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maybe if i close my eyes long enough the night will steal your name from my mind and at last, put me to ease
make me feel at e a s e
Jaxey Oct 6
He stole all my heels
because he doesn't like it
when he can't look down on me
I stole them back
A Procrustean woman's tale
in an orbit does tell that this snitch
here wasn't Montgomery whether sound must hitch
with Pythagoras
that seldom erupt in despair
now dire hands with guilty chest
yet volcanoes bleed in the air
note auther L.M Mongo,ery..
Lily Jul 17
One of my wishes
Was not
Withheld, that
I should steal away,
Finding open land
Upon my track
I held.
They would not find me- they knew
All I thought was true
To me.
Inspired by Frost's "Into My Own"
The Vault Jun 26
No matter what i do the nightmares come back of what happened in 2013.
I didnt say anything.  
Held it a secret that hurt my heart.  
I am guilty and upset but it wasnt my fault.
Even if taken to law.  
You will get away with it
My word against yours
And years of difference of what you scarred me with.
Cat Lynn Jun 20
The life you want
Is not yours to have

The life you want
You believe would make you more glad

The life you want
You covet and try to steal away

The life you want
Is not yours to claim

The life you want
Is all my life is


The life you want
Would be two of mine

My life is what you want!
You've crossed the line

The life you want
Prohibits me from being special

The life you want
Will only fire missiles

The life you want
I can not understand

When the life you want
Is everything I am...
I have not comment for this poem

I'm so tired of myself
I gave you
My heart
Now I’m scared
You’ll take it
Run away
And break it
Kay-Rosa May 13
you belong to someone else;
you belong to yourself
you love someone else
i steal you away
hide you in my heart
could give you thousands of reasons
with me would be better than with any guy
me love you
me steal you away
Feel free to comment!

A waste of time.


I gave you all I ever had
in hopes
to gain your love.

But all you did was
steal my heart

and leave me feeling
It's fine. I knew you weren't the one.
I'll keep looking...
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