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The day you left
You took something from me
Softly, quietly,
Pretending you weren't a thief

You ran out
In the middle of the night
And I know I deserved
A better goodbye

You were a liar
But so was I
When I said “I love you”
Thank god I lied

You couldn’t steal my heart
‘Cause you didn’t know
Where it was

So instead you stole my pride
So I could’t be the first
To leave you behind
Savio Fonseca Jun 25
Put all your Dreams, in your Locker.
They are too precious to Display.
Someone may be out to Steal them.
When U are sleeping the Night Away.
Learn to live Life mediocre,
Don't flash around your Wealth.
Your Life, is no School Play.
Someday U will be chasing Health.
There will be no outburst of Glitter,
When U make it to the end of Life.
This is from Me, a sweet reminder.
Coz Life is full of Strife.
Sarah Dec 2021
It's like we’re playing chess.
Moving strategically, testing boundaries,
all while watching each other’s expression.

We all know how this games ends…
The queen destroys you and steals your heart.
Pooja Basnett Jun 2021
You said you were my knight in shining armor,
I was blinded by the radiance!
I thought you were here to rescue me,
Little did I know, you were here to steal!
Your sweet talk, your blue skies, they were all a lie,
You think I will walk away,  won’t put up a fight!
You might be a wizard, but you will be beaten in your own game,
Truth wins, Always!!
You attack my heart
With honey
I lose it
and ask where?
Do you go

I have ne attract
Except my faith
I steel; your heart
Only with me

Return my heart
I will do
Draw , draw
one feels ne can overlap and beat any one. but one can occupy the important thing. heart
Nermine Marei Dec 2020
Why do people shout?
If no one will hear a sound..

Why do people fight?
When they don't have the right.

Why do they suiside?
While God is by their side.

Why do people steal?
While they live in fear

Why do people stare?
While they know its not theirs

Why would people share?
If love was never there

Nermine 💔
R L Oct 2020
There’s a window
that gives you a glimpse to my soul
the sides broken off
because the devil
tried to break in
and steal my innocence
and now my blinds are
always drawn down
eli Sep 2020
you steal everything from me
my style
my friends
my name

It hurts when you take what's mine, and make it your own

but it's better than I could have ever done
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