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I promise I will be good
Don't let anyone steal you from me
I will care for us as I should
I'm not always close, and I know that is hard
But don't let anyone see what I see in you
Don't take yourself away from me
Because you are the she, the she that makes me complete
I want us to be more, I need you to be mine <3
Johnny walker Mar 10
Casualties of lives realities
the way average people have to put up with hardships faced every day just trying to survive to get to the end of the
day there are so many wealthy people who know nothing of
lives real struggles of the families trying to put food on the table for their children breaks me
In the UK one of the richest countries In the world but we have food banks
because the family can't earn enough money just pay their bills and If they do there nothing left
One of the cruellest things
I've ever was recorded of an assessment for Personal Independent Payment of a mentally ill person considering suicide as their only
option the assessor was heard saying well your not dead yet how disgusting Is that that attitude this country has been reduced to by this conservative government
who brained washed the majority of people In this country that almost makes me ashamed to be British shame on the government may you fall and may I live to tell
A government who In nine years have brainwashed the minority of people In this country to believe all those In desperate need In this country are scroungers but the biggest scroungers are themselves who help themselves to pay rises whilst cutting every one else they disgust me make me ashamed to be British about time we got rid of them vote them out for good
Arisa Mar 2
The ones with blurred faces
Knocked down my door last night
And tugged at my limbs with such desperation
- A rigorous exercise.

Their hands, rattling in a sharp neon glow
Stole away many things as they held me down
And shone the bright lights into my eyes,
Turning my pupils into hollowed colour:


All gone.
All taken.
All dead.
During the break-in.
All I see are faces I could not recognize. The strangers we face today are the people that break our hearts in the morrow.
Amanda Feb 13
I never asked you to give your love to me
Hold my weary hand
Listen to petty problems
Take time to understand

I never demanded your affection
Adoration and loyalty
Any of the compliments
Often murmured with sincerity

I never begged you to care for me
Invest energy and time
Undivided attention and eagerness to please
Give anything to ensure I was fine

I never wanted you to worry
Concerned texts, messages, and calls
Consideration for me when deciding
Yet you still made me your downfall

I never expected devotion
Be showered with thoughtful gifts
Spoiled with small acts of love
You chose the task of providing lifts

I never told you to fix my ****-ups
Put my emotional needs before your own
You were the one longing for company
I would have been fine all alone

I never forced your forgiveness
Accept flaws or compromise
Why did you keep giving 100%
After I hid secrets, fed you lies?

I never requested your love or life
Did not mean for you to fall
Did not steal your heart on purpose
I never asked for any of this at all
I hate it when a person throws all the **** they've done for you in your face in an argument when they did it freely of their own will without you asking for it. It's like "I wouldn't have accepted it if I had known it was just ammunition against me!"
Ally Feb 7
You give and give.
    But you can only give so much.
Because eventually you run out of pieces of yourself.

And after you stop giving.
  They start to take.
They take and take.
Until they have you ,
And you are no longer complete.
Give but only to people who deserve you.
Elle Kris Jan 24
Steal from me
Run your sticky fingers
Across my nearly bare shelves

Take it all
Fill your empty pockets
Until they grow and swell

I won't be happy
Until you ***** the paint off my walls
The words are lured out of my throat,
Ripped forcefully from my mouth.
The sentences are snatched from my brain,
Poured out into the pages.
The paragraphs are grabbed from my hands,
Etched out in notebooks,
Mixed together with emotion and pain,
Drawn out into the open and slammed down onto the paper.
This is how I write,
With stolen words and sentences,
With feelings and sorrow.
One big messy world of oddities.
I liked the symbolism in this poem, it’s something I’ve been messing around with. Also, when I say ”With stolen words and sentences” I, of course, don't mean I steal other people's work, it’s more like I feel like I have this big stash of words and phrases and sentences all stuck in my brain, all locked away in some corner. Some days these things leak out and I grab them, other days I have to sneak in and take them. So, yeah, I guess I just wanted to clarify that.
shatteredpoet Jan 15
you took more than i offered
you took more than i
you took more than
you took more
you took
kiran goswami Jan 14
"If you ever fall in love with someone,
Who is not me,
Make sure she's not a writer."
She requested.

"But why?"
he questioned, puzzled.

"Because I don't want her to steal the only place where you belong to me forever."
She replied with teary eyes.
the moon
the stars
and the fireflies
you are staring at
will one day
pack together
to steal the sparkles
of your eyes
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