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you are not the first man
to take off my clothes,

but you are the first man
to see me naked while
my clothes are still on.
Andy Chunn Jul 3
It was the first, and never before
Had flavor exploded, and I wanted more
My partner was dizzy from taste overload
Downing a pint of sweet Rocky Road.

Many a night, while sleeping alone
I’d drift off to sleep, and dream of a cone
And wonder what it would really be like
The time when you take that very first bite.

Tasting together the scent of each flavor
Ecstasy for each partner to savor.
And then a time of recovery and rest
Knowing that now you have mastered the test.

So go for it, and search the right type
Devour it all, with major delight
Just take the chance, and right it will seem
When you finally taste your first ice cream.
knowing the shadows are there
insisting that they are not
love has left me
love has left me lost

make me happy again, im begging
end this sadness before it ends me
imagine, right?
Ila 5d
So, I fell in love. I know, I know. I said being love as a teenager was stupid, and how promising yourself to someone this early was stupid. But I did it. Past me would have been laughing so hard. I said I saw him in my future, we’d create a life together that was amazing.

I loved him for everything he did not love about himself. I will brag and say that I treated him best (compared to his exes so far). I would have accepted any changes that happened to him while we grew together.

But before any of those things could happen, he just left. ****. In a snap he left me with a burning memory in my mind that I did not want to forget, and yet I knew I should. He left me wanting him every night, and yet I could not contact him. He left me, knowing how much I loved him and how much he loved me. Did I even mean anything?

Once something is over it’s hard to really believe it is. You just want it to go back to normal. You have no knowledge on the reason you ****** up.

I’m not mad at him though. I love him too much to be mad at him. I wished him all the best, hoping he would receive all the love that he deserves. I know I treated him the best, but I am sure that someone else will come along and treat him better.

Loving him was exquisite. Everything and nothing existed all at once.

It’s hard to forget such good memories. But I never said I would. I will remember the good, there’s nothing wrong with that, is there?

I am slowly forgetting that he used to consume my days, and all I would do was talk to him. I am slowly forgetting his voice at night, saying I love you as I drift off into sleep. I am slowly forgetting the laughs we shared together and how I couldn’t see anyone else in the future.

I am slowly forgetting him, and I am sad that I am.
I don’t feel anything, is this finally moving on
In the autumn of ninety six,
When the breeze blew with bliss,
I saw heaven in her eyes and the radians spread with such brilliance;
Captivating thousands in fact millions who wanted to be by her side.
But they did not dare cause of her tormented life.

The bells rang, the birds sang,
Autumn seemed so exotic.
Was I in love, or was it a passing vision -
One of lives  dramatic situations.

Every time our eyes met,
A sudden shiver ran down my neck;
I was so entranced by her
but dared not approach her.

Education got the better of me and I never took that step,
Love consumed me like a worm in a succulent apple;
And when it was too late, in just a blink,
the autumn coupled with the inducing sun,
Changed my life for what its worth.

We exchanged love, we endured love,
We made love and felt love;
through one solitary mode - "silence" being the golden conversation;
as we touched each other through this magical phenomenon.

The feelings we had were sacred, deeper than the blue ocean;
Yet it was drowned as time went by,  
and it withered slowly during the last autumn sunshine
A question I so often hate to ask,
A question that reminds me of lives unjust cruelty,

She had contracted AIDS,
A flower withered before its age;
Her beauty inseparable;
Soon to turn to ashes.
Oh Life! You are so unjust.

She was only nineteen when she died;
Her last few minutes were silent, as our eyes met for the last time.
It was only tears that I could afford,
Not even words could tell as to how I felt;

Our love was given its final bend
When with her dying breath,
She kissed me gently on my forehead;

Her lips were pale, were parched;
And soon grew cold.
How silence grew and how silence got bold!
In silence did it take my heart
and in silence did it strike me.

Its shallow pain hit me in vain
For my true love was silent again
Never to return back, never to kiss me,
But to be silent for ever again.
nikita Oct 7
I’ll come to you as first snow,
when your smile is the brightest.
I’ll come to you as a slow breeze,
to embrace you, when you are walking alone.
I’ll come as the falling leaves,
to hold you up when you stumble.
I’ll come as the first flower of spring,
to see you with the one you love.

I’ll fall as rain, whenever you cry,
I’ll hide your tears behind mine, from the world that let you down,
I’ll cry for you.
I’ll come to you in every smile and skipped heartbeat, in every stumble and every tear.

So, don’t hide my love,
never say you are alone,
for I’m always there to hold you up, falling for you, embracing your pain to see you smile.
Losing myself, leaving myself, just to find you.
najy Oct 1
When I think about first love,
I remember not wanting to say goodbye
We stayed up all night together
24 hours on Skype
We were miles apart;
The closest thing to staying in your arms was hearing your voice as I drifted to sleep.

We were too proud to say it out loud
The truth we both feared.
I said I love you to all my friends,
But it was a coverup
For a different love entirely.
Some truths don’t need to be spoken,
Some beasts are best left unnamed,
But it doesn’t take much to read between the lines
Of our messages when we fantasized
About our lips, bodies, and hands intertwined.

In my dark moments of despair
You could still bring a smile to my face.
I recall, when I told you how much I hated me
You took it upon yourself to write out all the things you loved about me.
I tried to see myself through your adoring eyes
I read your letter countless times.

We burned bright and fast,
And at 16, I could never dream,
Of a world where you weren’t everything to me.
Now, our flame has long been extinguished
The pain of the end no longer stabs me
It’s just a dull memory meandering in my mind.

Your face is just something I see in passing,
But your birthday I still have memorized.
I still think of you when I hear the song that gave you your name,
and I remember what first love was again.

The feeling of never wanting to say goodbye,
But knowing some day you will.
I sit beside you,
two sets of eyes glued to a splotched canvas before us.
I in the driver’s seat,
you in your captain’s chair.
I’m asking all these questions, but,
are you really there? I worry
when I look at you, and the
shock is painted on my face.
Others pass me under the moonlight and
tell me to leave this place.
They say, “you better get outta here, and get
while the getting is good.
This job will turn you inside out
and make you misunderstood.”

I sit beside you,
two sets of eyes glued to the canvas, as if it will restore us.
A cassette tape is forced through my brain,
the night’s events replayed.
My finger tap upon the glass,
and your hair is frayed.
Your figure in the captain’s chair,
with skin as cold as tin.
Which one of these got to your bones,
which one did you in?
Do you remember sights and sounds,
you wish you could forget?
Is that look upon your eye,
one of anger or regret?
Trauma is etched into your skin
like cracks on a weary canyon rock.
I need to know how you turned to you
if only you could talk.

I sit beside you.
Our eyes are glued to the splotched canvas, that which holds nothing
for us.
I work in an emergency ambulance. I was green, enthusiastic and filled with a sense of altruistic fulfillment. This attitude later became confusion and concern that I made a mistake as I continuously met people who seemed to have stared into that proverbial abyss for too long and became emotionally corrupted by it.
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