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Arke 1h
the vines began to creep up
we didn’t know when they first started growing
little green buds buried deep below
I tamped them down with my feet
like weeds, they'd regrow stronger
they tied themselves around my ankles
robust enough to immobilize
converting my legs into a mess of thorns and trunks
my body paralyzed at the centre
the branches took the longest to grow
when the first one shot through
I thought I'd be upset, but felt only relief
the black flecks of my eyes became the dead of winter
not a single leaf could ever grow on these limbs
but as the roots thickened, I began to forget
what it felt like to ever walk or speak or love
I knew thirst and hunger, the need to grow
taking no comfort in feeling rooted
but not remembering how to move, either
drowned in my own thicket
I needed to be felled to bud anew
Beneath the autumn trees that sway with auburn hue,
Beneath the gilded leaves that laugh on silver bough,
Beneath the roots that never knew,
The sunlight shine or taint of plow.

Beneath the prizes of the land that lay in beauty raw,
Beneath the remnants of the ones who came aeons before,
Beneath the raging fire of flaw,
To purify her ferric core.

There lies a heart of molten girth.
That's been companion since our birth
To every life that's come or past,
And every life that's died or laughed.
The past is the past,
let the present be a present for you.
Fully embrace all the bad that has happened just as you fully should embrace all the good.
The hard & dark & painful is what brings most change & growth & strength & development.
Look around at all the things to be grateful for & let the focus on all the negative go.
The past is the past,
let the present be a present for you.
Oct 16 2018
I'll **** my own pride
to go on this fairytale ride
to become a distressed damsel
to live a life stable

There are no fancy knights alive
no one teaches them what's right
we'll be waiting half our life
then proceed ahead on our right

Little late on this race
there is not enough space
running knowing no better
getting a place whenever

The world not shy to show the unfairness
same status, more the less
crowning someone else the royal prince
it has this same ending long since.
JK 3h
****** rain and its monotonous rhythm of melancholy,
Something deep inside was strangling and holding in the twilight.

I never felt so weak and slaved,
Emotions down-poured as if splitting you far into the wilderness...

Time crawled and so did the tangle of emotion strangling tight,
The past loving with an innocent kiss fulfilled its destiny with deadly stab,
present was as meaningless as the future.

Loneliness had a definition of companionship, dreams with the sting of reality,
I within myself was being diminished with every moment being passed by,
It led me into another World of Illusion...
Into the World of Illusion...
For a cough,
Breathe in the Sea air.
For a headache,
Breathe in the Ocean.
For life,
Breathe in Oxygen.
Her fingertips became a rope around the neck,
A lustful image of an able-bodied african,
Conceiving a brand new life from the teardrop that played into his eyes,
She said, he wasn't black
But the deep voiced cries said otherwise
I don't belong here,
Not in this time...
Will we ever have peace
                     We Do NOT Want to Wait,
Until the afterlife.

Can you? Comment please.

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We say, "Ageing well."
We mean, "Decaying interestingly."
what is the answer
there should be an equation
but if there was

actually... I think I know
I look at her
she looks at me
we smile
we laugh
and I know
we can spend this life

she is here
she is now
she is life

I love her

she is my answer
me plus her equals us

my equation is her
my answer is her
its only complicated
if you cant see
if you cant feel
'cause each time we walk into a room
you feel the love

we see eye to eye
we feel heart to heart
when can we finally start
cause you are the answer
The Answer
I hate it when people think suffering is wrong. Learn to pick up your **** suffering, and bear it! And try to be a good person so you don't make it worse! I know you have a lot of reasons to be resentful about school, heck, even your existence! We know it's going to involve a lot of pain, and lots of it is going to be unfair! But acting out everything you're complaining about will only make things infinitely worse, try it. That's why we have the saying that **** is a bottomless pit, because some ****** ******* could figure out a way to make it a lot worse. Learn to accept it! This is what the real world looks like, full of suffering. What can you do about it? Try reducing it! Start with yourself! Get your **** together solidly so that people can rely on you! Square up with what's wrong with you, you know it if you'll admit it. You know that there are a few things you can polish up a bit, deal with it and maybe you can start managing your present insufficient condition. Don't be a **** victim. Shine yourself up a bit so your eyes will be a little bit more open, shine it some more and maybe you might be able to bring your family together instead of having to be that spiteful, neurotic room mate that you're doomed to spend the whole semester with. Be humble about your deficiencies. Figure out how you can make peace with your siblings. You'll get there somehow, and when your life starts functioning you'll find out "Well, that kind of relieved a little bit of suffering", at least that reduced the opportunities for spiteful revenge. When you little by little start to get your **** together, you'll get acquainted with it because you're doing something difficult. You're wiser, so maybe you could point out a tentative finger out there beyond your family and try to change some little thing without wrecking it. We students are so conditioned to think that we can just fix anything, even something as complex as our society. Well, try to fix a military helicopter and see how far you get with it. You can't just whack it with a wrench and be like "Oh look, it's better!" NO! Life is complicated and to fix things are hard! We overcome suffering by being a better person, that's how you do it! It's hard because it takes responsibility. If you want a meaningful life everything you do matters! Unless you don't want meaning and not take responsibility, because who the **** cares? You can wander through life doing whatever your want! Gratifying your short term impulses for who knows how short it's going to be. Ask yourself if you want to get stuck in meaninglessness, but no responsibility. You'd quickly realize how the majority of your being are pursuing meaningless things. Because the fact is, pursuing meaningful things means taking on suffering. You have to put yourself together in the face of that, and that's hard! When you really get to the bottom of things, you'll realize that you need to make the choice to put yourself together. Transcend your suffering and see if you can be some kind of hero. Be that person who'll make the suffering in the world less. That's the way forward.
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