A day's oscurity,
There are men who live in those shadows
there are men who have lost
all they fought for.
These people are nothing but wanderers
and they wander.

I am destined to join them,
some day,
when I lose all I fight for,
which is shadowed and half lost,
which is close to nothing.
More poems inspired by Cernuda coming your way.
8 16 2018

Just one guy
Born in march
Not july
On a Friday the 13th

Afraid of his own birthday
With angels and ghosts
Spirits shadows
And even aliens
Such a weird life

His nightmares
His fantasy
To make a game of them
For you and me
Especially me

For my friends and family
To live together
Simply happily
A bad guy in his mind
A good guy in his heart

The darkness he sees
Monsters. Monsters everywhere
So many.
But no one believes

He tries to speak
His brain wont let him
What he has to say
Has already been said
He just repeats himself
But no one listens
Nobody hears

A world in danger
On the brink of an end
Its all his life had ever been
Just waiting for The End

But when he sees
A grim bright future
He would try. Anything
For life. Is all of this world

Fear of fame
Fear of the end
Not his own.
But all his friends
He wants to stand
With his fist in the sky
But how does he try
He cries and cries

Nightmares monsters
In his eyes. Now closed
In his dreams. Hes magical
Anazing powers of word
I suppose

Hes just one guy
He wished he could fly
With magic and superpowers
If only ever
In his imaginations eyes

For the love of the lost
Behind us now
For the love of those here
And obviously now
Afraid so many
Here to stay sad. Chained
He wished for a future
Where happiness remained
In all our hearts

Hes no one to you
Sad blue eyes so cold
Sometimes empty
Turned gray. From old
But anger. Anger remains
Green eyes so blazed
So many things undone
Unsung days
So he stays
Only wishing to play
One more day

If only to cry
Feeling the rain
Washing away his pain
If only for a blissful moment
But everybody calls him
Insane. Psychopath

Dark and light
Its just improbable
The two always touching
Like the flames
Always kissing
Orange flames are held up
By the blue flames

I played with time
In my dreams
Wind fire water ice
I cracked open the ground with my foot
Fought stuff
Just dreams. Fun dreams
Kmary 3d
When I call you
my little sister,
it means I’ve loved you
since the moment you
jaywalked into my life
chattering louder and longer
than all of the rest.

It means you’ve always had
at least two voices
during any battle against mom
and an occasionally great Uber driver
if you requested me before 8pm.

We may have came
from the same DNA
but it’s clear I was our parents’ first-draft;
while you are the final, printed version             
bursting from the pages
wide-eyed and enthusiastic.

You my dear sister
have never walked in my shadow….
you wear glowing shoes
that I even borrow sometimes
and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
torn and tape
patched chair,
splintered with rips
in red plastic.

Past is the past. Right.
Comprehension isn't
a synonym for Faith.

A stone ripples shadow
decades ago,
in another time,
another paradigm.
Shadow I sit within
ripples, today,
and I feel it:

all the same.

Moving through ember rain
and ashen fog,
finding myself reminding
myself, reviewing
lessons already learned.

Everyone wants to be an expert
at something:
I am.
Merida 5d
When you feel you are alone, when you feel  darkness slowly creeps in.
Remember you're never alone.

Smile, you don't need to shine every night, you just need to shine, during the darkness, the sadness.

The moon never shines in itself, it never shines by itself. It's never alone.
Forever alone in all that I do
no matter what I force myself into
stuck in a maze with no way through

Lost in a vast, blank open world
afraid of myself and the things lurking inside of me
knowing exactly why I'm the shadow of society

Why I'm cast away from societies grasp, and into the unknown
as rotten flesh is ripped clean from bone
and why I deserve to be stuck here
isolated and on my own
Maxim Keyfman Aug 11
I remember how I dreamed
as dreamed and dreamed
so that in a boat with you
swim far away
summer night at the moon

but time has passed
and it showed us all
that all the dreams that were
all dreams are bright that shone
they are all night
they are all really a shadow

Shofi Ahmed Aug 8
You’re nothing but a rose
I stepped on the thorn
and came out
to be your nightingale.
It’s all yours all in all
just give me a call!

Nothing can hurt me more
then when your shadow
isn’t in the shadow of mine.
Without you my rainbow
has no colour.
But if you come back you will  
find the earth in bloom
You will see the sun is in a dew
Come back, like you do
smelling of rose.
Just give me a call.

I heard you say
the sun is out basking
down on the blue sea.
I wonder what more
I am missing
with my limited vision!
But when you ring
the bell on my door
I can see the sunrise
in the little peephole.
Come now, just give me a call.
writerReader Aug 2015
Sometimes inspiration finds me
at night
Love and words flow everything
sounds different at night
with the
shadow of the day
Amber Aug 4
are my only friends
the shadows around me
they seem to follow me everywhere
and accompany me
like a friend would
are u my friend?
come and take my hand
bring me into your world
we shall disappear
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