You better love her more than I loved her
Heal all her scars
Speak to her insecurities
Be her security
Show her loyalty
Respect and honor who she wants to be

I raised her
now it's your turn to raise her beautiful gifts
Love them and cherish them
Embrace them and adore them

Love her and she will love you more
She will never let you go

DCgirl 1h

I was practicing a filling technique
(I'm a dentist so it's okay)
And it got me thinking about you
It certainly doesn't hurt now, does it?
I definitely packed all the material in, didn't I?
Oops... I can still see the caries. And I think I filled it with trash.


I'm not a good dentist anyway.

Maybe I should fill the void by writing?

In case someone I know stumbles here.. this isn't about me. And stop snooping

how stupid i was
to honestly believe
you loved me.

Kiui 1h

not necessarily physical,
sometimes mental;

there are things you want to change,
but afraid, you lock yourself in a cage;

there are things you want to say,
but couldn't, you turn around and walk away;

things are changing, you know that,
trying hard to cling on, you look mad;

people don't always stay the same,
sometimes, they even forget your name;

I honestly don't know why I'm bothered,
I guess, I'm just a little tired.

There is nothing in sight
on this wide horizon
And I hope that at the end
of this great, vast ocean
I will arrive at my destination

I know that in a short while
the rain will be pouring
the sky will be thundering
and waves will be crashing
on this small ship of mine

Yet, at this very moment
the sea clothes herself in silence
and surrounded by nothing more
then quiet ocean winds
everything in me becomes still

And all the lights and sounds
around me are failing
And all the thoughts and fears
inside me are fading

And guided by the strong Atlantic current
and the wind within my sails, I know that
I can trust  the one who made it all

And finally I feel at home
Peaceful and at home

You deluge my eyes
                                           In aqueous bombs
                                   Because you love me
                                       In ways that defy existentiality,
                               That hallow my spirit,
                                 That quake terraqueous Gaia,
                                   Exhale me as a Cosmos
         ―Of the Cosmo-Plexus of the Wildest Love.

Consecrate me O Niveous Dove,
           With thine pearlescent eyes
      For love
   (Ineffebly tender)
                                Is your Gender.

                             Pain is my golden raiment,
                                          For dirge and piety
                                   For you
                                             Stir in my soul
                                                    By the thew of your
                                     Beauteous, Tempestuous Affections.

Create in me
An in intemerate heart;
For then I will know
That the Silver Wings of Dreams
Are impregnable.

―To a besmirched wish.

Enjoy. Any constructive feedback is most appreciated. :)
nim 2h

Well God help thy soul
you did what was wrong
unlocked the forbidden chambers
and ye shall never find thy spirit
thou lost it underneath
Now there is no such thing as an escape
Thou have been trapped
Look at thy mortals' sky
The stellar dust long dead
Feel the tingling of fear
the calling of the gone
Now there is no such thing as an escape
Thou have been trapped
Thy spirit is wandering like
Seagrass in the waves,
Like leaves on the cold,
colourless wind
Amongst the Sun and the Moon
The silver dust and rain
Now there is no such thing as an escape
Thou have been trapped
Have you ever been
There is no such thing
As an escape
Have been
T r a p p e d

Mixing the old English word with the nowaday speech is, I believe, giving poems a special spark to it. My attempt was to create a mystic poem, giving away a post-life feeling. The point is, we don't live long, and it's time to wake up. You're here, trapped. And now there's no escape, not even death. But this piece has a special, hidden meaning behind it - if we are trapped here, why not make the most of it? [V.J.]
Haki 2h

A bottle of wine and a dinner so fancy.
Long conversations about life and misery.
A long night deserves the right company,
So the story begins with a little bit of gluttony.

A night ignited the need for many other.
Feeling they can't get enough of each other.
He and She became a need so they got greedier.
They both wanted to satisfy the need to be together.

Their feelings within came out like gust.
They both believed and slowly placed trust.
The slowly starting trust ended up in thrusts.
They were in love but got lost in the sin of lust.

Envy was summoned in the form of Jealousy.
Why be bothered when they trust He and She?
A question that exploited their vulnerability.
Soon they'll become fools who were too foolish to see.

Testing each other, initiating a cause to divide.
Knowing one way or another, they both won't abide.
Happy moments indeed always have a downside.
Slowly but surely, they will be coated with pride.

Finally the sin of wrath, it will make us bend.
Everything we had will come to an end.
Our hearts and souls, we decided to rend.
The damage we brought, we cannot mend.

Now, they are both Sloths idly waiting for something.
They both know inside this something is worth saving.
Realizing that something won't come by just waiting.
Still they do nothing, consumed by sins, they stop repenting.

Inspired by the manga series, Nanatsu no Taizai.
Favorite Sin is Gowther!
Andy 2h

i have come to believe in an astral rain
void of pain, sand-washed and bathed in chain;
from woodlands birthed.
empty hollow and arrow pierced navel
sever nurturing swallow bond,
still as kundalini pond - forgotten is this soul's bold pyre.
for distant fire closer now than e'er
regret older than thought which never,
alive in silence came - bolder taught and brighter.
my autodidact spirit lost;
some western breadth now more to east no cost
no woman nor man or beast in ahimsa feast.

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