Shrishty 1d

Your love hits me like waves
Shuddering and shivering we meet
But in the flow I move with you
We repel and depart
Marooned by love and hurt by war
Holding hands with you feels like a sin
That I commit over and over again
Embracing your blades and forgetting the pain
To the river bed we travel
I stay. You leave.
A love that is this way,
Can be nothing but malignant.

Life had been a picture box
Wherein all are painted in monotone
Only what's to be seen are being shown
But go down in mem'ry—rusted love locks.

Everywhere you turn,
the pictures look the same
Still in place as you carelessly aim,
A heart can only discern.

Be it winter, spring, summer or fall,
The external, the internal remains
But a sound, a voice, in my head refrains
Yet again, it's the film's time to roll.

Once, I caught a glimpse of a smile
And wondered what it could be.
How can an image look so different to me?
A thought unusually worthwile.

Flowers begun to bloom and blossom
Releasing fireworks into the sky
Could these fingertips reach them if ever I try?
Rainbows cried on a sphere of monochrome.


{Set I: Brandon}
I've been through
Hell and back
I have blemishes and bruises
Marks that can't be erased
But Life will not defeat me
I am still standing
For now
That is enough

Everybody's been through a little bit of pain. No matter how hard life knocks you down or how much it burns you, it's important to always believe in yourself, get back up, and say, "Is that all you got?". You can do this. Never give up. You might not know me, but I believe in you just as I believe in myself.
Jonathan 3h

Lonely sleepless night here i am once again
with my heart and soul up against the wall
Gasping for the air from this nightmare is unfair
Sweet deliverance from my lies gives no reward

Wishing to erase away
the mistakes i’ve blindly made
I’m falling apart inside of you

Weeping tears and frowns
Alone and cold
Your trust i’ve caused to drown

these old feelings i have wish to withhold
to make atonement before my farewell
our shadows sink furthermore apart
time is running short to end this nightmare

Wishing to erase away
the mistakes i’ve blindly made
I've found the way out the door

Weeping tears and frowns
Alone and cold
Your trust i’ve caused to drown

dropping to my knees
with weary eyes
looking up to the morning star
with a quick dare
life is just a dream
on the way to death

Song for my band

It seems these days, in this now,
the bright side isn't a unfathomable place, it's just right there, close enough not to reach for,
more settled,
part of that lack of grasp is because of you;
you create a happy easily,
with all you are
and all you be.

Wilted leaves overpopulate the ground.
And no tree as far as eyes can perceive.
So far from home.
So close to anywhere.  
But here.
A statement that can be heard any second of any given day.
This moment in time.
A random fraction of the incessant routine.
Dreaming or awake.
It all depends on feel.
Not logic.
And even then the rules of both worlds must be learned regardless.
Who is there to say that one's understanding of the environment  is incorrect.
Everything down to the information that the eyes process therefore in the brain.
I think so therefore I am.
And yet even this comes into question regularly.
The longer one stays in this world.
Less and less questions are answered.
But one thing can definitely be found regardless of intention.
One must learn to swim through the viscous muk of disappointment.
To grasp at enlightenment.
Or be insane enough to not care.
For words can never be unseen.
Sharper than any blade.
Even more blunt than a boulder.
Can the wrong words be.
One cant go through life without first being initiated through pain.  
And even after its not promised that happiness will follow.
With so many eyes weighing down in expectation.
Its hard to focus.
On any point.
It may always seem..

owi 4h

In the midst of my mind lies a rusty image- black and white.
A polarized negative swooning this tornado in the name of sanity like a dying virgin stroking tinted edges of its flesh for being itself. Beneath "I" lives a bird lost in an inundated translation of glitter of the seamless words roasted in cupid sanctuaries of inner turmoil.

Bare feet grounding firmly
Distant whistles of soulmate songs
Your name still playing in the back of my head.

It's been a month.
I would have kissed you by now.
AC 6h

It's twelve in the morning,
these thoughts don't have enough space
It screams for a peaceful life
yet craves for endless ideas
I'm not crazy, I am just aware
That people will leave
when they are tired of you
Believe me,
they can and they will.

Enandin 7h

With these words I bare my soul
Share my heart as it unfolds
I pledge my troth, I swear an oath
Would end my life for yours my wife
Nothing stands in front of you
Nothing counts the way you do
All the words of wisdom wise
Turn to dust before my eyes
To be or not to be, a question sure
But in my life I love you more.

A bit cringy but, what can I say?
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