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First Boat

first boat off the island @ 5:40 am,
the sun, savvy and knowledgeable
makes sunrise @ 5:14 am for ‘late’ is
not an adjective extant in its stellar lexicon

a safety check, sunlight invades every crack,
pilings vested & secured, ferry engine hums a
warming, morning cranking tune, a sailors
favorite from the global ******’s hymnal

those early morning voyagers, who are exchanging,
one island for another, note their coffee steaming up
coordinates with haze, burning off, all to see the first
waves come to rock them voyagers to “all awaken”

sunlight then slow spreads its envision, from the Heights
over to Mashomack, rousing, disturbing, nudging the
remaining, for there is work, living aplenty, we who stay
to tend to the most appropriately named isle in the world

Silver Beach
Shelter Island, New York
Raven Feels May 3
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, sometimes strangers can become the holders of our deepest secrets:>

awaited so long so vast to confess a blurt out a must say

that my hopes came to the ultimate settle to the unspoken overwhelm of this May

hurdled in my lap like a shiny relief anticipation

hidden doors under that rag to a whole new brilliant creation

never have I ever came to express to redeem a share

in a chaotic crowd in a room for that daemon monster flare

bare me the tears

been shed been dear on the angel

on that blanket that saint of the painful

don't get this wrong it was a cry of surreal

of a friendship that I dreamt of a cherish

for those pure souls to come to an emotional peel

Passing by an old brick building on a slow road
I almost laugh to think the last time I was there,
I thought I’d found who I was supposed to be
When I barely knew how to do anything more
Than stay quiet and stay out of everyone’s way.

I told my old soul sisters I’d see them soon
But I haven’t seen those pieces of my heart in a while.
Back then lies went down easy with a smile
And I didn’t know when everything would change
Because all the other new beginnings I prayed for
All too quickly became the worst things I could imagine.

It nearly broke me to know tragedy like the back of my hand,
But every story has its perfect ending and the last days
Were truly (almost) everything they should have been.

Looking back now I felt like I was flying through clouds
Even when all I wanted was to let myself scream again.
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Kassan Jahmal Apr 15

At the touch of lips,
feelings do explode.
But we were still too young,
how'd we really know?
I guess for us, it only implodes.

Kissing in secret,
curious kids against each parents wishes.
Because of you,
I never forgot that Friday evening.

(Of my first taste at French kisses)
Moonwriter Apr 1
The sun shine in the bright sky

as I see blue jays fly by

I think to my self how lucky

they are to sour throw

the bright blue sky
At the right time and place
You graced my life in a warm embrace
When I gazed into your eyes
It came as no surprise
I've been waiting for you since the first sunrise
You smiled and placed a light in my heart
And though you come and go
Like a swallow flying to and fro
Your presence short
Yet ever near to my heart
I loved you from the start
S. Achilleos
Although we just
My beautiful girl
I am feel like you
Have takeover
My heart mind and soul

Although we
Just meet
Sweet girl
I want to meet you
My delicate creature

Never had I been in love
Like this
Wilkes Arnold Mar 26
Your eyes met mine and I knew right then
That this was the start of something when
A fire began to blaze within
And my heart beat skipped at the thought of sin,

I leapt from my seat with passions flared
But you mistook the moment we shared
I walked right by, I hate to admit
That I was racing to take a ****
I look forward to your analysis of this deep meaning behind this masterpiece
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