25
(First draft)

An authentic smile defeated then deleted long ago, zero chance of winnin' stretchin' all the way back to my beginnin'
It was a genuine expression that slowly melted to an unrecognizable reflection
All pigmentation givin' way revealin' a secondary, ghostly stand in
Granted, it happened in my formative years before I was abandoned but the impact has been felt through forty somethin' calendars and countin'
A true representation of life's failed mission, not necessarily my opinion but one every other person is holdin', no question
Still wouldn't say it's been a waste but the needles strongly leanin' towards no reason for existin'
An overall lack of position, doesn't seem like I was designed to fit in, that is if my life has been any indication
I manage to make it to and through the proverbial one more day but where's the lesson?
This just feels like non-monetary extortion, a life-sized portion, take far more than what's given
I'm still in competition with myself, the prize, livin', the compromise, loosin' myself in a broken system or durin' the transition
The eradication of an inner companion, replacin' compassion with aggression, smooth sailin' with frustration, no direction, no validation
The transition to curmudgeon happened earlier than expected, drawin' parallels from the curious case of Benjamin Button
Not for nothin', the infestation of negative thoughts caused a mutation inside and out, completely loosin' what it means to be human
It's not a lose lose situation, and it sure ain't win win, and any other option, I'm guessin', got lost in translation
But I'm pretty sure somethin's gotta end in order for another somethin' to begin, at least that's what I'm hearin'
Still can't find a reason that justifies the conviction, is what I'm feelin' damnation? Is what I'm seein' my own creation?
It could just be that no matter what I'm not goin' to enjoy the conclusion, not allowed to settle on your preferred endin'
No fat lady singin', just a band playin' as I feel myself sinkin' into oblivion so pardon me for givin' up on salvation
It should go without sayin' but you're waistin' away waitin' for divine intervention, be careful what you use for inspiration
It may not be your intention, but there's no hate like the love of a christian, I'm just sayin'
Pay attention, who you're praying to every day may not be the one listenin'
Shofi Ahmed Aug 16
When I pick up my pen
        She comes first.
When I land on the dust
         I am a stranger!
your eclipse Aug 2
you were not my first kiss,
but you were my firsts;
head kisses
warm hugs
out all-nighters
candid pictures
flowers to give
irrational thoughts
uncontrollable crying
sunset-watching beach trip
stargazing but there was only one star trip
share a drink with two straws
hands in your jackets
midnight strolls
person to wake up to
food frenzy dates
out of town trip
concert dates
heart aches
love, that i couldn't imagine a future with
love, that would **** me to not have a future with
—you were never mine, for all i know
Who am i
Before i was born
What was i doing
In the mysteries of the unknown
Do i have a name
Where do i call my home
Did i say goodbye
Before i was gave birth by my mom.
Why did i chose my parents.
Who carried me first,
Who cleaned me up,
Who wiped my first tears
Who were my first friend
Why do i have to be in haste
Why do i have to die
Where are you taking me to
Am i going home ?
If a blind man can not see the sun
Does not mean the sun does not exist
Who is to tell me the enigma of Life
Hastfan Jul 24
All I see, my lotus flower
Sad to see our love gone soured

Yours was mine and mine alone
Expect it wasn’t - should  have known

My love for you, too much you said
You knew me, amongst the rest

My luck down, my sadness found
My heart bled, externally read

All in all my lotus flower
Sad to see our love went soured

Your voice, an angel found it’s home
My feelings made - hardly known  

But you left your notice made
Off you went, came my pain

And as you walked away from me
My heart bled red internally
The first is the worst.
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