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Solaces 2d
For a moment for a second I saw a shadow face in the sky..
Its eyes were made of pale light and false shine..
They were watching us..
One of us one of the same..
They created it all..
They ran everything..
Deep underneath..
And high above..
Their eyes could see us all in single moments of our own..
Each of them would have an equal to us all..
I was once part of them..
But then I fell asleep..
I have now awoken in the hills of forgotten eyes..
A place where their shadow shine eyes could not see..
They are called "The Hyperion."
They map out all of our lives..
Earth is just a chess board..
For all of us to die..
A chess board where we are all of the pawns..
While they are the kings and the queens..
But one **** has made it to the otherside..
Unseen by them..
I will take them from the inside..
Just me as one..
Just me as everyone..
A very starnge dream I had..
Nuray 5d
There are people
Who take the first step
Who move so easily
Creating their environment
Moving the world in a specific direction.

There are people
Who follow
Who live in the shadow of others' voices
Trying to be a part of something bigger
Than themselves.

There is me
Who doesn't fit
In both worlds
Neither I lead nor follow
I just look from the sideline
Trying to find my way.
I tasted the dirt of shadows,
I saw the hellfire rise,
I smelled only one dog rose,
And that’s how I knew,
That you’re a liar.
void 6d
I try to believe
That he does not torment
Me. Not in any
Significant way, at least.
Blacker than any void
In space or dark
Matter. Featureless yet
So distinctly humanoid,
More human than humanly
Possible. A presence so
Unnerving, not physical
In the least yet so
Completely suffocating.
Darker than the absolute
Absence of everything,
All consuming – he
Follows me.

The harbinger of
Tragedy and downfall,
An entity designed for
Destruction. Determined
To desolate every
Last piece of me.
I will not give in
Easy. I refuse to let
Him take me. I
Refuse; he will not
Ruin, or
Tame me.

I refuse to
He has no

even love, a faded meaning
the uneven skill; bludgeoning the compass
a longing, a thirst for fortress in the prodigal past
always seems to swim so shallow

an even meaning when roses die
a shadow walking ground, a skeleton in the earth
leaning on its symbiotic ecstasy;
frail and ephemeral dipped in a sea of ash  

when paradise keel's over in sea
awake in this lucid dream
let loose of the pipe
lest you breath as love

a silent lips for astrologers, even a tombstone for gazers
blood streaming down the crown;
never to grow rose
love is the soil.
The kitchen lights are off,
As you come down for a drink,
It's just half past midnight,
And you're standing by the sink.

Outside, through the windows,
You see her watching, lax,
You blink, she disappears,
Then you feel her at your back.

You stand still, paralyzed,
So quick, she grabs you tight,
This shadow is so empty,
Yet she holds so strong tonight.

She runs a finger up your spine,
And chills you to the bone,
As dark as the space between the stars,
She wants to drag you home.
Daniel Long Dec 2
Candles within your eyes,
illumine my shadow.

Lonely in the dim I was,
there’s now a glow to follow.
A micro poem about a past love of mine pulling me out of loneliness.
My poetry/short story website: www.gothicsurrealism.com
Dan McGowan Nov 30
The pull from the tree
That has poison fruit
Drags me in
Makes me eat
Against my will
Until I see
My feet walking
My hand picking
My mouth eating
That fruit again
What is the draw
This gravity tree
Why can’t I think
This animal pull
That drives me
To this fruit
I could ask Eve
I’m sure she knows
Unlike the man
Who just blames
Is that snake a rope
That binds my free will
Or are they fruits
From my labor
The magnetic pull
Of the dark
All that I know
Is please find a way
That takes me away
From the shadow
Of this tree
sometimes i write in first person even if it's not me, sometimes it's me.
Eyes burn into the back of my head,
watching my every move.
How am I just now noticing this?

To think that I was once doing the same,
only I would try not to be as obvious.
It takes great skill to master what I do.

Be careful where you are,
you never know who is watching you.
Creeping around corners and over hedges.

I look in the windows of everything you own,
waiting for the moment you realize I am there.
I love to watch you squirm under my gaze.

On the other end of the spectrum,
is something I would rather not be on.
It is nothing short of unpleasant.

Could you leave me alone?
I would rather like to hear myself think.
Though not much thinking will be had.

You get closer with every step,
hoping to catch me in your grasp.
You shall not win at this game.

I get closer to you everyday,
yet you seem to slip further away.
An enigma I cannot have.

I dance this dance with you,
but nothing seems to keep you ensnared.
Will you ever become mine?

This never-ending cycle of cat and mouse,
is something I have grown accustomed to.
Please, let us end this soon.

I shall never grow tired of the day,
where we dance face to face.
Instead of from across the way.

You are my treasure,
and I am your prize.
Until the day we meet, my shadowed friend.
Janna Sokolow Nov 29
lips uneasy,
ears twitching,
hairs falling upon my face
with the uncertainty of the shadows

light around me,
light within me, uplifting

a fleeting security,
and gently: strength
with gratitude for changing tides and new outlooks
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