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R L Oct 30
There’s a window
that gives you a glimpse to my soul
the sides broken off
because the devil
tried to break in
and steal my innocence
and now my blinds are
always drawn down
All of this pleasure
Surely by sunrise, we will be poor
The thief comes At midnight
Crouching at our door

While our ears listen to Sweet delight
Our eyes bask in fluorescent lights
Our ears have music playing loud
We boast when we walk proud
eli Sep 28
you steal everything from me
my style
my friends
my name

It hurts when you take what's mine, and make it your own

but it's better than I could have ever done
So today I realized
That she already stole my heart
She can hurt me whenever she likes
I am at her mercy
Jaxey Sep 8
My heart sits
for the taking
a poem
just for you
someone pls steal my heart away
Am thinking of you
Every time
Am thinking of how to please you

Sometimes I wonder why
I do things I do
All because of your love
I know you’ll runaway if I don’t have money
Now am holding a gun
Will I steal to make you happy?
Susanna Aug 12
don't be too pretty,
or else your body will get stolen
can't have **** in detroit, amirite?
clementine Jul 14
never steal a girl's heart if you don't have any plans on keeping it.
August May 23
why do you leave me
for months at a time?

i wish you could see
i wish you were mine

i'll just stand under this tree
why is my head so full of brine?

you're the one with the key
you don't care that i'm not fine

you can't seem to hear my plea
you don't know that it's a crime

to hurt one person like you have me
to slowly stab me over time

you don't know that i can see
that i know that you're not mine

that you held her under that tree
that you'll fill her head with brine

that you'll steal her only key
that you'll make sure she's not fine

that you'll never hear her plea
that she'll know that it's a crime.
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