mjad 3d
A shadow dances across the hall
You panic and I laugh
"Babe, it was just the cat,"
You roll your eyes and fidget
Pause kissing me for a minute
"It could have been your parents,"
I pull your chin down to mine
Wrap my legs around you tight
"If it was I wouldn't mind,
they'd be happy to see me with a boy so fine,"
The smile returns to your face
You grab my legs and lift me up
"Hold on to me tight enough,"
Spinning around spooked the cat this time
All it saw was our shadows disappear into the night time
know this
that dark matter makes up most of this
that the here and now runs on dark energy
and dark forces stalk our collective conscience

my child
you come from a legacy of darkness
born of men with dark hearts who, thoughtless
thought to make a legacy in darkness

night falls
down into the depths of the soul
where, shrouded there, lies the shadow
your dark twin you'll never truly know

stop this
end the sad story penned in inky blackness
it leaves a darkness in the subconscious
better to bleed out the ink with water

drown out
the thoughts inside your head, better off dead
better to not exist than to be blackened
marked with that dark stain of the abyss

unconscious, look into the light
With eyes not even open, the abyss is already in you.
Poetic T Jun 14
Missing a moment
              is like a lifetime
                     of shadows,
just out of reach of the light.

But I will never let you
           be a shadow,
           as you brighten
every moment of my existence.
I walk down the empty streets
Right before the sun rises,
Dark shades disappear,
Baby blue hope
Cracks the never ending horizon.
I breath spring flowers
and shy gold-backed sunbeams.
I dance with the wind
and I race with the clouds.
I am not afraid of my shadow,
I am not a stranger in my own mind.
Poetic T Jun 2
I never see myself as perfect,
           but perfection in my eyes,
           are the smaller footsteps
           that cling to my larger strides.

I'll never see myself as a shadow,
       as my children will always brighten
       the areas that seem dull. They are a beacon
       of resilience, always brightening my days.
Ffion Jones May 31
Love is like a shadow,
Creeping silently into your heart
while your eyes are turned to
the sun,
Hoping to find hidden solace.

But this slippery shadow is the
darkness your soul needs
to grow.
My attempt at writing a shorter poem, when I first started falling in love for the first time.
The Willow May 29
There is danger in living for others
in your darkest place.

There may come a time that
those people are no longer there,

Their shadows etched to your walls,
like the images of people from atomic bombs,
are the only evidence in your glazed over eyes
that someone was ever worth living for at all.
ruth May 28
You leave a mark where you stand,
the kind that doesn't fade easily.
like a flower, sprouted
from the shadow of your footprint
and made a bed for tired little me.
The sky began to purple
And the scene to set
And the heart like drums
Began to beat
Then from some twist of light
A play began to roll
And there I was
Dozing in the sunshine
One quiet afternoon
When lightening flashed
Right from out the blue
Shattering my reverie
Was the Sunlight's goon
As he took a bow for
His introduction and
How d' you do
He shook my world of classic order
To a surrealistic view
With quick steps to the left
And then to the right
He bent my gaze
To his central stage
Of course,
This monochrome painter
Requests total attention
Not difficult,
As he's been struck from
The list of convention
He spills his canvas with tidy
Abstractions of captured jests
Of wild imitation, a pose
In fractured time
He is a master of imagination
With noiseless motion
He whirls to each identity
From his kaleidoscope of darkness
His badge of entity
He bends symbols to a new formation
A magician of dimmed light
He nurtures the checker board
Of contrasts in angles to
His invention
From a repose in solitude
I now acquaint myself
To timeless relenting
For he's here
He's everywhere
Though neither god nor man
But entertainer
A show that begins from light
And ends with darkness
While I see, he plays a game with me
Wherever I go, he goes
Whatever I do, he does
Though sometimes leader
Sometimes the lamb
But while still blinking
From this sudden view
He wills me to another hue
As he molds his statues
To another stand
And shades the tones darker
Then with some secret mime
And the close of time
The audience, now
Just common dolls
That leave no echo of applause
So they've left
The lights have gone out
And the Shadow
Opaque of emotion
Releases his hold
And there he's left me
In a final void
Was he really there?
Or was it just another show
Of self confrontation.
Xaha May 24
Bright light
White night
Shadows by the door.

Come and go
Through the window,
Scattered on the floor.

It’s too late
To try to hide
I know they’ve caught me now.

Before I go
I’ll end the show
With a final bow.

Wake from a dream
A silent scream
Trapped inside my throat.

Outside the door
The shadows rear and
Disappear once more.
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