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solEmn oaSis Oct 2020
when in the wilderness,* then the portal seems so long and wide
no matter how heavy the distance is, let go of your deepest sigh ...
at the signal of the time, the wounded mind will exhile in the heart and heal any sore!
because for every success is worth the celebration!
no matter how big or small
even when the lines are not rhyming anymore!

do not be afraid, do not be discouraged, do not let your words slip,
express how you feel by looking up or kneeling.
and when you hold your pen and its loose ink ...
kindly convey your thoughts to a lifetime place that can grow around different corners!
howsoever ...
selfishness can correct the colorless mixture of fire and water
covered by heaven and Earth
and made thru the collision of Love and hatred
until a massive light fades, and obscures the limit of fading *views
detour to }!{ my alter ego!
when my own familiar world lost inside my left brain
but boldly came out to face
what is parallel with
unknown right in my future reality!
Eva Sep 2020
A fool’s worst fear is the one of people understanding him
How many people in the world despise themselves?
How many pretend not to?
A fool’s brain doesn’t work the same as others do
Very obviously a fool’s brain is too close to a fool’s heart
And if you think love is a battlefield, now you must wonder how a fool must feel
Banging, screaming on doors and beds
Self loathing is apparently free in his head
Small oddities in this world, like you and me
Our fears have no name, like you and me
Voice cracks, tears fall, nose sniffles yet our mouths stay closed
Why’s that broken one?
Carlo C Gomez Aug 2020
The space between.

A time to sell yourself.

A time for passing.

Sometimes I touch the right.

Too much, the wrong.

Resplendent deterioration
we live by.

With casuistic slogans
and closing doors.

D'you know disembarkment
leads to land sickness?

It does.

And who can then make
heads or tails out of
the qualms of tolerance
and his cousin, ignorance?
Hae Sun Jun 2020
I tried to hide you
Underneath the photos
Where the sun hides too

I tried to hide you
In between pages of books
that I have been meaning to read

I tried to hide you
In between the ticks and the tocks
In between the shadows and the light
In between what I wanted and what I never had

But here you are
You seem to seep through the leaks of my very soul
Suddenly you are in the calluses of my palms
In the sweat drops on my forehead
In the pieces of sand on my eyes
like you never even left

You have me, still.
Even when I cannot say the same for you.
It’s still you I think about even when I’m with someone else
waffle Jun 2020
I've always been in between life.
It's always somewhere over being
uncertain and certain,
optimistic and pessimistic,
and introverted or extroverted.

Despite all that,
there's one thing I'm sure of.
It is holding on to dear life,
going along through it.

I am nothing more than human,
but I am my own future.
carpe diem. que sera, sera.
Inner Child Apr 2020
life, death, and somewhere in between
what is the purpose?
what dose this all mean?
to live is to experience both heart ache and joy,
to spend each day not knowing lifes ploy.
Death is the void the living dread,
lifes greatest secret she guards with the dead.
but somewhere in between lies the prison that holds me,
a place that both living and dead avoid gladly.
I am not dead,
I feel lifes warmth flow through my veins,
I feel lifes kiss and I know of lifes pains.
But I am not alive,
I watch from fogged glass all the people around,
watch as lifes play amuses, astounds.
To feel what they do,
To take part in lifes waltz.
To be embrase the void,
To be rid of my faults.
life, death, and somewhere in between,
what is the purpose?
what dose this all mean?
N Chairannisa Feb 2020
I reside at the In-Between,
Just like the hyphen
joining those two words,
A silent flatline
in the midst of two worlds.

Nobody chooses In-Between,
Its vague monotony
is too loud to bear,
Each passing minute
confusing and yet, bare.

The frustration of In-Between
is knowing I’m the bridge
connecting them as one,
and longing to be both
but belonging to none.
rhionna Feb 2020
a weird state of the in between
not exactly sad
but not exactly any emotion
I feel weird
no way to describe it
if I told you of this feeling, would you ever care?
is it worth me to even dare tell you?
fear of being thought of as crazy
express it or suppress it
the in between
the feeling I often get
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