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b Aug 16
afraid to live,
afraid to sin,
afraid to drown
in a bottle of gin.
Ten tiny fingers,
Ten little tiny toes,
Chubby cheeks,
Dimple chin,
Like grandpa's and his cheeky grin,
Eyes are blue,
Mischievous  same as grandma's too,
Complexion fair,
With mama's silky hair,
As tradition goes,
Family's small button nose,
Papa's  sweet frown,
And his boring yawn.
Welcome to the happy family little one,
With lots of kisses,huggies and cuddles,it's going to be fun.
Jon Thenes Apr 30

* Living under
  the heady cast of the Juniper tree ;
  an existence founded over sweeter decay

* It thatches a callous scabbing for us to build upon
  but releases gases from beneath
  that humour our sleep-waking state

* Everything is yield to its medicated sterility
  as time passes,
  things become more vulnerable to rotting conditions :
  loose pore attachment
  splits in nails
  soft grey flakings
  withdrawn circulation
  fluctuating body tempature
  unattached thought
  thoughtless and extreme mood
  forgotten bursts of severe aggression  ...

* Fertile tiny flies
  travel through
  the sponge of everything :
  they balance this environment

* Disquieted woozy days
  and slum summer
  and guests who feel foreign
  when our displays spill over...
  it’s all mallatuned

* Small tumbles, injury and self care shelved
* Entertainment is imperative
  jar in mit
  distraction is key
  merry made and merry go round
  and kilter unkeen
  and one patient taking care of the other patient
  crying jokes at each a smother
  unkept nesters
  bruises and guestures
  emotionally infested infantasy
  investment ingested
  under the guidance of the Juniper tree....
  the botchful why of the juniper
Writing The Past into The Past
Naiilang ako sayo
Wag mo akong tingnan sa mata!
Takot na takot na ang puso
Sayo ba'y muling aasa?
Natataranta itong isip
Nais ko na munang maidlip
Ngunit sa aking pag gising,
Ramdam ko pa rin  ang pagkalasing
Sabihin mo nga!
Ilang bote pa ba ng GIN?
Walking down Gin Lane
Scarred by eighteenth-century blood stains
From working-class villains
Escaping into intoxication
Ill-informed gratification
Anything to survive
Being alive, in poverty.

The years have passed
The bottles now prettier
With beautiful pure glass
The craftsmen working on bottled beauty
To capture liquid love
Now the middle classes
Sat so high above
Are sipping the clarity, fruit-infused
Enjoying the drink that once belonged to the abused
Now you hear them sing
So refined in their fine cloth
The brand has become everything
Only the name matters.
Beer Street and Gin Lane. Hogarth. 1751.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Late at night all alone  It's to then I feel the loss the
most to never see her  smiling face touch her hand kiss her lips
sweet I worship her the very ground she walked upon where the sun did shine for the both of us days I thought would never end but now the sun doesnt shine any more on our once life all those
sunny days I have witnessed, and now a totall eclipse of the sun where once It shone so bright for the both of us but now It shines no
Helen now gone It feel like a total eclipse of the sun every where U go shadows  of what used to be
William Maxwell Dec 2018
I fell in love
With untied laces
A silly nuance
But my heart still races
Everytime I think of your face
Or those trousers you wore
With all the pretty colours
It's fun to see you all made up
Ready for your night out
Don't forget me
In the waves of gin and tonic

You're ever so pretty...
I hear those trousers are gone, that is a great shame.
Jackie Mead Aug 2018
Muscles ache,
Exhaustion sets in
My head is in a bit of a spin
What is this Gym, where people partake?
I thought you said Gin for goodness sake!

Kettle bells, weight machines, deadman lifts
Grin and bare it, lift, lift, lift!
Treadmills, rowing machines,  standing bikes
Keep going 30 secs on, 15 secs off is what we like!

Muscle men and woman showing their skills
Pushing heavy weights just for thrills

My Person Trainer is one of the best
Until it comes to putting me to the test
Then i dont like him very much
He keeps me going when i just want to give up

However he knows my goals
And i trust he will get me there
So for the moment i grin and bare

I will keep going to the Gym
And of course partake in the ocassional Gin :)
Me this evening, i have a PT and hes great at making me keep going when all i want to do is.give up.  I have big dreams for 2021 and he will get me there. In the meantime i will keep going Gym and enjoying Gin :)
Robin Carretti Jul 2018
It's now or never what awaits
Gin is forever like her collagen of skin
the wanting how her prayers got answered
The (Him) the (I-phone) not my (Apple)
My blessings I got my miracle how fate
sipped me in with my best friend
The sip loving him  gin is her oxygen
All cravings from the countries
Native American, Latin American
Afro American, and The North American
The Hotel going to all the meetings
At the Sheraton
my lip to his sunset
Makes a world of her savings

Meets to my original
Tastebuds petals
and sprinkles like bling
Watering my rosebuds
So many brands but
Modern twist
Portugal Spanish
olives trees could sing

Cat nine lives versus her
Gin of love doves pleas

Scratch me lucky seven
But  conventional
Love-seat sectional
Him- I- Gin lets be

((Gin Rational))

Like the pixel living
more with a sweet taste
Stirring and purring Cat
I-Gin him the mighty morsel
Playing black-Jack
She had the best cards
Gin* I * pack
The game is pouring
the poker lip scouring

The origin of Dracula Bram Stoker
Her wavy hair red-hot tasseled
Like waves of (Gin) rippled
She mingled like" I- Gin"
But she was more mortal
Are we on air 2 win
The News over dripping
Hot Gin story him side-slip
National sip velvet whole lip
The warmth going down
The gin was magical potent
All exotic types she dressed
in stripes
Not the American Flag

The European sip of the Gin
Meeting her man
Weaving through the warmth
Juniper Glamped Gin camper
He's so defined in his character
Gin all him her floret trim glass

The process takes time
Gin- Boss Italian glass
Florence blown
Newfangled  or seductively
Flagged in bangled worn

Entirely subjective
The Europeans Industry
Origin of the whole dynasty
Juniper berries
Like a Junior virginity-Gin
Or him___?
Far from New York City
His flight first class (Gin)
and only him
Butterflies look divine on
her breast
Like the Gin and Science test
Her cherries in her Gin Drink
His theories in his Manly winks

The gin so medicinal
How it ward off malaria
She drinks to her delicately
tone body All God-lit
Her swiftly steps fit
Shes all heart like the ballerina
She is the Grace of the gin drink
The new look on her face
The purest wings fly the best
Our time of the Origin

Women and Men start now to begin
Dressed up new technology generation
The Gin of romance mission
The next pour dripping
intense torrential rain
For the single- set such potential
The married couple drenching
drink wet was more primal

The Gin couple was immaculate
never late
They won the bet that's
Gin-like no other fate
This is about the Origin of Gin my style and how a drink can change lives or if your single talk more and starts to mingle if your married there might very well be Gin God have a party gin fire up your hot rod
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