Every Step you take is a stride towards your dreams
Every heartbeat is an echo of your love.
Every breath you take is a sign of a new start to life.

With every visit from dawn
there comes a new chance to make a difference,
To lose yourself in your vital role to service humanity,
To embrace new smiles, and ideas together

With every rising of the moon,
You have a new chance to
whisper inspiration to a broken heart
with the wind's breeze,
and wash away your sins with your blessed tears.

Shall we celebrate life before we cross the bridge to eternity?
or shall we go to sleep with the dead souls before time?

Let's take off the mask of despair, and put on faces that exude happiness,
Remember to exchange good conversation, share a joke,
Start every day with purpose, share a cup of coffee and let your inner soul awaken.

Hussein Dekmak
“stay low, go fast,

kill first, die last,

one shot, one kill,

no luck, all skill”

(Unofficial Navy Seal Slogan)

I stand at the graveside watching
as each person steps forward
to throw dirt on the coffin

I study each face closely
and marvel at all humanity
What is it about funerals
that causes all to attend?

And yet in a life well spent
not a visit, not even a scent
I laid down my life, as you see
laid it so they could be free

It must be a sense of duty
now they come to visit me
Oh- the hypocrisy of humanity!
And now another journey awaits me

I soar to meet passing clouds
caught in the upstream of wind
a final glance, and just by chance
I catch your eyes following me

©Vivian Zems
Find the balance
Embrace the time

Life goes on
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: When, small things matter.
Tupelo 3h
Blonde beauty
Green eyed thief
Stole me away
Upon twilight hours
You’re lungs sing
Songs of forgiveness
You’re mind speaks
Lessons of longing
Blonde beauty
Green eyed thief
Steal my heart
Leave me to be
I think I'm the product of things that I've read.
Some are evident in the life I've lived.
Some can be heard in the things I've said
Few have shown up in the ways I've behaved
and most have popped up when I've hustled my bread.

Is somebody else the product or what I write,
Can some of it be seen in the life that person lives?
Can some of it be heard in the things that person says?
Has it shown up in the way that person behaves
or the way he or she goes about hustling for his bread?

I often catch myself using few tips from self-help books or quotes from other great poets.Which brings me to the questions and more.
Dual to one another,
I became
a victim's faith.

Collapsing at
far side of the moon, before
I remembered ars poetica.

There was a motive
behind the question, in
between the teary answers.

It was not possible to find
peace, in verses, on the loud
lake at night.

Will ask myself
again, why not to set
the boat on fire?
Small truths
of gun battle,
with black roses in hands,
beg for peace.

You fly with broken wings,
and fall like a damp squib.

The darkened facts
in outsized pain, want to
revert back to line of separation.

How will you enter
into the sinless book to find
the words of a prophet?

Nothing was personal.
I have come to you―
to complain about you.

Your wrinkled eyes
look straight through me, and
push me into a dark blue lake.

I want to go dumb?
The last of the wine
goes down fine
as you start slumber in the room above;
the end of vino
raised to your love.
nicoarty 11h
The problem with Angels
Is that - as they fall
Their wings,
In all towering beauty
Reach out, stretching;
Feathers and bone
To drag and pull
Away at those
Who dare to watch,
Souls ensnared:

“I couldn’t look away if I tried”
Enhance your radiance
Fulfill your purpose
Expand your horizons
Just stay on course
Climb over those obstacles
And reach for greatness
You have the power
Be the one who strives for excellence
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