I only wanted to rest on the chemistry
now comes the comedown
now comes the demand to contort a smile
even though there’s no rapture inside
that’s not what I have to hide.
With all pretences shattered
I’m open to suggestibility
every word
means the world to me
I’m a deity
as empty as the Gods who made me.
jas 1h
searching for a reason
a meaning of life
to keep on pushing
seems living is a fight
without resistance
and yet the past doesn't quite seem let me forget it
incapable of letting things go
i just miss it

if only you knew
all of the scenarios in my head
replaying daily
the spider weaving its web...

eating at me mentally
considerably the amount of judgment
received in this society, hideously

when will the search end?
I haven’t been this kind of empty before.
My thoughts are speeding through my mind,
Passing through and never comes back.

I can’t escape the feeling of addiction,
I want more and more to get away from it all.
Reality is my worst nightmare.

Everytime I wake up
I wanna go back to sleep,
Begging to never wake up again.

I’m stuck,
I got nowhere to go.

I want to stay.
I want to disappear.

I want the good things,
The things that keep my mind occupied from the bad thoughts.

I’m in the middle of chaos,
Between body and mind.
lilhadi 2h
We feed each other
our saliva like honey
dripping with dawn’s
tender glow
as we open up
like baby birds,
begging to be nourished
at all costs
in this lingual forest
Your breath finds a home
on my tastebuds,
my tongue
in your cheek
Thy crows loiter on mornings
fever, blossom brightening to
thee. But when  petals awaken,
onyx lullabies tear each asunder.

Woeful of the beauty of years,
            thy fallen moments collect
like tattered curtains of life.
   Crows sing sirens of despair,
joyful of the passing beauty..

And still they look upon thee,
        no longer petals of years stand.
they wait till your stem of life wilts.
With but a moment of silence when all
has fallen, they bow, wings dispersing life.
No matter how the fire burns
How much the water swallows
How much the wind blows,
life will always find a way
to grow
short but sweet, hopefully.
Life always finds a way!
Be back soom!
Lyn xxx
There is no gold for the best deeds,
Sometimes, a thank you isn’t even present.

We commit virtue because it’s right,
Not for a very special prize.

There are no points for entering heaven,
Just strive to be a good person every day.

It starts with small gratitude,
Like helping the needy across the street.

Making a difference based on selflessness,
Not for earning a seat into paradise.
Martina 3h
Once you said to me
that my head is like a radio
that I listen to too many songs
written by too many different guys.
In your opinion I should change channel
or completely turn off the radio
and concentrate on my life.

Sometimes I think you were right,
but I believe in Murphy's law
and I know for sure that
the song I've been waiting for
will play once the radio is turned off.

Then you said that the radio will turn on by itself
when the time is right.
You listened to my song for a little while,
just the time to decide it wasn't for you
and get back to your old-all-time-favourite.

I was hurt and happy at the same time,
because you were happy too
and because someone, finally
paid some attention to my tunes.
T 4h
From days down low, to days up high.
To days where you just want to die.
Just remember, that you'll survive.

Time is an illusion, often causing confusion.
Your personality, you might consider an abnormality.
Just remember, everyone's living the same reality.

Everyone is in the same race.
Yet we pretend we're different, just to save face.
We place importance upon others discordance.
Others are a bonus, don't let them be your source of lowness.

Surrounded yourself, with those that thrive.
Distance yourself, with those that deprive.
Love yourself, the rest will follow.
That's the key to not feeling hollow.

We all have scars, just read anyone's memoirs.  
We can't change the past, so don't let it last.
Go forth with steadfast, and forget the past.
Use it as a lesson which will always last.

I believe, in that which you may not be able to conceive.
Just give it time.
Trust me, you'll be fine.
T 4h
What others find difficult, comes with ease.
Yet the trivialities of their own, brings me to my knees.
Why does this feel like a debilitating disease?
Learning to live with such a blessed curse?
I find myself pondering, on a slow march to a hearse.

Yet we must continue, day by day.
Lest we let life slip away.
Oh to find someone to share our hopes and dreams.
Or yet, worse off - to have love deprived.
Tirelessly waiting for the day we're revived.

Until that day, the march continues.
Effortlessly excelling.
Tediously dwelling.
Why is your love so damn compelling?

Surely the recipe I have will see me through.
Living a life, better than the majority do.
Yet it's not enough, I'm incomplete.
Why do I rely on you to bring me to my feet?
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