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Albuna 1d
Never have I ever meet a person like you before.
You came to me, and I thought you are the one I’m looking for.
I don’t want to lose you, that’s what he said.
Many nights I was thinking about him, and laying in my bed.
The look he gave me or the smile,
I was like blown away for a while.
I have never loved a person so much in my life.
So much that when they do wrong, it hurts you like a knife.
I know so much about him, but he nothing about me.
All our memories were they devoured by the sea?
I shouldn’t have trusted you so much,
Now I can’t get you out of my mind, I can still feel your touch.
How you called me beautiful and made me feel like that too,
But now you found someone new…
Didn’t you say I’m the only one for you?
I was so dumb, love can make blind it's true.
But hey, I will get over it!
Step by step I will forget him, everyday a little bit.
But someday I will see him again,
My tears will find their way out, and my heart still feel the pain.
Because the first love is the most powerful one,
and sometimes after it, you can’t love anymore another one.
The first love...
How could I ever forget about it?
Can't think of anything to compare to being In love
when you know that someone so special Is yours because you've won
her heart body and
The very first time ever you sleep with her, but she not
gone In the morning she still there so you're turn
Into her put your arm around
And to snuggle Into the beautiful warmth of her shapely body your own body fitting like a glove
to the lovely curves of
her charms smooth of
the skin you feel
the firmness of her breast cupped In your hand, ******* that harden at the touch of your fingers
you so happy to lay
and share her dreams so blissful you fall to sleep safe wrapped In the body of you're
Nothing compares to finding love first time you know you really love her
Lunar 3d
i could never listen to your voice;
my ears could never hallucinate.
i could never look at you for so long;
my eyes could never hold your gaze.
i could never measure your big hands;
my fingers and yours could never lace.
i could never be in your solid arms;
my hands—liquid—could never encircle your waist.

but i think i could be on your mind
and i could be written in your heart:
if you read the words that i write
when you pick up this poem and start.
to lj, an avid reader.

from j.m.
Blood on the bedsheets.
A flood in my head beats
It was a first for both of us
There was soft bodies
And sweaty palms
And emotion
     At last.
Winter was the warmest that night
When you kissed me for the first time.
I hope you apologize.
When you apologize, I'll apologize too.
I'll let it all out.
Let it bleed like I did for you. It'll all be in the open, on the table.
Please hug me.
Say hi and goodbye.
Smile at me when you see me.
Involve me in your conversations
All those little things will start us on the path to redemption and healing.
If you're reading this, please take the first step.
I'm to scared to do it first
To anyone reading this, please take the first step. Apologize first. You'll feel better
I never knew
what it felt like
being loved
the way I love
I fell
for myself
the looking glass
I always come last

I was never first.

Being behind meant I was always watching ahead.
Never looking over my shoulder.
Cause I was last.
Helping those who fell, whilst watching those who still walk learn to run.

I learnt a lot being last, most importantly when there is two of you left.
It’s okay to be second place, because the one you’re behind is in second place also.

How else could they put you first.
6 am thoughts
Emily Jo Dec 6
This is why I loved you
So silly yet so kind
But you will never
Again always be mine

I wonder sometimes
If you’ll be alright

To be alone in this world
It’s a never ending fight

I hope we both will be well
To soon find great love again

I will never forget the days
Shared between us
Where time for us
Stood still
time , what time?
first, i asked

my neighbor at sit answered
the time passed

my wait annoyed
second, i asked

he answered with anger
i waited

third, i asked
he was annoyed

he answered
fourth, i asked
he shouted and answered
sixth, i asked

he threw his watch
he ordered," take

asked it much"
the patient has limits, do your look to get the good
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