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Inner Child Apr 7
life, death, and somewhere in between
what is the purpose?
what dose this all mean?
to live is to experience both heart ache and joy,
to spend each day not knowing lifes ploy.
Death is the void the living dread,
lifes greatest secret she guards with the dead.
but somewhere in between lies the prison that holds me,
a place that both living and dead avoid gladly.
I am not dead,
I feel lifes warmth flow through my veins,
I feel lifes kiss and I know of lifes pains.
But I am not alive,
I watch from fogged glass all the people around,
watch as lifes play amuses, astounds.
To feel what they do,
To take part in lifes waltz.
To be embrase the void,
To be rid of my faults.
life, death, and somewhere in between,
what is the purpose?
what dose this all mean?
N Chairannisa Feb 25
I reside at the In-Between,
Just like the hyphen
joining those two words,
A meaningless flatline
in the midst of two worlds.

Nobody chooses In-Between,
Vague monotony
is torment to bear,
Each waking minute
seeming endlessly bare.

The frustration of In-Between
is knowing I’m the bridge
connecting them as one,
and longing to be both
but belonging to none.
rhionna Feb 7
a weird state of the in between
not exactly sad
but not exactly any emotion
I feel weird
no way to describe it
if I told you of this feeling, would you ever care?
is it worth me to even dare tell you?
fear of being thought of as crazy
express it or suppress it
the in between
the feeling I often get
Only fools play that game;
You mustn't be rash about it.
You know love's devilish.

Don't be a fool with love;
But don't hate anyone either.
You know hate's devilish.
Dusk and Dawn,
Back-Streets and Alleys,
A portrait halfway Drawn,
The center of a Valley.

I like the In-Betweens:
Those things which have begun but not Ended,
Where things are not always what they Seem
And our disbelief is Suspended.

A jagged Mountain grasping for the Clouds,
Not quite there but well into the Sky
Like a prisoner Unbowed,
With a jailor to Defy.

The boring, uneventful Days,
Which alienate and leaves us Whirled.
Manifested, tangible Displays,
Of the Space between the Worlds.

Life is the greatest Halfway,
It’s not so long a Route.
So I will resolve to Stay
To see it all play Out.
OC Nov 2019
What’s small, is small
what’s big, is big
and all that’s in-between
is also, either small, or big
never both

But isn’t it strange?
for a louse that strolls our head
the scalp kisses the horizon
whilst for us, each brow is arched
and the earth we travel, is flat
but not for Atlas, which from above
see’s that it is curved, while his shoulders
carry the infinite plane that is, ironically
a celestial sphere
which pushes this conundrum
all the way up to god
and possibly beyond

And all things are small
and all things are big
always both thing
never in-between

Thus, we should strive to remember
when the world is heavy on our shoulders
how small, it really is
and how the universe is hidden
in the tiniest of details

And then there’s us, amidst
duality of no, and every, thing
a cusp
of zero, and infinity
20th installment in this series of poems inspired by physics. This is also the last poem in this series, as 20 is the goal I set to myself when starting this project. I am pleased to say that I indeed manged to bind all of those as a small book (containing both the english, and my native tongue versions of these poems) which I intend to give as a present to my scientific mentor.
This has been a long journey, and quite a project to accomplish since it was mainly done on my spare time. I hope that you, the readers, got to share some of my enthusiasm for the field of physics - and that it sparked the curiosity for at least some of you.

Thoughts and comments are as always welcome
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