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W 2d
I met you at the local coffee shop
You asked me if I wanted to leave
I was hesitant with my answer
But there was something about you
That made me trust you
I don't know if it was your brown eyes
Or the way you spoke about your dreams and fears
That made me say yes

Steven 4d
What I visioned was warmed steel winds - brilliant soft glow
crystal Autumn light at the center of the heart
the rush of slow rains pulled away from its quartzed source
to let dance a sacred stray
away from the lucent ****
born herself to those turned monuments in our memory
an echo - the innocent born from the energy of a new Spring  -
quenched of a natural thirst
allowing a climb
like ascending fire dust from logs spent in the night -
Electric light.

What I found was that glow
but distant
the Autumn light absent its blare
Those echoes dulled
because it was the idea that was the love affair -
not Electric - but Citrine light
like deserts  - magnetic to view yet ambitious to live
The quite crescent of ocean
absent the meld of salt sun height - A liquid soar
or beiged meadow lawns
the slightly felled allure of Sycamore.
I often wonder why I’ve always come second to most

People have often looked right through me like some corporeal ghost

I know I’m nothing special but I’ve always done my best

I look out for the people I care for and help at every request

People I call friends have often left me excluded

Maybe calling them friends is just me being deluded

Every woman I’ve cared for has been unfaithful and left

It’s left me with trust issues and in a state of constant unrest

I’ve always wanted someone to pick me and make me feel wanted

Even my mother left me and I wish I could say I was undaunted

I’m so jaded now I doubt I could tell if someone really cared

If that person ever came and went I probably wasn’t prepared

I bet I doubted their intentions and slowly pushed them away

If that was you and you’re reading this I’d like to apologize today

I hope one day someone will show me that I’m not that hard to love

To tell you the truth, I doubt it will happen, but it’s all I’ve ever dreamt of
the first girl that ever hugged me
wrapped her gentle arms around me
like a vine on a gate
i was 14
she had the smell of
which she got from aphrodite herself
she was the first girl to teach me what love felt like outside of my family
that i should feel more than whole
and my *** did i feel complete with her arms entwined around me
One is your ***

He creates things

Which are good

He creates the good

The devil creates the worst

Make your heart obey him

Make yourself as the ***** to him

You will be safe

You will be the first

He comes down every night

To the sky of the world and talked

To all creatures who wanted

His help that was needed  

His cure to heal the ill

His worth to change your life

From poor to be rich

To change your as you wish

from sad to be happy and vanish

Every worst that will finish

You must get up and pray with tears

Fill your eyes and calling with wish

To get your life in peace

Lift your hands showing your weakness

Obey him as you could

Obey him to get his merit

Obey him to enter his heaven

And be the happiest ,to be the first
to be happy must get under the most power,the ***
W Oct 8
I remember the moment our eyes met
I swear I saw the flowers around us
I swear i heard fireworks
All because our eyes had met
And in that moment it felt like time had stopped
Just for a second

Amare Leslie Oct 8
first time i felt love outside family it felt like dark chocolate melting in my mouth
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