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Zombie Jun 22
She:I like him so much.
He(to himself) :Do u know, how much I like u???

She:I wait for monday to be with him.
He(to himself):Do u know, how much I wait just for ur one glance????

She:I am obsessed with him
He(to himself) :Do u know, you are everywhere in my thoughts????

She:Can you please gimme a solution because U are my bestfriend??
He(to himself) :Why me!!!! Can u gimme a solution for this situation of mine, just being your "Best Friend" ????
Why me? or shall I tell why not me? Why I got to hear all this?
You’re in No-Man’s land, shells all around
Not yet forgotten, but not easily found
Silence is a deafening, unwelcome sound
What a poor excuse for a proving ground.
Lay down, meltdown, fade into the background,
‘Cause all you’ve ever known is letdowns.
i want to know what it's like
in those in-betweens

in between the stars
where it's impossibly quiet

in between light and dark
where the sun and moon sleep

in between me and you
where there's all the love in the world

in between my feet and the earth
where creatures might be

in between loving and hating
where there's a heart breaking

in between heaven and hell
where we live

in between the atoms of objects
what's in there?

in between is the most curious place to be,
it seems.
smc Apr 27
lip synch

facebook photos

plaster of paris

ebony streaked

no thanks
just salad

lips curl


hollow rooms
sticky skin

cruise control

paper doll

right-hand ring
Pyrrha Jan 13
How someone can just walk out of your life so fast
Is insane to me
One day you can be all thats on their mind
The next you're nothing
Just a ghost

The in between of a feeling and a fading memory
ThatBrokenOne Jan 11
We write
We speak
We put words on paper
We say the things we want to

We think
We image
We memorise wat we think
We imagine what we want

We act
We react
We do what we think is best
We react to what others think is best

We are
We are to be
We are who we want to be
We are not always as we want to

We need
We give
We rely on other people
We give other people a pice of our mind

We say
We are
We say to be the person we want to
We are the person we say we are; in between the lines
We are not always the person we say we are. We are not always the person we write down. Because what we write down is just one perspective of our lives. We are what we don't say, we are what we say in between the lines
she walked through the darkened path
In desperate search for light
Minutes stretched to hours
Nothing but void she found
Sound of intense agony
Came from deep within her
Feeling of gloom and despondency
Descended upon her
Like hot lava
Words she whispered
My sins finally caught up with me
As tears cascaded down her cheek...
Suddenly, a blinding white light appeared
and in a flash it was gone
She fell...
On both hands and both knees
And for the first time
She cried with all her might
To a God she never believed in
She said “save me now and I’ll follow you”
Barely after those words were whispered
She was enveloped in light
loud beeping noise
A very parched throat
She Pried her eyes open
Where am I?
She whispered
A blurry face she saw
wearing Something that looked like a white robe
Are you God?
She said
No I’m not
I’m your doc
You were involved in ghastly motor accident
It’s a miracle you are alive
that’s all she heard
She smiled and whispered “thank you”to a God she now believes in.
c Nov 2018
write me letters,
one with every
letter known to man,
write me one for each day my hand
is not in yours,
write to me of your thoughts and feelings
of hardships and triumphs,
along with everything in between,

and in return
receive mine each dedicated especially to you,
detailing the delicate intricacies
of the way you make me feel
and my remembrance of
the summer's breeze
paired with the cool ocean air
and the way your hair laid so gently,

visit me in my dreams
and drop sweet kisses
down upon my lips
allow for every moment
you were in my arms to be cherished
and every moment apart be envious
of the times you were next to me.
Obviously this peace is a bit more vulnerable and emotional. I guess I'm just hoping someone will relate. I wrote this a few months ago and I think it is funny to see it now and wonder just how strong a passion can be.
anyways I hope you enjoyed!!
Thorns Nov 2018

I live in palace of joy and happiness
Inside and out thriving with life
The lion and the lamb are at peace
The children play in the serpents den
Not a care nor a worry is in the air
Life is joyful, loving, and peaceful

In Between

I live in a cottage with just enough food
I am alone and depressed
But I appreciate the wonders of the world
Death is peaceful life is harder
Life in between is empty, depressing, and wishful


Heaven is all the best things you could imagine
Full of light and gleaming gold
Filled with beautiful landscapes
Hell is all the very worst things you could imagine
You trudge through tiring sand of lies, with a black sky above you
An endless horizon of you darkest nightmares and greatest fears

Where does your soul lie?
Life, Death, or In Between
If you have a soul...
I'm In Between slipping away to death...
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