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Everyone’s the same
on the bus
Yes everyone’s the same
on the bus
Rich or poor
either or
everyone’s the same
on the bus
The bus is not
about character
one could be brave
or one could be meek
nor is it about where
you’re headed
and if you’re going
to shout or to sneak
and if it isn’t about
where you’re headed
then it isn’t about
where you’ve been
and it isn’t about
what you’ve done
and it isn’t about
what you’ve seen
Everyone’s the same
on the bus
Yes everyone’s the same
on the bus
Weak and tough
Posh and rough
Everyone’s the same
on the bus
On the bus
none of it matters
a man could be
in sickness
or in health
  on the bus
he is simply going
from one place
To somewhere else
The bus is the great equaliser
Death enters through
a hunter. A black fish jumps
to make water *****.

The reason is that
the color of human hair is gold
and blood becomes a glacier.

Where will the moon
take bath in summer? Don't
declare that clouds are dried up.
Blinded by her own sins
She was walking in darkness
But she met the Light of the world
Who shone His light in her heart
Then her eyes were opened
And she saw the path of life
Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.” (John 8:12)
You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore. (Psalms 16:11)
Sometimes angry with choices
Sometimes happy though you are gone
Sometimes painful to remember voices
Every word replays in mind like a song
Got my iPod stuck on replay
You were poised to leave
your love, and deliberately ****
your dreams. Autopsy done. Time elapsed.

I am given a hemlock.
I will not give up a word to become a god.
The mystery of man will never be solved.

What is the pain of
living to become a robot? You
were the master not the servant of lies.
Theres no going back to who we were,
I am a different breed of love, your cur…
I loved you once more,
You didn’t treat me *****…
So what left to lose now,
Our eternal pain somehow…
It’s more than letting go,
When memories a’flood, and glow.
What madness to think my own life,
To burden you to death, cheat me midwife…
It’s more than a pure grudge,
Your slave to sludge…
Funny thing you teach away,
Fondness of the heart forced at bay…
I’d like to think somewhere so it all works,
Deepening the worst wasted worlds, lurks?
Just know it wasn’t your fault -
Us lost in love? Our names found, souls exalt …
From listening to HEALTH & Nine Inch Nails, Isn’t Everyone.
They slaughtered all my comrades
The decades and demands
No more
Take heart I say
to myself, leaning against
the wall to end sorrow.

Solar year, O red
and green pain, don't invite the
wounds. Don't cry moon, don't.

Standing in the pulpit
I invoked peace to stop the hands
of clock. Time was moving very fast.
When life stops, will
you learn what death is? A living
death solves idolatry one day.

Why do you run for
more? Am I wrong? When I want
to stop you, you were searching pearls

The exile gives a real
meaning to meet the god at the end
of land. A rebel faces the truth.
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