KMH 1d
Burn the silver from her eyes,
Sharp is the dagger that cuts blood ties

Swift is the arrow that breaks his heart,
Blunt is the ax that cleaves them apart.

Iron teeth and nails of steel,
Cool, the icy wind that heals.

Dare to calm the roaring flame,
Count the people who fear her name.

Drink the blood of fallen foes,
Unseen hands that no one knows.

The many faces she must wear,
A nameless burden, she must bear.

Shadows creep in the dead of night,
The assassin is silent, out of sight.

Slow is the sword that cannot win,
Conceal the flame, keep it in.

Break the collar of restraint,
Black, the keys you must obtain.

Burn the darkness from the night,
For she is the Queen of the Light.
Based on the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas
Umi 1d
Of ones heart with shadows lurking to take over spite is made precious to be felt exciting while it is in fact trecious, but a sleeping terror awakens at times as well, thus a rampage is made amongst it,
A thrill wandering down your spite when you wrong someone and see them tremble through your actions a cold shiver followed by spite
Choosing a carefree life, yet unable to hide the fact that no spark would be able to illuminate whats in your dark, where angels fear to tread, only to explore this loitering abyss within you for some time,
All this blood lust must bring you to insanity, make you a lunatic,
But let it happen, in this emotionless shell it's what feels majestic,
The storm raging inside, waiting to feed on this caused chaos,
Evil and vile, heartless not carrying a smile while mercilessly continuing this riot of a resented soul waiting, longing for destruction
Feeling alike to be burning up, priceless about this act of cruelty until the wanted realisation drives its way into your soul and you question yourself what you have done, or why you have done it for anyway,
But the time will come again for sure, so be ready for it to arrive
When the sleeping terror awakens for another dance

~ Umi
Sanny 4d
The song I used to know as ours is playing in the background.

The sun cast shadows on the floor.

In them I see our memories dancing.

Full of life and love.

I look at us and smile.

The sun disappear and so do we.

In the heartache I find comfort that we're still out there.

Still dancing happily, to the world we just can't be seen.
Forever I shall remain alone
Forever I shall remain silent
Gifted with light
Greeted by a corrupted darkness
Forever I have suffered
Forever I will learn
Forever I shall remain with you
This is a revision of my first poem. I talked with an english teacher of mine about the original, and she wanted me to be more clear on the message of the poem and play with the words a little. This is what I did.
Forever Alone
Forever Silent
Born in the light
Blessed by the darkness
Forever standing with you
This was my first poem I wrote on my own time. I didn't intend for it to be super great poetically. I wanted it to have a super ambiguous meaning. That way, anyone can come up with a meaning for it.
Nic Mac Mar 8
It clasps you, at your base.
Waste, is the effort denied.
Shame, lives here.
Nothing to erase.

Madness, is to not find yourself,
Once you've searched eternities.
Amongst the blades of grass,
where the blood fell.

Whether you walk,
Whether you run,
Whether your fingers will it so.
To be undone,
To lose,
To go.

You cannot outrun, what followed you here.
You've held the rope too tightly,
Don't blame the blunt knife.
For what you'd never sever.

All and any effort will be a waste,
When an anxious heart, keeps it laced.
It knows your face, it made it.
Hurt, is the pain you make it.
Written By Nic Mac
Seanathon Mar 7
I have always been a shadow tower

With arms of bended steel

Love me, hate me

Do with me your opinion what will

But never will I change as this

Or let my shadows lack therein

The will to see it though and thru

And deliver it with a furious will
With a sly look mostly
Mystic Ink Mar 6
When I talk with my Shadow
Mostly, We disagree

Probably with anger,
it disappears

I have, new thing to say
I light the candle

Happily, we reunite.
Genre: Abstract
Theme:  Conflict Management
[Note: It's a light which unites]
Jack Mar 2
A shadow of my former self,
With broken sense of mental health,
Knowing now his soul won’t mend,
Hopelessly praying it will soon end,
Smiling, the disguise it will always be,
No longer wanting to pretend to be happy.
What is written
Is never dead
Whispers of shadow
Singing in my head
Nothing is silent
All is loud
Feelings violent
I cannot live without

Freedom's friction,
Petrified pleasure,
Such tantalizing fiction
Keys to my hidden treasure

What is bleeding
Cannot live
So tired of receiving,
Too weak to give;
Nothing is perfect,
Nothing is right
No light without darkness
No shadow without light

Whisper is screaming
Not time to wake up
My nightmares are dreaming
As I drink from an empty cup
Laughter is crying
Filled with unpolluted tears
A lifetime of dying
And unconquered fears
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