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He trails.

He turns.

He falls behind.

But always discerns.

Fortunately our tastes for this
sort of life coincide,
except in the matter of sunrise,
which he likes to see up and dressed,
and I from my bed.
Shofi Ahmed Jun 9
The terra is only one
planted in clay soil
one planet of earth!

The sneaked out nightingale
here, is never gone.
Unleashes soprano  
at the same ancient roses'
still a perfumed home!

It's the starry upside's
dark down deep hole.
Sunset melting shadow
down the half light moon!
Eyes on in toto cool
after the day painter sun
is done colouring in full.

Guess, up from the mountain
of sunrise tomorrow who beams back
to this unfathomed serene clay-mole?
Again the sun followed by the moon!
Dark Dream May 21
I want to been seen while I hide in the cave
To have some drama as I dig my grave

Exposed in all my own shadows
As I dream in your forgotten gallows

No other stoppages breaking free
I want an experience that’s not about me
Days pass quickly,
But I burn lowly..

Time passes swiftly,
But I melt slowly..

Days end with nights,
But I,
            never end with night...
   And will,
              remain as light;

       From night to light...
       From dark to hope....
       From failure to success...
I love to enlighten;
                like a candle..
I love to brighten;
                each shadow..

I love to burn;
       as I burn to melt...
I love to melt;
       as I melt to brighten...
I love to brighten,
       as I brighten to enlighten...
I love to enlighten,
        as I belong to candle..
            and am full of wax;
                 which is made to litten...
Like a candle, we melt ourselves to enlighten the darkness of others to help everyone from failure to success...
Sa Weol May Apr 28
In the dark,
In pain,
In sorrow,
I see you walking beside me,
Catching all my tears away,
Turning it into pearls,
Telling me my worth,
But having you is more worth than this.

In the rays of light,
In healing,
In happiness,
I can't see your sadness anymore,
As I look into your eyes,
I see brighter days with you,
Rainy weather may intrude,
But we will just dance in the midst of it.

Paul Idiaghe Apr 26
I am ready
to ring your rib

around my wrist
in triumph—

the faintest of relics    
enliven me. My lips

still layered
as in the night you lost them.

I hope to hammer  
your heart

& stuff its soil
in the sutures

of your skull;
I want to call that

the shadow to

I want our memories never
to seep; to set

them up for decryption.
Unloving is a study—

consider an archaeologist’s
tentative hands

demystifying an artifact
once treasured for its secret

& leaving no spots
written after Kevin Young’s poem on the same title
Israa Sheikh Apr 19
I smile in,to let you be happy,
While I suffer the sorrow...
I make you feel full when I'm torn into half, when I'm internally hollow...
I let you shine all bright,
and try to light up myself with your brightness, from a smoke turning into a shadow...
Am I visibly invisible?
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