Becoming numb to poverty-
in terror mode,
you fluster and behave sensibly.

The anonymous entry
of a walking grief-
covers the violence of words.

Your sun burns without
giving light. You climb your
poem to find the answer.

The eyes shut. You feel
the assault of night. There was
no undying love between the strangers.

The conversation ignites
the sparks. Carbon spreads
on your shirt. The red circle
blunts the knife.

You cannot kill yourself.
A city grows in you
overnight. You stand on the bridge
to watch the train whistling by.

More poems in starry
eyes. I catch the bouquet
of nicotiana― the night bloomer.

Nihilism tends
to wash the pungent smell of
purgatory. Who was
not a sinner?

When you are sad
I forget good byes and bring
the swan song of an oracle.

The truth does not
shine now. I make friends
with black ciphers, which
were pure.

We often associate success
to climbing a mountain
but many times
it's a poor way
to attribute our efforts

More accurately
would be to say
that the success we seek
or go after
is much like
a roller coaster ride

It travels
all around the park
It goes up,
and sometimes
even off the rails

It's not a constant
or even a straight line

It's chaotic and whimsical
but so are
the qualities of life
and the things
we chase after
Written:August 9, 2018

All rights reserved.
You live out your life
While I bleed my feelings.
Oh how different we are.
I Cannot Lie.

I Mean It's Really Sort Of Bad.

Think Back On (.) All The Things You Thought You Had.

Now Your Sat Holding Your Sides,
Only On Paper Do You Confide,
Your Closest Experience With Suicide,
But You Hope That Its Gone Now (.)
So You Can't Decide.

In A World Full Nerves (.) & On Sparks I Fly (.) In A World I Don't Deserve (.) I Only Hope To Try.
Harry Roberts - I Cannot Lie © 16/08/18
I feel one hundred and two
decaying from the inside out
a skeleton of mistakes
and regrets of things I should have done
broken teeth scattered across my bathroom floor
and empty pill bottles lining my shelves
I feel older than I should
already preparing for death
it looks me in the eyes
and tells me everything is all right
so I will go quietly with it
into the night,
I feel my bones shifting as I sit
waiting for another day to pass
until it doesn’t anymore
and I am somewhere that isn’t here
not living but free
escaping from what I tried to be
but I never was,
fingernails gnawed to the bone
and bones jutting out from the crevices
of my own mind
I am too young to feel this old
ready to give up
who I am
to anything that promises relief
irreconcilable futures rest in the horizon
and I am here bargaining away
what time I have left.
8 16 2018

Just one guy
Born in march
Not july
On a Friday the 13th

Afraid of his own birthday
With angels and ghosts
Spirits shadows
And even aliens
Such a weird life

His nightmares
His fantasy
To make a game of them
For you and me
Especially me

For my friends and family
To live together
Simply happily
A bad guy in his mind
A good guy in his heart

The darkness he sees
Monsters. Monsters everywhere
So many.
But no one believes

He tries to speak
His brain wont let him
What he has to say
Has already been said
He just repeats himself
But no one listens
Nobody hears

A world in danger
On the brink of an end
Its all his life had ever been
Just waiting for The End

But when he sees
A grim bright future
He would try. Anything
For life. Is all of this world

Fear of fame
Fear of the end
Not his own.
But all his friends
He wants to stand
With his fist in the sky
But how does he try
He cries and cries

Nightmares monsters
In his eyes. Now closed
In his dreams. Hes magical
Anazing powers of word
I suppose

Hes just one guy
He wished he could fly
With magic and superpowers
If only ever
In his imaginations eyes

For the love of the lost
Behind us now
For the love of those here
And obviously now
Afraid so many
Here to stay sad. Chained
He wished for a future
Where happiness remained
In all our hearts

Hes no one to you
Sad blue eyes so cold
Sometimes empty
Turned gray. From old
But anger. Anger remains
Green eyes so blazed
So many things undone
Unsung days
So he stays
Only wishing to play
One more day

If only to cry
Feeling the rain
Washing away his pain
If only for a blissful moment
But everybody calls him
Insane. Psychopath

Dark and light
Its just improbable
The two always touching
Like the flames
Always kissing
Orange flames are held up
By the blue flames

I played with time
In my dreams
Wind fire water ice
I cracked open the ground with my foot
Fought stuff
Just dreams. Fun dreams
Don't look back,
move on.
Keep moving forward.
Don't let past mistakes or closed chapters distract you.
Lyn xxx
Tough times will appear
But, they do not have to deter you
Keep pushing your feet forward
There is a lot for you to do
Continue on your groundbreaking path
Move towards the light
Find your inner strength
Enrich your world and be bright
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